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LONDON CONTROL - README FILE This file contains information about the installation and running of the London

Control software. INSTALLATION 1 If auto-run is enabled on your CD-ROM dri e! the London Control installation "rogram will run automatically u"on insertion of the dis#. If auto-run is disabled! carry out the following actions to install London Control$ a% Choose &tart Menu ' Run. b% Ty"e d$(setu" )substitute *d+ with the a""ro"riate letter for your CD-ROM dri e%. c% ,ollow the instructions that a""ear on the screen. In order to access the London Control hel" documentation )which is in .D, format%! London Control needs the /dobe Reader ersion 0.1! or later! to be installed. )/dobe Reader was formerly called /crobat Reader.% 2sing the latest ersion of /dobe Reader )3.1% will gi e the best results. This can be installed from the London Control installation CD-ROM4 in the 5/dobe Reader5 folder! or downloaded from the /dobe website. The London Control hel" documentation is installed in a directory called 57el"5 in the installation directory of the "rogram. The documents can either be o"ened directly from here! or using the shortcuts installed in the &tart Menu. If dis# s"ace is at a "remium on the host system! the hel" .D, format documents may be deleted from the 57el"5 directory! as they are also a ailable on the installation CD-ROM! in the directory ("rogram files(DM / iation Limited(London Control((7el". The introductory animation 9Intro.a i9 may also be deleted from the *London ,IR+ directory in order to sa e s"ace. The system uses the 9:erdana9 font for some features. If this font is not installed on your com"uter! some as"ects of the dis"lay may not a""ear correctly. The font is a standard feature on ;indows <=! -111 and >.. The run-time hel" uses the 7TML7el" utility! which is a standard feature of ;indows <=! -111 and >.. If 7TML7el" is not installed on your com"uter! it can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

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KNOWN ISSUES There are a small number of #nown issues to do with ;indows and other a""lications that affect London Control. 1 ;hen London Control is minimi?ed! there may be two icons shown in the ;indows Tas# @ar4 one for the main London Control a""lication! the other for the &ituation Dis"lay. Clic# on the main London Control icon to restore the a""lication to the foreground. ;hen running in some ersions of ;indows! the teAt in the title bars of some of the windows may seem large. This can be reduced by changing the alue of the Title ,ont &i?e "arameter in the .references Beneral Tab. )This feature is not yet documented in the 2ser Buide.%