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REPAIR AND REPLACEMENT SECTION 5 GENERAL ‘The procedures and methods presented in this section are not the only methods which may be employed, but represent Generally the simples: effective step-by-step repair pro- cedures available to the maintenance personnel. Also Tocated in this Section is a Trouble shooting Guide which as been compiled to assist maintenance personnel shen attempting to diagnose equipment malfunctions. Information of special interest to repair personnel may be found in the general statenents of this section. STRUCTURAL REPATR: Colum side plates are 1" thick and are made from N~20 BET. ‘The Boom Main Pipes are 5" X-HVY. (5.563 0.D.) X .375 wall thickness and are made from A~36 or equal. The Boom Dia- gonal Pipes are 3" Sta. X .216 wall thickness and are made from Ar36 or equal. 4, Before proceeding with any structural repairs and/ or replacenents, be assured that there is no load on the crane and that the power to the crana has been disconnected. b. ‘The boom should be supported in either the boom nests or temporary, supports. c. If the crane is certified, no repairs and/or replace- ments should be undertaken without prior approval fron the certifying authority and should be witnessed by an attending surveyor. 4, tf emergency repairs and/or replacements are necess~ ary, the certifying authority should be provided with with a detailed description of ene extent of the re paiz and/or replacement, materials and procedures used, plus any other pertinant data, at tha earliest possible time. Arrangenents should also he made for an inspection by the certifying authority's represent- ative. 4{.Marathon LeTourneau Company