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HR Practices: IBM vs Wipro Technologies

1. Orientation Program:
IBM: Your IBM "Your IBM" is an employee orientation class designed to help the employees hit the ground running as they begin their career at IBM. This class gives them the road map to help understand the company's core values, rich heritage of technology leadership, Innovation, and the important role employees are being asked to play as the company continue to drive growth and innovation. This program uses a blended learning model that has the following components: E-learning that is accessible to you right away. 2 or 3 day Classroom orientation on or as close to start date as possible. E-learning to be completed within your first four months at IBM. WIPRO: Project Readiness Program Corporate Readiness Program (CRP) The CRP phase spread over a period of thirteen days equips fresher with foundational skills that enable them to make a smooth transition from Campus life to the corporate world. It includes programs on Wipro work culture for 5 days and communications skills English Fluency for 8 days. Fundamental Readiness Program (FRP) The aim of FRP is to strengthen the knowledge base of IT fundamental courses and also build foundational programming skills of freshers. This program is provided through Online Project Campus, an online learning platform designed for Wipro campus selects as part of pre-joining training. Technology Readiness Program (TRP Part-1 & TRP Part-2) The duration of TRP is 27 days with TRP-I consisting of 17 days and TRP-II consisting of 10 days. TRP-I is split evenly between theories and hands-on, whereas TRP-II provides more hands-on exposure through programming assignments.

2. Core values
IBM: Foundational Competencies In addition to the IBM learning program, new employees will develop the IBM Foundational Competencies as part of their career development. Values of IBM explain that every IBMer: (no matter his or her job) o should be focused on ensuring the success of its clients,

PGP12019 PGP12021 o on improving IBM and the wider world, o making both better than found, and o on extending talent for building relationships based on trust and integrity. Through the IBM Foundational Competencies, the characteristics and behaviours necessary for this values-based work culture are developed. These competencies set a common standard of excellence across the organization and form the basis of people development within IBM. They will also help to focus the learning time on developing the characteristics identified -- and validated -- as being key to achieving success. WIPRO: The Spirit of Wipro The Spirit is rooted in current reality, but it also represents what Wipro aspires to be thus making it future active. The Spirit is an indivisible synthesis of all three statements. It means manifesting Intensity to Win, acting with sensitivity and being unyielding on integrity all the time. Spirit of Wipro Intensity to Win: 1. Make customers successful 2. Team, Innovate, Excel Act with Sensitivity: 1. Respect for the individual 2. Thoughtful and responsible Unyielding Integrity: 1. delivering on commitments 2. Honesty and fairness in action All of IBM's learning initiatives enable employees to access information when they need it. Learn what you want, when you want, where you want...this is the strategy of On Demand learning. Every component has been designed to help employees improve: in knowledge, in people connections, and in career direction.

3. Leave Policy:
WIPRO All employees of Wipro are eligible for 21 days of Annual Leaves. Annual leave is calculated for a period of one Calendar year. Employee leaves are prorated in the year of joining. During probation, leaves are accrued to the employee, but can be availed once they are confirmed. An employee on probation can avail up to 5 days of emergency leave in exceptional situations. Leaves cannot be taken in advance. All employees of the company are eligible for 05 days Sick leave.

PGP12019 PGP12021 IBM: Leaves of Absence Program The IBM Leaves of Absence (LOA) Program provides employees unpaid time away from work for an extended period. Employees can request an LOA for a variety of circumstances such as dependent care or continuing education. Eligibility for voluntary LOAs (for example, personal leaves, Peace Corps leaves or continuing education) is based on business needs and satisfactory job performance. Voluntary LOAs are granted based on management approval. In some situations, time off is required by law, such as military leave or Family and Medical Leave Act time off. While they are participating in the LOA Program, in most cases, employees will be eligible for similar benefit plans and programs as other regular employees. The cost for coverage will remain the same unless changes are made to existing coverage. It is every worker's dream: Take as much vacation time as you want, on short notice, and don't worry about your boss calling you on it. Cut out early, make it a long weekend, string two weeks together - as you like. No need to call in sick on a Friday so you can disappear for a fishing trip. Just go; nobody's keeping track. That is essentially what goes on at IBM, one of the cornerstones of corporate America, where each of the 355,000 workers is entitled to three or more weeks of vacation a year. The company does not keep track of who takes how much time or when, does not dole out choice vacation times by seniority and does not let people carry over days off from year to year. Instead, for the past few years, employees at all levels have simply made informal arrangements with their direct supervisors, guided mainly by their ability to get their work done on time. Many people post their vacation plans on electronic calendars that colleagues can view online, and they leave word about how they can be reached. But the flip side of flexibility, at least at IBM, is peer pressure. IBM employees say that while on vacation they frequently check their e-mail and voice-mail messages. Bosses sometimes ask subordinates to cancel planned days off to meet deadlines. Continued blurring of the boundaries between work and play can overtax employees and lead to health problems, particularly at companies where there is an expectation that everyone is always on call. "If leadership never takes time off, people will be skeptical whether they can." This leaves potential for the domino effect. People ended up putting in longer hours because of all the flexibility, without really thinking about it. Although you have this wonderful freedom to take days when you want, you really couldn't. IBM tends to be a group of workaholics. IBM officials said they had no idea whether workers took more or fewer days off now than before, and have not studied the effect of the policy on efficiency. But they point to employee surveys showing that the attitude toward work and vacations is one of the top three reasons workers choose to stay at the company.

PGP12019 PGP12021 The open-ended vacation policy is "not a total license to do whatever you want to do," and that workers are expected to produce quality work, even if the company was not paying attention to when or where they complete it. The hands-off approach to vacation time, which gradually took hold over the past decade, has come amid a shift by IBM from engineering and manufacturing into services like consulting. It is part of a broader demise of old notions of eight hours' pay for eight hours' work at a fixed location. Aided by broadband connections, cell phones and video conferencing software, 40 percent of the employees have no dedicated offices, working instead at home, at the site of a client or at one of the hundreds of "e-mobility centres" IBM has around the world, where workers of all stripes drop in to use phones, Internet connections and other resources. Long a trendsetter in human resources - it began offering family leave in the 1950s - IBM is probably the largest company to do away so completely with tracking vacation, although a number of newer, smaller companies have similar policies. The laissez-faire vacation system at IBM has its roots in the early 1990s, when managers in the human resources, finance and technology departments questioned whether tracking days off helped the company grow - and some complained that it was an administrative burden. So the company stopped counting days in a few departments, then gradually expanded the new policy. Since 2003, it has covered everyone in the company, from the chief executive, Samuel Palmisano, who has a vacation house in Kennebunkport, Maine, to workers at the chip and server factories in East Fishkill and Poughkeepsie, New York.

4. Remuneration:
IBM: Flexible benefit plan - FBP The Flexible benefit Plan is a significant component of Total Compensation allowing the employee the flexibility of planning their compensation. This Benefit Plan lets the employee design their own package which best meets their individual and unique needs. Flexible Benefits Plan empowers them to make responsible choices in order to derive maximum value for Compensation. In this approach employees are presented with the opportunity to make decisions on the benefits and advice on how to make the necessary claims. The FBP covers benefits such as: o HRA o Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) o Conveyance Allowance or Fuel expense and Vehicle maintenance Reimbursement o Driver's Salary o Medical Expense Reimbursement

PGP12019 PGP12021 WIPRO: Salary at Wipro have 2 basic components, fixed and variable. The fixed component is the CTC (Cost to Company) and the variable component includes Attendance Incentive and PBPP (Process Based Performance Pay).

5. Travel & Accommodation Policy

Domestic Travel Policy is extended to all employees in India Wherever travel undertaken is less than 30 days the employee

will be governed by the

Domestic Travel Policy limits Where the employee exceeds 30 days on DTR, the employee will be governed by the Temporary Relocation Policy. On exceeding 30 days on DTR the travel will be converted to a Temporary Relocation unless an approval from TED Head and BU Head is provided. This approval from TED Head and BU Head will allow continuation of the travel on DTR. Domestic Travel Policy can be availed as per the following options; o With bills option of DTR (section 6) o Without Bills Option of DTR (Per Diem Allowance - Bhatta) (section 7) DTR as per process has to be approved by supervisor where request is made by employees in career group D1 & below. For DTR raised by employee in career group D2 & E, the request is self-approved. If employees in career group B3 and below request for back to back DTR within 15 days timeline for travel to the same location, the DTR request will be directed to the BU HR for approval Employees who have been assigned to the Onsite on long term assignments and employees hired in the Onsite and who are being transferred to India are eligible for 7 nights lodging at the company guesthouse. This facility is on a first come first serve basis and subject to availability at the guesthouse. Employees are requested to confirm the date of arrival and need for guesthouse accommodation to the travel department in advance. In case of nonavailability of the company guest house accommodation, Wipro Travel Services will help make alternate arrangements.

PGP12019 PGP12021 IBM: Immediately upon joining IBM, one will receive three weeks of paid vacation. After 10 years of service this will be increased to 4 weeks, and to five weeks after 20 years. It also observes 12 holidays each year. In total, a new employee joining IBM has 27 days (5 1/2 weeks) of vacation and holidays per year. Business travel insurance The Business Travel Insurance plan provides benefits to employee or his family in the event of accidental injury resulting in death, dismemberment or loss of sight or hearing when traveling on company business.

6. Pay & Benefits

IBM Cash compensation

Cash compensation opportunities include base pay, performance bonus, commissions, awards and other forms of earnings. When business performance exceeds the plan and one performs at the highest level, he will have an earnings opportunity that places him among the best-paid employees in the marketplace.

Performance bonus program

For most eligible employees, the performance bonus opportunity is 2-8 percent of eligible annual earnings with the potential for greater rewards for extraordinary performance.

Healthcare benefits

One can customize his benefits coverage every year to best fit your individual or family needs. IBM benefits coverage can include spouse or same-sex domestic partner and eligible dependents.

Medical, dental and vision benefits Three IBM Medical Plan options and various health maintenance organizations Two IBM Dental Plan options and dental maintenance alternatives Vision coverage Health care and dependent care spending accounts Work and personal life balancing

Employees with one to nine years of service earn 15 days of vacation per year. Those with ten or more years of service earn 20 days of vacation per year. IBM also offers 12 holidays per year usually six observed nationally. The other six vary according to operational requirements, including at least one personal-choice holiday.

PGP12019 PGP12021 To help balance career with the rest of your life, it also offer flexible work schedules. One can vary his daily arrival time within limits established by local management. Telecommuting and work-week balancing schedules are available in many business units with prior management approval.

Income protection

IBM wants to ensure that, given a life-changing event, you and your family are protected. We also offer:

Sickness and accident income plans Long-term disability plan Group life insurance Travel accident insurance Long-term care insurance

Retirement savings and stock purchase a) IBM Savings Plan 401(k) Pension Program

Newly hired employees are eligible for the following programs:

For eligible employees, IBM offers a dollar-for-dollar match, up to the first 6 percent of pay you contribute to the plan. Employees are eligible for this match after one year, and, once eligible, are fully vested. (Employees are always fully vested in their own contributions.)

b) IBM Employees Stock Purchase Plan

IBM's Employees Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) offers eligible employees the opportunity to invest in IBM stock at a 5% discount off the market price on the date of purchase, each pay period. Employees may designate between 1% and 10% of their pay to purchase IBM stock through automatic payroll deduction, up to a maximum of $25,000 worth of shares in a calendar year. Wipro: At Wipro, we believe you are entitled to the best of benefits.

Flexible Benefits You will be at liberty to choose your flexible benefits plan, to help you plan your taxes through your salary stack. Quarterly Performance Linked Compensation is a variable component in your salary stack which would be paid out on a quarterly basis. You are also eligible for interest-free loans and contingency loans under specific case

Health The Medical Assistance Program and the Medical Benefit Scheme cover you, your spouse and your children and is a reimbursable amount. You will also be eligible for the Catastrophic Medical Assistance Plan and Mediclaim benefits. Under the Life and Accident cover, you are entitled to the Group Personal Accident Insurance Program, Group Life Insurance Program and Employee Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI) Program.

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Work-Life Balance To give you a perfect balance of work and life, Wipro has initiated elements like paid holidays, maternity benefit with extended leave of absence and sabbaticals You are also encouraged to be a part of our various Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns under the banner 'Wipro Cares' 'Mitr', Wipro's counseling initiative, helps you cope with crises faced in your personal and professional life Kids@Wipro provides your children a fun way of learning new things The 'Fit for Life' initiative gives insights into the right diet, best exercises for the body and soul, and a wide variety of useful tips to keep you fit Wipro is driving a selftransformation initiative to create an ecologically sustainable organization and the 'Eco Eye' campaign continuously tries to influence all its stakeholders and communities to move towards ecological sustainability. We encourage you to be a part of this green initiative as well