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An interesting story

An interesting story about expression is going to at gernal

forum. The two replies
(para No. 25 and 26) are about prononciation. 1st read the original thread :
Para No. 1
Xparaishan iz mach importent wan dan disignait or dait korakt or inkorakt raeting
Di kaontles uniwarsiz hav haiar rial laef in di maend, di hart and di sool of ay
man. Diu to dis rizan man iz ay undiskawaraibal kiriashan. Deez uniwarsiz kan nat
alwaiz xpalin bat day want to hav matirial gamat. Maini of dem abtain to tharo of
exzistens hapnigz ar di difrant sichuaishan ar events. Bat all deez kan nat hav
since xzistens wael day ar in originats dem. Bae chans sam of dam hav abtaind di
maririal garmet. Haouaiwar sam evants and dizairz equip haedz farom adarz
dailibaraitli. Nat gradice to say histari of lav, homisaed of di sikrits dait iz
of samone, its sapaishal dakuments difaktiv laiyar noeingli wid di adarz ewan hiz
lavingz and mor bilavds.
Man wants to hav hiz parominent pozishan in di maririal ward. Hi wants far raspekt
in hiz lokiltiz. Dis thing iz nat posibal widaot sam disownd and adishnal event.
Deez satrangz and sapliments kan rendar dem parominent bitween pipal.
It iz mae strong balivz dait aiviri man haz sam spaishal kowaltiz difrant farom
adarz oneself bat in di lack of bing aibal of xparaishan deez saksided kowaltiz
in adar nat to apear on di barlep of laef hemp. I no di men of handradz dait the
naitiv one kan sapeek to languaij adar ezi dan hiz naitiv languaij. Day hav abiti
mach plaizant one to xpress daiar thinking komunikaiting. Ay shior taem seemz
dait di naitiv one is daiar languaij satriat bat unfarchunatli day kan nat raet
ewan a sigal faraiz in dait languaij, bikaz:
1- Haizitaishan
2- Day think dait iz imposibal so dait abtain di raet ar to xpres tharo pen and
di paipar.
3- Day think dait day kan xpres daiar paraisant thaghts ezi komunikaiting bat
iz nat ezi to so dait it in raeting.
4- Day think dait day hav onli sapiking abilti bat haz nat pawar of raetingz.
5- Day think if day tarae to raet pipal wil laaf of had rong raetingz.
6- Day hav nat sakoling dait languaij.
7- Day think dait to raet it haz need a lat paraiktis.
8- If day hav sam to onli sakoling for di egzaminaishanz kampalsari.
Di satadi on ay languaij iz ay sensativ sentifik and ay jab of ful taem. Larning
ay languaij haz nidid deep intarest and kampleet atenshan of di rilaitiv
principaint. Larning of ay languaij wid forss or far di sirtifikate kan nevar hav
of room in di maend of di relaitiv principaint.
Task dait xparaishan iz mach importent one dan disignait or dait korakt or
inkorakt raeting. If parsan daz nat xpress himself hi wil bikam abnarmal.
Saikandli maini thinkings and xpraraishanz silipd and wil newar hav room on adarz.
It wil bi ay garait las of di humanti. Wich salushan kan bi sojested in dis
faiwar? It iz nat ain aspekt of di dificalt. It haz 2 ezi wayz:
1- One iz nat di english and hi kan sapeek dis languaij fariquintli bat hi kan
nat hav abilti in di raeting. Hi needz no wari, hi kan raet english in hiz naitiv
languaij. Wid hiz raeting ay ho no both di languaijz taransfar it widin english.
Hi haz to onli cainj di ritan one.
2- Di pasan ho noz Hindustani (Urdu+Hindi) kan ezili raet roman Hindustani. If
di languaij of di sabkontinent and jaipanez Hairagana ana kanakata kan bi ritan in
roman sakript wae nat english kan nat raet in Hindustani roman or japnez romaji.

I think nathing iz rong wid deez 2 sensez of di xparaishanz. Shor it wil help in
pasing di xpreshanz and man ho noz to sapeek english will xpress ezi in raeting.
Deez maithards kan bi aplaed all adarz to sapeek abaout languaij. maqsood hasni

Para No. 2...huh? T.I.A

Para No.3 Can you please speak in english? T.I.A
Para No.4 LOL, Could somebody translate that for me .? what language is it
with so many "z"szakirs
Para No.5 someone ban him lolaadil77
Para N0.6 It's English Rebel
Para no.7 ^^yeap its English in a gibberish way...I think he's being a
And to me it sounds like English in the desi accent Light of Heaven

Para No8 The countless universes have higher real life in the mind, the
heart and the soul of a man.
Due to this, man is an indescribable creation.
These universes cannot always explain but they want to have material
(I duno wat gamat is).

Many of them obtain to through? of existence happenings or the different

situations or events....

para No.9 I'm not gunna do it all lool. Light of Heaven

Para No.10 Greetings,

Maqsood Hasni, are you going for the title of "Weirdest Member of the
Forum" or something?

Peace czgibson

Para No11. If someone has gental and sincer logic for the refusal of my
expression. I will respect his point of view. maqsood hasni

Para No.12 So...the point of this thread is...? T.I.A

Para No.13 Enlighten me with a reason why I should keep this thread open, other
than comedy value. Muezzin

Para No.14 Frankly, I see none. If it's comedy, then I must have missed
Light of Heaven

Para No.15 Oh, I get it. It's about phonetic spelling of English words in the
accent of those who speak English as a second or third language (and Urdu/Hindi as
a first language?). Muezzin

Para No.16 omg this thread is confusing mezakirs

Para No.17 I kinda enjoyed reading it the first time around... Light of Heaven

Para No.18 “I actually found this to be very interesting. It does make sense and
who knows perhaps one day work like or similar to this may one day open the doors
of communication to people of all languages. End the barriers caused by different
languages” Woodrow

Para No.19
Thanks Woodrow.
Exectly, you have understood my poinit of view. I want to express
nearly the same thing.
maqsood hasni
“Okay, okay. I am understand you want to intoduce roman english.”
Thanks ardianto
In fact I want to conway that a best test is to understand the matter.

I want to say that hundreds people of the differnt countries have

left their beautiful and
Loving native lands for earn money or sure an other scope expect
reading or writing.
During stay they get ability in speaking and understanding. They have
sensibility, beautiful
thoughts or experiences in different fields. They may write their
ideas in the living
country language. They can make this job in their mother tounge
writing script or this work
can be done in roman english script. Any how, it will be a great job.

If someone does not like to write his experiences or feelings he is

a unsucessful person.
His worthy expeiences will go to the garave with him and nobody will
be obtained awarness
about them. Thoughts and sensibility is not only have worth for the
days going but also
for the comming days.
No doubt, words have a lot value and worth but expression has more
importence in the human
life then the words.
The words are for sayings/convaing some thing to other/others but
expression is over then
the words. Word is a material dress for the thoughts.
The problem of saying is the first then the fixed linguistic setup
of the languages. To convay the
matter it has much much importence in the human life. Listener or
reader does not examine the
words but he will try to understand the matter. If reader understands
the matter surely he has
provided pride to the writer. maqsood hasni
para No.20 “no, I disagree.

why do you need to propagate British colonialism anyway :\ ? it's bad

enough having to deal
with that garbled English speech-no offense-, now they should also
formalize it in writing? =_=

also, the Japanese were defeated/colonized by the West, thus they use
Romaji-note: Romanji is a
common misspelling-, not to mention due to their extreme isolation
for so long their language is too
unique to stand on it's own internationally.

as Asians, we should use Asian script/s, it's a matter of pride and

culture preservation. the same
goes for all peoples.
I mean to say unless under necessity, a language should be preserved-
by it's speakers-at all costs.
it's not simply a form of communication, it shapes understanding as
well as connects a people to
their past thus preserving the basis of their identity.

the idea that writing in garbled English then asking someone to

translate it to standard English is
frankly ridiculous, why not write in your mother tongue then ask the
translator to do his/her job? why
erode your own language even further?

one who speaks English and doesn't know how to write should learn to
write as laziness is no
excuse, otherwise there are many who are proficient in both languages
all around, the person
could ask them for help as they learn to write, problem solved.

see brother, I don't mean to be harsh, your idea is worth looking

into, but it's not so practical I think.
I apologize if I've heart your feelings. (alcurad )
Para No.21 “as Asians, we should use Asian script/s, it's a matter of pride and
culture preservation.”
“why not write in your mother tongue”
“see brother, I don't mean to be harsh, your idea is worth looking
into, but it's not so practical
I think. I apologize if I've heart your feelings.” (alcurad )
Para No.22 Ahbab tovajo farma rahay hain es ehsan kay liay shukar’gozar hoon.
Chand morozaat paish karnay ki jisarat kar raha hoon:
Bahar toor yah baat bawar rehni chahiay:
1- Kisi zoban par yah dawa bandhna kah wo zoban falaan qoon ki hai, darust baat
nahain. Zoban ossi ki hoti hai jo ossay bolta (samjhta/likhta/parhta) hai.
2- Asbiat ka ta’alaq nazriyaat aur aqaed say hai.
3- Lafz zoban bolnay walay ka lehja andaz toor aur mohavra ekhtayar karti hai.
4- Zoban khud mukhtar nahain yah apnay motalaq shakas kay zair-e-farman rehti
5- Es ka rang nasal alaqa qabila libas waghera koe nahain hota.
6- Kisi par apna nazriza os ki zoban main paish karna aur baat os ki samjh main
aa ja’ay bora nahain es kay bagher mael ya qael karna momkinaat main hi nahain.
Asal baat jo mein nay kehna chahi hai wo yah hai:
Bohat saray log baroon-e-molak aqamat rakhtay hain aur woh wahaan ki zoban khoob
khoob bool laitay hain likin lipi say waqef na honay kay sabab os zoban main likh
nahain patay es tara oon ka tajaba gharat ho jata hai. Os
tajarbay/nazriay/khayaal/jazbay waghera ko ossi zoban main rekard main lanay kay
a. Roman khat ka estamal jo mostamal hai kiya ja sakta hai.
b. Es kay liay wo apni madri zoban ko estamal main la sakta hai.
Agar German farnsisi japani chini ya kisi bhi zoban ko apnay madri rasm-ul-khat
main raqam kar laita hai to es main kiya bora hai.
Roman khat main likhna aaj aam se baat, roman main likh laita hai to bhi rekard
main baat aa ja’ay gi.
Hindustani (Udru+Hindi) dunyaan ki dusri bari boli samjhi parhi ya likhi janay
wali aur aawazoon kay hawala say dunyaan ki tamaam zobanoon say bari hai likin yah
bhi her cheez ko os ki asal kay motabaq likhnay say qasasir hai.
Aawazoon ki kaji aur kharabi kay liay insan bahmi tawan ka saboot day to yah masla
, masla nahain rahay ga.
Tamam insan eak hain mofaad parast anasar nay insan ko taqseem kar diya hain. Eak
musalman hai lihaza ossay Arbi main baat karni chahiay.
Arbi Farsi Turki, Urdu waghera zobanain Muusalman nahain hain en main musalmanoon
kay hawala say aqaed nazriyaat musalman hain. Bhagwat Gita, Baebal, Garanth Sahib
waghera say motalaq baat ho gi to wo baat hindu esae sikh ho gi na’kah Arbi Farsi
Turki, Urdu waghera ka dharam hindu esae sikh ho ja’ay ga.
Lafaz ka kalchar os kay maenoon main makhfi hota hai. Lafz jis kalchar say nathi
hota hai ossi ki namaendgi karta aur yah teh’shoda baat hai.
Islami aloom say motalaq mowad kay hawala say angraizi/ urdu/ farsi/ sindhi/
pakhto/ german/ faransisi/ chini/ japani waghera waghera ko Islami zoban
kayoon’kar kehain gay.
Angraizi/urdu/farsi/sindhi/pakhto/german/faransisi/chini waghera main japan say
motalaq (kalchar mosam mahool, halaat waghera) likhi batoon ko japnani zoban kehna
paray ga.
Mairay nazdeek izhaar ko rokna nahain chahiay. Izhaar ka rokna khatar’naak baat
hai. Mairi yah roman hindustani (Urdu+Hindi) main likhi gae tehreer angraizi
nahain likin es ka motala arbi rasam-ul-khat aur dev nagri rasam-ul-khat walay
ba’khobi kar saktay hain. Yahhi nahain woh log jo Hindustani bolnay kay hawala say
jantay hain, bakhobi motala kar sakain gay aur samjh bhi sakain gay.
Hum sab par yah bawar rehna chahiay:
Koe baat haraf-e-aakhir nahain hoti. Maira nazriya haqeq aur zarorat ka motabaq
sahi ho sakta hai. Qate toor par ghalt ho sakta hai ya kisi haad tak theek bhi ho
sakta hai. Janab es main dil’garifta honay wali koe baat hi nahain.
Baat chalti rehni chahiay es say koe na’koe to izhaar kay hawala say farakhi ka
rasta nikal sakay ga.
Aap ki tovajo farmae mairay liay bari hi maneviat rakhti hai.
Allah aap sab ko kush rakhy.

Honesty . . . sensitivity

23. “one who speaks English and doesn't know how to write should learn to write
as laziness is no excuse.” (alcurad )
Hunderds People have left their domestic places for the different countries for
the perpose of earnig money but not to instruct or schooling. They do not have
time and money to instruct. If they join some clesses of language they will come
to lack to fullfil their basic objectives. They do not have worry for reading or
My thread was only a request/sujection for them that they can obtain their
experiences and thoughts when they thus have time as in their choice/easy script.
“He cannot speak English and he use translator machine for translate this article
into English. However, the translator machine didn't worked normally and this
article becomes weird. Maybe because the source is not in latin alphabet.”
Knowinly and just for an experiment I have transmitted to my last thread roman
precedence in roman Hindustani. Thus sucesseded in order to demonstrate my
declaration. Those who do not know Hindustani beside this that they all are not
the English but they will demond for threads in English istead of roman
Hindustani. English is their second language. I think If someone wants to read in
order to understand, sure he will prefer roman english to roman Hindustani.*
Honesty… sensitivity
*Handradz pipal hav left daiar domestik plaisez far di defrant kantris af di ward
far di parpaz af arning moni bat nat to instarakt or sakoling. Day do nat hav taem
and moni to instarakt or sakoling. If day jaen sam kalasz af languij day wil kam
to laiek to fulfil daiar baisik objektivs. Day do nat hav wari far reding ar
raeting. Mae thared waz onli a riquest/sojaishan far dam dait day kan abtain daiar
axpiriansz and tha’ats wen day das hav taem aiz in daiar chaes sakript.
Noeingli and jast fay ay axpairiment Ie hav taransmited to mae thared presidans in
Hidustani insated af inglish. Das saksided to daimonstrat mae diklairaishan. Dose
ho do nat no Hindastani bisaed dis taiat day aal ar nat di inglish bat day will
dimand for tharedz in inglish. Inglish iz daiar saikand languij. Ie think If
samwan wants to read to andarsatand, shuar hi wil pefar roman inglish to roman
Onesti-----------sesitiviti (maqsood hasni)
Para No.24 otherwise there are many who are proficient in both languages all
around, the person could ask them for help as they learn to write, problem solved.
you are skillful but three questions are placed here:
a. To obtain the instructin is a job of full time and has needed much time.
b. How the parties can allow the time with this end in view while both are
there for the gain of money.
c. Who will take pain to teach frankly to someone without material benefits?
maqsood hasni
Para No.25 Malaysians are well known for "romanize" english words.They adapt
english words, but writing it in how it is spoken by the malaysians. very similar
to whats written in the original post. naidamar
And Indonesian are well known for "romanize" dutch words. At least in
automotive.i.e. seher (eng: piston), laher (eng: bearing), noken as (eng:
camshaft), etc. ardianto

Para No.26 prononciation is a sensative and serious edition and it has need of
deep care attention and an interest.
There are five different abilities about the awearness of a language:
Man thinks in his native/streat language. The thinking has required a lot
elements. Without these elements nobody can think. Thinking depends to:
a. Mind should be able of the creavity
b. Concepts about house, streat, Scoiety and world daily work routine
c. Life experiences
d. Manutely that examining the things, men behaviour and attitudes, situations,
atmosphare, seasons, nature, nature of the creations and others then the needs and
deeds to be human being.
e. Study of universe
f. Personal point of view
Best clear and impressive conversation has need of many things. As an example it
a. Knoweldge of the conversation language
b. Speaking organs
c. Helping organs of skeaking ie lungs
d. Knoweldge of speaking language sounds
e. Knoweldge of behind and hiden sounds of alphabet
f. Healthy knoweldge of new words of fabrication
g. Speaker must knows the words, other then new can be constructed
h. Knoweldge of the tones of the words/sounds that may be in streat uses
i. Knoweldge of tones of the words other then in use in the books
j. Knoweldge of ajduestment of the words in a phrase
k. The tone becomes in existence under 12 things:

• Pesonal attitude
• Personal needs
• Personal Knoweldge of language
• Subject
• Circumstances
• Situations
• Public needs
• Personal and public Interests
• Practice of Speakings
• Social status of a person
• Economics position
• topic

The sensative understanding is an aspect and also has need of many elements. For
an examples
a. Knoweldge of streat word meanings

b. Knoweldge of the meanings already in the uses

c. Man must obtain the meaning of the words that according to his own living
way and style of life

d. Speaker must has his own point of view about hapinings and the transactions
of things.
e. Man makes the meanings of the words that according to his personal awearness
and knoweldge of transactions of the society.
f. Man has his own taste of language as well as likeness and dislikenes.
g. Man makes the meanings of the terms that according to his living set up
point of view
and need.
h. Store of words
At the times of understanding, the cited above elements never let him free.
Reading is a matter of personal interest. A person often likes to
read the writings of his own interest. Knoweldge of readings improves through this
element. This knoweldge is absolutely different from the knoweldge of speaking and
writing. Reader makes meanings of the words according to his interest living style
and set up and experience. Those writings that are not included in his interest,
sure will not have room in his mind and confidence to make there meanings or will
obtain wrong meanings.
Writing is very a dificult sensative and responsible issue for a writer. He must
write under the so many boundations and limitations. For example
a. The writer must construct the words that according to the linguistica set up
b. He has to used the sounds of the book in his writings
c. He cannot use those sounds that are behind the alphabet but are not used in
d. Where he thinks that some thing will be happened worng with him there
writer use the word in symbolic way or in symbolic meanings.
e. He can use a method helps that it obtains the double quantity some or many
meanings of the words.
f. He can use the words in different forms for particular sense for fabrication
of the same meanings.
g. After having experience he can have to earn his own style and sense of
h. The tone of the words remains access here origans then his own lipi.
i. In case if he is writing in other lipi he will try to transport the words
according to their original sounds. Which sounds are not avilable in that language
there subtitute are usded.
Writing in other lipi is a very difficult and complicated matter because it must
limitise same on the sounds of that language. (maqsood hasni)