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1. Check the item settings on CEU & CEE ; the vendor should be populated only on CEU 2.

Set the Intercompany relation for your supplier 9100 ( CEU Accounts payable ll vendors General) 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Create a new SO with direct delivery: Set the discount: Make sure you have all the inventory & tracking dimensions The PO and interco SO have been created: Generate interco picking slip

8. On the CEE interco SO: -make sure you have all the inventory & tracking dimensions 9. Register the picking slip: 10. Print the Packing slip ( the original SO will be updated as well) 11. Then print the invoice --12. On CEU Sales & Mk All return orders Enter a new return order Make sure you have the return reason code & the direct delivery activated in the header 13. Search for your interco-direct delivery invoiced SO 14. Return only 2 pcs: Everything is defaulting in: 16. The interco SO and the purchase order are automatically created 17. ON the CEE create the item arrival 18. Set up the line details: 19. Enter teh item number and got o general tab all the other infos will default from the return lot number 20. After relating the item tot eh RMA check the dimensions 21. Choose Split in order to have 2 lines with 2 disposition codes: 22. Enter a disposition code for every line: After that, post the arrival 23. On CEU , on your return order: the discount has disappeared for the return line with disposition code Scrap&cre dit.

Yes, the customer have the CU3 version of AX.

I once again talked to our developer in AX and asked her to change the linenumbe r to 1,0000000 on the salesorderline in the productioncompany Sse000310 RMA 000331.

She did this for just this salesorder so that I could test and when I packingsli p updated this return order the replacementorder was created. This seems to be the problem.

Could you please look into this because it seems like a bug. I attach a printscr

een to show you the linenumber changed and that the replacement order was create d.

Needs to be escalated, as the item replacement record created from the item arri val for an intercompany return order is not taken into consideration; Duplication steps in the file attached-test replacement, you just need to fill u p the template( I have already tested in CU3, CU4 and R2, not on AX2009; Monica will provide you a business case, she is very nice over the phone ? ; she has as ked me to investigate the invoice flow for the disposition code replace and credi t : is a credit note created and then the customer is invoiced for the replaceme nt order, or the invoices have no value? I have shared with you my R2machine on SAMMVMAS , all the set up for the interco processing is in place, use the item 1 0003

=================== Exemple de repro steps for direct delivery Contoso demo database used. 1. Register new Inventory dimension group in both Companies: CEE and CEU with Ac tive Dimensions: Site, Warehouse, Batch number. Check boxes selected: Site: Active, Mandatory, Primary stocking, Physical inventory, Financial invento ry Warehouse: Active, Primary stocking, Physical inventory Batch number: Active 2. Select Company CEE 3. Register Company item in form Inventory management/ Setup/ Company item. 4. Register new Item. Enter Dimension group registered in point 1. Go to tab Re ference and enter Vendor = 9100. Enter Purchase price, Cost price and Sales pric e in tab Price/Discount. Enter Company item registered in point 3 in tab Other. 5. Press button Functions/ Create item in company, select check box Include and press OK. 6. Open form Account receivable/ Return order and register new Return order. En ter Return reason code = 12. In tab Other press button Direct Delivery. Register line, don't enter Batch numb er. Save. In effect intercompany orders are created. 7. Select Company CEU 8. Register Batch number for Item registered in point 1 in form Inventory manage ment/ Inquiries/ Dimensions/ Batches. 9. Go to Return order form and enter in line Warehouse = 11. 10. Open form Inventory management/ Journals/ Item arrival/ Item arrival and reg

ister new one. Go to tab Default and select Reference = Sales order, select RMA number, enter Disposition code = 11. Unselect check boxes Pallet transport, Chec k picking location, Check bulk location. Create line. Select Item number, Site = 1, Warehouse = 11 and Batch number regi sterd in point 8. Enter Quantity = 1Pcs. In tab General select Lot ID. 11. Post journal. 12. Go to Item arrival journal header and press button Functions/ Packing Slip R eturned. Press OK. In effect error message is displayed: Purchase order: xxx Item number: yyy Inventory dimension Batch number must be specified. There is no problem with the same Item for sales of Intercompany Direct Delivery .