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By T-ed Owens
Ted Owens is a controversial fig-
ure in the UFO field. He claims to have
first been contacted by the Sis (Space
Intelligences) in 1965. Otto Binder, in
hie August, 19?0, SAGA article states
that Owens "is not a wild-eyed "conta.ct-
ee". He has never met an SI face to face
nor has he traveled in their ships."
Owens certainly bas a lot of creden-
tials, more than any other person before
him who claimed contact with extrater-
restrials. Owens is a member of Ienaa, a
select organization whose members must
have an I.Q. of 148 or or e (only two
percent of all humans would qualify for
membership). Owens has a recorded I.Q. of
150 whi ch i s above genius.
Owens claims some 200 predictions,
all of whi ch are documented. Owens best-
selling How to Space People cont-
ains a number of sworn affidavits which
back up his claime of having made predict-
ions well in advance of the events occur-
Owens is said to have predicted eucb
things as the east coast blackout, UFO
appearances at epec1f1c times and odd
weather phenomenon. Publisher Gray Barker
and writer Green Beckley clai
they've received close to 10,000 letters
from peopl e all over the world telling us
that Mr. Owens had cured them of various
illnes s es or brought them good fortune by
putting them in contact with the Sis."
Owens also has a space scroll which
will be whown to the Sis. Persons can get
their names place on the scroll free of
charge. The scroll .. already has brought
many people who have signed good luck."
Owens claims the Sis Will bring good
luck to all signers to show their good
Recipients of Owens red plastic
disk have also achieved remarkable euc-
ceae, including recovering from termin-
al cancer, according to the PK man.
One of Ted Owens healing acta, re-
lated by Otto Binder in the September,
1970, issue of SAGA, concerns a young
Washington, D.c., girl. Sbe received a
~ l fracture ater being beaten by a
gang. Doctors gave her only hours to live.
O'Wens, however, went to her and the girl
recovered, much to the astonishment o:f
the doctors .
Owens send a telegram to the CIA on
October 26, 1965, warning that a terrible
ca tae trophe would oc,our within ten days.
November 9th was the date of the big
northeastern blackout.
On March 10, 1966. Ted Owens pred-
icted that the six-year long drought 1n
the Northwestern states would come to an
end with phenomenal rainfall "in the
days, weeks and months to comen. In the
spring of 1967 his prediction came true.
In May, 1966, LBJ was warned by Ted
Owell.8 that "a man is planning to load a
small plane w1th high-explosives, and
send the plane, kamikaze style, into the
Wbi te House or the Johnson Ranch,.. Owens
also etated be believed the man was an
ex-Axmy flier. The following l-iay a former
Air Force pilot was arrested for threat-
ening to crash. into the Wbi te Rouse ..
Owens' most impressive prediction to
my thinkjng was hie June, 1967, prediction
of three simultaneous hurricanes. In Sept-
ember hurricanes Beulah. Chleo and Doris
filled that It should be noted
that there have only been four simultaneous
einoe 1886.
On March 4, 1968, Owens predicted
or ore highly-placed US government ot!ic-
iale" would be aeaassina.ted. Within three
months both Robert Kennedy and Martin Lut-
her King were shot and killed.
Finally, on July JO, 1969, 0 ens
wrote President warning hi that Cu-
bans were planning to kidnap the president
from his Key Biscayne, florida residence.
He told Nixon they would strike by water
at night wit h fast boats. Not four weeks
later a plan was uncovered that Cubans ere
planning to atudy Nixona mo ements at hi
Florida home using eouba divers in a mis-
sion "Presidential aecurityn.
Owens a aye be s accurate w1 th hie pred-
iotione and admits there are some mieees.
A letter published in SAUCER NEWS #74
(Spring-Summer, 1969) puzzles e. In tbi
letter, written by Ted Owena
h states he
met one of the men in black \MIB) and the
MIB turned out to be one of the Sis. The
an, dressed in a black suit, asked Owens
if he could help Owens with his grocery
bags. Owens found himself mecbanioally eay-
1ng9 "Sur When asked if he as from
India, due to hie dark oomplex1on
the MIB
said yea. When they reached Owens house
the MIB gave Owens the "code phrase''
which identified the MIB as an Sia. Owens
croseed the street and when he looked back
be !oun4 the man bad vanished@ Bow ie
right, Binder or Owens?
-Kurt Glemeer
By 'Ted Owens
Suppose a man came to you and said
that an earthquake would strike the Cal-
ifornia coast in a few days and the very
next day a big earthquake on the Calif-
ornia coast is reported in all the papers.
Then the man comes to you again and
says that in two weeks time, by Halloween
(1966-KG), he will try to cause a UFO to
be seen and reported in the newspapers.
And sure enough, on Hallo\reen night a UFO
is seen by numerous in Camden,
N.J., headed for Philadelphia (where the
man making these predictions then lived)
and 1 t is written up in the ne..,Tspapers,
just as the man said it would be.
The same man comes to you and says
that in the days ahead an early hurri-
; cane will appear off Florida and 5 days
later Hurricane Alma appears and bite
Florida, the earliest hurricane in hist-
ory to do s o.
When Hurricane Inez is born, this man
comes to you and tells you that, contrary
to what the Weather Bureau says, Inez wi ll
turn right at Cuba and go to the us. It
does. Then, contrary to what the Weather
Bureau says, the man says the hurricane
will back up and take tbe eame track Hur-
ricane Betsy took last year, which Inez

The man comes to you and eaye in the
near future President Johnson will have a
breakdown in health. In 120 days an unexp-
ected public announcement ie made that
Johnson have to have surgery.
Tbie same fellow then says that an at-
tack on our warships by the enemJ in Viet-
nam ie imminent. A':ild sure enough two days
later North Vietnamese torpedo boats strike
with a sneak attack at our aircraft car-
You are told ':that within just day a a
UFO will be seen flying over Philadelphia.
In six days the now famous "Fireball Over
The East Coast" is written up in natio1'181
magazines and in a11 the papers.
Then he comes to you and says tbat i.n
the near future the U.s. \dll euf!,er a nav-
al catastrophe involving aircraft
or submarines. Within 120 days the US air-
craft carrier Oriskany burns; the US nucle-
ar sub Nautilus craehee into the US aircr-
aft carrier Essex; altogether there are 10
U.S. involVing aircraft car-
riers and U.S. submarines within this per-
iod of time.
But all these miraculous predictions
are nothing ne to yout because this ame
man has been doing this same thing for
Over 200 suoceee!ul prediction a_l
involving major events.
You would like to try and pooh-poob
all this, but you cannot, bece.uee you k:no
the man has given you the predictions in
writing ahead o! the e ente and you
that he has also furnished various go r.n-
ment agencies and ecientiets the ame
information, always ahead of the event.
I am the man making these pr dictions .
The how and what of it all ia quite a long
and involved account and will be put into
here for the first time.
As you lDight have gueeeed lJIPO 1ntel-
11genoea were beblnd all of these predict-
ions, plus over 200 others like them. What
you might not bave guessed 1e that the uro
intelligences caused all these things to
How It All Started
Let's get one thing absolutely stra-
ight. I am not a noontacteeu in the often
thought of way. In the beginning, several
years ago, I was.
It all began somehow in Fort Worth,
Texas, where I had sorted out a group of
three super-ESP people (one of them a
doctor) who were quite advanced in clair-
voyance and telepathy. I systematically
used hypnotism with them, endeavoring to
send their minds to seek out UFOs and est-
ablish mental contacts.
This they did with considerable aue-
ceae but that is another story. At that
time I lived with my tiny daughter Lornie,
age eight. One particular evening I was
out driving along a lonely road in the
Texas countryside, with my daughter in
the seat next to me, juet after dark.
Suddenly she said, "Daddy, l ook. What is
that1" and -pointed out my driver's window
to the left of our car.
I took one look and immediately pul-
led over to the side of the road and par-
ked. There coming across a field towards
us, about 500 feet away, was a cigar-
shaped object, vivid colours
ing from it. White, blue, red and green
are t e colours l remember strongly now.
It seemed to be floatinB or gliding to-
warda us, making no noise whatsoever. It
came fairly close to our car -- I would
eay to within 50 feet or eo -- then dip-
ped downward and vanished completely. We
had watched it for about two inutee, 1
Only The Beginning
After that evening, etrange tb1ngs
began to happen. Ideas began to come to m
in a tlood. Pirst these ideas helped me to
write a book about healing people. Then,
as the years passed, sometbin8 seemed to
give me intelligence about national and
international events which came to paea. I
thought at first that I had somehow tapped
the intelligence be bind Nature. I worked
with this intelligence, what ver it ae,
and literally accomplished racles ith
it, but that too is anothef t o r y ~
Finally I brought y family to a h-
ington, D.c., to place all this informa-
ion at the service of the United States
government. But they couldn't em to
grasp what on earth it was I as doing, or
bad. One eventng w1 th the id (I had 1
eon ith me then too) tbe int lligenee
oame to me stronger than ever. It told me
to give a man 1 knew in the CIA a eseage
that it would do something at the north or
south pole which would chang tbe e1ectro-
magnetic field there, and would ake th
newspapers. They said that when this p-
pened it would be absolute proo of my
contact with these h n unkno 1 t llig-
enoee. Weeks passed and nothing happen d.
live months passed, then there it as. The
South Pole UFO that parked over th two
scientific expeditions, making sure 1t was
photographed, altered the electromagnetic
equipment at the baeie involved. Thie was,
o.t course, widely reported on in the news-
After this I knew what my contacts
were -- UPOs. Shortly after that happened,
I received a different sort of intelligen-
ce !rom them, again vbile seated at the
dining table with my two children. I will
type it here exactly sa it was given to
Intelligence From A Far Communicate
First a triangle and rectangle popped
into my mind, then the letters A, Band c.
I realized that bad never happened before
and that the UFOs must be contacting me.
So I auahed the kids, grapped a pencil and
paper and began making notes. The follow-
ing is what came through at 10 p.m. on
February 6, 1965:
"Can't come. Later we'll go find them
and blot out. tt (Here they were talking
about some satellites the government had
sent up which the kids and I had been
talking about just before the interrupt-
"When can we meet? We know you. We
are friends. Tonight is late for us. Power
low. Keep open mind. We will be back with
you. Your needs will be met. A study ie
being made of how to bring this about.
Why are your people crazy? Your earth is
disorganized. We would like to help organ-
ize it. We did once before, long ago in
your time. People wore robes, as you call
them, then, and wore beards. hair on tbeir
Question: "Can you give me an instru-
ment, like a pencil that would do something
unusual, that I could use to convince our
government of your reality?
Answer by Saucer Intelligences: nyou
could not use what you call a pencil, but
1 t is a good idea and we will send you __
tool for the purpose. You will kno t repe-_
at, know JOU have talked W1 th us tonight
We will arrange in the next few days to be
eeen by your people and by that ethod you
will know we are m&king a eignal for you.
Count the number ot different plac e e
re seen and this ill be th number of
daJa before we are able to contact you ag-
ain. A magnetic condition ea it hard !or
us to get through to you at all ti es You
have a question?"
"Yea, I need oney, say to buy a and go aero a country
to meet you. This 1s monet (holding up a
bill I bad in my pocket).
Answer by Saucer Intelligences: "Yes,
we kno money, but do not use it. (They
converse among themselves). Can you use
dia onds?"
I 1m ediately answered that these
could be used to obtain the needed cash.
They replied that where they c e fro
they had lota of diamonds.
My suggestion wae that they o er
me and drop the diamonds. Their r ply was
ae followe: "We wll think of it. If e do
we will include ttie tool you need to prove
to JOur people t here muet be no people-war
on earth with ato io weapons."
To this I responded that I have tried
but to no use. Their answer ae a fitting:
"Yes, we did not think. Goodbye now,
So concluded their contact ot
ary 6, 1965. One month, to the very day,
the1 again saw fit to commnnicate th e
this ti e with the following trade of

Saucer Intelligences: "We bae a plan.
Please turn that machine off. (The kids
and I were listening to the radio. I swit-
ched it off.) Can't get through very food,
very well. Do you have a car machine?
Answer: "Yes but it will not work.
it'e broken. Thatls why I need money.
Saucer Intelligence : " e are going
to take care of that - money. Do not or-
ry about it. You will be richer than any-
one in your country before long. (This is
one of the things that baa not come to
pasa. In fact if anything 1 have been very
much without money since that time.) We
ant to see you, talk to you. Can come
Answer: "Yea, in my back yard. 111
lat you in.n
Saucer Intelligences: you be al-
Answer: ''Yea, I' 11 have my family up-
Saucer Intelligence: rtWo harm will
come to us'?"
Answer: RNo. Absolutely no. Lower
your flying machine near my back door and
step onto m1 back porch. Knock loudly on
the door. I'll let you in and we can com-
municate. I am very pleased and to
meet you."
Saucer Intelligences: 'Yea, We have
what you need to convince your crazy peop-
le your government that we exist and
can control your world. You can use it. It
will be yours to keep.
I somehow managed to blurt out a
thank you.
Saucer Intelligence: "You need a car,
so -tba t you can go far away. We will try
to get you one.
My child is sick. (My
baby, little Eeau, had just come down
with a terrible attack of red spots and
high fever, diagnosed as German Measles).
Also a girl, our friend., is in a hospital
{thia was a girl written up in the news-
papers as given up as dying by the doe-
tors, that I had been permitted, under
police guard, to go visit her hospital
room and use the myeterio118 healing ethod
that bad "come to me" in :Port Worth years
before) will you heal them? (The baby got
well almost instantly. The girl, previou -
ly given up for dead. because of a crushed
skull began to recover and i now living
in West
Saucer Intelligence: '"We will, in-
deed, heal them. orry not. Listen eare-
!ully, no tim to be lost. Your peopl
muat pay attention to you li.!ld -1st D
you, else we ust destroJ oet of th
earth's peoples, to begin all o er sin.
Qu s ion: ttYau ea.n hat i happening
now has happened betor ?"
Saucer ti eseb
Question: tt ell are ou oo ing to
Saucer Inteliigence: "Toni t ill
try. Plash your light u.pwara ( flash-
light) eYery hour as long a you can.
Que tion: "Can you locate fro
signals !rom my brein?"
Saucer e can.
I then told them that I ould n1 a e
a light on eo you can se " Io tbie t ey
replied: o turn it off so e --1 not
be aeen by other This is 1
Question: "Where are !ro ?
Saucer Intelligence: So e Jupiter,
others other places. Even from 1naide th1
earth. Goodbye
Several hours later they contacted e
again, that salle eveniDg. This t1 e their
message was:
Saucer Intelligence: "Do not go away,
far Vietnam (I was trying to do so at
the time, through the government). Your
people wil.l try to kill you. e need you
alive. Listen carefully, there are otbers
like us, against us , who could cause you
harm. Be careful ot your li!e, of your
ehell. It has #aken us ages, in JOur time,
to !fnd a shell (means e human body) like
you who can communicate w1 th us. We do not
want to lose you. But remember that you
are every in great danger fro
"themu who use shellbodies .. They look like
and seem like real people but they are
Question: "Can you end the war in
Vietnam and help my country , the United
States, to healthy and again?
( 'By "great" I didn
t mean money and power
but doing away with murders , gang ars,
teenage violence, wholesale corruption in
high and low placee a return to
moral this country once had.)"
Saucer "We oan and we
111. But, you must not go there (Viet-
nam). Instead go to Hong Kong or Japan as
a tourist. Go by ebip. Ve can
contact you on the ship. We will
defeat your enemies for JOU in Vietnam
and bring peace. We will help your count-
ry. :But your country must help you for
you are our instrument. Doe not your
people approach certain fish to communi-
cate with fish? (They flashed a picture
of people training dolphins.) We do like-
wise. We go now to try to approach you.
Be ready for ue.K
I immediately told them I would be.
But they never came, and I wae moat
disappointed. However. fro the happenings
at the South Pole I knew that it waa not
imagination. Our money got short and Lornie
and Rick, my ~ teenagers, went off to
California at the inVitation ot my ex- ife.
who offered to see that they got into col-
lege. This was agaiuet my wishes but the
kide wanted to go, so I let them. And we
moved to Philadelphia. Then things began
to happen rast.
Ueed Aa A Tool Of The Sis
Here the UPO intelligence went much
farther then the "'contacteen stage. They
trained me. They gave me the tool with
which to prove, without a doubt, to the
U.S. government agencies, that they wer
real. What I a.m, instead of a contactee,
is the only human representative of th
Saucer Intelligence on tbie earth, able to
receive intelligence from these people
and transmit 1 t to humane .,
In Philadelphia the Saucer Intelli-
gence told me to write the papers and say
that I ould make 1 t storm. I did so, nam-
ing the dates. and the7 turned loose some
fine storms (this during the height of the
drought). The papers wrote this up and I
was asked to appear on a big radio sho :in
Philadelphia. The night before I was to
go on radio "theJ" contacted me, directed
me to & YMCA typewriter and bad me type
out a message from them to the United
States. They told e to take it to the
radio show and they would ee that the
message got to the people. I typed it,and
next day went to the radio station. Since
that time I have been amazing a great
many people, 1nelud1ng radio commentato a,
scientists and assuredly the U.S. govern-
ent contacts, with predictions of nation-
al and international events which came to
pase , and even more amazing when UPOe
would be seen and vritten up in the pap-
er Of course the Saucer Intelligence
gave me all the information. In these
predictione the Sis have demonstrated
their tre endou powers, including the
changing ot weather conditions all over
the u.s., the guiding of hurricanes, the
making of hurricanes and many other un-
believable thjnga. They would tell me to
write to my contact and they would cause
a earthquake within days or
eeke and enough, California had sev-
eral big ones.
M:y Trip To 'Washington
I went to Washington, D.c., in 1965
where 1 had come all the way from Calif-
ornia to present a gift they could not
buy with all the gold in the u.s. mint.
Now I bad been writing the government for
almost a year and they knew I had some-
thing tremendous because eo many of the
major events I had predicted in advance
bad come to pass.
I spent hours with George Clark ot
th Central In'ielligence Agency. My two
children, Lornie and Rick, ere w1 th me
there to attest to many of the unbeliev-
able thinge that had occured. Mr.Clark was
a fine and intelligent man and paid the
closest attention. Another time at the CIA
I was interviewed by a Mr.Dunn.
At HASA I spent hours with Mr.East-
wood, of Inventions, because much ot the

proof the Saucer Intelligence have been
giVing me involved NASA. Butt they refused
to take action or act on what I bad told
tbem. I was offering to place these tre -
endoue powers in the hands o! the U.S.
So meeting my defeat in asbington, I
headed !or Philadelphia. Here the Saucer
Intelligence gave me a plan, which I ment-
ioned just before, of making it storm. The
Phil delphi Bulletin printed the story
and alter that I appeared on the Jack
McK:inney "Night Talk" radio show heard on
WCAU. Por four hours I was grilled by Mr.
McKinney and his assistant, who attempted
to !ind a major flaw in 1 ork. They
couldnt. They even called one of several
w1 tnesses to my predictions s.nd had him
verify what I was saying right on the pro-
Several days later I wae asked to ap-
pear on the Ed Harvey "Talk of Philadel-
phia radio show, again on WOAU, and wae
asked to make it storm tben,just three
days away. The weather ae quite clear
when they called and ask d. I said 1
would try and signalled the Saucer Intel-
ligence and the day I appeared on the
eho Philadelphia was nearly ripped apart
by thunder, rain and lightning!
Still, unbelievable nothing came o
all this. A full year later I waa invited
on the ehow again, this t1 e to atteet to
the amazing aocuraoy of my predictiona.
But atill no word from the Unit 4 States
govern nt would be forthcoming.
Yet any more strange and "out of
tbie orld" experiences were about to
happen which would prove the Saucer Intel-
ligence were with me.
Another Assignment
Meanwhile the Saucer Intelligence had
given me another assignment. They bad
found a way to get through to me and they
wanted to get through to other humane. So
they told me to put an advertisement in
FATE re their existence and
people answering the ad would be made a
ring by myself. When I sent the ring to
a particular person they would trace it
and perhaps contact them. I, who bad never
made anything in my life, found myself
making rings in a ceramic

I wasn't how to do this , I
just suddenly knew how instantly. As far
as I know no other rings have been made
like this, 1n this with these mater-
ials. And it is interesting that the
Saucer Intelligence had me put a certain
design on the rings. recently, long
after I began sending rings out, a UFO
was observed by poliee officers to rise
out or some woods, and the officers
found a car on that spot, loaded with
radio equipment and with my sBJDe deeign
painted on the door of that The only
deviation was that my ring design hao a
UlO with lightning beneath it and the
car door was painted e triangle With
the lightning bolt it. Since I
have been selling theee rings one lady
in Connecticut, a doctor, has bad just
seen UFOe recently appearing in her area
so evidently the Saucer Intelligence- are
following up with whatever they are do-
What The Saucer ]ntelligence Want
Now let's get down to business. What
ie thia all about? Here 1s exactly what
the Saucer Intelligence want, what I told
the u.s. government long ago, what I told
Jack McKinney on hie radio show. They are
tryins to put the world in balance by can-
celling out ware, hate, killing, upset
weather conditione, drought, !amine
They can do all hese things easily.. But
first they want a base to work from and
they chose the United States. The hitch is
they not allow them elves or their p-
paratus t o f a ll into the hands of humans,
who are already destroying each other fast
enough. They do not trust government offi-
cials, scientists, or military men. Unfort-
unately, since these are about the only
three categories. that are listened to or
who have e.ny "st andingn the Saucer In-tel-
ligence have a problem on their hands.
!hey abs olutely muat meet with the Presi-
dent and top but there 1a only
one way this can be arranged, according
to the Sis. Thie ie the plan they sent me
with to the government.
The U.S. would send me to Europe with
one Special Forces man who would be my
bodyguard and Witness. I ould be guided
by the Sle to select an old deserted
castle in an isolated location. I ould
live there for one year. Som time during
that time the Saucer Intelligence would
appear to me for a face to face meeting
and arrange a way to meet ith the Pres i-
dent. They ould give me materials as
proof. And the Special Poroee man ould
be ri6ht w1 th me a a a w1 tnese. W'hy a year?
It would be difficult tor agente of the
United States (or some other power) to
keep a trap set tor one year and attempt
to snare a cratt.
But when I talked to the "powers that
be in Washington they would not consider
this. So the Saucer Intelligence have
tried an alternate plan. They dont have
money, have no uee for it. therefor can't
furnieb me with it. They want me to find a
comfortable in an isolated or semi-
isolated location and live there for a
year, during vhich time they definitely
111 appear to me. But money 1e the key.
Money to purehaee a car, secure the house,
to buy food and necaeeitiee for a year,
here to g t thie from? I have done some
and it would take about 15,000 to
do what "they" want, in their way and time
Time No More
The Saucer Intelligence warn that time
is growin8 short. That only they can stop
our inexorable approaoh to a nuclear war
vith the resulting death of countless hu-
mane and the certainty of the United Statee
betng destroyed forever.
to tbem we probably have
only a year or two at maximum to avoid
being destroyed. Ro t1 e for years of
investigation" by teams of scientists who
can only get there after the UPOs are gone
and perhaps diecover, if you are lucky,
that there really was a UPO there.
I have the immediate answer, not only
for our goTernaent but for the entire
world. But no takers it seems. It is ut-
terly laughable. Millions or rather billi-
on down the dratil to kill in Vietnam,
billions down the drain to foreign count-
ries that hate us, billions down th
to eet up great society programe and 1
can't get the few thoQsand from them to
eet with the Sis to av the U.S. th n
tbe orld !ro the selves.
Proof Of Contacts
Now let m skow you o e proof of t
I have been saying. Por after 11 1 ould-
n't want you to accept anything just be-
cause read it her You can ch ck
into the following for yourself and kno
that what I ha e aaid in the preceeding
pagea bas been absolutely true, sed upon
actual contact ith pilot o flying au-
On March 9, 1965, I wrote to Geor
CIA, and other as !ollo :
Bature* baa told m to in!orm you
that to prove it is ueins me as ita r p-
resentative, it will do o thing thout
my using PK, or knowing any of it& war -
inge. Nature ill, in the near tutur ,
change the North and South Pol th
message came to e, I beli ve it will
heat to af! et both those o
plac e and chenge the magnetic condition
ot the poles. Nature dded that you won't
have to cheek with any bureau on 1t that
the result will be atrong nough to ...
the newspapers where you c re d abou
it ...
*It this time I thought NatUre iteelf wa
in contact wi tb: me, not mowing 1 t had
anything to do w:l. th flying aauoer
On July 8, 1965, approximately four
months later, the newspapers were filled
with the account of a UPO which parked in
the air over two ac1entif1e expeditions
at the South Pole, allowed itself to be
photographed and it changed the electro-
magnetic apparatus at the scientific baees
Also note that during my stay in
Washington, D.C., while I was tsk1Dg my
message from the Sis to the government
ther was a tremendous appearance of UPOe
in the Washington, D.C., and surrounding
On July 21, 1965, ! wrote to my gov-
ernment agencies and acientific contacts
tb.e followingt
''The SI stat that they will begin
an attack campaign on the United States
with lightning. Lightning attacks every-
where. Tb. re Will be an unusual abundance
of ligb.tniDg bolts striking everywhere,
everything aoon. Aleo my friends say that
they ill appear over one of our major
U.S. cities soon. in one of their fl71ng
machines. They won't name the city, !or
ecurity reasons -- theirs."
On July )1, 1965, th
reported UPO eightinge not only
this country but tbe worle, moat numerous
sightinge inee 1957.
On August 4th thousands of pereonB
watched UPOa over Oklahoma City across
the nation' mi.dlande and the Southwest.
The article stated it the fourth con-
secutive day of UFO aigbt1ngs.
As for my lightning prediction here
ia the list or freak events which the Sia
clai they caused:
July JO three U.S. Marines in Viet-
nam were hit With a bolt of lightning.
August 9 two golfers in Louisville,
Ga., were hit by bolts of lightning.
August 17 a bolt of lightning hit a
stockpile of in Auburn, Califor-
nia, killing tbr:ee men.
August 19 Aabert FAgeia of White
Ba ven, Pa. , aEi hit by a bolt of ligll tning
on tb.e beach.
August 19 a boy scout as hit by a
bolt of lightning in Stokes State ore t,
Branchvill , New Jersey.
August 19 "Old Solo", one of the old-
eat and largest living thiD&e on the fac
of the earth, a redwood tre i!l
Porterville, Cal., raa atruc by lightning
in such a vay the fire could not be pu
But perhaps the moat azing fr
lightning e ent on iugust 4th at
Cape Kennedy. One man as killed and .iv
injured when a bo1t o! lightning atruc a
rocket pad then under ccn truction.
So you see when the Saucer Int 111-
gence de onotrate, theJ de onstrat And
they call their shot beforehand, using
humen- me.
Need more proof? On August 6t 1965,
I wrote to the usual contacts as follow :
llow I will let you in on cmetbing.
Am calling fleets of UPOs h re. To Phila-
delphia trom everywhere. Trouble ia I do
not know what they can do to prare to "thee
people here that I'm for real. , but I ill
think of something. Believe they are here
already because I eent tne tbis aft-
ernoon. With that power, whatever
kind it is that they haTe and it seems
to be miraculous, judging from what they've
acoompliehed this past 7ear, the1 should
do something startling. Am trying to con-
vey the 14ea to them of coming right over
the ei ty and ,lovering. They g1 ve me the
idea back th i ve might have some kind o!
rays like tb , have, or whatever it ia
they have, hurt them or something. So
that they are reticent to do this. So I am
trying to tell them we haven't any eucb
thing, and it's safe. I want to bring one
do n right over Market Street and have it
hover there tor 20 minutes. What else
tbey'll 4o on their own is an,body*s
January 12, some five months later
(evidently theJ waited eo the government
wouldn't set a trap) they appeared at the
ana que Reservoir, near here , and were
atched by police, the ayor, the Civil
Defense director and oountleas ae
they staJed all night in the area, maneuv-
-ring ith their craft and they sho ed
their r t fh 1 abined it down onto the
ice and the polio and others who went to
the pot found a larg bole burned
the thioi.: ice.
On April 19, 1966, I wrote my conta-
"When yo read the UFO seen in
Philadelphia, in the d ys or weeks ahead
you will know who it 1 linldn.g up i th. "
Only six days 1 ter, the famous
"Fireball" flashed o er the East Coast and
ov r Neweclippinga have read
"Fl ins Meteor Seen Over Philadelphia"
and it wa. vri tten up in national maga-
zinee and debated upon whether it waa a
UJO or an actual meteor.
Whx TheY Contacted Me
Aa I haTe gotten 1t from
them" rat-
her epottily, they bad worked with me
since early childhood, attempting to get
through to me. Ae I grew up, they kept try-
ing. I worked for Dr.Rbine at DUke Univer-
sity in the ESP experimentation there and
was found to be loaded with paranormal
ability in the lab there. But the Sis
still hadn't gotten through to It
seems have been a combination of th
close approach of their UPO to our car in
Fort Worth and then my work in the fi 1d
of hypnosis in Fort Worth. Then my wor in
allied fields finally made it poesible for
them to get through to e.
I might add at this DOint that years
ago I did quite a bit of w dering myself
over desert and mountaint e en aeroes .exi-
can desert where I am sure they must have
contacted me. I recall now several instan-
ces when I was alone on a mountain top or
on a desert, under th stare wrapp d in
blanket, when various
oddn things
You may be interested to know y if
and I have bad a small circle of epinning
vivid-colored light (m&ny colour ) in our
apartment in Fhiladelpbia. e wok up on
night and there it was su pended o erhead
in our room. We were not dreaming. e at-
ched it, faectnruted, until it went away.
Then ehe and I saw some etrange things,
separately, in our apartment. And just a
few ago, a.t tbie llrl ting, ebe
went out onto the fire eeoape outside our
windowe for a breath of fresh air and
something alive, about two feet long or
high, dropped down from onto the
!ire escape not more than three teet from
her and just crouched there. She daehed
inside, scared to death., She eaw 1 t !all,
beard the thump ae it landed, and watched
it for a. split seoond as it crouched
there, only moving elightly
then ran for
~ d e r life.
Also we have gotten what looks like
long insect-like antennae on our TV screen
many timee. Theee twitching antennae move
with life-like ovementa. Also some other
odd things have appeared on there too. We
are fairly certain thie muet be another
way for the Sauc r Intelligence to let us
both know they are watching over ua.
Sent through Ted H. Owens
Ve are happy that we are able to
reach the ears o! hnwan beings after try-
ing for long apacea of tie. Thie human
who 1 talking tor ua. ve have been teach-
ing for years in your time, and now he
knows much and will know much more. Be
can do much. You muat listen to hi care-
fully and protect him !or if you lose him
you lose your lihk with us and it is not
known for how long it may be until we
find another human who can receive our
thoughts and send intelligence back. It
would be ae if you were trying ~ teach
your earth animals bow to talk and sudden-
ly you found one who could actually con-
verse with you and through this one animal
you bad an opportunity to discover secrete
of the animal kingdom. Through us you ba e
the opportunity to discover the secrets of
space, of far away places. of advanced
technology, but better still you have the
opportunity of surviving, for as a race
you are utterly doomed now, as you are
flying ( tbia ie their exact word). Many
civilizatioue before you have ao doomed
themselves! and destroyed themselves, and
we were he pleas to give them aseietano
and advice and powerful aid. Now for the
first time in long space ages we are able,
through a human' a seneee, to come to the
aid of a good civilization and help it to
survi 'Ve. But we can only do so if you
listen and pay attention.
We are cauaill8 severe drought wi tb
our machines in your skies eo that we can
t ach you a baaic lea on wbioh is that our
1 far superior to that of
earth 1ntell1genoe. We can control earth
people becaua ve can control what you
call veath r. When, and not before, our
earth human baa been accepted by your gov-
ernment and put to good use, then and only
then will we release the drought condit-
ion nd let rainfall come in abundanoe
down onto your thirsty earth. Ve Will also
add pe tilanee and sieknese and what you
oall accidents; we will follow the atruct-
ur o! vente which we used in the day of
th human you know ae Mo e , as he strove
again t the ruler ot the great country oal-
led Egypt. Ae we helped Moees in that day,
o shall we help the human friend we know
no a a Ted Owens. It may pl ase him to
thi.nk that h i the "Rain Maker", o!
ooure , ake th rain for hi , but what
1 the di!!e ence? So that you people ot
th earth Will believe this message we
end to Jou, and we do not expect you to
beli ve it unless ve aho proot, listen
!'rom now on, in time ahead, we will
lift the drought tor a little and let it
rain where it 1 needed. Then, lest you
think that it ie a perebanc
e will
drop the once more with our maeh-
Lnea and let th rays of the aun penet-
rate the bowel ot the earth and dry up
your ri Yera, your lake
your plant ,
until you accept our human as our repres-
After you aocept him, w bave much
work for htm to do, for e do not ep ak
your l8D8U4ge, nor do lte know too much
we should, about your j_nner world.nga. 1 t
is through thi huln8.U that we can learn;
and 1 t ie tbrougb us that you can learn.
Even now we send the meaning of our tho-
ughts to him and his brain translates
through pictures and feelings into your
Englis h. It is good.
Beware lest ou take too long to ac-
cept our human friend, for then we must
strike a hard blow at the country which
spume him, to punish your country ae you
would punish a child which persists in
mi s behaving. After your country has ocept-
ed our link and we are able to proceed in
keeping earth humans from t he time old
habit of erasing t hems elves as civilizat-
i ons, we will make your earth a wonderful
place , the way it should be . We have no
wi s b t o rul e you, or dictate you. We only
wi sh , as f r i ends , t o n o ~ you and teach
you and let you be happy. We are not flesh
and bl ood such as you. Our compositi on is
t hat of your graashoppert eo that our bod-
i es will compress and erpand with space
work. We have no blood but differ nt chem-
i cals inside ourselves. We are small, but
have t he ability to reverse our body alect-
r1c1ly at will and this gives us strength
to move and to carry great burdens; makes
us very strong. Language difficulty makes
it difficult for us to send a stream or
highly technical information through our
human friend for translation, since he
i s not a sci entist, and must therefore
translate as he understands. But !or a
beg1n.n1Jl8 1 t ie good.
And may we ask you please be careful
not to pursue our crafts in your curiosity,
not to att ack us with your weapons, simply
because we are not like yourselves. When
our human friend is in an area, please do
not have planes overhead because you do
not know it but we will have our craft
there as well@ We have methode that make
our ship eo that your earth eyes cannot
see the, a't ~ i m e a You ask 1! there is
a.nythi%18 else, earth friend. Just that we
are haPP1 and excited for you and your
people and tor us. Be patient and be care-
ful for we cannot risk losing our human
friend-link. That is all.
The Philadelphia Daily News
September 1968
For awhile Ted Owens was content to
cause rainstorms where there bad been no
rain for six years. He did work up that
mystifying power blackout in 1967, when
he snuffed out the light for the entire
East Coast. Everybody grumbled about that,
but nobody came clamoring after Owens with
fistfulla of dollara to buy his cloud-bur-
sting, light-snuffing services. Tbat'e
when he turned to the Eagles.
"I had been to Washington,
explained the other day. ti had talked to
.NASA and the CIA. I tried to get them to
use this power. They didn't understand it.
"I came up here and had spent all my
money, I had to get a job, I started mak-
ing rainstorms, writing in ahead. They
only came when I said they would.
"In Washington I had controlled foot-
ball gamee over TV. I'd bet on a game and
even take odds. I could take tbe
Steelere to beat the Packers, with no odds.
And the Steelers would beat the Packers.
"The Sle, that's Space Intelligence,
urged me to get in touch with the Eagles.
I wanted them to hire me as a special
consultant . I would help them become champ-
ions. With the money they paid me I could
go out to an isolated spot and arrange
face-to-faoe contact with tbe Sis with top
government figures.n
The Eagles did just what any sane,
healthy football organization would do.
T'hey ignored Owens. Shazam. Dave Graham
wrecked b:is ankle. Lane Bowell ripped a
knee, Mike Diti:a injured leg; Gary Ball-
an, hamstring} ll Belson. broken arm;
Ron Medved, torn knee; 'Bob Brown, who had
to be 9 to 5 over a grisely bear, out
rl th a knee ehredded by some ordinary hu-
man. Or was it?
Sports 1a a supe !1 oial
Owens adi tted, ''but 1 t
s an excellent we."Y
to de onetrate the Sis power over a small
group o! en.
I don' t hear voic e. Their communi-
catiana e come just as you'd get an
idea tor a column. Pow. I used to write
them down. I don't haTe to now. It's a
feeling like hearing a musieal note. It's
bard to describe. The woods are full of
peopl.e who hear voices from outer space.
So are the ental hospitals.
But Owe e bas a background in science
and a ba ty way of talking that is raspy
with eineerity, And besides, look has
happened to the Eaglee this season.
Piret off, Norm Snead broke his leg
wit nobody near him. Bobody the eye
could ee. anyway. Then all those guys
got hurt against Mi 1, an .AFL te that'
fluffier than popcorn. Then 24 guys got
eiok before the Green Bay game. And in
very instance, OWens had written a let-
ter th veek of the game forecasting the
disaster. The scientist would scoff. Pure
ooineidence. On 8.D1 given Sunday, any
giv n n ber of guys are going to get
I worting 'W1. th a edium 1 never
orked With in 7 11'fe t" he said. ur can
ask thea to bring about certain results.
Before the Miami ga.111e I igbt aek them to
get as many players out of action and
they knocked out eight.
"I had tbe feeling early Sunday
they were gonna Win that game. I knew
the PK had to be hiked up, I contacted
tb.e Sis and told them tbe problem. They
said they would send a UFO over the field
and control tne
Written by Stan Hochman
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