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With the defnition oI the personal components in a chart, it is time to Iurther explore the nature and
expressive qualities oI the twelve Zodiac signs. Some considerations on interpreting the infuence oI these
astrological archetypes would be as Iollows:
The characteristics oI the Zodiac Signs apply to the Sun, the Moon, the Ascendant and the
Planets. Any chart component will take on the qualities oI the sign in which it is placed.
The sign in which any planet is placed will alter the expressive quality or infuence oI the
planet. Furthermore, any natal placement or transit oI a planet in an area oI the chart will inject
the archetypal energy oI that planet`s ruling sign into that section or House oI the chart.
Each oI the Zodiac Signs rules a part oI the body and this alters the nature oI our body
language, our health and more. The 17th century woodcut above illustrates how the parts oI the
body are linked to each sign oI the Zodiac. This interesting correlation will be explored as we
describe the Zodiac Signs.
Aspects between natal components may push and pull-- or combine, divide or alter your
personal energies. Aspects oI transiting planets can change these inherited qualities.
2odIac 8Igns
Keeping track oI all oI these components and aspects can be mind boggling. It may be wise
to understand only the basic Iunctions oI these signs and aspects. Only then, can you keep it
simple-- and do your dance with the changing lights!
Genesis of Species:
MascuIine PoIarity, CardinaI Fire
On the frst day oI Spring, the Sun crosses the equator in its journey to
the north. For the frst time, the light dominates over the night oI the year.
In this month oI the Equinox, the raging fres are ignited and redirected,
to activate the physical Iorce which propels all creatures Iorward to explore
a new path oI personal and individual expression.
Individuals with an Aries Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign (or a strongly aspected
Mars in a masculine sign) oIten express the qualities oI Cardinal Fire and the
aggressive mannerisms oI a Iorward charging, head butting Ram.
Get Things Started with your ARIES Friends!
FieIds of LikeIy Location:
On the frontIine, the Ram expIores new found paths of discovery
Riding on this Iorward-directed pulse, the Aries Ram desires to be hrst in line, and frst to explore any new
adventure. Look in the hotter spots, where the energies run intensely and the vibrations take on a reddish
glow. Go to the place where the action is happening. These rambunctious creatures will likely be the ones
initiating all oI the commotion, as they make their personal arguments. They`ll be there expressing their
hardheaded opinions, expounding brash ideas and debating the importance oI individual expression. Natu-
rally, they insist that their opinions and expressions are the most important.
These Aries Rams jump into every situation, quickly grasp the essentials and aggressively make their points.
They are the risk takers and the daring pioneers who start new Irontiers oI discovery, Ior themselves and
society as a whole. In their more naive expression, they become the 'children oI the zodiac¨. Diplomats,
they are not.
As these Rams charge head-frst down the path, the enormous burst oI energy brings snap decisions and
an unquenchable spirit oI independence. To honor these unique giIts, we need to give these people active
and unrestricted tasks. Let them be in charge! They`ll 'plow away the clutter¨, keeping answers clear and
simple, as they initiate the actions that will get any stalled endeavor on the move again.
In negative expression, these creatures oIten become arrogant, selfsh and overly pushy. Also, the Ram will
quickly charge away, to pursue a new impulse or interest. All those leIt behind will have to fnish the job.
With these aggressive, directed Aries Iorces, a 'counter action¨ is needed to Iocus and slow these energies.
This next step is Iound in the next sign oI the Zodiac-- in the fxed, Ieminine sign oI Taurus.
Associations: RuIing PIanet ~ Mars
March 22 to April 20
(0ates vary s||ght|y |n d|fferent years}
Mars is associated with the muscular and urogenital systems, the adrenal glands, energy car-
rying blood and C.G. Jung`s Animus (the masculine infuence which operates in both sexes).
In earlier times, all known planets ruled both a Ieminine and masculine Sign. The masculine
quality is strongly expressed in externally oriented Aries. Traditionally, Ieminine Scorpio
was ruled by Mars but now Scorpions appear to be driven by the long range rhythms oI Pluto.
Aries` associations include the color 'red¨, iron and diamonds, all thorn-bearing trees and shrubs, the
military and leaders in general. Mars is associated with physical movement, athletic actions, weapons and
all things oI war. Careers oIten include freman, engineer, butcher, metal workers and proIessional sportsman.
The Aries Sun Signs displayed above exhibit varying degrees oI the aggressive energy and IorceIul drive oI
cardinal üre. Leonard Nimov and William Shatner are true pioneers who have 'taken us where no one has
gone beIore¨. Al Gore and Hugh Hefner have shown us how Aries, in their redirection oI social attitudes,
have impacted our liIe styles and the way we live. All the while, Sarah Jessica Parker and Marilou Henner
show us how Aries have a giIt Ior conquering anything they desire. With Celine Dion, Reba McIntire, Alex
Baldwin and Eddie Murphv, we see the fery energy oI individuals who are capable oI making abrupt decisions.
All oI these people have gained recognition Ior initiating their own creative projects.
PhysicaI Traits ~ Aries ruIes the Head
All signs rule a part oI the body and this rulership changes body language
and personality traits. (See diagram on page 30). Aries rules the head, so all
oI their Iorce seems to emanate Irom the head. The rest oI the body Iollows
behind as the head leads the Iorward charge!
The huge Aries head suggests lines and bone structure which resembles the
physical traits oI a Ram. The photos oI Aries James Woods show us how the
Iace takes on its` convex structure.
From the recessed chin, the bone structure stretches
Iorward, as the fesh wraps the mouth with sharp, mus-
cular Iolds. Highly placed above the wide upper lip
plate is the long and pointed snout. (Note the dented
membranes just above the nostrils). Upside Irom this
prominent nose, the eyes, brows and Iorehead sweep to
the back to create the Ram`s highly convex Iace. Also
watch Ior the sheep-like eyes and the arched modeled
plate on the Iorehead. (An exaggerated version oI this
plate can be seen in the Iorehead oI Star Trek`s Klingon
creatures). On top oI the Ram`s head lies the reddish
double-crowned tuIIs oI hair, which mock the shape oI
sheep horns.
April 21 to May 21
(0ates vary s||ght|y |n d|fferent years}
Genesis of Species:
Feminine PoIarity, Fixed Earth
In the middle month oI the Spring season, the polarity switch to the
Feminine brings Aries` momentum to a halt. The fres cease when
they`re smothered in the incombustible mass oI Fixed Earth.
In this month where the year experiences its` greatest period oI
physical growth, the roots fx deeply into the ground, to maniIest
the material content, to create a lush, dense and rich environment.
This is the substance that arouses the senses oI the Taurus Bull.
Individuals with an Taurus Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign (or a strongly aspected Venus in a Ieminine sign)
oIten express the passive, immovable qualities oI Fixed Earth.
FieIds of LikeIy Location:
In green pastures, Bovines contentedIy graze
Associations: RuIing PIanet ~ Venus
Determine Real Values with your 1AURUS Friends!
When their senses are Iocused on the delightIul substances in their surroundings, Taurian Bulls become
noticeably contented. Why not? Their rich, brown eyes are revealing the beautiIul colors and arrangements
as their ears hear the music oI the buzzing bees. Watch how their nostrils spread to capture the delightIul
aromas when the nose gently touches a nearby fower. In these felds oI lovely treasures, these bovine crea-
tures have little reason to move, unless their senses are attracted to the greener pasture just down the road.
Look in cool and quiet places, where Aries or the other fre signs seldom dwell. Watch Ior greens and
browns, earthy tones and lush, sensual environments. There you will fnd these mellow beasts, grazing on
delicious treats. The frm smiles and glazed eyes tell us oI their sensual satisIaction. Few words are needed
to explain their sense oI contentment and joy.
II you need to determine what has value and substance, call in a Taurus Iriend. They know what things
are worth! Let them be your banker and fnancial consultant, or better yet, put them to work building your
home or any practical structure. They know how to get things done. Physical work is rarely shunned.
Negatively, these creatures can become extremely stubborn, selI-indulgent, lazy and obsessed with accumu-
lating wealth. Some withdraw into their lonely object oriented worlds, alone with their useless possessions.
These infexible tendencies are loosened, altered and expanded with the upcoming progression into the
next sign in the Zodiac: The mutable air sign oI Gemini.
Venus` association with personal enjoyment and contentment is shown in its rulership oI the
Ieminine sign oI Taurus. Here, the primal senses are kept simple and raw, not arty or complex
as seen in the highly mental enhancements oI masculine Libra (Venus` co-rulership). The
Goddess Venus also is C.G. Jung`s Anima, the Ieminine infuence which operates in both sexes.
Traditionally, Taurus is association with banks, buildings, land, real estate, treasures and possessions. The
metal oI copper, the stone sapphire and the Iragrant rose arouse many Bovine senses. Since Taurus rules the
throat, many Taurus souls have incredible 'golden¨ voices. Careers include Iarming, builders, architects,
singers, and oI course fnancial bankers.
The Taurus Sun Signs above display the rock solid demeanor oI Fixed Earth. Cher (beIore cosmetic
enhancement), Shirlev MacLaine, Anthonv Quinn and George Cloonev show the wide-set, fxed bovine eyes.
Dennis Rodman and Renee Zelwegger reveal their Taurus roots even with an abundance oI fre components
in their charts. You`ll see strong winds oI air raise a little dust in the expressions oI Uma Thurman, Cher and
The Rock (Dwayne Johnson). With a dominance oI Earth components, Michelle Pheffer, Jack Nicholson,
Cloonev and Quinn appear to be the most sensual and highly grounded oI the group.
PhysicaI Traits ~ Taurus ruIes the Throat, Neck and ShouIders
The rulership oI body areas progresses downward in the same order as the zodiac signs. From Aries` ruler-
ship oI the head, the energies shiIt down into the Taurus-ruled neck and shoulder region oI the body. Unlike
Aries` Iorward-trust Irom the head, Taurus` internalized Ieminine energies (placed in this part oI the body)
seem to restrict any Iorward movement. Note how the Iorward lean oI the shoulders pushes the rest oI the
lower torso to the back. This weight distribution bows the legs as it plants the Ieet frmly in the ground.
This body rulership and the fxed earth energies defne this creature`s physical Ieatures.
Most notable are the heavy shoulders, the massive bones and torso, and the stocky
arms and legs. This fxed Earth also shows in Taurus` Iacial patterns.
Jalerie Bertinelli and Michael Moore strongly display the expressive Ieatures and
Iacial structure oI Taurus. The frst clue is the square blocking patterns that appear in
these individuals (and in most fxed signs). Note the cubical skulls and Ioreheads, the
square jaws and the wide-set nostrils on the nose.
The most obvious Taurus Ieature is
the large bovine eyes which rise on the
outer edges to reveal the large and Iull
pupils. These eyes are frmly set under
the broad, fxed brows. In contented
moments, the Iull, dark pupils sit high
under the lids, intently Iocused on
nearby objects.
May 22 to June 21
(0ates vary s||ght|y |n d|fferent years}
Genesis of Species:
MascuIine PoIarity, MutabIe Air
When things are stuck in a rut, it`s time Ior changes! Just switch the
polarity to the masculine and activate the expansive urges. The Mutable
Air oI Gemini will get things stirring again!
When the season oI Spring nears its` end, the seasonal winds spin and
swirl, to mix up a dust storm oI new potentials. In this period oI scattered
'electrical¨ storms, the previous desires and physical Iorms are tossed
together and arranged into new mental confgurations-- conceived in the
dueling minds oI the Gemini twins.
The twin sides oI the bicameral mind are noticeably active in all
individuals with a Gemini Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign. Those with a strongly
aspected Mercury in a masculine sign oIten display the qualities oI Mutable Air.
FieIds of LikeIy Location:
In twisting gusts of air, the Twins dance in the Iight
In wide-open space, the whirling breezes and meandering clouds make us Ieel that we are fying above the
Earth. In this vacuous environment, a spark oI light to our right strikes the eye-- Iollowed by an electric jolt!
Suddenly, on the leIt, it happens again. Have we encountered the vaporous presence oI the Gemini twins?
Look in breezy places, flled with debate and conversation. II you see people futtering around the room,
chattering and babbling incessantly, they likely will be Geminis. They may be wearing lighter shades oI
blue, spattered with sparkles oI yellow or orange. Some (like Boy George and Prince) will oIten display an
outrageous mix oI tie-dyed colors.
It is said that the only way to keep liIe exciting is to keep the mind active and curious. So, get up out oI
your soIt Venusian chair, move about and interact with a Gemini Iriend. In a split second, your mind will
be buzzing with new ideas. There will be so much to talk about and communicate. With Gemini`s mental
acumen, we can learn to change what we think. Only then, can we make some real changes!
In negative expression, the Gemini twins run in countering directions, splitting everything into dueling
infnities. These scattered thoughts can break down any chain oI logic and make Iurther analysis impossible.
To give these wayward ideas purpose and direction, they need to be guided by the personal Ieelings and
emotions that are initiated by the next sign in the Zodiac: Cancer.
1ust Think of the Possibilities with your CEMIAI Friends!
Associations: RuIing PIanet ~ Mercury
Mercury is associated with the mind, the nervous system and the way we think. Mercury,
in masculine Gemini, suggests the expansive inductive reasoning that 'brings things into the
equation¨ so that larger greater concepts can be put together. (With Mercury`s co-ruled Virgo,
the Ieminine act oI deduction breaks complex concepts into singular pieces oI thought).
Traditionally, Mercury (in its association with Gemini) suggests these actions and products:
The act oI being a student, notably learning the use oI words to communicate the content oI one`s thoughts.
The taking oI short trips and the vehicles that take us there (cars, bicycles, scooters, etc.). Mercury also
suggests our immediate relationships, namely those oI our siblings.
Careers Ior Gemini would include journalism, broadcasting, teaching, writing and just about anything that
has to do with words and communication. Other satisIactory work would include travel agent, chauIIeur, or
postman. Any work that ties them in one place is not recommended.
The Gemini Sun Signs above display the electricity oI Mutable Air. OI the group, Joan Rivers best presents
the mercuric chatter we oIten hear Irom a Gemini. Anderson Cooper and Tim Allen are also quite the talkers,
but their assertive Aries Moons make them Iar more IorceIul in their presentations. Angelina Jolie, Annette
Bening and Nicole Kidman all show their fighty solar natures, but the fre in their charts make them more
intense and expansive. Paul McCartnev`s abundance air and fre is grounded by his Virgo Ascendant.
Some Geminis appear more restrained. Wordsmith Bob Dvlan has 5 components in Earth, so he oIten appears
frmly grounded, even when his mind is racing at Iull speed. Clint Eastwoods Scorpio Ascendant oIten covers
his mercuric nature with a 'Dirty Harry¨ personae. Marilvn Monroe, with Iour water planets, shows the
diIfculties that can occur when emotions are constantly churned by restlessness thoughts.
PhysicaI Traits ~ Gemini ruIes the Iungs, arms and hands
The area oI the body ruled by Gemini is the lungs, the arms and the hands. The polar shiIt to masculinity
makes the energies expansive, Iree and fowing. The dueling mutable Iorces animate both oI the hands and
arms, and their respective sides oI the body.
With a Gemini Ascendant to enhance the traits oI their chatty Suns, Gene Wilder and
Dr. Ruth Westheimer both display the skewed Ieatures, the broad two Iront teeth,
the sparkling, oIIset eyes and the long bridged
nose which dips abruptly at the tip. They also
show how Gemini`s cheeks protrude Iorward
Irom the ears (in parallel planes) to Iorm the
twisted jaw and chin.
These two also present the cumulus Iolds oI
fesh which duplicate the components in the
Iace. They appear to have two eye brows,
two upper eyelids and lips, Iour cheeks, etc. There
appears to be two twin Iaces where one should be.
As Geminis fy along their path, their twirling hands propel them Iorward. As the
head turns Irom leIt to right, it acts like a rudder on a plane. Any change in their
thinking process seems to redirect their course oI fight. These mutable air energies
also defne Gemini`s physical nature. The body is oIten light and lanky.
June 22 to July 22
(0ates vary s||ght|y |n d|fferent years}
Genesis of Species:
Feminine PoIarity, CardinaI Water
Scattered to the winds? It`s time to get your act together!
At Cancer`s cardinal point, it is the Summer Solstice and the high noon oI the
year. At this peak oI light, the long journey into winter`s night begins again. With
this major polar switch, the tides turn inward, moving all creatures to start the
emotional process oI dealing with their changing surroundings and environment.
With the energy oI Summer`s heat, the waters evaporate into clouds oI humid
air, only to cool and condense into liquid Iorm again. The rains fll surging streams
and fowing rivers, as they run downward into their home at the sea. In the ocean,
the lunar tides push and pull the waters back and Iorth in regular rhythms. Nothing ever
seems to come to rest. It`s no wonder these crabs constantly seek a place to call home.
Watching all this, the Cancer crab gently rolls with these churning tides, as they glide along with the shiIting
currents. They know that the holding and scattering Iorces are all moving in a regular cadence-- Iollowing the
order oI repetitive cycles. Perhaps, this is why these creatures have such a keen sense oI Nature`s rhythms.
Individuals with a Cancer Sun, Moon or Rising Sign (or a strongly aspected Moon) oIten dance with the
liquid currents on the Earth, as they express the qualities oI Cardinal Water.
FieIds of LikeIy Location:
In tidaI pooIs, the Crab ñnds sheIter from the storm
Find Your Center of Security with your CAACER Friends!
Settled securely in their new Iound homes, these children oI the Moon wait quietly until the magic moment,
when the tidal wave surges past their door. With anticipation, they slide into the stream, riding the crest oI the
rolling wave, surfng to distant places-- to fnd useIul treasures and nurturing goodies. When the tide shiIts,
they ride the wave back home again-- arms flled with valuable booty. Strangely, even when their closets
and pantries are flled to the brim, these creatures always anticipate another 'gathering run¨.
Look in damp and secluded places, where waters quietly run. There you`ll fnd the happy crab, cooking
soup to nourish others. Aries is way down the road. Gemini is on the telephone. Taurus is drawn to the
aromas oI the bubbling stew. The crab kindly serves another bowl. That`s why Cancer and Taurus get along!
In negative expression, these creatures can become overly emotional, crabby or very insecure. Some become
paranoid, even when nothing is wrong. Many withdraw into their shells, separating themselves Irom any contact.
Once we have 'our act together¨, we are frmly centered. This acquired sense oI confdence allows us to
step out into the world-- to express our inner Ieelings. With the entrance into the next sign oI Leo, we can
put on an incredible show!
Associations: RuIing PIanet ~ The Moon
The Moon is the goddess oI our instincts, the controller oI our habits and emotional reactions. It
is also associated with menstrual cycles, motherhood and the part oI the digestive system that pulls
nourishment out oI Iood. These lunar tides also regulate the sympathetic nervous system, body fuids
and the memory.
The Ieelings oI Cancer are directed to create and sustain the home, the Iamily and the memory oI ancestors. Anything
connected with nourishment (Iood and most kitchen utensils) are also associated with this sign.
The crab`s metal is silver, and her stone is an ocean`s pearl. These moon children are attracted to wild fowering
plants and trees rich in sap. Cancers are excellent businessmen, caring nurses, caterers, boat-builders, housewives,
kindergarten teaches, antique dealers and museum curators.
When the rulership oI body areas progresses downward in the breasts, the energies are contained in the largest
part oI the body-- the shell oI the torso. The accumulation oI Ieminine Iorces in the torso dynamically alters
the body language. The extremities are pulled in tightly to the body, to anchor the Crab securely in its
occupied space. Any movement out oI this comIort zone begins when the crab`s heavy shell is turned to the
The Cancer Sun Signs above display the internal currents oI Cardinal Water, as it shiIts and rearranges
their Iaces into a variety oI liquid expressions. Ringo Starr, Amelda Marcos, Phvillis Diller and Ed Bradlev
all show how this sign`s temples infate and beam, when they deliver their 'Iull moon¨ expressions. With
Red Skelton and Robin Williams, the waters seem to be under pressure. (Skelton`s Iour air planets percolate
the Iour water components in his chart. With dominant fre, Williams` emotions take on the dynamics oI an
erupting geyser). Mervl Streep, Nelson Mandella, Dear Abbv (Ann Landers) and Linda Ronstadt demonstrate
how the waves oI the turning tides can be contained in secured pools oI emotional content.
side-- and tilted Iorward! With this tilted mass oI torso weight, the crab appears to Iall
Iorward and sideways. Amazingly, the Ieet scuIfe to the sides and then to the Iront, to
bring the body back to an upright position, a Iew Ieet Iurther down their path.
To demonstrate the physical traits, we have two pure-breed crabs. Ross Perot and Karen
Black both have Cancer Rising and their Sun`s are in the frst decan oI Cancer. (See pg.
55 Ior the eIIects oI decan placement). For both, Cancer traits run strong!
The Cancer Iace is the roundest oI all the signs. This eIIect is due to the giant, round
temples, which Iorm the beaming 'Iull moon¨ circle that sits low on the Iace. Centered
PhysicaI Traits ~Cancer ruIes the breasts and the upper torso.
in this circle are the Iacial components,
which seem to swell in synch with the
building emotions.
Interestingly, the Iurrows in the
Iorehead, the eyebrows and the
wavy triangle between the eyes
seem to mock the lines on the
back oI the crab`s shell.
Let your LEO FRIEADS show your creations to everyone!
July 23 to Aug. 22
(0ates vary s||ght|y |n d|fferent years}
Genesis and CIassiñcation:
MascuIine PoIarity, Fixed Fire
In the doldrums oI Summer, the heat oI the long day`s Sun penetrates every
rock and crevice, as it warms the earth and its waters. This concentration oI heat
expands the 'sense oI center¨ obtained in Cancer. This expansion and the switch
to fxity encourages all to Iocus on the conditions in their outer surroundings.
It is time to envision the creative enhancements we can bring to this drab and
boring place. Can we hang a golden chandelier? How about a gazebo in the
backyard? In a fash, our Leo Kings and Queens will step onto center stage, to
proudly announce a even grander vision: 'Let`s build a shiny castle!¨
All creations begin Irom the individual visions, brought into Iocus by Leo`s fxed fre. Individuals with a
Leo Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign (or a strongly aspected masculine Sun) will oIten express these expansive
and playIul desires, as they display the confdent mannerisms oI a regal and confdent Lion.
FieIds of LikeIy Location:
In the spotIight, the Lion proudIy creates visions of pIay
Associations: RuIer ~ The Sun
When a spotlight is pointed at a stage, someone becomes the 'Iocus oI attention¨. So, look to where the
bright and colorIul lights are shining-- where the beautiIul people are playing and dancing. II you hear bois-
terous and confdent voices, unfappably upstaging each other, then you have entered a den oI lions.
Expect a lot oI theatrics, when you enter this pride oI cats. These lions are eager to combine the previously
generated Gemini ideas, the Cancer Ieelings and 'everything that they experienced¨ to Iuel and bring their
inspired visions to light. This fery Iocus can enhance any individual`s giIt Ior selI-expression. Likely that`s
why, in the entertainment industry, we fnd an abundance oI Leo Suns and Moons.
When these expansive fres radiate out, their magnanimous and warm energies attract the attention oI others!
Highly attracted to the fre, many people are willing to Iollow the decrees oI their royal masters-- to create
and maniIest those shiny Leo visions. Your Leo Iriends can also inspire you to maniIest your own 'light
creations¨. They can heat up your creative fres-- in your work, your romance and in the play you perIorm
with your children. (Leo, with its masculine ruling Sun, traditionally symbolizes the infuence oI the Iather).
In negative expression, these selI-centered Lions may believe that they are the sole creators oI everything!
Some will boast about their importance and their achievements, even though they contributed little.
With the grounded and mutable Iorces in the next sign oI Virgo, these inspired visions may be brought into
physical Iorm, but it may take a lot oI hard work.
Like the Sun (the center oI our solar system), Leos oIten think that everything also evolves
around them! Perhaps this is why the Fixed Fire oI Leo is ruled by the Sun.
Like the coat oI a Lion, Leos are oIten surrounded by the color oI yellow-red, or Orange.
(Royal Purple is also popular). Appropriately, their metal is Gold and the Ruby is their stone. Sunfowers,
rosemary, oranges and all citrus trees compliment their energies.
Careers include anything in the feld oI entertainment: Actors, dancers, directors, and any position involving
promotion and publicity. Leos also are skilled managers oI people, youth workers and teachers as they inspire
others to be creative. Some make excellent astrologers.
The Leo Sun Signs above exhibit varying degrees oI üxed üre. David Crosbv, Delta Burke and Melanie
Grifhth show Leo`s distinct upliIted Ieline eyes. Stanlev Kubrick and Andv Warhol shows how these eyes
can be intensely Iocused, to create Leo`s majestic visions. Jackie Kennedv, Linda Ellerbee and Halev Berrv
show the stubby, wide-based nose and the wide, fat cheekbones, typical oI this sign. They also show the
unfappable confdence oI calmer cats. Antonio Bandera and Billv Bob Thorton show the famboyant bravado
oI dashing Lions. You may also notice that most males oI this species have excessive Iacial hair.
PhysicaI Traits ~ Leo ruIes the heart, the back and the spine
In our fre-red blood, Gemini`s oxygen and Cancer`s nourishments are pumped to all parts oI our body by
the heart. This liIe-giving blood circulates up and down the back, inIusing the nerves oI the spine and the
back muscles with the liIe-giving Iorce oI the spirit. These parts oI the body are ruled by the sign oI Leo.
The Lion`s heart leads them Iorward, as they strut onto the stage. Their confdence
immediately draws attention. As they receive more strokes, the fres become more stoked, as
Leo revels in the adulation. In the process, Leo`s barrel-like chests swell and expand, along
with their increased sense oI selI importance. The incipient heat (stored in the glowing coals
oI Leo`s internal Iurnace) will soon erupt in a burst oI theatrical fares.
To begin this examination oI Leo`s physical traits, we have two pureblood Lions:
Garrison Keillor and Rose Marie. Both have Leo Suns and Rising Signs.
Their bone structure and Iacial expressions both mock the Ieatures we see in a Lion. Note
the cubical Iorehead, the bushy fxed brow, the wide, blocked cheeks and the jowly jaw.
Like the kingly lion, the Ieline eyes seem to be
placed high above the nostrils and the mouth.
In their solar perIormances, these lions truly
shine. Garrison, in his radio show 'Prairie
Home Companion¨, tells oI his hometown
where every child is above average. Rose
Marie was the loud co-worker, whose showy
antics lit up 'The Dick Van Dyke Show¨.
Aug. 23 to 8ept. 23
(0ates vary s||ght|y |n d|fferent years}
It`s time to work it all out, with your JIRCO Friends!
Genesis and CIassiñcation:
Feminine PoIarity, MutabIe Earth
When the Leo Lion takes his curtain call, the spotlight Iades, as the days
become shorter and the nights cooler. The Earth is going through obvious
changes. With the practical introspection oI Ieminine Earth and the mixing
actions oI the mutable mode, our Virgo Iriends will be there with their fne
discriminatory senses and critical powers, to help us dissect and digest
the complexities in our surroundings. Virgos will do the analytical work,
needed to make Leo`s grandiose visions a physical reality.
FieIds of LikeIy Location:
Amidst the cIutter, Virgo deIights in creating order.
Check out the headquarters oI any major organization, business or project. Look Ior the room with shelves
flled with books, research material or engineering plans. Find the desk with the biggest piles oI papers.
Likely a Virgo will be sitting in the chair, busily organizing the stuII into neater arrangements.
With the Iorces oI Mutable Earth and Mercury at their disposal, Virgos have a giIt Ior dealing with details.
They have an incredible ability to sort through all sources, as they fnd the individual Iacts and the building
blocks that we need to complete any current task. Give Virgo a research project and his or her mouth will
twist into a delighted smile. Watch how the eyebrows alternate up and down, as they search Ior inIormation.
Upon fnding an answer, the crystal Iacets in Virgo`s eyes will project Mobius patterns oI sparkling lights,
which change with the Iacets oI thoughts, Iormulating inside their mercuric minds.
Virgo`s giIt Ior detail gives them a limited breadth oI vision and they can become obsessed with minute
details. The nervous energies can lead to criticalness, excessive worrying and hypochondria.
These conficting ideals and realities are brought into balance and given creative direction by the Cardinal
Air oI Libra, the next sign in the Zodiac.
Associations: RuIing PIanet ~ Mercury
The Messenger Mercury is associated with anything analytical-- reasoning, logic and all
creations derived Irom the act oI thinking . With Virgo, these analetical impulses are applied
to the practical work we must do, to pay the bills, serve others or complete essential survival
tasks (stock the frewood or the pantry, etc.). The sixth House is the home oI such activities.
The presence oI Virgo Iorces turns the colors to navy blue, grey and brown. Virgo works with the harvest
that is presented, preparing the storable Ioods (nuts and roots) that sustain us through the coming Winter.
Good careers Ior these servants include scientist, statistician, gardener, accountant, teacher and any job that
deals with health and hygiene.
To accomplish any doable task, Virgo will consider all oI the details , break them
into their original bits and pieces, and determine what is workable and what is not.
Individuals with an Virgo Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign (or a strongly aspected
Mercury in a Ieminine sign) will oIten express the perIectionism and
analytical qualities oI Mutable Earth.
The Iaces oI the Virgo Sun Signs above are torqued and twisted by the mutable Iorces. More than any
other mutable sign, the skewed Ieatures are easiest to detect, since they`re anchored in the solid clay oI the
element Earth. Richard Gere, Dr. Phil McGraw and Sean Connerv show the oIIset cheekbones, twisted
noses and angled chins. Laren Bacall, Cameron Dia: and Leanne Rimes show how Virgo`s asymmetrical
eyes and Iacial Ieatures can be so beautiIul, and Oliver Stone and Agatha Christie show the common gap in
the upper center teeth. Lilv Tomlin and Paul Reubins (aka, Pee Wee Herman), with their extreme nervous
natures, show how the mercury energies oI Virgo can run amuck.
PhysicaI Traits~Virgo ruIes the stomach, upper digestive track
From Leo`s Heart, the rulership oI body areas progresses downward, centering in the upper digestive
track and the stomach. This, and the shiIt to Ieminine polarity, distinctively alters the body language, as it
constrains any excessive, outward movement. (Unlike the expansive Air oI Mercury ruled
Gemini, Virgo`s hands remain close to the body, shielding the private areas oI the body).
This placement in the midsection oI the body creates a protruding stomach, which pulls
the chest and shoulders to the back. The liIt in the rear section gives these people a stilted
walk as the stomach and buttock sways leIt to right with every alternating step.
The physical traits oI Virgo can be seen in those who have strong Virgo in their chart.
Keannu Reeves and Peter Sellers are excellent examples. Both oI these men are Virgos
with Virgo rising. Keannu shows the high Iorehead, squinted oIIset eyes, thin nose and
pointed chin and the Iastidious qualities oI this sign. Peter shows a more rugged Iace, with
his jowly, chunky and nerdy Ieatures.
To demonstrate the strength oI the Ascendant,
a picture oI Leo Madonna is included. She has
Virgo Rising and since the ascendant aIIects the
bone structure, she has Virgo`s gap between her
Iront teeth. (It`s similar to what we see with
Sellers). This Lion may be showy, but she looks
'Just like a Virgin¨.
8ept. 24 to Oct. 23
(0ates vary s||ght|y |n d|fferent years}
Maintain the Balance with your LIBRA Friends!
Genesis and CIassiñcation:
MascuIine PoIarity, CardinaI Air
On the frst day oI Fall, the Sun crosses the equator in its southward journey.
As the night begins its dominance over the day, the 'selI-oriented¨ light oI the
Sun dims, as the Earth enters the other halI oI the year.
In this month oI equal light, the Iorces oI Cardinal Air arrange the analytical
material oI Virgo into equal piles, to weight their value and esthetic worth.
With this balancing oI one side with the other, Libra disarms conficting ideas
by creating harmonious agreements and partnerships. This articulation oI
common ideals allows individuals to maniIest the artIul creations, that prove
Iair and benefcial to everyone.
Individuals with a Libra Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign or a strongly aspected Venus
oIten express the calming qualities oI Cardinal Air.
FieIds of LikeIy Location:
When opposing frontaI forces coIIide, Libra caIms the storm.
In the arrangement oI Nature`s Iorces, all dominate energies will eventually dissipate and fnd a state oI
balance with weaker, opposing Iorces. Likewise, the cardinal energy oI Libra moves opposing Iorces into
equal positions. With the injection oI the mental energies oI Air, ideas and ideals are evaluated Ior their esthetic
value as they`re weighed to determine their worth. All oI this creates the fner, artIul expressions oI Libra.
Looking to bring balance into your liIe? Check out the more serene locations-- perhaps the library, a
nearby coIIee house or any place with pastel colored walls, beautiIul paintings and artIul arrangements oI
fne Iurniture. II you hear a group quietly discussing the arts, justice and interpersonal relationships, and
the conversation is even-toned and there is not a hint oI argument, then you`ve likely come in contact with
a gathering oI Libras.
This group welcomes all signs-- even Aries, who sees everything Irom the selI-oriented side oI the galaxy.
Even the fres oI the Ram can be disarmed and diluted by the powerIul Iorces oI cardinal Air.
Libras are the diplomats who have a giIt Ior Iorming agreements (legal and romantic). They will always
take the position oI the underdog, then switch sides when the underdog achieves dominant status.
This desire to keep everything in balance makes some Libras very indecisive. This constant waIfing can
make them appear ineIIectual, lazy, consumed with personal pleasure and totally incapable oI taking any action.
Scorpio, the next sign in the Zodiac, provides the emotional Iocus which will eliminate undesirable ideas
and empower the importance ones with a meaningIul sense oI purpose.
Associations: RuIing PIanet ~ Venus
Libra rules the kidneys. The refning purifcation process oI this organ suggests the Iunction oI the
sign. Venus` association with personal enjoyment was introduced in the Ieminine sign oI Taurus. In the
masculine sign Libra, the Venusian Iorces are expanded to create pleasures and things oI beauty in the
exterior world. Venus also symbolizes C.G. Jung`s Anima, the attractive Ieminine infuence in both sexes, that defnes
the qualities we fnd attractive and personally appealing in others.
Libra is associated with justice, elegant art and love oI love itselI. This sign`s colors are pale blue and pink. The
stone is sapphire and the metal copper. Careers include lawyers, judges, beauticians, dress designers, welIare workers
and any work that`s carried on in surroundings where the arts are appreciated.
These Libra Sun Signs exhibit varying degrees oI the equalizing Iorce and drive oI Cardinal Air. Kate
Winslet and Will Smith both project Libra`s calming Iorce, even in the most titanic and catastrophic situations.
Chervl Tiegs, Gwvnth Paltrow and Annette Funicello,with their ever present smiles, present the natural beauty
oI Venus` infuence. John Lennon and Dwight 'Ike` Eisenhower showed their persuasive drive in peace
and war. President Ike, along with Mickev Mantle, Kellv Ripa and Matt Damon strongly display Libra`s
recognizable Iacial Ieatures. Note how the level eyebrows and the wide upper eyelids stretch out to-the-sides
Irom the sparkling almond eyes. Also, you`ll notice how the spherical cheekbones cap the easily recognized
Libra smile, which runs Irom ear to ear, as it Iorms the V-shaped lines and long vertical dimples.
PhysicaI Traits Libra ruIes the kidneys, Iumbar region, skin surface
The rulership oI body areas started at the head in Aries. Appropriately, when we reach the midpoint between
the head and the Ieet, we are in the region oI the body ruled by the opposite sign oI Aries--- Libra. Here,
the lumbar and the kidneys make up this arena oI rulership. Also, in some traditional listings, this rulership
includes the surIace oI all the skin. These rulerships account Ior Libra`s perIectly propor-
tioned Ieatures, their creamy smooth skin, and their easy-going, well balanced mannerisms.
As Libras glide across the foor, their bodies seem to be perIectly erect. The hands are
held low with fngers pointing to the sides, arms moving in and out-- to teeter the torso leIt
or right to maintain the balance. Many people with this sign seem to walk like they have a
book balanced on her head. Perhaps this is why so many oI them are Iashion models.
The body is Iull and rounded like a cumulus cloud, light but not necessarily lean. All sections
oI the body are evenly proportioned. The head oIten appears slightly larger than normal.
Barbara Walters and Jimmv Carter are both
Libras with Libra rising. In their bone structure and
Iacial Ieatures, the archetypal shapes and qualities oI
Libra are enhanced, since the solar expressions and
the mask are one and the same. There is no flter to
slow their rapid delivery oI words. They both say
what they think.
Oct. 24 to Nov. 22
(0ates vary s||ght|y |n d|fferent years}
Genesis and CIassiñcation:
Hold on to what is meaningful, with your SCORPIO Friends!
Feminine PoIarity, Fixed Water
In the middle oI the Fall season, the darkness oI night noticeably dominates
over the day. The leaIs have Iallen Irom the trees, the grass has turned to
brown and the liIe Iorce has entered a state oI dormancy. It is obvious that
nature`s resources are now limited. With the entrance into Scorpio`s realm oI
fxed waters, it is time to trust the choices that Libra has given us and discard
everything oI little worth. It is the Ieelings oI Scorpio that determine what
oI these other resources have real value.
FieIds of LikeIy Location:
|n the shadows, between the dark and ||ght, 8corp|o h|des the mag|ca| secrets.
In earlier times, when the only known planets were those seen with the natural eye, each sign had
Ieminine and masculine co-rulers. Traditionally, Mars` masculine quality was associated with Aries
and its Ieminine side ruled Scorpio. However, with the discovery oI the outer planets, astrologers
were able to add 'more dimension¨ to their interpretations. Pluto, the planet and the ancient God who
dwelled in the ocean`s depths, became the ruler oI Scorpio.
On the other side oI the wheel, the senses oI Taurus helped us fnd the earthy delights that supported our
physical temple. In the darkening skies oI Scorpio, such resources are harder to fnd. It`s time to dig deeper,
fnd the hidden secrets, hold on to our convictions and make the necessary personal transIormations. Only
then, can we acquire the other needed resources-- that will help us 'make it through the night¨.
To fnd these secrets, look Ior clandestine metaphysical groups and gatherings. They oIten meet behind
closed doors, or in dark, isolated caves. Boo! Once inside, you may notice magical symbols on the dark
blue and black trimmed walls. The heavy, ornate Iurniture will be purple or a dark red. Conversations are
intense and determined, but seemingly merged together in common purpose. You are in a den oI scorpions.
There is power in not revealing your secrets. Mystery is empowering, but it can take one to the darker
side oI the Scorpion. There, these creatures become obsessive, emotionally infexible, power hungry and
unwilling to reveal any oI their secrets. Some do their best to liIt themselves above the Iray, but the power oI
their wings is not enough, Ior they are carrying the heavy weight oI their emotional attachments. They need
to learn to let go-- to rise above the ashes! This lesson comes Irom the next sign in the zodiac: Sagittarius.
Associations: RuIing PIanet ~ PIuto, traditionaIIy Mars
Pluto`s mysterious Iorces reveal the long range cycles that continually regenerate the steps in the process that brings
liIe into Iorm. Pluto, the last planet in our solar system, suggests the totality oI the liIe experience: sex and reproduction,
birth, death and the aIter liIe. Scorpio reveals the connection between them all.
Pluto and Scorpio are also associated with hypnosis, hidden underworld Iorces, and catastrophic transIormations
(eruptions and earthquakes). Careers Ior Scorpios include psychiatrists, detectives, police and military work, and psychic
and spiritual healers. Some oI the world`s best surgeons are Scorpios.
Individuals with an Scorpio Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign (or a strongly aspected
Pluto or Ieminine Mars) oIten express the qualities oI Fixed Water, the mannerisms
oI a secretive Scorpion or the upliIting spirit oI a high fying Eagle.
These Scorpio Sun Signs exhibit varying degrees oI the Iocused emotional energy oI Fixed Water. Ethan
Hawke, Leo DiCaprio and Owen Wilson demonstrate the Scorpion`s fxed laser-like glare. Laura Bush,
Whoppi Goldberg and Scarlett Johansson show how the eyes sweep up on the sides, just beIore these Eagles
take oII in fight. F. Murrav Abraham, Dennis Fran:, Hillarv Clinton and Condolee::a Rice display the
intense concentration many Scorpios present, just beIore they reveal their secret discoveries. Most oI these
individuals show the square skull, the wide, fxed brows, the deep, intense eyes, the fat cheek planes and
the prominent beaks that are common when Scorpio is dominant in any chart.
PhysicaI Traits Scorpio ruIes the peIvic region and reproductive organs
From the balanced middle point oI Libra, rulership oI body areas progresses into the lower halI. When this
intense energy is concentrated in the pelvic area oI the body, the stance oI the body suggests that this person
is strongly Iocused and in control oI his or her own internal power.
To illustrate this phenomenon oI the Scorpio
profle, we have pictures oI three Scorpio Suns:
Billv Graham, Neil Young and Grace Kellv (who
also has a Scorpio rising).
This shiIt to the hips draws the pelvic region Iorward, as it sends the upper torso and the
legs to the back. At the upper back, the neck and head juts sharply to the Iront, to create
the easy recognized 'eagle-like¨ profle. The arms hang heavily to the sides, suggesting the
Ieathered wings, which desire to liIt this creature upward in fight.
The cubical shaping oI the head, with its fat back section (which runs in line with the angle
oI the upper back) can be seen in the Scorpio Suns and in the bone structure oI Scorpio risings.
Billv and Grace show the sharp arch
in the upper back. Neil distinctly
demonstrates how the back oI the
skull sweeps to the Iront, to
push the brow Iorward at the top.
Nov. 23 to Dec. 22
(0ates vary s||ght|y |n d|fferent years}
Genesis and CIassiñcation:
Aim for the impossible with your SACI11ARIUS Friends!
MascuIine PoIarity, MutabIe Fire
In the fnal days oI the Fall season, the shortest day oI the year is approaching.
It is time to rise above the darkness!
Scorpio has taught us what treasures are worth retaining. With the injection
oI mutable fre, all emotional bindings are removed and cast asunder as the
spirit oI one`s desires leaps beyond its limited perceptions. This expansion in
scope brings the proIound realization: There is a grand and intelligent process
to the seasons and to all oI these cycles. We all are part oI something wonderIul!
Even though everything seems to be dimming, there still is plenty oI light
to see! It is time to give thanks Ior our bounty, unfinching pursue our
newly unbridled desires and discover the wisdom that they reveal.
Individuals with a Sagittarius Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign (or a strongly aspected Jupiter) oIten express
the unrestrained qualities oI Mutable Fire.
FieIds of LikeIy Location:
From the depths oI unconscious Ieelings, the truth is revealed. This enlightenment, like the Phoenix, rises
us up Irom the ashes, to spread the light oI joy in all directions. This sense oI mirth brings optimism, super
transIormations and a larger scope oI understanding.
All oI the gates are open! Run with the wind. Kayak the meandering rivers that fow down distant mountains.
Gallop away with the mythical centaur, who will take you on many delightIul journeys oI higher discovery!
These creatures will be easy to spot in the more lively Iun spots in town. They`ll be the comedian on the
stage, the hyena chuckling at the bar, or the DJ spinning the records aIter the comedian is done. II you go
to a sporting event, these athletic Archers will likely be the ones playing in the feld.
You`ll likely fnd these ponies in big, open spaces-- in parks or large, open windowed Iacilities. The
conversations will be Ieisty, truthIul and philosophical. II any Geminis are present, they will express their
view (Iormed at the other side oI the wheel) as they attempt to keep the conversation logical and intelligible.
The sense oI non-attachment runs strong with most Sagittariuses. The fres can become uncontainable, as
they spread out oI control. They can become wasteIul, blindly optimistic and over indulgent.
These scattered energies are contained and given direction by the next sign in the Zodiac: Capricorn.
Associations: RuIing PIanet ~ Jupiter
Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. It`s a big ball oI gas! Appropriately, it symbolizes
(or rules) the sign oI Sagittarius. In earlier days, it was also the ruler oI Pisces.
Jupiter is known as 'The Greater Benefc¨ which tends to 'expand¨ and open the door to
opportunity. Opportunities oIten appears when planets transit the 9th House, when one is stirred
to pursue knowledge, a higher education or philosophy, and speculative thinking. The expansive outlook
oIten leads us to long distant travel, Ioreign languages and other countries, as we desire to 'publish¨ our ideas.
For the Romans, Jupiter was represented by Jove. For the Greeks, Zeus was ruler oI this planet. Also,
Jupiter`s 12 year cycle likely is associated with the Iortunes oI the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac.
Careers Ior Sagittarius include teachers, lecturers, lawyers, interpreters, veterinary surgeons, horse trainers,
travel agents, sportsmen, priests, writers and any work that doesn`t reign in this creature`s roaming spirit.
The 6entaur ga||ops away, pursu|ng |ts quest for h|gher know|edge.
PhysicaI Traits Sagittarius ruIes the thighs
When the body Iorces shiIt into the thighs, the energy is divided-- as one high-stepping thigh, then the
other, pulls the lower body Iorward on the path ahead. Any change in attitude abruptly alters the course.
This placement oI Iorce in this body region greatly defnes this creature`s body appearance.
The upper chest, which sways to the back, seems abnormally small, compared to the lower
pear-shaped hips and large thighs. The legs seem to become smaller and narrower as they
progress down to the Ieet (which appear as diminutive hooIs). The halI horse/halI human
creature on the right illustrates the dynamics and body language oI these creatures.
These horse qualities are also suggested in this sign`s Iacial Ieatures. Joe DiMaggio and
Felicitv Huffmann show the high domed Iorehead, the long Iace, the unusually large jaw
and the skewed Ieatures typical oI a mutable sign.
Huffman shows the classic horse laugh
which exposes the pony`s giant Iront
teeth. DiMaggios Sagittarius Ascendant
impacts the underlying bone structure
which makes the bulbous tipped nose
and the long horse jaw more exaggerated.
He also displays the large pointed
horse ears.
The Sagittarius Sun Signs displayed above exhibit the impulsive and scattered energy oI mutable üre.
Dick Jan Dvke, Jon Stewart, and Ben Stiller display the comedic nature oI this sign. In their perIormances,
Christine Aquillera, Tvra Banks and Jeff Bridges show the Centaur`s fery verbosity and excitability. Lucv
Liu, Bette Midler, and Terri Hatcher demonstrate how the eyes arch up and widen at the outer top, to create
this sign`s unique 'horse-like eyes¨. Steven Spielberg, and all oI the Archers in this group, in their work and
personalities, project the optimism and Iar-reaching visions oI Sagittarius.
Dec. 23 to Jan. 20
(0ates vary s||ght|y |n d|fferent years}
Achieve your highest goals with your CAPRICORA Friends!
Genesis and CIassiñcation:
Feminine PoIarity, CardinaI Earth
On the Winter Solstice, (the shortest day oI the year), things appear dark
and bleak, but things aren`t so grim-- a new year is beginning at this cardinal
point as the Sun starts another 'upward climb¨ in the sky.
This redirection in the Sun`s movement drives all creatures to move ahead--
to use the lessons oI previous experiences and those learned throughout ALL time.
With the polar switch to Ieminine Earth, the unlimited desires oI Sagittarius
are contained. It is time to make solid plans, orchestrate goals and make
resolutions Ior the year that lies ahead.
Individuals with a Capricorn Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign (or a strongly aspected
Saturn) will oIten express these urges oI Cardinal Earth.
FieIds of LikeIy Location:
Fo||ow|ng the passages of t|me, the Coat c||mbs to the top of the mounta|n
Associations: RuIing PIanet ~ Saturn (TraditionaIIy, aIso ruIes Aquarius)
Saturn is the last planet we can see with our natural senses. ThereIore, it became the planet associated
with 'physical limitations¨. Saturn`s 28 year cycle (and its` 7 and 14 year quarter and halI cycles)
represents the critical passages or 'crystallizing points¨ in an individual`s liIe.
Saturn is associated with the teeth and bones (the solid structure that shapes our bodies). In aging, it can be seen in
the crystallization and acid Iormation in the joints. Positive Saturn traits include perseverance, endurance and selI-
discipline. Negatively, we see coldness, intolerance and restriction. Capricorn careers oIten depend on the other
components in their charts. Any career will receive 110° eIIort!
Born at the beginning oI a new yearly cycle, Capricorns (more than any other sign) understand the importance
oI the passage oI Time. These determined creatures knows that it takes time to learn the skills we need to
build Iuture creations. Wisdom comes with age. That`s why they insist that you make good use oI your time!
Young Capricorns can be Iound in greasy spoon caIes and at the local thriIt store. At mid-liIe, they may
serve on political councils, in organizations, or at the headquarters oI operations-- climbing up the social
ladder! In later years, aIter they achieve a sense oI success, they may dine at the fner establishments and
wear clothes Irom Neiman Marcus. The wiser goats realize that these material accruements are not the true
indicators that they are doing well-- rather, it`s how well all things are doing. The opposite sign oI Cancer
desires to secure the base, the Iamily and their own personal sense oI security. Capricorn, on the other hand,
orchestrates security on a larger scope-- by fnding ways to raise the living standards oI our communities,
our nation and the planet as a whole. Without a Iunctioning community, no individual will be secure!
These tenacious creatures frmly believe that one`s body oI work never ends-- and the institutions that
contribute to this higher 'mission oI service¨ (as inspired by Virgo) will be the one`s that last! They believe
that all things will get better with time! Perhaps that`s why some goats seem to get younger with age.
With their eyes, hearts and minds aimed at some distant goal, goats rarely plant their Ieet in the here-and-
now. This orientation leaves many goats IearIul oI possible Iuture scarcities. They may become incredibly
cheap or obsessed with wealth and power. Others, overwhelmed by Iailed institutions and human Ioibles,
become insuIIerably cynical. Such tethered goats have little direction, less meaning and no hope. To aIfrm a
higher hope in humanity, the individual must Iocus on the belieIs oI Aquarius-- the next sign in the Zodiacs.
The Capricorn Sun Signs above exhibit varying degrees oI the drive oI cardinal earth. Diane Keaton,
Eddv Jedder, Ava Gardiner and Judd Law show that wide, down-drawn cheekbones oI a short jawed goat.
Jedder shows how these craggy cheeks are frmly set at a young age. (That`s why younger goats appear so
serious and why they mellow and appear younger looking with age). The long Iaced versions oI this sign
include Ted Danson, Den:el Washington and Nicholas Cage. Goats, in a happier mood, will oIten present the
tight smile with the twisted 'snarl¨ on one side. This is seen with Katie Couric and Bettv White. In the sparkling
crystal eyes oI Sissv Spacek, we see the contentment oI a soul who has reached the top oI her mountain.
PhysicaI Traits Capricorn ruIes the knees
The Cardinal Earth Iorces oI Capricorn are contained and centered in the knees-- the part oI the body ruled
by this sign. At these bony joints, the high-stepping centaur thighs turn to the back, to planet the Ieet frmly
on the ground. With their knees to the Iront, Capricorn`s knees carry them steadily and cautiously Iorward.
The mountain goat doesn`t want to slip. The resulting body mechanics send the butt to the back as it tilts
the upper torso and head Iorward. This angle points the head down to the ground. The eyes must be aimed
upward, so that the goat can see the craggy peaks that lie ahead.
This body rulership greatly defnes this creature`s physical Ieatures, as Saturn`s
constraining energies reduce the size oI the body parts. The extremities, like those oI the
crab, are thin and short. Unlike Cancer, the torso and the shoulders are also minimized.
These goat-like Ieatures are prominent in the makeup oI Anthonv Hopkins and James
Earl Jones.
Both have Capricorn Suns and Rising
Signs. Jones also has a Capricorn Moon.
(This triple Earth accounts Ior his deep,
resonant voice). Both display the deep set
eyes and the eyelids that wrap to the sides
oI the Iace, the wide cheek bones, the long,
dipping snout and the large, thin-edged
upper lip plate.
Jan. 21 to Feb. 19
(0ates vary s||ght|y |n d|fferent years}
Together, we can create anything, with our AQUARIUS Friends!
Genesis and CIassiñcation:
MascuIine PoIarity, Fixed Air
FieIds of LikeIy Location:
|n focused menta| concentrat|on, revo|ut|onary |dea|s man|fest
Associations: RuIing PIanet ~ Uranus (TraditionaIIy aIso ruIed by Saturn)
II thoughts are the Iorbearers oI all creation, then our fxed-thought Aquarius Iriends are the ones who are
likely to maniIest the greatest amount oI revolutionary ideas. AIter all, they are constantly thinking up ways
to disrupt Iailed Capricorn institutions and come up with surprisingly creative inventions.
In ancient times, water was considered the 'conductor oI consciousness¨ and that is why our Aquarius
Iriends are called 'the water bearers¨. Aquarius tells us that-- when each individual meditates and tunes into
his or her own channel oI Iocused light-- collective thoughts (past, present and perhaps Iuture) will be revealed.
This inIormation (which some call the Askasic records) tells us that the minds oI all individuals and living
entities are intuitively linked. This 'collective consciousness¨ is available to all, to inspire Iuture creation.
Such strange ideas are matter oI Iact Ior our Aquarius Iriends. That`s why you may fnd them at UFO and
New Age gatherings, pitching radical concepts, gathering Iunds Ior humanitarian projects as they establish
Iuture social trends. Many oI these cosmic cowboys (or cowgirls) are rarely connected to earthy things.
Unlike Capricorn, they`re rarely on time or practical, since their hopeIul minds are frmly fxed on a distant
mental image, Iorming the matrix wire-Irames oI Iuture creations.
In the opposite sign oI Leo, these visions are applied to enhance individual recognition and immediate
and present surroundings. Leo`s selI-centered creative urges make Aquarius` collective visions obtainable.
A successIul society can only happen, when there are many successIul individuals.
Some oI these humanitarians are so concerned Ior the Iuture welIare oI others that they oIten neglect their
personal needs. Others are constantly Iocused on the concepts in their head or lost in some distant thoughts.
This makes it diIfcult Ior them to express emotion and Ieeling.
To achieve balance, the collective desires, sensations, thoughts and Ieelings oI others must be considered.
This merging oI all oI these elements becomes the destined task oI the next sign in the Zodiac: Pisces.
Uranus is associated with the circulatory system, unexpected physical and neurological changes,
modern science and aeronautics, radio and television, space travel and science fction. These
ruling energies suggest the Iunction oI a capacitor, where electricity is stored, only to release
its` power in abrupt, concentrated bursts. This gives us eccentric and independent personalities
who oIten excel as scientists, writers, social workers and in the feld oI mass communication.
In the doldrums oI Winter, the liIe Iorces are Irozen in a state oI
uncertainty--- until they`re sparked by the hopeIul recognition:
The light is getting brighter evervdav'
This new enlightenment allows all individuals to see: There`s a
Grand Intelligence to 'All oI This¨ and It can Iulfll our Iuture hopes!
Such thoughts can also confrm the belieI: This All-knowing source is
suspended in the air, everywhere-- and every conscious entity can (iI they put
their mind to it) connect to this knowledge. These intuitive messages can
help individuals maniIest the inventive solutions that will Iulfll the
grandest hopes and wishes oI all oI society. Individuals with an Aquarius
Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign (or a strongly aspected Uranus) oIten have this giIt oI mental intuition.
The Aquarius Sun Signs above exhibit varying degrees oI the holding energy oI Fixed Air. Geena Davis,
Carol Channing and Farah Fawcett show how the creek bones and short square jaw Iorm a rectangular box on
the lower halI oI the skull. Paul Newman and John Travolta display the electric blue eyes that seem to spark
as diIIerent thoughts run through their heads. Alan Alda, Jennifer Annison and most noticeably Ted Koppel
show how the small Iacial Ieatures are centered on an out-oI-proportioned head. Paris Hilton and Justin
Timberlake show the cool and distant stare that seems to look right through you-- as iI you weren`t even there.
PhysicaI Traits Aquarius ruIes the caIves and Iower Ieg
With the expansive, masculine Iorces oI Air centered in the lower legs, the Ieet seem to
rarely touch the ground, as Aquarius skips above the ground like a hovercraIt. As the calves
fap in the breeze, the lower legs pull the lower halI oI the body to the Iront. The upper
torso and arms are pushed to the back, like a sail resisting wind.
This body rulership not only deIines Aquarius` body language, it greatly aI-
Iects their physique. Like the long and voluminous calves, the rest oI the body ap-
pears larger than normal in its width, but strangely fattened in its depth. Even with
wide shoulders, the upper torso appears noticeably narrow in its` Iront to back proportions.
Also, the back and the buttock are noticeably fat. This is the phenomenon oI fxed air-- like a
sail, it tightens and widens as it resists the Iorces oI wind.
The photos oI Chris Rock and Carmen Miranda
show how Aquarians seem to 'resist the onslaught
oI prevailing winds¨. This resistance accumulates as
it builds in intensity. At some point, the electricity
is abruptly released in a burst oI sparks.
Aquarians have quite large heads but the Iacial Ieatures seem to be
compacted into a small area on the skull. The compaction draws the
eyes close together, as it pulls the eyelids down on the sides. The jaw is
pulled upward as the cheekbones are drawn into the center. (This creates
dimples high under the cheeks and the tight downward drawn smile).
Feb. 20 to March 20
(0ates vary s||ght|y |n d|fferent years}
Genesis and CIassiñcation:
Create more wonderful dreams with your PISCES Friends!
Feminine PoIarity, MutabIe Water
When the Winter season nears its end, it`s time to make the needed changes
to prepare Ior liIe`s rebirth at Spring. Aquarius has helped us realize that we
all have the potential to mentally connect to this creative machine`s records oI
knowledge. Now, with the modal shiIt to mutability and our submergence into
the universal solvent oI water, its time to uniIy all oI the other elements in our
lives-- so that we can feel totally-connected with this Divine Order oI Creation.
In the mutable waters oI Pisces, we can learn to Ieel the changing rhythms
and patterns that have constructed the colored webbings that make up the world
that we now perceive. And when we learn to be in synch with these 'Rhythms oI
Live¨, they may give us the guidance that will help us complete our personal course oI destiny. This
sensitivity runs strong in individuals with a Pisces Sun, Moon, Rising Sign, or a strongly aspected Neptune.
FieIds of LikeIy Location:
Associations: RuIing PIanet ~ Neptune (TraditionaIIy, aIso Jupiter)
The long-range Irequencies oI Neptune resonate and alter our more immediate mental and nervous
energies. Thusly, the thalamus, drugs, anaesthetics and all things that distort perception are under
the control oI Neptune. Hospitals (healing), poetry, dancing and religious inspiration are positive Neptune
creations. Insanity, poisons and prisons emerge on the darker side. The services we contributed in Virgo
bring their karmic consequences: What was given is received in return. Pisces careers include dancing, acting,
poetry, fshing and priesthood. Though they tend to Iavor the arts over science, Pisces` will oIten serve in
the healing proIession, so that they can help others.
In reñective pooIs of imagined Iights, the Fish gratefuIIy swims
In the ever changing currents, the fsh swims gently along, attracted to the refecting fashes oI a ever
increasing light. Aquarius has tuned us into this fashing light and the shiny lure has gotten our attention. The
fsh must trust his or her Ieelings, take a leap in Iaith and take a bite. What will happen can only be imagined!
In all pools oI humanity, you will fnd these timid souls. They may be the nurses who care Ior injured
patients, or the quiet committee members who (oIten unrecognized) stir the Ieelings oI others to achieve mean-
ingIul and compassionate conclusions. They would like all oI us to merge our desires, sensations, thoughts
and Ieelings-- and join their 'school oI fsh¨, so that we can swim together as One, in perIect synchronicity!
With their joyIul Ieelings, Pisceans counter the worrisome and critical thinking oI Virgos-- the opposite
sign in the zodiac. These emotions serve a greater purpose as they meld disparate elements together and
make the fnal preparations-- which will hopeIully Iulfll the dreams and illusions envisioned in the hearts
oI all living creatures. As Pisces Bobby McFerron said: 'Dont Worrv, Be Happv`.
Alas, such Ieelings are easily lost in our everyday struggles. Wishing alone doesn`t bring solutions and
even Virgo will remind you: 'It`s your turn to do the dishes¨. Things are never perIect. Perhaps, that`s why
so many Pisces are disillusioned, bewildered and oIten unable to fnd direction in their lives
The Iorward charge in a new creative direction begins with the return oI Aries, the sign that symbolizes YOU
taking action to start a new creative endeavor. But now, you are aware oI the twelve steps in dance oI the
seasons. Beginning now, you can Iollow these orderly steps, as you pursue the actions and selI-expressions
to complete your creative desires. Whatever your Sun Sign, with this lesson oI Pisces, you may now Ieel
that your actions will contribute to the happiness-- oI everything that you touch!
The Pisces Sun Signs above display varying degrees oI the liquid Iorce oI Mutable Water. The large dreamy
eyes oI Albert Einstein and Li:a Minnelli give us the impression that they`re foating in some other world.
They are joined by George Harrison and Edgar Cavce who also refect the look oI wonder that comes when
one is connected to the spirits oI all things big and small. Steve Irwin, Bruce Willis and Sallv Jesse Raphael
show the skewed mutable Iacial lines and how the eyes seem to peer in two directions. Queen Latifha, Drew
Barrvmore and Jennifer Love Hewitt demonstrate how the thick eyelids foat up on the outer sides, to create
the unique wave-like sockets Ior the dreamy eyes.
PhysicaI Traits Pisces ruIes the feet
As the body rulership slides into the Ieet, all parts oI the body work together to carry Pisces down their destined
path. In the Ioot, meridians run to all parts oI the body, and with each step something else is stimulated--be
it a desire, a sensation, a thought, or a Ieeling. These changes constantly alter the path, weaving the Fish
back and Iorth and up and down, bobbling and twisting like fotsam on the ocean`s surIace.
This body rulership defnes the body`s language and physique. With Ieet 'to the Iront¨, these
Fish seem incapable oI pursuing a Iorward assault. AIter all, the body is weighted to the back
by the ballooning head and upper torso that bulges noticeably at the upper back. (It`s the liIe
preserver that keeps Pisces` head above the waters).
In the Iacial Ieatures, we see this same phenomenon. The Iacial lines all seem to run 'to
the bottom¨-- sinking to the Ieet below. In contrast, the wide, infated cheek bones appear to
give the upper Iace its needed buoyancy, to keep the
eyes and brows above the wavy water surIace.
Judd Hirsch and Lvnn Redgrave (with their Pisces
Sun and Ascendants) show the sagging bone structure
and Iacial lines oI the fsh. Note how one side oI the
Iace sinks below the other, twisting the bone structure
and the fesh. Like a fsh, the eyes seem
to present portal views to the sides-- rather
than to the Iront.