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Making Desert with Junko

Delicious Home-Made Pudding

- Japanese Recipe Preparation Preparing the Caramel

Preparation Ingredients Reference Q&A A word from Junko Reader Comment [ ast update ! "###$%"$#" & 'ote! a temperatures gi(en in Ce cius

STEP 1 Prepare a piece of tin foi and coat with sa ad oi $ STEP 2 Pour the sugar and some water into a sma pot$ )he water wi e(aporate an*wa*+ so the amount is not so important$ STEP 3 3 1 ,immer 3 2 ,ma -u-- es 3 3 .arger -u-- es+ a sign that the co or wi soon change$ 3 ! )he -u-- es get sma er and the mi/ture turns *e ow 3 " A rust--rown co or 3 # Done when the co or turns dark and it starts smoking$

STEP ! P ace the carame on the tin foi in sma amounts$ It wi harden right awa*$

STEP " .et it dr*$ 0nce dr* it shou d come off the foi easi *+ so simp * p ace in the cups -efore pouring in the custard$

1ou can a so make more than *ou need and free2e for use ater on$ Preparing the Custard
3Ignore the green te/t if *ou do not p an on using fresh cream4

STEP 1 )ake the eggs+ mi k+ and fresh cream out of the refrigerator and ha(e them read*$
3)his is -ecause pouring hot mi k o(er eggs 5ust taken out of the refrigerator wi make the eggs so idif*$4

STEP 2 Mi/ the (ani a sugar into the mi k$

3)he (ani a sugar gi(es the mi k a de icious (ani a aroma$4

STEP 3 6arm the mi k$ 3Do not et it -oi 4

3Do not put the fresh cream in *et$4 $MP%RT&'T(( )he mi k is -est heated to around 7# degrees for the sugar to me t$ 38p to 9# degrees is ok$4 Do not et it -oi o(er: If that happens+ the mi k wi ose its f a(or$

STEP ! ;reak the eggs into a -ow + and -eat with a -eater making sure not to et them froth$ ;u-- es in the mi/ed eggs wi pre(ent the mi/ture from -eing smooth$ 0nce *ou ha(e -eaten the eggs+ mi/ in the granu ated sugar 3and hone* if *ou prefer$4
)actoid Adding the egg whites gi(es the pudding a firmer -od*+ whi e cr<me -ru ee is more co apsed -ecause on * the *o k and fresh cream are used$ Pudding is norma * made with one egg per %##cc of mi k$ Adding *o k afterward wi make the pudding richer+ so add according to *our preference$

STEP " Mi/ the warmed mi k into the egg and sugar mi/ture from ,tep =+ and add the (ani a essence$

)aste the mi/ture at this point$ A itt e rum or -rand* can add some pi22a22 to i(en it up a -it$
)actoid 'orma *+ eggs heated a one so idif* at around 7# degrees+ which means

that adding mi k hotter than this wi produce the same hardening effect$ Adding a -it of sugar to the mi k at this point wi pre(ent the egg mi/ture from so idif*ing -* raising the temperature at which the eggs so idif*$

STEP # ,train the mi/ture$ Remo(e an* so idified portions that ma* ha(e formed on the surface$

3)hese so idified portions a ter the taste if eft in$4 If *ou are using fresh cream+ strain it -efore mi/ing it in$ 3Cream is e(en more de icate than mi k+ so warming it with the mi k wi make the mi k fat separate and ruin the taste$4 )actoid >gg whites ma* sometimes so idif* making them difficu t to strain+ -ut do not worr* -this is 5ust a sign that the eggs are fresh$ In fact+ eggs which are o d are ia- e to -e smoother and me t more easi *$

STEP * Check the temperature of the mi/ture$ 6hen it fee s a-out -od* temperature+ pour it into the mo d$ If it is not warm enough+ warm it up in a -ow p aced in warm water 3around =# to ?# degrees4$

If *ou are using fresh cream+ the temperature ma* drop s ight * due to the added cream+ so warm it -efore p acing it in the o(en$

STEP + Pour into the mo d$ Remo(e an* so idified portions on the surface$

STEP , @i the tra* on the -aking sheet in the o(en with hot water and co(er the cups with ids$ 3Mo(e s ight *$4

.ea(e in the o(en at %?# degrees for AB minutes$ If it does not come out we + tr* again at -etween %?# and %7# degrees for A? to =# minutes$
$MP%RT&'T(( ;aking the pudding mi/ture with a id o(er it wi pre(ent it from dr*ing out$ )his is especia * true of gas o(ens+ as the* - ow a stream of hot air which wi dr* out the surface of the pudding if *ou do not put a id on it$ )he dr* surface wi a so ha(e the effect of - ocking the heat from reaching the inside of the pudding$ $MP%RT&'T(( @i ing with ukewarm water attenuates the effect of the heat$ Pudding on * hardens -ecause of the egg in it+ so *ou shou d -e especia * carefu $

STEP 1)ake the cups out of the o(en$ ,hake the pudding a -it$ If it does not seem hard enough *et+ put -ack in the o(en for " to A minutes$ If it is on * a -it iCuid*+ then the eft o(er heat from the o(en wi -e enough to harden it$ STEP 11 .et coo + p ace in the refrigerator+ and *ou are done:

%ther Possi.ilities Add other f a(orings to the mi k in ,tep % to make coconut pudding+ tea pudding+ or an*thing e se *our fanc* desires$ ,o id foods ike mango or sweet potato shou d -e mi/ed into the mi k using a - ender$ 1our imagination is the imit:

$ngredients )or standard pudding Mi k 1o ks >ggs Franu ated sugar 3for the custard4 Franu ated sugar 3for the carame 4 )ota Per ser(ing ?## m " ? E# g D"9 ?# g A=9 kca D%%= D%AB "E? kca ?7# kca


13,* kca 1!- kca

pudding 0ith 1resh cream and hone2 Mi k @resh cream 1o ks >ggs Gone* Franu ated sugar 3for the custard4 Franu ated sugar 3for the carame 4 )ota Per ser(ing Supplement S0eetness @irst+ we shou d ta k a itt e -it a-out the difference -etween granu ated sugar and white superior soft sugar$ Franu ated sugar has a refined+ ight f a(or+ whi e white superior soft sugar -rings out a thicker+ richer sweetness$ ?## m %## m = " "# g B# g D"= ?# g /!!" 1*!1 kca "B% kca D%%= D%=E D%%E D=# "E? kca ==A kca =9# kca ?E kca


1*! kca

6hen *ou need a richer f a(or for -utter cakes or sponge cakes+ white superior soft sugar is *our man$ Gowe(er+ granu ated sugar is what *ou need to get that de icate+ refined taste for puddings or mousses$ )he hone* used in this recipe is for adding f a(or -* -ringing out a uniCue aroma and f a(or+ changing the taste a -it$ )resh cream Adding fresh cream gi(es the pudding a thicker f a(or ma*-e too thick for some pa ates$ It is a Cuestion of preference+ -ut it seems that this stick* richness is in fashion ate *$ Eggs )he most -asic ingredients in pudding are mi k+ eggs+ and sugar$ 0f these -asics+ if *ou want to -ring out a richer f a(or+ add more eggs$ 'orma * when *ou make pudding *ou use one egg for e(er* %## m of mi k+ which wou d make fi(e eggs for ?## m of mi k$ Gowe(er+ for this recipe I ha(e added two eggs to -ring out a -it more richness$ Re1erence Pudding Cup 1ou can get a package of %# pudding cups for around D%7# 3%##cc cups4$ )his is 5ust the right si2e$ Calories .2 $ngredient >ggs @resh cream Gone* Franu ated sugar Mi k % %## m %## g %## g %## g 9# kca ==A kca "E= kca A9B kca ?E kca

,ource! Co or Fraph @ood Ingredients Chart+ Jikk*o Pu- ishing

Products used 1or this recipe .ow-temperature steri i2ed mi k %###m D""9

Mi k

Manufacturer! Japan Mi k 'et Co$+ .td$ Ho-e @actor*

@resh cream

Mei5iIs )okachi 3Mei5i )okachi @resh %##4 Inaka no )amago



Manufacturer! M>IJI Mi k Products Co$+ .td$ %# D%E9 Distri-utor! I2umi*a+ Designated farm! I2umo @arm Acacia 3the t*pe of -ee4 A2uma Apiar* Franu ated ,ugar %kg D%E9 7##g D%"##


Gone* ,ugar

Daito A prices without ta/$ )he amount of (ani a sugar used was (er* sma + so I did not ca cu ate it$ ;* the wa* it goes for D%A# a pod$ I put in one who e pod of (ani a for e(er* %? to "#g of sugar used+ and e(en sti the tota amount of (ani a in the pudding does not e(en come to %g$ 34& 3uestion5 6hat is the most important thing to remem.er7 )he o(en temperature and the -aking time$ A mere fi(eminute difference can ruin the pudding$ )he o(en temperature shou d -e set to -etween %?# and %7# degrees$ ;aking time shou d -e around A? minutes$ )he who e process is (er* simp e+ with on * three steps! mi/ing+ straining+ and then -raising$ 0ne important point is to make sure not too much air gets in the mi/ture when mi/ing$ 3uestion5 Ho0 long does it ta8e to ma8e7 %? minutes 3preparation4 J A? minutes 3o(en-time4 3uestion5 6hat is the secret .ehind the ingredients7 )he sugar is surprising * important )he mi k and the eggs do not p a* such an important ro e in defining the f a(or+ -ut change the sugar+ and *ou wi change the sweetness comp ete *$ I ha(e not noticed an* rea difference in f a(or using the cheap DE# eggs or the e/pensi(e organic eggs$ 3uestion5 Ho0 are the pores created7 6hen eggs are heated the* so idif*+ a though at a temperature ower 3B# - 9# degrees4 than the -oi ing point for water 3%##4$ @or this reason+ when *ou heat them in the o(en+ the water -egins to -oi 3e(aporate4 after the egg part has so idified$ In

other words+ the water e(aporates within an a read* so idified structure+ ea(ing itt e ho es -ehind$ )hese are the pores$ 3And once the* are formed+ there is no wa* to get rid of them$4 3uestion5 Ho0 can $ a9oid such pores7 )r* warming the mi/ture -efore putting it into the o(en$ Another point to watch out for is that man* recipes specif* pouring hot water onto the tra* in the o(en$ )his is mis eading$ )he water shou d -e hot+ -ut not too hot+ as this wi create pores$ ,o use ukewarm water$ 3uestion5 6h2 do 2ou add hone27 @or f a(or$ 3uestion5 6hat a.out the 1resh cream7 )his is to gi(e it a richer+ creamier te/ture$ %## m of fresh cream contains ==A kca + so this wi raise the ca orie content of each cup of pudding to ==$A kca - rather high$ 3uestion5 $s it o8 to ta8e the 1inished pudding out o1 the o9en and put it right into the re1rigerator7 It wi not affect the pudding+ -ut it is not so good for *our refrigerator$ & 0ord 1rom Che1 Jun8o I ha(e made a sorts of puddings+ -ut the most de icious is the standard custard putting$ Pumpkin pudding is good+ too+ -ut the f a(or depends too much on the pumpkin used$ )he most important point to keep in mind when making pudding is the o9en temperature )his is what it a comes down to$ )he rest is 5ust mi/ing$ .et me know an* suggestions or comments at 5unkoKiina$com$