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Email: Mobile: +91-9 9!9"#$11

%rofessio&al E'(erie&ce: Having around 2.2 years relevant experience as a )*+, +evelo(er as a )of-.are E&gi&eer and Analytical problem solving skills, and ability to take multiple responsibilities. Hands on implementation on A(e'/ Visual *orce a&d * Project experience on Salesforce i&-egra-io& wit !ava using .eb services and RE)0. +e(lo1me&- a&d Migra-io& of salesforce a((s .i-2 da-a u(loader/ migra-io& .i3ard/ ma&aged u&ma&aged (ackages. Project implementation experience in 4orkflo.s/ %age 5a1ou-s/ Valida-io& rules/ 4eb -o 5ead and Email--o-,ases. "reated t e Valida-io& Rules/ A((roval %rocess/ .orkflo.s for automated lead routing, #mail Alerts.. $esigned and developed A(e' 0riggers. #xpertise on * I+E/ +a-a 5oader/ im(or- .i3ard/ and )a&dbo' environments. %orked on t e designing of custom ob6ec-s/ custom fields/ role based (age la1ou-s, custom 0abs, custom re(or-s, report extractions to various formats, design of Visual *orce Pages, +as2boards and various ot er components as per t e client and application re&uirements.

4ork E'(erie&ce: "urrently working as )alesforce +evelo(er at Softpat System, Hyderabad since 'ct( 2)*+ to till date. . "urrently working as )alesforce +evelo(er at Pyro ,etworks Pvt -td, Hyderabad since !une( 2)** to till Sept.2)*+.

Academic %rofile: Post /raduation 01"A2 from ,#" "ollege 0!,34.2 wit #97 8 ""#- "1"9

0ec2&ical %roficie&c1: Programming -anguages %eb 3ec nologies "61 3ool Sales force "omponents 7ntegration "omponents $ata 8ase 3ools 'perating Systems %ro6ec- +e-ails: >1.Project 3itle 6ole "lient 'rgani?ation 3eam Si?e $uration 3ec nologies +escri(-io&: Ae&uor tec nologies will provide t e different type of webapplications to t e clients. 3 e main aim of t is project is to service t e cars.3 e main modules of t is project are 1edallion 7nformation Storing "lient 7nformation Storing Price Sc edules 3ec nicians %ork 'rder 7tems %ork 'rder 5 1etroS op 0) Im(leme&-a-io&2 5 $eveloper 5 Ae&uor 5 Pyro ,etworks pvt ltd 0Hyderabad2 5; 5 1ay.2)*+ to till date 5,, #clipse 7$#, Apex, @isual =orce 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 A%E:, "ore !ava Visual force, H31-. Salesforce "61 A(e' ,lasses ; 0riggers/ 4orkflo.s ; A((rovals/ ,us-om Re(or-s 4eb )ervices/ RE)0 )<=5, S9-Server 2)): A(e'+a-a5oader, #clipse Helios +.;< 7$# %indows >P<2)))<,3

3-" 1ile 6un 7n t is project we majorly developing t e web pages via using t e visualforce for designing t e pages and giving t e relations ips to t e objects and storing t e client information and status of t e service and tracking t e new items to t e store and after completing t e service Price "alculations and and states of t e bill we implemented t roug t e apex classes. Res(o&sibili-ies: 7nvolved in "ode development process, created t e re&uired objects and extensively used t e standard objects. "reating @isual=orce pages to develop 47 as per clientAs re&uirement. $eveloping Apex classes. "ustomi?ing t e 'bjects, =ields and Page layouts based on "lient re&uirements. $eveloped custom 6eports suc as $aily Status 6eports and summary reports. $esigning workflows, approval processes.

> .Project 3itle 6ole "lient 'rgani?ation 3eam Si?e $uration 3ec nologies

5 Product Sales B 1arketing 0) Im(leme&-a-io&2 5 $eveloper 5 @eto&uinol 5 Pyro ,etworks pvt ltd 0Hyderabad2 5; 5 Aug.2)*2 to Apr.2)*+ 5,, #clipse 7$#, Apex, @isual =orce

+escri(-io&: @eto&uinol is a family.owned, independent company exclusively and passionately devoted to improving animal ealt and encompasses researc and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales. @eto&uinolAs 1edical 6epresentatives<Sales #xecutives meets t e $octors, P armacists, Hospitals 08usiness Account2 to discuss about its drugs<products. 16s also distributes samples and makes a note to pass on t e stock information to t e stockiest. 'pportunities will be t e pipeline t e 16 generates of t e target doctors e would be visiting in a particular region. 3 e w ole process is automated using Salesforce "61.

Res(o&sibili-ies: 7mporting $ata t roug 7mport %i?ard, Apex $ata-oader and 7ntegration. $eveloping Apex classes. "reating @isual=orce pages to develop 47 as per clientAs re&uirement. "ustomi?ing t e 'bjects, =ields and Page layouts based on "lient re&uirements. $eveloped custom 6eports suc as $aily Status 6eports and summary reports. $esigning workflows, approval processes. 7ntegration using Salesforce AP7s wit webservices, rest and bulk data api. /enerating reports and $as boards according to t e client re&uirements

>?. %ro6ec

Project 3itle 6ole "lient

5 Sales 1anagement B "ustom 6eporting System 5 Salesforce $eveloper B Administrator 5 8acardi

'rgani?ation 5 Pyro ,etworks pvt ltd 0Hyderabad2 3eam Si?e $uration 5 : 5 Aug.2)** to !une.2)*2

3ec nologies 5,, #clipse 7$#, Apex, @isual =orce

+escri(-io&: 8acardi 7ndia Pvt. -td as implemented Sales 1anagement System Salesforce to manage t eir business activities across 7ndia. %it H' located in /urgaon, it as 2 manufacturing plants in 1ysore and /oa respectively. 7t is aving t e 6egional offices in all states across 7ndia and sales depots as well. 3 e outcome of implementing S1S is to ac ieve t e Projection, S ipment, and $epletion B 7nternal 3rack. Res(o&sibili-ies: 7nvolved in 8usiness re&uirement gat ering and analysis. 7nvolved in developing visual force pages wit custom controllers "ustomi?ation of objects, fields, page layouts. "reated "ustom 'bjects and "ustom =ields based on "lient re&uirements. $esign and $evelop 1aster$etail and -ookup relations ip using custom objects.

$eveloped @isual force pages $eployment Salesforce wit #clipse 7$#.