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The Christian Life Program (CLP)

The Christian Life Program (CLP) is an integrated course intended to lead the program participants into a renewed understanding of and response to God's call to them as Christians. The program has a total of 13 separate sessions, usuall held once a wee!.


"pecificall , the CLP is intended to achie#e the following$ 1. %ring the participant to repentance and a renewed faith in &esus. '. (mpower the participant in the Christian life through )aptism in the *ol "pirit. 3. +ntegrate the participant into a strong en#ironment of support and ongoing formation.


The CLP starts with an orientation session, then goes into 3 modules of , sessions each. The first module presents the a)solute )asics of Christian life. The second module presents the !ind of life that God calls us to, and helps singles to ma!e a reorientation of their li#es around &esus. The third module helps the singles to appropriate for their li#es the power of the *ol "pirit, and pro#ides the )asis for continuing spiritual growth. The topics of the sessions are$ -odule 1$ THE BASIC TRUTHS ABOUT CHRISTIANIT 1. God's lo#e '. .ho is &esus Christ/ 3. .hat it -eans to )e a Christian ,. 0epentance and 1aith -odule '$ THE AUTHENTIC CHRISTIAN LIFE 2. The Christian +deal$ Lo#ing God 3. Lo#ing 4our 5eigh)or 6. The Christian 1amil 7. Life in the *ol "pirit -odule 3$ LI!ING A SPIRIT"FILLE# CHRISTIAN LIFE 8. 0ecei#ing the Power of the *ol "pirit 19. Growing in the "pirit 11. The Life and -ission of C1C "ingles for Christ 1'. Transformation in Christ

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program 1irst "ession

G:;L $ To present a relationship with &esus as the onl wa out of the sorr state of the world toda and to offer the audience a concrete wa of entering into that relationship through the CLP and ultimatel an ongoing in#ol#ement in C1C "ingles for Christ.

(<P;5=(= :>TL+5( +. +ntroduction. ;. .h should we ta!e time and effort to participate in a program such as this/ To answer that, we ha#e to consider first wh &esus himself came into this world. Lu!e ,$13?'1. &esus proclaims his mission. 1. The sal#ation promised ) God was to )e fulfilled in and through him. *e was to announce the good news of God's reign (Lu!e ,$,3). *is proclamation is timeless. The promise


'. *is mission is for all. applies to us too. ++.

=o we understand &esus' message/ +f for us, how ha#e we recei#ed his offer of sal#ation/ a. &esus refers to four !inds of people. =o we recogni@e oursel#es among them/ 1. The poor. These are those who li#e li#es apart from God. '. The capti#es. .e can )e in capti#it to things, desires and ideas of no real worth. .e can )e sla#es to mone , power, wor!, achie#ements A those things the world #alues. 3. The )lind. .e can )e )linded ) preBudices, pride, wrong self ?image, false ideals and ideologies. .e often do not recogni@e the things that are of real #alue. ,. The oppressed. .e can )e oppressed ) our )ondages A to unrighteous relationshipsC to hatred or intoleranceC to greed and immoralit in )usinessC to fears, worries, anDieties, insecuritiesC to alcohol, drugs, illicit seD. ). %ut &esus came precisel to )ring sal#ation to us in all these areas.

1. *e )rings glad tidings to the poor. .hat is of real #alue is the good news of sal#ation and a real relationship with God. '. *e proclaims li)ert to capti#es. &esus can free us from our capti#it to worldl things that are of no true and lasting worth. 3. *e gi#es sight to the )lind. .ith &esus, we will ne#er )e in dar!ness, una)le to see. &ohn 7$1'. ,. *e lets the oppressed go free. :nl &esus can trul set us free from our )ondages. +++. %ut are we eDperiencing toda the sal#ation that &esus offers/ =o we ha#e spiritual a)undance, are we li#ing in freedom, do we see with God's e es/ a. .hat do we see in the world toda / -oral degeneration in all le#els of societ . 1. >psurge in seDual promiscuit , homoseDualit , and per#ersit . '. 0ampant greed and dishonest . 3. .or!aholics lea#ing no room for God. ,. ;larming )rea!?up of families due to a lac! of commitment of spouses. 2. "piritual )lindness, gi#ing rise to man?made religions and cults. ). .h are Christians )eha#ing li!e this in the modern world/ 1. "uperficiall , one ma point to Eeconomic hard timesE as the reason. .hen times are hard, people loo! for concrete things that can help them. a. %ri)ing in order to win a contract. ). ;lcohol, drugs and illicit seD to co#er up difficulties. c. Turning to the occult for good luc!. 1. :thers point to sociological reasons. a. +f e#er one is doing it, it must )e :F. ). +n societ toda , there is a lac! of o)Becti#e moral norms for right conduct. 1. %ut these can onl )e partiall correct. %ecause we see that throughout histor , especiall for the earl Church, Christians did not easil trade off their Christian #alues, e#en in the face of imprisonment, pain and death. '. Thus we can onl conclude that the Christianit we !now toda is no longer the same )rand of Christianit as the one the earl Christians !new. :ur Christianit toda is lac!ing in power and effecti#eness.


.h are we lac!ing in spiritual power as Christians/ There are a num)er of reasons. a. "ome are unwilling to gi#e up sin. 1. "in in our li#es )loc!s the power of God. '. :r there ma )e no serious sin, )ut man Christianit . still li#e a split?le#el

). :ne ma )e a good person, )ut con#ersion to the Lord is not full. .e ma )e satisfied with an emotional eDperience and not allow our con#ersion to effect concretel the wa we thin!, li#e, act and relate to others. c. -an do not ha#e a personal relationship with &esus. 1. 1or man Christians, &esus is out of reach. *e is God who is far awa in hea#en. '. %ut in order for us to recei#e power, we must ha#e a direct lin!?up with the source of power. &ohn 12$2. d. There are those who ha#e no Christian support. 1. .e are called to )e part of a )od , the )od of Christ. .e need the care and support of others in order to )ecome )etter Christians. '. The world is a hostile en#ironment for Christians. .e can easil )ecome assimilated into the #alues and points?of?#iew of the world. e. "ome Christians are not li#ing in the power of the *ol "pirit. 1. .e )elie#e in the Trinit and we !now well the 1ather and the "on. %ut man Christians do not !now the "pirit nor understand his role. a. &esus affirms the "pirit's importance. &ohn 13$6?7. ). %efore his ascension, &esus told the disciples to wait for power from on high. Lu!e ',$,8. c. This power will )e gi#en when the *ol "pirit comes upon them. ;cts 1$7. 1. ;nd the "pirit did come, on the da of Pentecost. a. The disciples were em)oldened and empowered. ). Christianit spread Huic!l . ;nd within a couple of centuries, the whole 0oman (mpire was con#erted. 1. This was the power of the *ol "pirit at wor!. G. ;nd this same spiritual power is a#aila)le to us.

.hat then must we do a)out our situation/

a. To )egin with, understand that we are not meant for this world )ut for a higher life with God. 1. :ur sta in this world is transitor . :ur true citi@enship is in hea#en (Philippians 3$'9). '. +f true, then we should not Bust in#est oursel#es in this world. .e should in#est for the neDt. ). +n#estigate for ourself what &esus is offering. =on't Bust pass it up. 0ight now, approach this in faith and !now that our God is eDtending to ou an in#itation. 0e#elations 3$'9. c. Concretel , what does this in#itation mean for ou/ 1. :ur Lord wants to offer ou a personal, concrete eDpression of his realit in our li#es in an ongoing wa . '. The first step is to Boin this Christian Life Program. a. The CLP has 3 modules of , sessions each. ). 4ou do not ha#e to commit ourself to the whole CLP, )ut can ta!e each of the sessions as the come. 1. ;t the end of the CLP, ou will )e in#ited to Boin C1C "ingles for Christ so ou can continue to recei#e support for our Christian life. '. ;ll these will )ring ou to the doorwa to spiritual freedom, maturit and power in Christian li#ing.

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program The %asic Truths ;)out Christianit

TAL$ No% &' GO#(S LO!E

G:;L $ To communicate the truth that God lo#es us and has a plan for our welfare.

(<P;5=(= :>TL+5( +. The situation in the world toda . ;. There is serious disorder in the world toda . a. There is war. (Cite some of the current wars going on). ). There is po#ert . a. "tar#ation in different parts of the world. ). Poor people e#en in rich countries. c. There is murder. Particularl despica)le is a)ortion, resulting in the !illing of millions of un)orn children.

a. There is social inBustice. ;. :n a personal le#el, there is loneliness, depression, fear, insecurit , mistrust, etc. %. (#er one agrees that something maBor is needed to correct the situation in the world. a. -an has made #arious efforts to impro#e the world, )ut their efforts are not succeeding. 1or eDample$ a. +n the field of medicine, through the ultrasound techniHue, we can disco#er the seD of a child )efore it is )orn. %ut some people use this technolog to decide to !ill the un)orn child if found defecti#e, or if it is not the desired seD. -an cannot )e completel properl . trusted to use God's wisdom

a. +n food production, we ha#e learned )etter and more producti#e wa s of increasing the ield of the land. %ut millions of people are still d ing of malnutrition and star#ation. The human race has not learned to share God's pro#ision with their less fortunate mem)ers.

a. "ome e#en propose solutions through man?made religions and other ideologies. (Damples$ T-, -arDism, and 5ew ;ge. a. -an is not succeeding )ecause all these efforts are )ased on man's wisdom. ++. .hat is needed is God's wisdom and wa s. +saiah 22$7?8.

.hat is the wa of God/ =oes God ha#e a plan for )ringing us out of our confusion and disorder/ a. 4esI The starting point for understanding God's plan is found in the stor of creation in Genesis. 1. Genesis 1$31. .hat God creates is good. The confusion and disorder is not in accordance with the plan of God.

1. Genesis 1$'6. God created man in *is image. The ugliness and sin in the li#es of people toda accordance with God's will. are not in

1. Genesis 3$7?8. -an is meant for friendship with God. The disruption in our relationship with God is our doing, and is not as God intends.

a. *owe#er, things did not turn out according to God's plan. :riginal sin entered the picture. ;nd from then on, man continued to turn against God and *is wa s. ). %ut still, e#en if God punished man, God did not a)andon him. 1. God punished ;dam and (#e when the sinned, et God eDtended to them a gesture of grace$ *e ga#e them clothing (Genesis 3$'1) and e#en promised that the offspring of the woman will crush the head of the serpent (Genesis 3$12). '. God punished Cain for murdering his )rother ;)el, et *e ga#e Cain a mar! to protect him from )eing !illed on sight (Genesis ,$12).

3. 1urther on in Genesis (Genesis 3 ff.), we read a)out the wic!edness of man in the time of 5oah. God sent a flood to eradicate the e#il on earth, et *e had compassion. *e directed 5oah to )uild an ar! that would deli#er the righteous from death. ,. "till further in Genesis (Genesis 11$1?8), the wic!edness of man continued to pro#o!e the wrath of God, illustrated ) the )uilding of the tower of %a)el. %ut this incident of the tower of %a)el is immediatel followed ) the stor of ;)raham (Genesis 1'), which is the )eginning of the great restoration that &esus was to )ring. c. 1rom these accounts, we can see how God lo#es the human race, how God would not lea#e man alone to his fate. 1. God is neither indifferent nor distant. God is someone who lo#es us and is interested in ha#ing a personal relationship with us. *e is interested in the details of our dail li#es. +saiah ,7$16. &eremiah '8$11.

1. +n fact, God wants to )ring us all )ac! to *imself, to restore our fellowship and intimac with him. (phesians 1$8?19. '. This is God's planI +t is an eDpression of *is lo#e. God does not want us to li#e li#es of pain, po#ert , or inBustice. God wants the world to )e a place of peace, Bustice and happiness. ; place in which *e would reignI +++. *ow can God's plan happen/ a. .hen we loo! at the world around us, it seems impossi)le. ). ;gain, we need to turn to God's wisdom. .e need God's point of #iew. .hat does God sa a)out life's realities/ 1. The %i)le tells us a)out the realit of "atan. (phesians 3$1'. '. .e are not Bust confronted with particular wrongs in societ or in oursel#es. %ehind all these is something )igger. "atan is orchestrating these e#ils. 3. :n our own, we cannot o#ercome "atan. ,. God also sa s that our human efforts apart from *im will pro#e useless. &ohn 12$2. :n our own strength, we cannot o#ercome the challenges in our Christian life.

a. "o what is the solution/ &esus ChristI

1. Christ is the answer. '. *e is a spiritual )eing more powerful than "atan. 3. *e is the #ine from which we draw life, strength and power. ,. +n fact, Christ is the fullness of God's lo#e. &ohn 3$13. ). Thus, in &esus we eDperience the lo#e of God. ;nd in &esus, God's plan for restoration can )egin to happen. +G. .hat do we need to do/ a. .e need to simpl accept &esus as Lord and "a#ior. 0omans 19$8. 1. .hat this means will )ecome clearer as we mo#e on in this CLP. '. %ut for now, what is important to !now is simpl this$ 3. God lo#es us. ,. God sent &esus *is own "on. 2. +n &esus we are sa#ed and restored to our relationship with God, with the fullness of life *e intended. ). "o God has done *is part. +t is now our mo#e. 1. The choice is ours$ to li#e under the dominion of dar!ness, a life of sla#er under "atan, or to li#e in the !ingdom of God, a life of freedom, dignit , peace and happiness. '. Let us accept &esus and the sal#ation that he )rings. Let us )egin to trul eDperience God's lo#e. G. ; 1inal .ord a. .hen &esus spo!e to his disciples, some were turned off (&ohn 3$39). The could not accept the truths &esus re#ealed to them and the left (&ohn 3$33). &esus turned to the other disciples and as!ed if the were going to lea#e too. The sta ed. ). 4ou too will )e confronted with the )asic truths of the gospel of &esus. "ome of ou ma find difficult accepting them. "ome people do. 1. "ome sa the de#il is pure imagination, some sill superstition. 5ot so.

'. "ome sa sin was Bust a concoction of a rigid Gictorian era, and that in toda 's li)eral #iews there are no more sins. +f there are no more sins, then who needs a sa#ior/ .ho needs &esus/ *e came for nothing.

1. "ome e#en Huestion the di#init of &esus Christ. +s &esus reall God/ 1or the answer, come )ac! neDt wee!.

a. The choice is gi#en to each of ou. 1. .ill ou continue to in#estigate how God's plan can wor! in our life/ .ill ou continue to eDplore, along with us, how God's lo#e can ma!e a difference in our life/ '. :r will ou Bust wal! awa li!e the disciples who left &esus/ 3. + hope that Bust li!e "imon Peter ou will sa $ ELord, to whom shall we go/ 4ou ha#e the words of eternal lifeE (&ohn 3$37).

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program Participants :utline

TAL$ No% &' GO#)S LO!E

%rief :utline +. The situation in the world toda . a. "erious disorder in societ $ war, po#ert , murder, etc. ). :n a personal le#el$ loneliness, depression, fear, etc. c. -an ma!es #arious efforts to impro#e the world )ut is not succeeding )ecause these are not )ased on God's wisdom. ++. God has a plan for )ringing us out of confusion and disorder. a. God is interested in our li#es. ). God wants to restore our fellowship and intimac with *im. +++. .e need God's point of #iew. a. "atan is real and is )ehind the e#ils in the world. ). :n our own strength, we cannot o#ercome the challenges in our Christian life. +G. &esus Christ is the answer. a. &esus is the fullness of God's lo#e. ). +n &esus, God's plan for restoration can )egin to happen in our li#es. c. .e need simpl to accept &esus as Lord and "a#ior. =iscussion "tarter 1. "hare with one another how ou came to the Christian Life Program and what ou eDpect or see! to eDperience. "tart with a )rief introduction a)out our life. '. "hare a)out how ou ha#e personall eDperienced God's lo#e. "criptures for =ail Pra er =a 1 ' 3 , +saiah 22$7?8 +saiah ,7$16?18 &eremiah '8$11?1, &ohn 12$,?6 =a 2 3 6 (phesians 1$6?19 &ohn 3$13?17 0omans 19$8?13

The Challenge God has lo#ed ou with an eternal lo#e. The ultimate manifestation of this lo#e was sending God's own "on to suffer and die for ou. .ill ou open our heart to recei#e the fullness of *is lo#e/ .ill ou open our mind to eDplore the richness of God's plan for ou through the rest of the Christian Life Program/

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program The %asic Truths ;)out Christianit

TAL$ No% *' +HO IS ,ESUS CHRISTG:;L $ To attract people to &esus and to challenge them to respond to his deit and lordship.

(<P;5=(= :>TL+5( +. +ntroduction a. ;s Christians, we deri#e our identit from a person, one whom we can )e trul proud of. *e is trul impressi#e. 1. -illions toda death. claim to )e his followers, almost ',999 ears after his

'. Countless num)ers ha#e )een mart red for their faith in him. 3. The )oo! a)out him, the %i)le, is easil the 5o. 1 )est seller of all time. ). +t is this person who won for us our sal#ation, who restored us to our relationship with God. +n him we can ha#e a full and a new life. c. Thus, reali@ing the importance of this person to us, we want to !now him more full . ;nd so we as!$ E.ho is &esus Christ/E ++. The >niHueness of &esus a. *a#ing )een )orn and raised as Christians, we ta!e for granted our con#iction that &esus is the "on of God. %ut this was not so for his contemporaries. The found it hard to accept that he was not Bust an ordinar person (-ar! 3$3). ). .hat we want to !now is whether there is an reason not to put &esus on the same le#el as %uddha, Confucius, Lao?T@e, "ocrates or other wise men. .as &esus more than Bust a great religious man or moral teacher/ 1. *istor is full of men who ha#e claimed that the came from God, or that the were gods, or that the )ore messages from God. (#en the person who this #er da founded a new religion. '. *ow is &esus different from them all/

c. Three things that ma!e &esus an a)solutel uniHue figure in human histor $ 1. *e was preannounced and his coming was eDpected. %ecause of :ld Testament prophecies, people for a long time were waiting for the messiah, which saw its fulfillment in &esus. '. :nce he appeared on the scene, he struc! histor with such impact that he split it in two, di#iding it into two periods$ %C and ;=. 3. (#er other person who came into this world came into it to li#e. &esus came into the world to die. *is death was the goal and fulfillment of his life. +++. "ome =etails ;)out *is Life a. &esus was a oung carpenter in 5a@areth. 1or three ears he )ecame an itinerant preacher. *e was ne#er more than 199 miles from his home. *e had ne#er )een into cities with a population larger than 29,999. 1. .ithin 3 ears he was dead, !illed in little &erusalem on the fringes of the 0oman empire. *e was crucified for stirring up the people. '. % right he should simpl ha#e faded into complete o)li#ion. +nstead, he is surel the most famous, honored, and )est?lo#ed person who e#er wal!ed the earth. ). .hat was he li!e/ 1. ; #er attracti#e personalit . .arm, personal, d namic. ; maBor attraction of the times. People are constantl ama@ed at his teaching and wor!s. -ar! 8$12. '. "trong in mind and )od . *e outwitted the leaders of his da in discussion as a )o of twel#e, and later as a man who did not ha#e their educational ad#antages. *e was a)le to fast for ,9 da s. 3. =own to earth. 5ot a romantic or a dreamer. Courageous. ,. ; magnetic leader. *e summoned "imon and ;ndrew (-ar! 1$ 13?17), &ames and &ohn (-ar! 1$'9), and Le#i (-ar! '$1,), who all followed him immediatel . 2. ; man of eDtraordinar authorit . a. *e )ro!e long?standing traditions for the sa!e of a higher righteousness. ). *e healed the disa)led and the sic!. c. *e ga#e orders to nature which were o)e ed. 1. 5ot confused or unsure of himself or of his mission. a. *e resisted the desire of his followers to ma!e him a political !ing. ). *e re)u!ed Peter for standing in the wa of his fulfilling the mission gi#en ) the 1ather. -atthew 13$'1?'3.

1. Ger human. a. *e showed tenderness and personal concern. ). *e eDperienced anger and grief (-ar! 3$2), lo#e (-ar! 19$'1), compassion (-ar! 1$,1), sadness (-ar! 1,$3,). c. *e e#en had his fa#orite time, which was earl morning. +G. &esus' Claim to )e God a. &esus is totall uniHue from an other personalit and so is clearl worth !nowing. %ut is there more to him/ 1. +s &esus worth to )e the center of m life/ '. The answer is es. There is something more to &esus than to an other person. *e is worth pa ing more attention to than an other man %(C;>"( *( +" G:=. ). *ow do we !now he is God/ 1. % his miracles/ -iracles onl show that God is wor!ing through a person. ; man could wor! miracles and not )e God. &ohn 1,$1'.

'. "o how do we !now/ The answer simpl is that &esus himself told us so. c. Time and again throughout his pu)lic ministr , &esus claimed to )e God. 1. -ar! 1,$31?3'. '. +n &ohn, &esus time and again spea!s of his di#init . &ohn 1'$,2, 19$39, 7$27. d. &esus' claim to di#init is a far different claim than %uddha or Confucius or -ohammed e#er made. 5one of them e#er claimed to )e God. Juote from C. ". Lewis (see Huote ;).

a. ;lso, &esus claimed that he could forgi#e sin. 1. "tor of the paral tic at Capernaum. -! '$3?1'. '. Juote from C" Lewis (see Huote %).


Liar, Lunatic, or Lord a. &esus' claim to )e God must )e either true or false. +f false, then we ha#e two and onl two alternati#es. (ither he !new it was false, in which case he would )e a liar, or he did not !now it was false, in which case he would )e a lunatic. ). Could &esus ha#e lied/ 1. +f he lied, then he would ha#e )een deli)eratel decei#ing his followers. %ut not onl would he ha#e )een a liar, he would also )e$ c. ; h pocrite, )ecause he told others to )e honest, whate#er the cost, while he himself taught and li#ed a colossal lie. d. ; demon, )ecause he told others to trust him for their eternal destin . +f he could not )ac! up his claims and !new it, then he was unspea!a)l e#il. e. ; fool )ecause it was his claim to )eing God that led to his crucifiDion. 1. %ut we need onl loo! at his person, his words and his wor! to conclude that he could not ha#e )een a liar. f. Loo! at his moral purit , dignit , sound intellect, and air of truth. g. Consider his character that is so original, consistent, perfect, and high a)o#e human greatness. h. *e carried out a plan of unparalleled )eneficence, moral magnitude and su)limit , and sacrificed his own life for it. .ould he die for a lie/ i. The results of his life and teachings ha#e )een li#es changed for the )etter, thie#es made honest, hateful indi#iduals )ecoming channels of lo#e, etc. 1. "uch a man cannot )e a liar. B. Could &esus ha#e )een a lunatic/ 1. +n &esus we do not see an a)normalities or im)alance that usuall go along with )eing deranged. +n fact, his poise and composure would )e ama@ing if he was insane. '. *e spo!e some of the most profound sa ings e#er recorded. 3. "uch a man cannot )e a lunatic. !. +f not a liar or a lunatic, the onl alternati#e left to us is that &esus did spea! the truth. *e was, and is, the "on of God as he claimed. l. Throughout scripture, we can read a)out a num)er contemporaries coming to the reali@ation that he was God. of &esus'

1. "imon Peter. -atthew 13$13?13. '. -artha. &ohn 11$'6. 3. 5athanael. &ohn 1$,8. ,. Thomas. &ohn '9$'6?'7. 2. The centurion. -atthew '6$2,. 3. (#en the e#il spirits. -atthew 7$'8, -ar! 1$',, -ar! 3$11, Lu!e ,$,1. G+. God Confirmed &esus' Claim a. ;s man as there were who accepted the di#init of &esus, there were also others who refused to accept him. *ow can we ha#e confirmation of &esus' di#init / ). God *imself confirmed it. 1. +n the miracle of the raising of La@arus from the dead. &ohn 11$,1?,'. a. &esus was gi#ing a demonstration. ). To the &ews, God alone was the one who had the prerogati#e to gi#e life or to ta!e awa life. 1. %ut the most conclusi#e proof is &esus' own resurrection from the dead. The tom)s of %uddha, -uhammad and the founders of all the great world religions are still with us. :nl &esus' tom) is empt . G++. Conclusion a. &esus is a man whose words and life demand a response from us. ma!ing claims that affect us. *e is

1. +f he is not God, then we should ha#e nothing to do with him, )ecause we do not want to )e followers of a liar or a lunatic. '. %ut if he is God, then we should seriousl consider him. :ur response will ha#e eternal conseHuences. ). .ho is &esus Christ/ Liar, lunatic or Lord/ The choice is ours.

J>:T;T+:5"$ Juote ;. C" Lewis E:n the one side clear, definite, moral teaching. :n the other, claims which, if not true, are those of a megalomaniac, compared with whom *itler was the most sane and hum)le of men. There is no halfwa house, and there is no parallel in other religions. +f ou had gone to %uddha and as!ed him, ';re ou the son of %ramah/', he would ha#e said, '- son, ou are still in the #ale of illusion'. +f ou had gone to "ocrates and as!ed, ';re ou Keus/', he would ha#e laughed at ou. +f ou would ha#e gone to -ohammed and as!ed, ';re ou ;llah/', he would first ha#e rent his clothes then cut our head off. +f ou had as!ed Confucius, ';re ou hea#en/', + thin! he would ha#e pro)a)l replied, '0emar!s which are not in accordance with nature are in )ad taste'. The idea of a great moral teacher sa ing what Christ said is out of the Huestion. +n m opinion, the onl person who can sa that sort of thing is either God or a complete lunatic suffering from that form of delusion which undermines the whole mind of manE Juote %. C" Lewis, -ere Christianit E5ow unless the spea!er is God, this is reall so preposterous as to )e comic. .e can all understand how a man forgi#es offenses against himself. 4ou tread on m toe and + forgi#e ou, ou steal m mone and + forgi#e ou. %ut what should we ma!e of a man, himself unro))ed and untrodden on, who announced that he forga#e ou for treading on other men's toes and stealing other men's mone / ;sinine fatuit is the !indest description we should gi#e of his conduct. 4et this is what &esus did. *e told people that their sins were forgi#en, and ne#er waited to consult all the other people whom their sins had undou)tedl inBured. *e unhesitatingl )eha#ed as if *e was the part chiefl concerned, the person chiefl offended in all offenses. This ma!es sense onl if *e reall was the God whose laws are )ro!en and whose lo#e is wounded in e#er sin. +n the mouth of an spea!er who is not God, these words would impl what + can onl regard as a silliness and conceit unri#alled ) an other character in histor E.

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program Participant's :utline

TAL$ No% *' +HO IS ,ESUS CHRIST%rief :utline +. The impact of &esus on histor . a. *is coming was pre?announced through :ld Testament prophecies. ). *e struc! histor with such impact that he split it in two$ %C and ;=. c. *e came into the world not to li#e )ut to die. ++. &esus was a #er impressi#e person. a. ; #er attracti#e personalit . ). ; magnetic leader. c. ; man of eDtraordinar authorit . +++. &esus claimed to )e God. a. ). c. d. e. 5o other great religious leader claimed to )e God. *e clearl was not a liar or a lunatic. *e claimed that he could forgi#e sin, something onl God can do. -an of his contemporaries came to the reali@ation that he indeed was God. God confirmed his claim ) raising him from the dead.

=iscussion "tarter 1. "hare a)out our Christian )ac!ground. '. =iscuss how ou saw or thought of &esus )efore, and what new insights ou ha#e gotten through the tal!. "criptures for =ail Pra er =a 1 ' 3 , &ohn 3$3'?,9 &ohn 19$6?12 &ohn 1,$3?11 &ohn 2$17?', =a 2 3 6 -ar! '$2?1' &ohn 7$21?27 &ohn 11$'2?'6, 37?,,

The Challenge &esus is God. ;re ou willing to accept him as Lord of our life/ ;s Lord, will ou allow him to rule our life totall /

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program The %asic Truths ;)out Christianit


G:;L $ To ma!e clear what Christianit )lessings of )eing a Christian. is and to get people to appreciate the

(<P;5=(= :>TL+5( +. +ntroduction a. Last wee! we as!ed the Huestion E.ho is &esus Christ/E ;nd we should ha#e come awa with the con#iction that he is God, and that he is our Lord and "a#ior. ;s such, we are his followers. ). +n fact, as Christians, we carr his name. ;nd so now we want to learn a)out what it reall means to )e a Christian. ++. -isconceptions or +ncomplete 5otions ;)out Christianit a. Christianit is reduced to a mere religious s stem. 1. ; set of doctrines to )elie#e in, li!e the ;postles Creed. '. 1aith remains on an intellectual le#el.

; set of religious practices. Going to -ass, no#enas, etc.

3. ,.

Fnowing or reading a lot a)out God. =oing a lot for God.

;ll the a)o#e are misconceptions or incomplete notions unless what we )elie#e in is translated into our li#es, i.e., we )ase our #alues and li#es on these doctrines we )elie#e in. :ur religious practices ought to )e eDperi? ences of faith and not mere rituals we do as a matter of ha)it. a. Christianit is a mere moral s stem. 1. '. ; set of do's and don'tsC a set of rules regarding right and wrong. ;#oiding those things that can ma!e ou go to hell. ma!e religion legalistic and

These are incomplete notions )ecause the

sterile. There is no life and Bo . 0ather, our religion is our life. .e do or don't do certain things not )ecause the rule )oo! sa s so, )ut as an eDpression of our relationship with God and with our )rethren. ). Christianit is a social, humanitarian s stem. 1. '. (Huating Christianit with humanitarianism. ; Christian is someone who does good and is !ind. *e is a nice man or woman who alwa s smiles, is friendl , ne#er gets angr , and tries to please e#er one.

;n incomplete notion )ecause it lea#es out the deit of Christ, and limits Christianit to merel )eing a good "amaritan. +n fact, a Christian can get angr , as &esus did. +n fact, non?Christians can do good. c. Christianit is an escape from the realities of life, an opium of the poor and the oppressed. +t is for the wea!, for those who cannot cope with life. ; wrong notion, )ecause Christians are not taught to escape pro)lems )ut to face them. +++. .hat is Christianit / a. The essence of Christianit is union with God, made possi)le through the death and resurrection of &esus Christ. 1. '. .hat ma!es us Christians is our lo#ing, personal relationship with God. :ur whole life )ecomes an eDpression of this relationship. (#er thing else we do (#i@ misconceptions a)o#e) merel eDpresses this relationship.

). "ome important truths a)out Christianit . 1. a. ). +t is a relationship initiated ) God, out of *is merc and lo#e for us. (phesians '$,?7. Titus 3$3?6. "ince God is the source of Christianit , its truths are enduring and unchanging. The cannot )e reduced or watered down to suit man's fanc or con#enience. .e ha#e to ta!e the .ord of God as is and )ase our life on it.


'. +n Christianit , we )ecome a new creation and participate in the #er life of Christ. a. ). ' Corinthians 2$16. Galatians '$'9. .e enter into the same relationship that &esus has with the 1ather. :ur identit changes and we )ecome sons and daughter of God (Galatians ,$,?6).

c. .e share in the eternal life of Christ. :ur life does not end with ph sical death. 3. +G. .e ta!e on the nature of God$ holiness. Colossians 3$2?19.

Practical implications of )eing a Christian. a. +f God is our 1ather, trust *imI 1. '. God has a plan for us and it is good. &eremiah '8$11?13. God's plan for us, whate#er it is, is the )est. .e cannot eDpect an thing )etter. Thus we Bust need to see! *is plan out and li#e our li#es accordingl .

). :ur 1ather !nows our needs and *e will pro#ide for us. 1. '. +n fact, *e is pro#iding for us right now (Tic! off )lessings). .ho do ou thin! is pro#iding for ou/ Lu!e 1'$''?31. There is more where it came from. :pen ourself up and recei#e more.

c. "ince we all ha#e the same 1ather, what does that ma!e of us/ %rothers and sistersI 1. +n a #i)rant Christian communit (such as "1C), people reall eDperience this )rotherhood and sisterhood. There is a sharing of life, or Bo or sorrow. There is respect, honor and esteem for each other which ou do not find an where else. ;s )rethren, we are committed to support and care for one another.


d. ;s Christians, we learn that life on this earth is temporar . Therefore, do not in#est ourself here. Paul reali@ed this (Philippians 3$7). 1. '. .hat should our goal )e/ Philippians 3$1,. .here do we reall )elong/ Philippians 3$'9.

e. +f ou )elie#e all these (Huic!l enumerate the a)o#e ,), then what should our attitude )e as Christians/ :nl one attitude can )e reasona)le$ )e peaceful at all times. 1. ;n other attitude is unreasona)le and illogical. %ecause God is our 1ather and *e lo#es us and cares for us. *e)rews 13$2?3.

'. (#en if a re#olution comes tomorrow, or our econom collapses completel , or an other e#ent, God is committed to help us and pro#ide for us. %e peacefulI G. Conclusion

a. +f we are Christians, we are the most fortunate and pri#ileged of people. 1or God *imself is our 1ather. .e need ne#er )e afraid of an thing, for God will care for us. ). *ow do we !now these things/ God said soI .e can count on *is .ord. 5ot to )elie#e this truth is to call God a liar. %ut God does not lie. .e can count on *im completel . c. Put our li#es now completel in God's hands, and eDperience the tremendous peace of Christ flowing into our li#es and into our famil .

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program Participant's :utline


%rief :utline +. -isconceptions or incomplete notions a)out Christianit . a. ). c. d. ++. ; mere religious s stem. ; mere moral s stem. ; social or humanitarian s stem. ;n escape from the realities of life.

The essence of Christianit is union with God, made possi)le through the death and resurrection of &esus Christ. a. +t is a relationship initiated ) God, out of *is merc and lo#e for us. ). +n Christianit , we )ecome a new creation and participate in the #er life of Christ. c. .e ta!e on the nature of God, which is holiness.


Practical implications of )eing a Christian. a. ). c. d. .e can trust in God )ecause *e is our lo#ing 1ather. .e can stop worr ing )ecause God !nows our needs and will pro#ide for us. .e are )rothers and sisters in Christ and are committed to care for one another. "ince life on earth is temporar , we are to loo! to things that will enrich us for our eternal life rather than for this earthl life. e. .e can ha#e peace and Bo in spite of an circumstances.

=iscussion starter 1. .hat misconceptions a)out Christianit do ou identif with/ '. ;re ou eDperiencing the practical implications of Christianit in our life/ "criptures for =ail Pra er =a 1 ' 3 , Titus 3$3?6 Galatians ,$,?6 Colossians 3$2?19 &eremiah '8$11?13 =a 2 3 6 Lu!e 1'$''?31 Lu!e 11$8?13 0omans 7$'7?38

The Challenge God is a lo#ing 1ather .ho cares for us and has a plan for our li#es. .ill ou continue to )e open to disco#er the fullness of God's plan for ou/ Can ou do this in a)solute trust in God, read to place ourself completel in *is hands/

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program The %asic Truths ;)out Christianit


G:;L $ To lead people to repent of sin and turn to renewed faith in &esus Christ.

(<P;5=(= :>TL+5( +. +ntroduction a. "o far we ha#e heard a)out God's lo#e, a)out what &esus has done for us, a)out the relationship initiated ) God with us. God has done all these things for us. 5ow it is time to respond. ). :ur proper response is repentance and faith. -ar! 1$1,?12. 1. .e need to repent, i.e., to reform our li#es. ;nd we need to )elie#e in the gospel, i.e., ha#e faith in &esus and the message he )rings. '. 0epentance and faith go together. +t is a dou)le?action response. .e cannot Bust ha#e one without the other. a. To Bust reform our li#es is an inadeHuate response to God. .e need to )elie#e in *im and in *is plans and promises. ). To simpl )elie#e without doing an thing to reform our li#es to )ecome pleasing to God is also inadeHuate. 1aith necessaril needs to )e connected to moralit . +n other words, faith without wor!s is dead. ++. 0epentance a. The Gree! word for repentance is EmetanoiaE, which literall change of mind. means a

1. +t is not Bust a simple confession of wrongdoing. 0ather, it refers to a change in direction. '. +t is a significant change in the wa ou li#e our life$ dropping an old set of ideals and #alues ) which ou li#e our life and adopting new ones. 3. 0epentance affects the wa ou thin! and act, our attitudes, moti#es, thoughts and )eha#ior. ,. -ore specificall , repentance means a turning awa from sin, e#il, wrongdoing and running our own life. 1urther, it is turning to a life of o)edience to God and ha#ing &esus on the throne of our life.

+t includes turning awa from dou)lemindedness, lu!ewarmness (0e#elations 3$12?13) and neglect of our Christian responsi)ilities.

a. .hat repentance is not. 1. +t is not dependent on feelings. 0ather, it depends on an o)Becti#e decision to accept onl God's righteousness into one's life and reBect an thing not compati)le with this.

1. +t is not )eing sorr for sin )ecause we are afraid of the conseHuences. .e should not confuse sorrow for sin with sorrow for the conseHuences of sin. .e must hate sin itself.

a. .hat must we do to repent/ 1. %e honest. ;dmit that we ha#e sin in our li#es. Call a spade a spade. eDperienceE. +f it is sin, do not call it a Egrowth

1. (Dercise humilit . %e willing to change, and )e willing to recei#e help from the Lord to change. =on't eDpect to )e a)le to change all ) ourself.

1. 0enounce sin. ;cti#el turn awa from sin and decide not to do it again. '. ;s! God's forgi#eness. 3. 1 &ohn 1$8. ,. "tor of the prodigal son. Lu!e 12$11?',. 2. 1or Catholics, we need to a#ail of the "acrament of 0econciliation, i.e., go to a priest for confession. a. There are specific sins we need to renounce. These are serious sins that are totall incompati)le with a relationship with God. .e are not referring to Bust so?called Esmall?stuffE (e.g., character flaws li!e alwa s getting irritated). These serious sins are$ 1. +n#ol#ement ) a Christian in non?Christian religions. This includes such EreligionsE as 1reemasonr , 5ew ;ge, and Transcendental -editation.

1. "piritualism and the occult.

This includes witchcraft, fortune telling, seances, pla ing spirit of the glass, etc.

1. "eDual wrongdoing. This includes seDual intercourse outside marriage, adulter , and acti#e homoseDualit .

1. "erious crimes such as murder, rape, !idnapping, ro))er , corruption, etc. '. =run!enness (not Bust drin!ing )ut drun!enness) and getting stoned on drugs. 5ote carefull which of these appl to ou. +t would )e helpful for ou to tal! to our facilitator this wee! a)out how to turn awa from them. 0emem)er that the point here is not to feel )ad a)out ourself for past sins, )ut to decisi#el turn awa from them. a. 0epentance onl )ecomes complete after totall turning awa from e#il and accepting &esus as Lord. 1. :ur li#es need to come under his management. .e need to let &esus ha#e the run of things. '. ;ccepting &esus and letting him )e Lord of our li#es reHuire faith. +++. 1aith a. 1aith is )elief in the gospel, which is the good news of sal#ation in &esus Christ. 1. 1aith is )oth )elief in the messenger, &esus, and in the message that he )rings. '. 1aith means not Bust )elie#ing with our minds (an intellectual )elief) that &esus is the "a#ior, )ut )elie#ing in our hearts that he came to )e our personal "a#ior. ). 1aith is a personal act and decision. +t has se#eral aspects (0e#elation 3$'9). 1. +t is a definite act. .e must open the door if &esus is to come into our li#es. '. +t is an indi#idual act. .e need to decide on our own to open the door. 5o one can decide for us to do so. 3. +t is a deli)erate act. .e do not ha#e to wait for a supernatural light to flash upon us from hea#en (li!e Paul's eDperience) or an emotional eDperience to o#erta!e us. .e alread !now that &esus came into this world and died for our sins. *e is now standing outside the door of our hearts and is !noc!ing. The neDt mo#e is ours.

,. +t is an urgent act. The future is uncertain and time is passing awa . 2. +t is an indispensa)le act. 3. +t is part of our dou)le?action response. 6. +t is the step needed to recei#e all God has promised. 1aith is rel ing on all God has said. (Dample of Peter wal!ing on the water (-atthew 1,$'2?'8) c. .hat faith is not. 1. +t is not Bust a feeling. 0ather, we accept God's word as truth, no matter what we feel.

1. +t is not Bust wishful thin!ing. +t is not )ased on illusions or personal desires, )ut on God's word. '. +t is not a )lind leap. Peter stepped on the water )ecause &esus in#ited him to. *e relied on what &esus said )ecause he trusted &esus would not lie and )ecause he !new &esus had the power to do whate#er he said he would do.

a. God has promised us new life. 1aith is accepting that life and letting God show us how to li#e it. .e must )e willing to do whate#er God wants of us, and actuall do it. +G. ConseHuences of 0epentance and 1aith a. ;cts 13$31 1. ; promise of sal#ation from sin, "atan, death. '. ; promise of forgi#eness and eternal life with God. ). Lu!e 11$8?13 1. ; promise of new life in the "pirit. '. .e can pra for a greater release of the power of the *ol "pirit in our li#es.


Conclusion. a. ',999 ears ago, &esus sounded the call to repentance and faith. +t is the same call to us toda . .e are called to turn awa from sin and all o)stacles to God, and to accept &esus as Lord. ). ;s we respond positi#el , God promises us sal#ation from sin, forgi#eness and reconciliation, eternal life, and the power of the *ol "pirit for our li#es. c. ;ccept the challenge to repent and )elie#e in &esus. Then ta!e God up on *is promises, and eDpect to eDperience the peace and Bo and power of the Lord in our li#es.

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program Participant's :utline


%rief :utline +. ++. God lo#es us, God sent *is own "on to die for us, God has initiated a relationship with us as 1ather. :ur proper response to all God has done for us is repentance and faith. The Gree! word for repentance is EmetanoiaE, which literall means a change of mind. a. +t is a change of direction in life. +t is a change in the wa we li#e our li#es, dropping an old set of ideals and #alues and adopting new ones. ). "pecificall , repentance means a turning awa from sin, e#il, wrongdoing and running our own life. c. 1urther, it is turning to a life of o)edience to God and ha#ing &esus on the throne of our life. +++. +G. "pecific serious sins we must renounce$ non?Christian religionsC "piritualism and the occultC "eDual wrongdoingC "erious crimes (murder, rape, etc.)C =run!enness and drugs. 1aith is )elief in the good news of sal#ation in &esus. G. +t is a )elief in &esus as our personal "a#ior.

ConseHuences of repentance and faith$ a. "al#ation from sin, "atan, death. ). 1orgi#eness and eternal life with God. c. 5ew life in the *ol "pirit.

=iscussion "tarter 1. "hare with one another areas where ou need to turn more full to God. '. "hare areas where ou need to grow in faith. "cripture for =ail Pra er =a 1 ' 3 -ar! 1$1,?12 Galatians 2$'8?'1 and 1 Corinthians 3$8?11 (phesians 2$1?19 =a , 2 3 6 1 &ohn 1$2?19 Lu!e 12$11?', Lu!e 11$8?13 *e)rews 11$1?,9

The Challenge &esus sounded the call to repentance and faith ',999 ears ago. This is the same call to us toda . Turn awa from sin and all o)stacles to God, and accept &esus as Lord and "a#ior. Then ta!e God up on all *is promises.

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program The ;uthentic Christian Life


G:;L $ To eDplain the meaning of the first and greatest commandment, and to teach people how the can start to li#e out this Christian ideal.

(<P;5=(= :>TL+5( +. +ntroduction (ma )e omitted or modified if the team leader alread gi#es this). a. +n the first module of our CLP, we tal!ed a)out$ God's plan for the human race, the centralit of &esus in sal#ation histor , our place in it, and God's call for us to repent and )elie#e in the good news. ). .e are now starting the second module, and here we will focus on$ 1. *ow we can li#e successfull as Christians in the modern world. '. *ow we can appl God's plan in order to eDperience *is power and *is peace. ++. The Christian +deal of Lo#ing God a. +deals are important to mo#e us on. 1. Goals direct our human )eha#ior and plans for life. -one / Position/ 1ame/

1. :ur goals )ecome our ideal of life, influencing and directing our li#es. a. ;s Christians in the world, what should )e our ideal/ 1. .e can gi#e our li#es to pursuing good goals (e.g., a )etter societ ), )ut if lo#ing God is not our ideal, then this falls short. '. God wants us to ma!e lo#ing *im our highest ideal. Thus God made it into a commandment of the highest priorit . -ar! 1'$'7?39. ). "ome people tr to eDpress lo#e for God in different wa s$ 1. '. 3. Ps ching up pious feelings. *umanist or philantrophic endea#ors. ;cts of piet

These are not wrong actions, )ut the are also not adeHuate eDpressions of lo#ing God. +++. .hat +t -eans to Lo#e God with ;ll :ur *eart a. 1irst understand what &esus meant ) heart. 1. -odern da understanding L feeling or emotion. '. %i)lical understanding of heart$ the seat of intelligence and decision. +n (nglish, we would use EmindE or EwillE. The heart is the s m)ol of the core of man, who the man is. +t includes intelligent thought and will, along with feeling.

1. The %i)lical understanding ma!es more sense, )ecause the !ind of lo#e God reHuires cannot depend on feelings, which are changea)le, )ut rather )ased on a commitment, a decision to lo#e. a. To lo#e God with all our heart is to )e totall committed to *im. 1. +t is similar to the commitment we ma!e in marriage. '. +t is a commitment to see! the Lord first and foremost. +t is a decision to put God first, to )e lo al to *im, to place *is will and interest a)o#e our own. ). *ow do we put the Lord first in our life/ 1. +t reHuires a decision to o)e *im. &ohn 1,$12. '. .e need to de#elop a personal relationship with *im. a. ; relationship that is d namic and ali#e, not legalistic. ). ; personal eDperience arising from our relationship as *is sons and daughters. 1. .e need to spend regular time with *im. +n pra er. %i)le. +G. .hat +t -eans to Lo#e God with ;ll :ur -ind a. .hen God created us, *e ena)led us to thin!. *e did this so we can figure out how to lo#e and ser#e *im. 1. ; good mind is not necessaril an intelligent mind. '. The Huestion is not so much how )est to de#elop our mind, )ut rather how our mind can fulfill its main purpose, to lo#e God. ). To lo#e God with all our mind means to ser#e *im with the use of our mind, or simpl to ma!e a#aila)le our minds for *is purposes. +n reading the

c. >sing our minds can ha#e incredi)le conseHuences for societ . 1. +t can )e applied to contri)ute to world progress (e.g., science, neurosurger , etc.,). '. :r it can )ecome an instrument for destruction (e.g., nuclear )om), )iological warfare, etc.,). d. *ow do we lo#e and ser#e God with our mind/ 1. Feep our mind clean and hol . a. 1ree of all e#il thoughts. -t 2$'7. ). 1ree of uncharita)le thoughts. -t 6$1?2. c. ;wa from suspicion that can lead to estranged relationships. 1. >se our mind according to God's truths and not according to the wa s of the world. a. The wa we thin! and act must reflect the fact that we are not Bust li#ing for this temporal world )ut for God's eternal !ingdom. ). :ur decisions and choices must )e guided ) God's word in the %i)le. c. Feep our minds )e free of worries, )ecause God promises to pro#ide and care for us. 1. Let our mind )e preoccupied with the things of God. a. *ow ou can )e hol , not Bust how ou can )e rich materiall . ). *ow ou can please God, and not how ou can glor in the praises of men. 1. Protect and preser#e our mind from unhol influences so that God can use ou for *is purposes. a. %e #er discerning in the use of TG and other media, which can eDpose our minds to input not consistent with Christian li#ing. ). 1ill our mind with thoughts of God. 0ead the %i)le and other helpful Christian literature which can help form our Christian mind. 1. >se our mind acti#el for God's purpose. a. +n our )usiness, famil , peer group, etc. ). +n Christian ser#ice. G. .hat +t -eans to Lo#e God with ;ll :ur "trength

a. This means gi#ing God all our resources A time, mone , energ , possessions, gifts, and a)ilities. 1. .e are God's creation. *e owns us. .hat we call EoursE is not reall ours )ut *is. '. .e must not set limits on our gi#ing. ). .hat are the concrete wa s we can lo#e God with our resources/ 1. -one . a. =e#elop proper attitudes towards mone . God is interested in our mone , not )ecause *e needs it, )ut in order to see the condition of our heart. -atthew 3$'1. .e are stewards, not owners. .e ha#e a responsi)ilit to manage and use well the resources gi#en to us. .e must act according to God's interests.

a. Concrete steps we can ta!e$ 1. Time. a. *a#e the proper attitude$ .e do not own our time, we merel manage it. .e need to )e generous with our time. oursel#es, )ut for others. >se it not Bust for Tithing. -alachi 3$6?19. ;lmsgi#ing.

a. Concrete applications$ "ee! God's direction as to how ou are to spend our time.

(Damine what ou do with our free time. -o#ie, no#el, sleep/ These are not wrong, )ut time can )e )etter spent (e.g., %i)le, Christian )oo!s). Golunteer to do Christian ser#ice. G+. Lo#ing God is a #er high ideal. &esus showed us the wa . &esus is our model in lo#ing God. a. *e was dedicated to accomplishing his mission. &ohn ,$3,. ). *e was o)edient unto death. Lu!e ''$,'. c. *e was constantl see!ing the 1ather's will. -ar! 1$32. -atthew 1,$'3.


Conclusion a. Lo#ing God is not as #ague and impractical as ou might thin!. 0ather, it in#ol#es specific, practical actions, decisions and commitments. ). %ut ou cannot do it merel ) deciding to do it. .hat will ma!e it possi)le is the power of the *ol "pirit.

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program Participant's :utline


%rief :utline +. ++. God wants us to ma!e lo#ing *im our highest ideal. commandment of the highest priorit . .e are to lo#e God with all our heart. a. 5ot an emotion, which is changea)le, )ut rather a commitment, a decision to lo#e. ). .e are to )e totall committed to God, to put *im first. c. .e need to ha#e a personal relationship with God, and spend regular time with *im in pra er and the %i)le. +++. .e are to lo#e God with all our mind. a. ). c. d. e. +G. .e .e .e .e .e are to ser#e God with the use of our mind. !eep our mind clean and hol . use our mind according to God's truths and not according to the world's wa s. preoccup our mind with the things of God. protect and preser#e our mind from unhol influences. Thus God made it into a

.e are to lo#e God with all our strength. .e gi#e God all our resources A time, mone , energ , gifts, a)ilities, and possessions.


&esus is our model in lo#ing God. a. =edicated to accomplishing his mission. ). :)edient unto death. c. Constantl see!ing the 1ather's will.

=iscussion "tarter *ow ha#e + lo#ed God in a concrete wa / "criptures for =ail Pra er =a 1 ' 3 The Challenge Lo#ing God is not as #ague and impractical as ou ma thin!. +t in#ol#es specific, practical actions, decisions and commitments. Can ou ma!e lo#ing God our first and highest ideal/ ;re ou read to ma!e &esus the model of our life/ "uggested 0eading MGod 1irstN ) Fen .ilson -atthew ''$33?37 and -ar! 1'$'7?39 &ohn 1,$'1?', 0omans 1'$1?' =a , 2 3 6 -atthew 6$1?2 -alachi 3$6?19 1 Timoth 3$6?1, &ohn ,$3,

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program The ;uthentic Christian Life


G:;L $ To eDplain the meaning of Christian lo#e and to help people appl Christian lo#e in their li#es.

(<P;5=(= :>TL+5( +. +ntroduction. a. Last wee! we loo!ed at the first and greatest commandment. Toda we loo! at the second. -ar! 1'$'7?31. ). Lo#ing neigh)or, together with lo#ing God, form the core of the Christian life. &esus summed up the whole law in these two greatest commandments. c. The two go together. 1 &ohn ,$'9?'1. Thus it is clear$ no lo#e for others, no Christianit . ++. .hat Christian Lo#e is 5ot a. Lo#e is not onl ha#ing positi#e feelings. 1. '. 3. Lo#e is often eHuated with feelings of seDual attraction, personal affection, warmth. %ut feelings change and thus cannot )e the sole )asis for lo#e. 1eelings follow true lo#e, )ut lo#e is not eHual to feelings.

). Lo#e is not alwa s sa ing E esE. 1. To ser#e others or to put them first does not mean ne#er turning down opportunities to ser#e. '. "ometimes ou are una)le. "ometimes ou should not, e#en if a)le.

.e ha#e the wrong concept of a lo#ing person as a nice gu who tries to please e#er )od .

a. Lo#e is not defensi#e. 1. Lo#e is ris! )usiness. .hat if one )etra s ou/ .hat if our lo#ed one dies/ Lo#e seems to set one up to get hurt. '. Thus guarded lo#e tries to protect itself from inBur . ;#oidance of pain, difficult and trial then )ecome a condition attached to lo#e.

Christian lo#e is not guaranteed to )e painless. %ut the pain is endured through commitment, and the inBur is sustained through forgi#eness, for)earance, etc.

a. Lo#e is not self?see!ing. 1. '. The focus in lo#ing is not oursel#es )ut others. % its nature, Christian lo#e is read for self?denial. .e recogni@e that putting others first can )e )othersome or incon#enient for us.

). Lo#e is not manipulati#e. 1. 4ou manipulate when ou gi#e lo#e as a reward or withdraw lo#e as a punishment.

'. %ecause lo#e is so powerful, people are tempted to use it in this wa . %ut this is a conditional form of lo#e. +++. "o what is Christian lo#e/ .hat does God mean ) lo#e/ a. ;nswer in &ohn 12. 1. &esus spo!e of a lo#e that is connected with !eeping God's commandments. &ohn 12$8?19. '. There can )e no Christian lo#e apart from righteousness. Lo#ing is not compati)le with sinning. 3. The world's eDperience shows that lo#e apart from God has )ecome con#oluted with sin (e.g., seD outside marriage). ,. 3. &esus was specific a)out how we are to lo#e one another. &ohn 12$1'. .e are not free to change or dilute &esus' direction. *ow does &esus lo#e/ &ohn 12$13. % a self?sacrificial lo#e. +t is not Bust gi#ing our time, imparting our wisdom, pra ing for others, etc., )ut d ing for others.

a. %ut most are not called to actuall die for others. *ow then do we translate lo#e into practical e#er da terms/

1. '. 3. ,.

The answer is in &ohn 13$1?2 (the foot washing episode). .hat &esus did was most unusual, )ecause it was the tas! of the oungest sla#e. Thus Peter o)Bected.

Thus, d ing on the cross was not the onl eDample &esus ga#e. *e demonstrated Christian lo#e as ser#ice lo#e. .hen he finished, &esus told them to do li!ewise. &ohn 13$1,?12. Later he commanded them to lo#e each other according to his eDample. &ohn 13$3,. Christian lo#e is committed ser#ice. Galatians 2$13)?1,.

a. ;nd who is our neigh)or/ Can ou choose whom to lo#e/ 1. The answer is in the para)le of the good "amaritan. Lu!e 19$'8)?36. The &ews hated the "amaritans, who had inter?married among the gentiles. Thus it was remar!a)le for this "amaritan to help the &ew who was ro))ed and )eaten. '. +G. The implication for us$ ;ll men in need of our help are our neigh)ors.

*ow do we lo#e in e#er da life/ a. Characteristics of Christians lo#e. 1 Corinthians 13$,?6. 1. '. 3. ,. 2. 3. 6. 7. 8. 19. Patient ? slow to angerC a)le to gi#e allowance for the shortcoming of others. Find ? not an attitude of criticism, )ut posture and speech that is up)uilding and encouraging. 5ot Bealous ? not co#eting what others ha#e, or )egrudging another for ha#ing something ou do not ha#e. 5ot pompous or inflated ? hum)le, not thin!ing of our own importanceC more impressed with our own unworthiness than merit. 5ot rude ? accord honor and respect to one another. 5ot self?see!ing ? not focused on ha#ing our rights met, )ut more on our duties. 5ot Huic!?tempered ? a)le to master our emotions and feelings. 5ot )rood o#er inBur ? not holding grudges or resentments. 5ot reBoicing o#er wrongdoing ?alwa s see!ing the good of others, e#en enemies. 0eBoices with the truth ? telling the truth to one another.

11. 1'. 13. 1,.

1or)ears ? can )ear insult, inBur , disappointment, without ta!ing counter actionC has self?control. Trusts ? )elie#ing the )est a)out other people. *opes ? ha#ing a positi#e attitude towards life and pro)lemsC can remain Bo ful and peaceful under an circumstances. (ndures ? can )ear things, not with passi#e resignation )ut with triumphant fortitude.

). 0ead the passage ourself )ut su)stitute E+E for Elo#eE. G. Conclusion. a. Christian lo#e is a command, and it is essential to Christianit . 1. '. 3. .e ha#e seen what it is not (enumerate). .e ha#e seen what it is (summari@e) .e ha#e also ta!en a loo! at the #arious characteristics of lo#e.

). +f ou come to the conclusion that Christian lo#e is difficult or e#en impossi)le, ou are right. 1. Gi#en the nature of lo#e and also our own human limitations, mere human effort will fail. +t is impossi)le without God's help.

'. %ut *e who commanded us to lo#e also gi#es us the power to lo#e. To ena)le us to lo#e, God made us temples of the *ol "pirit. 0omans 2$2.

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program Participant's :utline


%rief :utline +. ++. +++. Lo#ing neigh)or, together with lo#ing God, form the core of the Christian life. Lo#e is not onl ha#ing positi#e feelings, not alwa s sa ing E esE, not defensi#e, not self?see!ing, and not manipulati#e. Christian lo#e is$ a. Connected with !eeping God's commandments. ). ; self?sacrificial lo#e. c. +G. G. Committed ser#ice to others.

:ur neigh)or is an one who is in need of our help. Characteristics of Christian lo#e in 1 Corinthians 13$,?6. "u)stitute E+E for Elo#eE.

=iscussion "tarter 1. =o ou understand the %i)lical meaning of lo#e as contrasted with that of the world/ '. *ow ha#e ou failed to lo#e in e#er da life/ "criptures for =ail Pra er =a 1 ' 3 -atthew ''$36?,9 and -ar! 1'$'7?3, &ohn 13$1?2,1'?12,3,?32 &ohn 12$8?16 =a , 2 3 6 1 Corinthians 13$1?13 1 &ohn '$6?11 1 &ohn 3$13?17 1 &ohn ,$6?'1

The Challenge &esus showed us the wa to true Christian lo#e ) the para)le of the good "amaritan, ) his washing of his disciples' feet, and most of all ) his d ing for us on the cross. ;re ou prepared to lo#e others in the wa &esus lo#ed ou/ "uggested 0eading M=ecision to Lo#eN ) Fen .ilson

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program The ;uthentic Christian Life


G:;L $ To stress the importance of the Christian famil and to gi#e practical ad#ice for )uilding up a strong Christian famil .

(<P;5=(= :>TL+5( +. +ntroduction a. Ta!e a loo! at the famil as an institution toda . +ts #er )asis and sta)ilit are under attac!. 1. -an )ro!en homes, separations, li#e?ins, unwanted children. '. (#en the traditional definition of famil is )eing challenged (e.g., a homoseDual couple adopting a child). ). .e want to face up to this attac!, and to come out with our families intact and e#en stronger. c. 1or this we need to put on God's mind and to follow *is plan for the famil . ++. God's Plan for the 1amil a. The famil is the )asic unit of societ . 1. The famil as the )asic unit of societ is no accident of histor . +t was meant to )e so from the #er )eginning. Genesis 1$'6?'7. Genesis '$17?',.

1. God created man, male and female, with their ph siolog so formed as to ena)le man to increase and multipl and fill the earth. '. God intended man and woman to )e one, no independent indi#iduals producing )a)ies, )ut hus)and and wife raising a famil . a. The famil is a place for teaching and training children. 1. ; place to transmit wisdom and #alues of life. .isdom is not Bust !nowing a lot of things, )ut refers to practical wa s of li#ing according to God's wa s.

1. Teaching is not formal, )ut rather comes in the e#er da acti#ities in the home. '. Parents and ou, future parents, need to re#iew our own #alues and see the place of &esus in our life, )ecause these are the #alues our own children will learn. a. The famil is a place for training leaders. 1. 1 Timoth 3$,?2 '. ; man who is a pro#en leader in his home can )e a church leader. *e recei#es his )asic training in his own home. ). The famil is a domestic church. 1. Parents, especiall the fathers, are to )e the priests in their families. '. The present God to their famil . a. % their eDample of a li#ing Christianit . ). % diligentl teaching a)out "cripture. =euteronom 3$6. c. % the use of s m)ols. =euteronom 3$7?8. 1. The present their famil to God. a. % famil pra er. ). % )lessing the children. +++. %ut God's plan for families is not happening. .h not/ a. God has lost *is central place in the famil . following$ This is manifested ) the

1. Parents no longer )ring up their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. (phesians 3$,. '. -ore and more parents loo! to ps cholog as a source of wisdom for raising their children. ;n eDample of wrong teaching$ "ince two? ear?olds are supposed to )e negati#e, tell them to do the opposite to actuall get them to do what ou want.

1. *us)ands and wi#es do not follow God's order for them. '. (phesians 2$''?'2. There is a confusion of roles toda . 3. 1or others, their commitment is sha! . Therefore the depended on and the partners )ecome insecure. ,. "tress on materialism and an eas life.

cannot )e

a. The famil itself is losing its importance. 1. Through the ears, man of its responsi)ilities ha#e )een ta!en o#er ) other groups in societ . ). (ducation in schools. c. Li#elihood in factories or offices. d. 0ecreation in malls. 1. -odern recreation facilities allow #er mem)ers. (.g., TG, electronic gadgets. little interaction among famil

1. The famil has )ecome dispensa)le. a. Li#e?in situations. ). =i#orces or separations. c. The pace of modern life has )ecome fast. This has made it difficult for lasting relationships to de#elop. 1. People are constantl on the go and are too )us to interact with others. '. Li#elihood is ta!ing a )ig chun! of the time of fathers, and oftentimes of the mothers as well. d. The famil is under attac! ) e#il forces. 1 Peter 2$7. 1. The de#il wants to )rea! up the famil , which is the )asic foundation for a health societ . '. The de#il promotes man things that wor! to undermine the famil , such as secular humanism and communism. +G. .hat can we do/ a. -a!e a decision that in our famil , ou want God's plan to happen. ). Ta!e time and gi#e attention to the tas! of )uilding a strong famil . 1. (Damine our dail life to ensure that our famil has enough time together. 5ow, that ou are not the head of the famil , encourage our parents, )rothers and sisters to spend time together. '. %e read to cut down on other acti#ities if ou see a need to do so. (mphasi@e famil time and fellowship. 3. Plan famil recreation with our parents. +nitiate this acti#it if our famil is not used to doing it. (ncourage our )rothers and sisters to desire coming together as one famil )ecause it is fun to )e together.

c. Pra together as a famil . -a!e pra er a common and dail occurrence in our famil . 1. +ntercede for our needs and for the needs of others. This is a good wa to promote concern for others in our famil .

1. Pra for healing. a. 1athers should ta!e steps to assume full responsi)ilit for the spiritual and material needs of the famil . Therefore, )uild?up our father to ta!e on this dut . 1. This is a dual role, that of )oth priest and pro#ider. 5either should )e neglected. '. The wi#es should support their hus)ands and not ta!e o#er their roles. (ncourage our mothers to help our fathers ta!e on their responsi)ilities. ). Learn more a)out God's #ision for our famil . 1. ;ttend teachings on marriage and famil life. %ring our parents with ou or in#ite them to attend these acti#ities. .e ha#e these in C1C. +n fact, wh donOt ou in#ite our parents to Boin C1C.

1. 0ead Christian )oo!s and maga@ines. -ention some of our printed literature in C1C.

a. "ee! other Christian couples who share our concern a)out famil life, and )e in regular fellowship with them. ;llow our parents to !now these couples. 1. This is what communit . ou can loo! forward to in our C1C "ingles for Christ

C1C?"1C will pro#ide ou support and formation.

1. 4ou can loo! forward to de#eloping real friendships and life?gi#ing relationships. =o not limit oursel#es to regular meetings, )ut loo! for opportunities to )e together.

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program Participant's :utline


%rief :utline +. God's plan for the famil a. ). c. d. ++. a. ). c. d. +++. a. ). c. d. The )asic unit of societ . ; place for teaching and training children. ; place for training leaders for the church. ; domestic church. God has lost *is central place in the famil . The famil itself is losing its importance. The pace of modern life is too fast. The famil is under attac! ) e#il forces.

God's plan for the famil is not happening.

.hat ou can do. -a!e a decision that ou want God's plan to happen in our famil . Ta!e time and gi#e attention to the tas! of )uilding a strong Christian famil . Pra together as a famil . *elp our fathers ta!e steps to assume full responsi)ilit for the spiritual and material needs of the famil . e. Learn more a)out God's #ision for the famil . f. "ee! other Christian couples who share our concern a)out famil life, introduce them to our parents and )e in regular fellowship with them.

=iscussion "tarter 1. *ow does m famil fair in fulfilling the plan God has for it/ +n other words, what is the situation at home/ ;re we fulfilling GodOs plan for the famil / '. .hat can + do to help m parents, )rothers and sisters )uild a Christian famil / "criptures for =ail Pra er =a 1 ' 3 , Genesis 1$'3?'7, '$17?', 1 Timoth 3$,?2 =euteronom 3$,?8, '9?'2 (phesians 2$'1?3$, =a 2 3 6 1 Peter 2$7?19 1 Peter 3$1?6 "irach 3$1?13

The Challenge God is tr ing to restore the Christian famil )ac! to *is original plan. .e are called to respond to *is di#ine efforts and to )e a part of *is wor!. .ill ou ta!e the steps necessar to ha#e God's plan happen in our famil / "uggested 0eading *us)ands, .i#es, Parents, ChildrenN ) 0alph -artin M1amilies in the *ol "piritN ) 1ran! Padilla

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program The ;uthentic Christian Life


G:;L $ To stir up eDpectant faith and an eager desire for a greater wor!ing of God in people's li#es through the *ol "pirit.

(<P;5=(= :>TL+5( +. +ntroduction a. :ur topic, life in the *ol "pirit, is a #er important topic, )ecause it is this !ind of life that God wants for us. 1. This life in the "pirit was normal for the earl eDperienced the *ol "pirit at wor!. Christians. The trul

+n the )oo! of ;cts, we see the *ol "pirit acting among them, guiding them, spea!ing to them, gi#ing them gifts.

1. .e need to !now the *ol "pirit not Bust as a doctrine, )ut as a Person .ho trul affects our li#es. '. %ut while we !now the 1ather and the "on, man do not !now the ministr of the *ol "pirit. 3. The "pirit's importance was stressed ) &esus. &ohn 13$6. a. -uch of Christianit toda loo!s wea!, lac!ing in power and effecti#eness. 1. %ut Christians ha#e not alwa s )een so lifeless. mo#ement was d namic, strong, and attracti#e. The earl Christian

1rom a small sect, it conHuered the 0oman empire.

1. That same power is a#aila)le to us toda . That is the power of the *ol "pirit. a. .e need to reali@e that true Christian li#ing is not Bust a matter of human willpower, )ut a new heart, a new life from God. 1. .e cannot do it on our own steam. +t is the *ol "pirit .ho ena)les us to eDperience God, a li#ing relationship with *im, and *is action in our li#es.

'. .ith the *ol "pirit, men gain$ 3. >nion with God. (phesians '$17. ; new relationship with God as 1ather that is deep and personal. ,. ; new nature. ' Corinthians 2$16. .e now ha#e spiritual power for li#ing the Christian life. 2. Power to ser#e as &esus' witnesses. ;cts 1$7. ). God wants all men to ha#e this new life. This new life in the *ol "pirit is a#aila)le to all who turn awa from a life of sin and recei#e &esus as Lord and "a#ior. ++. 0ecei#ing the *ol "pirit (.hat does it mean/) a. The eDperience of the earl disciples. 1. &esus promises the *ol "pirit. Lu!e ',$,8. ;cts 1$7. '. The disciples do as the are told. The sta in &erusalem and wait. 3. The da of Pentecost (a &ewish holida ). ;cts '. ,. G.1?,. ;n eDciting e#ent. 5oise li!e a strong wind, fire, spea!ing in tongues. 2. G.2?13. +t created a )ig stir. 3. G.1,?'1. Peter eDplained the were not drun! )ut that the :ld Testament prophecies (&oel) were coming true. 6. G.''?33. Peter proclaims the gospel. 7. G.36?38. Peter tells them the response needed. 8. G.,9?,1. The disciples were transformed from frightened men into )old, powerful apostles. 3,999 are con#ertedI 19. G.,'?,6. The *ol "pirit created )onds of lo#e and unit among the new Christians. The Church was )orn. 11. :thers as well recei#ed the *ol "pirit. ). ;cts 7$1,?16 ("amaria). ;cts 19$,,?,3 (Cornelius). ;cts 18$1?3 ((phesus). c. Those who recei#ed the *ol "pirit !new the Lord more personall and more eDperientiall . d. .hat does recei#ing the *ol "pirit (or )eing )apti@ed in the "pirit) mean for us toda / 1. .e can eDperience the same power and gift of the "pirit that the earl Christians did. e. "ame relationship with &esus. f. "ame transforming power. g. "ame deep worship.

h. "ame power for spea!ing the gospel. 1. .e can recei#e the same spiritual gifts. 1 Corinthians 1'$1,,?11. '. ; word on the gift of tongues. i. Tongues is a common eDperience with the )aptism in the "pirit. &ust li!e in ;cts. B. +t is a gift from God. Thus it is important. !. >nli!e the other spiritual gifts, tongues is a gift that is immediatel manifest. l. Tongues can ha#e great conseHuences on one's spiritual life, especiall in pra er and worship. m. +t is an important first step, and is often the gatewa to a fuller life in the "pirit. n. *ow can we recei#e the )aptism in the "pirit/ 1. God has promised us the *ol "pirit. Lu!e 11$8?13. '. "o we simpl ta!e God up on *is promise. .e as! our 1ather to gi#e us the *ol "pirit. .e can )e sure we will recei#e the "pirit )ecause God said so. .e Bust need to as! in faith.

a. .hat )eing )apti@ed in the "pirit means for us. 1. 1or Christians, this will not )e the initial reception of the *ol "pirit. .e alread recei#ed the "pirit at %aptism and Confirmation. '. 0ather, what will )e eDperienced is a fuller release of the power of the *ol "pirit in our li#es. 3. Gi#e a )rief personal testimon . ,. Fnowing God more personall . 2. Pra ing in a new wa (more God?centered, more of than!sgi#ing and praise rather than petition, more of listening). 3. The %i)le comes to life. 6. %etter relationships (with spouse, children, others). 7. ; new Bo despite pro)lems. 8. -uch more$ peace, answered pra ers, guidance, etc. ). :)stacles to recei#ing God's gifts. 1. ;n unrepentant attitude. 0efusing to admit sin as sin. '. 1eeling unworth . 3. 1ear. :f what others will thin!, of loo!ing foolish, of )eing o#erta!en. ,. =ou)t.

2. Pride. ;ttitude of not wanting or needing God's gifts. 3. %eing selecti#e as to what gifts we want. +++. .hat .e will =o in the Pra er "ession 5eDt .ee! a. -ainl , we will pra . .e will ha#e corporate pra er, and then the discussion group leaders will pra with each person indi#iduall . ). .e will start the pra ing o#er with the ECommitment to ChristE. %e prepared to pra this neDt wee!. Ta!e time to read it through and get ourself )ehind the words so ou can pra it sincerel . c. (ach of ou should meet indi#iduall with our discussion group leader )efore neDt wee!'s pra er session. This will )e an opportunit to clear up an Huestions and to recei#e greater clarit on )aptism in the *ol "pirit. +G. Conclusion. a. :ne important warning$ "ince ou are doing so well responding to God ( ou ha#e finished 'P3 of this CLP), ou are ma!ing "atan #er unhapp . *e is losing his grip, )ut will not gi#e up. 1. "o )eware of temptations this wee!, or irrational dou)t, or of strange circumstances that "atan ma pose in order to !eep ou from attending neDt wee!. '. %ut do not )e afraid. "impl call on &esus' name to resist "atan and his wor!s. ). Ta!e time also to re#iew our intentions and eDpectations in this CLP. .hat are ou see!ing/ +s God's offer clear to ou/ *ow do ou intend to respond/ c. God offers each of ou new life. 1. This new life in the "pirit is the normal Christian life. God desires it for all. '. %e open to it. %etter et, desire it. ;nd ha#e faith that ou will recei#e it, )ecause God has so promised.

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program Participant's :utline


%rief :utline +. -uch of Christianit toda loo!s wea! and is lac!ing in power and effecti#eness. a. True Christian li#ing is not Bust a matter of human will power, )ut a new heart, a new life from God. ). God wants all men to ha#e this new life. c. This new life in the *ol "pirit is a#aila)le to all who recei#e &esus as Lord and "a#ior. ++. .hat it means to recei#e the *ol "pirit. a. This was the eDperience of the earl disciples at Pentecost. ). .e can eDperience the same power and gifts of the "pirit that the earl Christians did. c. .e simpl ta!e God up on *is promise. .e as! our 1ather to gi#e us the *ol "pirit. d. This will not )e the initial reception of the *ol "pirit, .hom we alread recei#ed at )aptism. 0ather, what will )e eDperienced is a fuller release of the power of the *ol "pirit in our li#es. +++. +G. :)stacles to recei#ing God's gifts$ an unrepentant attitude, feeling unworth , fear, dou)t, pride, )eing selecti#e. *ow to prepare ourself for neDt wee!'s pra er session. a. *a#e an indi#idual meeting with our facilitator during the wee!. ). Thin! and pra a)out the ECommitment to ChristE, which we will all pra neDt wee!. c. %e aware of "atan's action. Call upon &esus' name. =iscussion "tarter "hare a)out our eDperience of God's "pirit in our life. "criptures for =ail Pra er =a 1 ' 3 , (@e!iel 33$'2?'6 &eremiah 31$31?3, &oel 3$1?2 &ohn 1,$'3?'3 =a 2 3 6 Lu!e 11$8?13 ;cts 1$7,'$1?1' 1 Corinthians 1'$1?11

The Challenge God is calling us to li#e a life of holiness and spiritual power. 1or this, God has promised us the *ol "pirit. .ill ou trust in the promise of our 1ather/ .ill ou accept &esus as our Lord and "a#ior/ .ill ou as! for the infilling of the *ol "pirit in our life/ "uggested reading M%apti@ed in the "piritN ) "tephen %. Clar! M"piritual GiftsN ) "tephen %. Clar!

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program Li#ing ; "piritfilled Christian Life


G:;L $ To lead people to recei#e the )aptism of the *ol tongues. "pirit and the gift of

(<P;5=(= :>TL+5( +. .hat the %i)le sa s a)out the *ol "pirit. a. -an people during the prophet (@e!iel's time were enmeshed in sin and spiritual lifelessness, li!e man Christians toda . This is what God said to them$ 1. '. (@e!iel 33$'3. God's promise of the *ol "pirit. (@e!iel 33$'6. God's promise of help and power to do what is right. The *ol "pirit gi#es us the power.

). The *ol "pirit that God promised through (@e!iel, &esus ga#e to his disciples. .ith the *ol "pirit, men gain$ 1. '. ; new nature, spiritual power. dimension. Galatians 2$13?'3. The inward

Power to ser#e. ;cts 1$7. The outward dimension.

c. God wants all men to ha#e this new life. God sent *is "on into the world so that we could )e gi#en the source of the new life, the *ol "pirit. ++. +ntroductor (Dplanation Prior to Pra ing for %aptism in the *ol "pirit. a. .e are here to claim God's promise of the *ol "pirit. Lu!e 11$8?13. ). .hat will happen in the pra er session (procedure). 1. '. Commitment to Christ. *ow people will pra o#er them.

c. "ome important points$ 1. '. This is not a second )aptism (for Catholics), )ut a release of the power of the *ol "pirit. &esus is the )apti@er in the *ol "pirit.


.e will la hands on ou and pra with ou. %ut it is )asicall )etween ou and God. .e are Bust instruments. ). Thus ou shall as! God to gi#e ou what *e promised. ;nd eDpect it to happenI 3. =ifferent things will happen to different people. a. =on't see! a particular !ind of eDperience. ). &ust turn to the Lord and recei#e the new life of the *ol "pirit from *im. +++. 0ecei#ing God's Gifts a. 4ou !now what ou need. ;s! for it. 1. '. -ore courage to li#e the Christian life, strength to fight temptation, more !nowledge of God, etc. ;lso, God is offering ou #arious gifts. 1 Corinthians 1'$,?11. %e open to whate#er God wants to gi#e ou.

a. "ome important right attitudes$ 1. 0elaD. The more relaDed ou are, the easier it is to recei#e God's gifts. +t is harder to put something in a clenched fist than in a relaDed and open hand. =on't )e afraid. The Lord is here with us, and *e lo#es ou #er much. *e wants ou to eDperience *is lo#e in a new wa . =on't )e concerned a)out how ou might act as ou respond to the "pirit's prompting. ,. =on't entertain thoughts that ou might loo! or sound foolish if ou )egin to praise God in a new wa , ) raising our hands or spea!ing in tongues. 2. .e won't laugh at ou. .e will reBoice and )e glad with ou. .e lo#e ou. ). 0ecei#ing the gift of tongues 1. '. 3. Tongues is a gift of praise. +t is one of God's gifts. That is what ma!es it important. God wants ou to ha#e this gift. 4ielding to the gift. ;fter ou ha#e as!ed to )e )apti@ed in the *ol "pirit (and the ones pra ing o#er ou ha#e as!ed for this), as! for the gift of tongues. ,. 4ield to the leading and prompting of the "pirit.

'. 3.


%egin ) Bust praising God in our own words. Then start spea!ing out in tongues. +f necessar , )egin ) uttering meaningless sounds (e.g., la?la?la). The *ol "pirit will form these sounds into tongues. (;nalog $ it is easier to manipulate the steering wheel of a car when it is in motion rather than stationar ). 3. =o not )e anal @ing the sounds or focusing on the eDperience. &ust focus on the Lord and offer *im our utterance as pra ers of praise. 6. 0esist the temptation to thin! that it is Bust ou and not the *ol "pirit forming the sounds. 7. Thus to sum up$ ou first of all desire the gift of tongues, )ecause it is a gift from GodC then ou as! for it in faithC and then ou cooperate with God's "pirit ) opening our mouth and spea!ing out.

c. ;fter ou are finished )eing pra ed with, please return to our seat. .e ha#e some closing remar!s and then we will all end together. 1. '. .hile waiting, ou can continue to pra in our heart. Pra for our )rothers and sisters here as well. .e want to maintain an atmosphere of pra er and re#erence. Let us not do an thing that will distur) those )eing pra ed with.

d. 1inal words$ 1. God wants ou to ha#e *is gifts )ecause *e lo#es ou and wants to li#e in ou ) *is *ol "pirit. =esire God's giftsI

'. God offers and gi#es *is gifts. :ur part is to accept. Let us all gi#e the *ol "pirit a welcome into our li#es. +G. The pra er session. a. (Dplain the procedure Huic!l . ). "ing a song (MCreate in -eN, MPurif - *eartN, M"pirit of the Li#ing GodN). c. =o the pra er of ECommitment to ChristE. d. Pra ing o#er for )aptism in the "pirit. e. ;fter all ha#e )een pra ed with, ha#e a short worship time (including singing in tongues).


Closing (Dhortation a. =ifferent people ha#e different eDperiences. 1. 1eeling is not the important thing. 0ather, loo! for the new wa that God is at wor! in ou and respond to it (e.g., a new desire for pra er, for "cripture, etc.). '. +f ou did not spea! in tongues, do not worr a)out it. =o not eHuate )eing )apti@ed in the "pirit with getting the gift of tongues. 3. +n our pra er time this wee!, gi#e plent than!sgi#ing. of time to praise and

=o this aloud, if ou can without distur)ing others. ;nd continue to )e open to the Lord forming our praise into tongues.

a. %e aware that "atan can tempt ou to dou)t. 1. "atan is see!ing to ro) e#er one of God's gift. 1or him the neDt )est thing to !eeping ou from getting is to !eep ou from using it. '. =o not let feelings of dou)t )other ou. &ust remem)er the fact that God promised it and that ou as!ed for it. ). =o not eDpect all our pro)lems to go awa all at once, though man will. The *ol "pirit will ma!e a )ig change in ou, and ou will see it. %ut not e#er thing will change. "ome things will ta!e a while to get wor!ed out. %ut now ou ha#e a new power to use in wor!ing them out. c. %e faithful to a regular time of dail pra er. "pend a good portion of our pra er time in praise and than!sgi#ing in our own words. Pra in tongues e#er da . d. .hat happened tonight is Bust a )eginning.

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program Participant's :utline

TAL$ No% 5' RECEI!ING THE PO+ER OF THE HOL SPIRIT %rief :utline +. ++. +++. God has promised the *ol "pirit to *is people. .ith the *ol "pirit, we gain a new nature, spiritual power, and the power to ser#e. &esus is the )apti@er in the *ol "pirit. .e turn to him and recei#e the new life in the *ol "pirit from him. God offers us #arious gifts. :ne of these is the gift of tongues. a. Tongues is a gift of praise. ). To recei#e this gift, we simpl desire it, as! for it in faith, and cooperate with the "pirit's prompting in spea!ing out. +G. .e must nurture the new life and God's gifts. a. =o not allow "atan to ro) ou of our gift. ). =o not eDpect all pro)lems to go awa at once, though man will. c. %e faithful to a regular time of dail pra er. "criptures for =ail Pra er =a 1 ' 3 , 2 3 6 Galatians 2$13?'2 0omans 7$2?13 1 Corinthians 1,$1?2 1 Corinthians 3$13?16 ' Corinthians ,$13?2$2 (phesians 3$17 -atthew '2$1,?'3

The Challenge 4ou ha#e claimed Christ's promise of the *ol "pirit to an one who as!s. 4ou ha#e )een )apti@ed in the *ol "pirit and ha#e recei#ed a new life from the Lord. 4ou are Ea new creation$ the old things ha#e passed awa C )ehold, new things ha#e comeE (' Corinthians 2$16). 4ou ha#e )egun a new life in faith. .ill ou commit ourself full to &esus Christ and grow into the life in the *ol "pirit/

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program Li#ing ; "piritfilled Christian Life


G:;L $ To teach the )asic tools to growth and maturit as Christians.

(<P;5=(= :>TL+5( +. +ntroduction. a. The )aptism in the "pirit is onl a )eginning. 5ow we need to grow in this new life in the "pirit. ). +n order to grow, we need to ma!e use of the )asic means of growth which the Lord pro#ides us. These are$ 7ra8er, st9:8, ser;i<e and fe==o>shi7. 1. The Christian life can )e pictured as a wheel of a cart. +t has three components$ a. The outer rim. This is the part of the wheel that meets the road. This represents dail Christian life. ). The hu). This is the part of the wheel from which the power emanates to the rim. +t holds the wheel together. The hu) is our Lord &esus Christ, who is at the center of our li#es. The power is that of the *ol "pirit. c. The spo!es. These transmit the power and direction from the hu) to the rim. +n Christian eDperience, the spo!es are the means of putting our whole life in contact with Christ, so that our life can )e transformed ) his power and direction. '. ++. 5ote$ 1or Catholics, there is a fifth tool to growth$ the sa<raments.

The 1irst Tool$ Pra er. a. Pra er is the primar means for esta)lishing and maintaining a deep and lo#ing personal relationship )etween God and us. ). ; successful pra er life in#ol#es 3 important principles. 1. '. 3. :ur pra er must )e faithful. =ecide to spend time with the Lord e#er da . =ecide on the practical details.

.hen/ =ecide on a specific time of the da , which ou can then protect. .here/ -atthew 3$3. 1ind a place where ou will not )e distur)ed or distracted. *ow long/ %egin with 2 to 19 minutes, and increase later. c. '. ;dopt a format to )egin. ;CT". ;doration, Contrition, Than!sgi#ing, "upplication. >se dail pra er guides (e.g., God's .ord Toda ).

:ur pra er must )e led ) the *ol "pirit. "cheduled and structured pra er is helpful, )ut could ma!e our pra er dr and mechanical. %e open to changing our format as the "pirit leads. :ur pra er must )e centered on a relationship with &esus. ,. Pra er is a means to an end, not an end in itself. :ur goal is not Eto pra E or e#en Eto pra wellE, )ut to grow in our relationship with the Lord. 2. People can get wrapped up in techniHues. .hile these can help, pra er is reall #er simple. +t is a matter of lo#ing God and )eing lo#ed ) *im. 3. Concentrate not on pra er )ut on the Lord.


a. +n the Catholic tradition, the intercession of -ar and the saints is a powerful tool of pra er. ; de#otion to -ar and the saints is part and parcel of a CatholicOs faith. +++. The "econd Tool$ "tud . a. .e need to !now God and understand *im and *is wa s. "tud is a deli)erate, focused eDercise of the intellect, not referring primaril to scholarl or academic endea#or )ut to the wider process of understanding more a)out God so we can lo#e and )etter ser#e *im. ). Three wa s we can learn more a)out God. 1. a. The %i)le. This is the most important, )ecause this is the #er word of God. +t teaches us who God is, what *e has done, and what *e wants us to do. ). .e should read the %i)le dail . "tart with 19 to 12 minutes. Pursue a more deli)erate stud of portions of the %i)le.

'. a.

.e should ma!e it a goal to read the whole %i)le.

"piritual reading. ;fter reading what God has said of *imself (%i)le), we can read what men ha#e said a)out God. .e can draw on spiritual insights and stud throughout the life of the Church. ). This includes reading spiritual )oo!s, maga@ines, articles, etc.

3. a. ).

Teachings and preachings. :ur teaching and formation program in C1C "ingles for Christ. The word of God spo!en in the "unda homil , in parish e#ents, in conferences, etc. c. %egin the ha)it of ta!ing notes.


The Third Tool$ "er#ice. a. &esus, through the *ol "pirit, is at wor! in us, not Bust for our personal de#elopment )ut also to eHuip us for effecti#e ser#ice for him and his people. ). .e need to ta!e on a mentalit of ser#ice so that we see our whole life gi#en o#er to God's wor!. .e need to ta!e on the heart of a ser#ant. -atthew '9$'3?'7. 1. '. ;s we put the Lord first in our li#es, he calls us to reach out also to others. "er#ice helps us grow )ecause it touches the most )asic attitudes we ha#e of oursel#es and our independence. To ser#e others is to )e hum)le.

c. .a s we can ser#e$ 1. a. ). 1irst we ser#e God ) the wa we li#e. =ail pra er and "cripture reading. Pursuit of righteousness and holiness.

'. .e also ser#e ) performing the )asic responsi)ilities God has gi#en us in our dail li#es. (.g., as son or daughter, as )rother or sister, as emplo ee, etc. recogni@ing the man )uilt?in

3. Then we ser#e our fellow men ) opportunities for ser#ice in da ?to?da life.

(.g., hospitalit , offering a ride, )a) sitting, #isiting the sic!, etc.


.e gi#e witness to our faith in &esus ) the wa we li#e our li#es. %e alert to opportunities to share our faith #er)all with famil , friends, neigh)ors, co?wor!ers, and the world at large.

2. -a!e oursel#es and our resources a#aila)le for God's wor!. :ur time, talent, treasure. a. ). =o good wor!s. &ames '$1,?16. "upport through pra er and financial gi#ing offered to sound Christian ministries that further the spread of the gospel. c. Loo! for opportunities to gi#e our time and energ to ser#e in a Christian group on a regular )asis. G. The 1ourth Tool$ 1ellowship. a. 1ellowship refers to almost e#er thing that Christians do together as a )od . +t is the concreti@ation of a spiritual realit that we are )rothers and sisters )elonging to one famil . ). .e do not )ecome complete Christians ) oursel#es. .e must )e Boined to others in order to eDperience the fullness of Christian life. 1. '. .e need the support of others. .e need their wisdom and strength. .e need to do things together. 1ellowship is not an optional eDtra.

c. "ome wa s to eDperience Christian fellowship. 1. '. 3. ,. .orship in liturgies, pra er meetings, and conferences. Coming together for teaching and formation. "er#ing together (li!e the team in this CLP). "ocial gatherings.

d. -ention in#itation to Boin C1C "ingles for Christ, which will )e discussed full neDt wee!. G+. The 1ifth Tool (for Catholics)$ The "acraments. a. +n the Catholic tradition, the most important tool for spiritual growth are the sacraments. The are the main channels of God's grace for our li#es. ). .e recommend freHuent confession and communion. 1. Though confession is reHuired onl once a ear, we should a#ail of this more often.

'. Though communion is reHuired onl once a ear, we should recei#e communion much more freHuentl , with the proper disposition. G++. Conclusion.

a. This CLP, our commitment to Christ, the )aptism in the *ol "pirit A all these are Bust the )eginning of a new life. .e are E)a)ies in ChristE and we need to grow. -a!e use of the tools pro#ided ) God. ). +f ou are faithful, ou will not )e disappointed.

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program Participant's :utline


%rief :utline +. ++. The )aptism in the "pirit is onl a )eginning. 5ow we need to grow in this new life of the "pirit. There are , )asic tools to growth (2 for Catholics)$ a. Pra er. The primar means for esta)lishing and maintaining a deep and lo#ing personal relationship with God. 1. '. 3. 1. '. 3. c. 1. '. 3. ,. 2. -ust )e faithful. Pra dail . -ust )e led ) the *ol "pirit. -ust )e centered on a relationship with &esus. The %i)le. 0ead dail . "piritual reading ()oo!s, maga@ines, articles, etc.). Teachings and preachings. % the wa we li#e. Pursuit of righteousness and holiness. "er#ing our fellow men. Performing our )asic responsi)ilities in life. Gi#ing witness to our faith in &esus. Gi#ing of our time, talent and treasure.

). "tud .


d. 1ellowship. e. "acraments (for Catholics). =iscussion "tarter .hat tools to Christian growth ha#e not )een full utili@ed in our life/ "criptures for =ail Pra er =a 1 ' 3 , 1 Peter 1$13?13 -atthew 3$2?13 -atthew 17$18?'9 *e)rews ,$1'?13 =a 2 3 6 -atthew '9$'3?'7 &ames '$1,?16 1 Corinthians 1'$1'?'6

The Challenge God's call for e#er Christian is to grow in holiness. To this end, God has pro#ided us with the tools for growth. .ill ou eagerl a#ail of these tools and stri#e to )e hol as God is hol / "uggested 0eading MGrowing Closer to GodN ) Tom Gr n

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program Li#ing ; "piritfilled Christian Life


G:;L $ To eDplain the life and mission of C1C "ingles for Christ and to inspire people with the desire to )e a part of this committed group of Christians.

(<P;5=(= :>TL+5( +. +ntroduction Last wee! we tal!ed a)out the )asic tools for growth in our Christian life. :ne tool is the need to )e in regular fellowship and supporti#e relationships with other Christians. Tonight we will discuss with ou in greater detail how we learned to appropriate God's wisdom and power for our dail life as we entered into a committed relationship with one another as Christian men and women. ++. .hat is C1C "ingles for Christ ("1C)/ a. "1C is part of the 1amil -inistries of Couples for Christ. :n &une 17, 1883, at the C1C LeadersO Conference held at <a#ier "chool in "an &uan, --, the four M1amil -inistriesN were formall launched. These are$ 1. C1C Fids for Christ (F1C). The mem)ership of this ministr are children up to 1' ears old. The ministr aims to eDpose and ma!e their mem)ers aware of the )eaut of the world around them. +t see!s to teach them to see GodOs lo#e in their families and in what the see in their world. F1C also train mem)ers to sing praises to the Lord. '. C1C 4outh for Christ (41C). This ministr is composed of mem)ers who are students in high school and college. The are men and women ages 13 to '1. The group see!s to pro#ide the peer group or M)ar!adaN their mem)ers long to ha#e. +t also hopes to pro#ide through this )ar!ada the identit the are searching for. 41C hopes to achie#e these goals while its mem)ers enBo each otherOs compan and disco#er God and *is lo#e in lo#e and friendship of their companions. 3. C1C "ingles for Christ ("1C). ,. C1C *andmaids of the Lord (*:L=). "ingle women and widows o#er ,9 ears old are the desired mem)ers of this ministr . The group hopes to )e the support their mem)ers need through the lo#e and care the will offer one another and the pra ers the will do together.

). C1C "ingles for Christ )egan on -arch A ;pril 1883, when a group of a)out ,9 singles from different parts of the countr and )elonging to different groups who were )eing supported ) C1C met for a 3?da wor!shop in Fali)o, ;!lan. =uring this wor!shop the participants, with the guidance of some C1C elders and the grace of the *ol "pirit, drafted the )asic outline of what is to )e the -inistr of C1C "ingles for Christ. 1. C1C leaders and elders did not formulate the policies and programs, )ut as!ed the participants themsel#es what the desired and needed. '. The singles grouped themsel#es to discuss the #arious aspects and the output of that wor!shop has )ecome the cornerstone of the "1C manual, its mission, philosoph , commitment, and programs. 3. Li!e C1C, "1C is highl e#angelistic and grows rapidl , such that as of (&ul 1887), there are alread a)out (39,999) singles throughout the world. ;nd it continues to grow. c. .ho is the single person/ 1. The single is a person in transition. *eP"he is drawing awa from the traditional structures of$ '. The 1amil . .hile still a mem)er, hePshe is a step awa from the famil . *eP"he has come of age, has graduated, is wor!ing and earning and so enBo s a large degree of independence from parents. 3. The "chool. The single has finall graduated from hisPher )asic formal education. *eP"he is now free of the guidance of school authorities, teachers and counselors. 5o one super#ises hisPher moral #alues, ideals and )eliefs. ,. This drawing awa implies a sense of self?determination. .ith income and )u ing power, there eDists a sense of greater freedom. *owe#er, the single ma not reali@e that with the added freedom, greater responsi)ilit is reHuired. The single, confronted with the realit of e#il in the mar!etplace and, under tremendous pressure to succeed, or simpl to sur#i#e, ma start to compromise his #alues, ideals and )eliefsC and, )e led to a path awa from God. 2. ;nother implication of this transition stage of the singles is as the single is drawn awa from his famil , hePshe is also drawn into the process of starting hisPher own famil Q at least, for 8,R of singles. d. "1C ac!nowledges that this period is eDciting and that the single has the right to ha#e fun and eDcitement. e. "1C also ac!nowledges that it cannot and should not structure the single so that he cannot mo#e in this area. %eing Christian, for "1C, does not mean )eing sedate )ut ha#ing a deep relationship with &esus Christ and possessing the #alues that must )e found in a Christian.


GodOs presence in the life of the single will automaticall eDpress itself in hisPher speech, action and purpose. +t is not necessar , therefore, to die down the person with much rules and regulations.

g. .hat are we called to do/ 1. T*( -+""+:5 "T;T(-(5T :1 T*( C1C "+5GL(" 1:0 C*0+"T .e )elie#e that God has a plan for us to li#e meaningful, happ and producti#e li#es at this stage of our human eDistence. Gi#en the formida)le o)stacles that we face, we need a renewed relationship with God and the power of the *ol "pirit to li#e a new life. .e need a support en#ironment where GodOs plan is re#ealed to us and where we can draw strength from other single men and women who are committed to lo#e and support us. .e need a group where our energ and talents can )e de#eloped and put to good use to ser#e God and *is people. .e need a place where we can )e formed to prepare us for the neDt stage of our li#es, to marr or to li#e a single life in total dedication to the Lord. .e therefore commit to the wor! of personal renewal and e#angeli@ation in our milieu as part of the larger wor! of the Couples for Christ famil and in line with its glo)al mission of Mrenewing the face of the earth.N Q (Cf. CFC Statement of Mission at the end of this outline.) '. T*( "T;T(-(5T :1 P*+L:":P*4 :1 T*( C1C "+5GL(" 1:0 C*0+"T The following em)odies the )eliefs and ideals of the C1C "ingles for Christ as a ministr , from which flow the Christian attitudes, #alues and )eha#ior, as well as its programs, teachings and approaches to Christian renewal. a. .e )elie#e that our )odies are temples of the *ol "pirit and we safeguard its sanctit ) )eing pure in thought, in word and in deed. ). .e )elie#e that God ga#e us gifts and talents with which we can ser#e and glorif *im and which allow us to li#e fruitful li#es. .e )elie#e in the proper stewardship of these gifts ) stri#ing to succeed in our chosen wor! or profession without sacrificing our Christian #alues and ethics. c. .e )elie#e in the indissolu)ilit of Christian marriage and the importance of famil life in the plan of God, in the sanctit of human life and the right of the un)orn child. d. .e )elie#e that we are called to li#e out our faith full and to share acti#el in the life and mission of our Church Q through pra ers, e#angeli@ation and ser#ice to others.

e. .e )elie#e in li#ing producti#e li#es as citi@ens of our countr , o)e ing its laws and respecting its institutions. .e )elie#e that we ha#e a dut to the future generations, in protecting our natural en#ironment and in com)ating the proliferation of e#il in our social en#ironment. f. .e )elie#e that indi#idual and corporate renewal can )est )e achie#ed ) ha#ing a deep personal relationship with &esus Christ as Lord and "a#ior ) calling upon the power of the *ol "pirit in our da ?to da life and ) ma!ing full use of all charismatic gifts at our disposal. +++. *ow do we support one another in C1C "ingles for Christ/ a. % our committed relationships. 1. .e )elie#e that we ha#e a responsi)ilit to encourage and support one another in the Christian life. Thus, we ma!e a commitment to grow together as Christian men and women. '. .e ha#e a 2?point commitment which is em)odied in a small white card which we carr with us. 0ead EThe co#enant of Couples for ChristE and eDplain )riefl .

a. Through households. ;ll mem)ers of "1C )elong to cell groups which we call EhouseholdsE. ;t the end of this CLP, if ou ma!e our commitment to "1C, ou will )e assigned to a household. 1. The purpose of a household group is to ha#e a smaller and more intimate en#ironment for personal support in the Christian life, and to pro#ide a means for encouraging and hastening growth as a Christian. ). *ere ou can share life eDperiences ad God's practical wisdom. c. 4ou can )e helped to o#ercome o)stacles in the Christian life. d. 4ou will de#elop real friendships and true )rotherhoodPsisterhood, without which our Christian life would lac! Bo ful eDpression. 1. ; household is composed of from 7 to 1' singles. The men are separated from the women. The men super#ised ) male households and the women ) female household heads. This is true e#en when couples are appointed as household heads. These households are set up immediatel after the CLP. '. The household meets once a wee!, on the same da of the wee! as mutuall agreed on ) its mem)ers. e. Less than once a wee! would not pro#ide enough contact to ha#e adeHuate support and encouragement in the Christian life.


-ore than once a wee! ma )ecome a )urden and ma ta!e time that is more properl allocated to wor!, famil , personal needs or Christian ser#ice.

1. The household meetings are held in the homes of the group mem)ers, on rotation )asis from wee! to wee!. *olding the household meetings in our homes has the following #alues$ g. .orshiping the Lord in our home ma!es the truth that the home is a domestic church a concrete realit . ;nd God's )lessings will surel descend upon the home where God's people can )e found, worshipping *im together and growing in faith together. h. The people li#ing with us Q our parents, )rothers and sisters, household help, the people who are closest to us Q will )e aware of what we are in#ol#ed in and what we do e#er wee!. To them we will )ecome people who are li#ing their Christian faith openl and powerfull . i. .hat we do in our home ma )e used ) the Lord as an effecti#e tool for e#angeli@ation, especiall to our relati#es, neigh)ors and friends. .hen it is not possi)le to hold the household meetings in our home, an place where full worship can )e held will suffice. .hen necessar , a single mem)er ma e#en )orrow the home of a C1C mem)er pro#ided that the C1C mem)er will not spend for an thing.


1. There are )asicall three ingredients in a t pical household meeting$ an eDtended period of pra er and worship, a time for sharing or discussion, and some time for fellowship. !. % our ongoing teaching and formation. 1. There is a formal first? ear teaching program. l. Co#enant :rientation. m. "ingles .ee!end 0etreat +. n. (#angeli@ation Training. 1. %e ond the first ear, there are man other courses (name some) and #arious training modules for those who will underta!e ser#ices in "1C. '. Garious teachings will also )e gi#en through our newsletter >gna an, in pra er assem)lies, and other occasions. o. % the other regular acti#ities of our communit . a. -onthl pra er assem)lies.

). Lord's =a cele)rations, ;nni#ersaries, 1amil 0allies, Leaders Conferences, etc. c. "ocial acti#ities. +G. Conclusion.

=a s, (#angeli@ation

a. .e are li#ing in eDciting times. ;s we eDperience our new freedoms and the e#il and corruption that surround us in the world, we are also seeing God's lo#ing and protecti#e hand in tr ing to restore our li#es, our homes and our wor!places )ac! to *is original plan. 1. .e need to see this spiritual drama with the e es of faith. '. .e are called to )e part of God's wor! and we should gladl respond to *is di#ine efforts of restoring us )ac! to *is !ingdom. 3. .e are in#iting ou to )e a part of God's wor! ) )eing a part of us in "1C. ). Thin! and pra a)out EThe Co#enant of C1C "ingles for ChristE. 1. Loo! on the co#enant as an ideal, not et full in place, )ut as what God calls us to. '. .hat is important for ou to )e a)le to ma!e the co#enant is that$ 3. 4ou understand it. ,. 4ou accept it as helpful and e#en necessar for Christian li#ing. 2. 4ou will tr to li#e it out. 3. .e precisel need one another in "1C in order to support each other in li#ing out the co#enant. c. +f ou decide that "1C is for ou, come )ac! neDt wee!, read to ma!e the co#enant.

C:>PL(" 1:0 C*0+"T "T;T(-(5T :1 -+""+:5

.e are li#ing in a time of rapid change. (#er thing is chang ing Q social #alues, relationships, economic s stems, ideologies and man other things that affect life in general. Caught in this tide of change is the famil . "ome futurists predict that the time is coming when the famil shall )e totall irrele#ant and unnecessar in a world that is dominated ) technological change. +n some parts of the world, the famil no longer operates li!e it used to. .e see this as a matter of serious importance. +n the modern world, man has learned to )and together for mutual protection. There are certain artisan guilds, trade unions, #arious )usiness associations, all organi@ed to protect and uphold common interest. %ut the preser#ation and strengthening of the famil does not seem to )e a matter of priorit to man people. The famil is left eDposed and unprotected against the forces that tend to destro it. 5ow a spiritual re#i#al has touched the earth. Christian families are feeling the need to )e trul Christian in a modern world. 1amilies are reaching out, cr ing for help, )ut the ha#e nowhere to go. The help the are see!ing is not normall a#aila)le in the a#erage parish. .hate#er traditional help is a#aila)le in some parishes is usuall inadeHuate. ;nd in this time of growing dar!ness, man parents do not ha#e a clear direction. The hear strange #oices leading them into strange paths, all promising fulfillment et all causing confusion. .e )elie#e that God wants us to rise up in defense of *is wor!. .e )elie#e that the famil is a creation of God and no one else has an right to change it, its structure and its purpose. .e )elie#e that God's plan for all creation continues to operate, Enamel , to )ring all things in the hea#ens and on earth into one under Christ's headshipE ((phesians 1$19). Couples for Christ is a creation of God distinctl called to )ring families )ac! to the plan of God. Couples for Christ is called to )ring the Lord's strength and light to those who are struggling to )e trul Christian families in the modern world. +n su)mission to God's will, Couples for Christ commits itself to this mission. Couples for Christ will ser#e where#er God )rings it to ser#e, trusting onl in *is guidance and *is power.

T*( C:G(5;5T :1 T*( C1C "+5GL(" 1:0 C*0+"T

Trusting in the LordOs help and guidance$ +. + shall lea#e as a follower of Christ. Pra dail for at least 12 minutes. "tud scriptures dail for at least 12 minutes. Li#e a righteous life and a#oid situations which are occasions for sin. Put good order into m pri#ate life and support m parents in )uilding a Christian famil . Participate regularl in the worship life of m church.

++. + will wor! towards the e#angeli@ation and transformation of m wor! place, m famil and m communit . +++. +G. G. Put good order in m wor! situation. %e a witness of the lo#e and power of the Lord &esus in m wor! and in m famil . %e a good steward of all resources entrusted to me. %e a good citi@en of m countr , o)e ing its laws and protecting its en#ironment. + will )e a committed and acti#e mem)er of the C1C "ingles for Christ. ;ttend m meetings. small group meetings regularl and support the good order of the

1aithfull participate in all the acti#ities of the group. 0elate in lo#e, lo alt to and respect for all m )rothers and sisters in the Lord. +nterceded dail for the group and its mission. + will ma!e m self a#aila)le to the Lord for ser#ice. %ring other single men and women to Christ. Gi#e generousl of m time and resources to the LordOs ser#ice, whene#er + am called and follow directions of those who responsi)ilit for an ser#ice . "upport the wor! of Couples for Christ and its -inistries. + will stud and see! to grow as a Christian person. ;ttend all teachings, retreats, seminars and conferences of the C1C "+5GL(" 1:0 C*0+"T. =iligentl stud all materials gi#en to me.

-a the Lord &esus Christ help me to )e faithful in li#ing out this commitment e#er da for *is greater honor and glor and for the good of an )rothers and sisters.


C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program Participant's :utline


%rief :utline +. C1C "ingles for Christ ("1C) is a part of the M1amil -inistriesN of Couples for Christ, which was formall launched in &une 17, 1883 during the C1C LeadersO Conference held at <a#ier "chool in "an &uan, -etro -anila, Philippines. :ur call is to )ring single men and women )ac! to a life with God according to *is plan. "1C is one in the mission of C1C to renew, strengthen and support Christian families. .e )elie#e $ a. That our )odies are temples of the *ol "pirit and we safeguard its sanctit ) )eing pure in thought, word and deed. ). That God ga#e us gifts and talents to ser#e and glorif *im and to li#e fruitful li#es. c. That marriage is indissolu)le, famil life is important in the plan of God and human life is sacred. d. That single men and women are called to share acti#el in the life and mission of the Church Q through pra ers, e#angeli@ation and ser#ice to others. e. +n li#ing producti#e li#es as citi@ens of our countr , protecting our natural en#ironment, and com)ating e#il in our societ . f. That indi#idual and corporate renewal can )e achie#ed ) ha#ing a personal relationship with &esus Christ and ) calling on the power of the *ol "pirit in our dail life and ) using the charismatic gifts at our disposal. +G. .e support one another in "1C$ a. ). c. d. % our committed relationships (2?point co#enant). Through cell groups (households). % ongoing teaching and formation. % other regular acti#ities.

++. +++.

=iscussion "tarter 1. =o ou agree with the "1C statement of philosoph , which em)odies its )eliefs and ideals/ '. =o ou see the co#enant of C1C "ingles for Christ as the ideal of Christian life that God calls us all to/ "criptures for =ail Pra er =a 1 ' 3 , Psalm ''$'7?3' Psalm 1,,$1'?12 Colossians 3$17?'1 Psalm 1'6$3?2 =a 2 3 6 =euteronom 7$11?'9 =euteronom '3$13?17 1 Peter '$8?19

The Challenge God is tr ing to restore single men and women and their families )ac! to *is original plan. .e are all called to respond to *is di#ine effort and )e a part of *is wor!. ;re ou read to do our share in renewing, strengthening and supporting Christian li#ing/

C1C "ingles for Christ Christian Life Program Li#ing ; "piritfilled Christian Life


G:;L $ To encourage people to li#e out acti#el the new life in the power of the *ol "pirit, and to eDcite them a)out )ecoming a part of the mission of C1C "ingles for Christ.

(<P;5=(= :>TL+5( +. +ntroduction. a. .e ha#e come to the end of our CLP. %ut this is not the end, )ut Bust the )eginning. .e ha#e )efore us a whole new life with God and with one another. +t is eDcitingI ). The Lord has laid the foundation for this new life throughout this CLP. 1. 4our repentance, personal con#ersion, and renewed faith in God. '. 4our acceptance of &esus as Lord and "a#ior. 3. 4our empowerment through )aptism in the *ol "pirit. ,. ;nd now the continuing support ou will recei#e in C1C. c. 5ow ou need to allow the Lord to continue the process of our transformation in Christ. The *ol "pirit is at wor! so that ou can grow to !now, lo#e and ser#e God more. ++. God's Purpose a. God desires our transformation. 1. ; deeper relationship with God. ). Growth in holiness. 1 Peter 1$12?13. .e need to grow to )ecome more and more li!e &esus. c. Growth in discipleship. -atthew 13$',. .e need to learn what it means to )e trul a disciple of &esus. This is how we can )e trul worth of &esus. -atthew 19$36?38. 1. ; deeper relationship with one another. d. %ecoming trul )rothers and sisters to one another. e. ;lso growing in friendships and caring for one another.

1. ; greater commitment to ser#ice. f. "er#ice to God, neigh)or, societ , Church, countr . g. The wor! of e#angeli@ation, the )ringing of the same good news we ha#e recei#ed to others. h. ;nd as ou grow and are transformed, what is God a)out/ God wants to raise up men and women in the *ol "pirit that will renew the face of the earthI 1. 1or the fulfillment of God's plan. (phesians 1$19. '. 1or the fulfillment of the Great Commission. -atthew '7$17?'9. 13$12. -!

"1C has )een tas!ed with a glo)al mission of e#angeli@ation and renewal. +++. *ow can God's purpose )e fulfilled through C1C/ *ow do we respond to God's call/ a. Continue to grow in personal holiness. 1. =ail pra er and "cripture. '. 1aithfulness to the "1C co#enant. 3. (agerl undergoing the "1C formation program. ). %uild strong Christian families and homes. 1. The famil is the )asic unit of societ , Church and countr . +ts condition will determine the condition of e#er thing else. '. %e a light in our neigh)orhoods. 3. %ring our parents, )rothers, sisters and relati#es to our C1C famil ministries. F1C, 41C, "1C, *:L=, ":L=.

a. Pursue our wor! of e#angeli@ation. 1. This is the glo)al mission of C1C "ingles for Christ. '. (#er "1C mem)er must )ecome an e#angeli@er. %ring others to the C1C 1amil -inistries in order to meet &esus Christ.


Conclusion. a. +t is a great pri#ilege to )e where we are now. 1. *a#ing a personal relationship with &esus and )eing in a #i)rant communit such as "1C. '. This has happened through no worth of our own, )ut simpl ) God's merc and grace. 3. .e ought to respond with gratitude and humilit . ). Let us mo#e on. 1. Loo! eDpectantl to the future. God has much more in store for us. '. Gi#e our all for GodI a. &esus is the greatest treasure ou can ha#e. +t is worth all our effort and all our strength to li#e our li#es totall for him. ). *a#e the attitude of Paul. Philippians 3$6?7,1'?1,. 1. Let us reBoice that &esus is our Lord.

S =(=+C;T+:5 C(0(-:54

1. The leader eDplains the commitment ceremon . '. The leader in#ites e#er one to stand. ; song of offering oneself is sung (e.g., ;men :ur *earts Cr ). 3. The leader in#ites e#er one to read out the co#enant of the C1C "ingles for Christ. The all read out loud together. ,. The leader pra s o#er the newl committed )rothers and sisters, in#iting the old mem)ers to pra in their hearts with him. =uring this time of pra er, it is appropriate to insert one solemn song (e.g., "pirit of the Li#ing God). 2. The leader welcomes the new )rethren to "1C and in#ites the old mem)ers to eDpress acceptance ) means of one )ig applause. This is followed ) spontaneous greeting and welcoming of the new mem)ers ) the old mem)ers. The music ministr pla s E.elcome to the 1amil E and other li#el songs. 3. 1ellowship follows.