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Creating value for our customers, employees, investors, partners, vendors and the society

at large lies at the root of our fundamental business strategy. Our core principles of trust
and transparency have come a long way in helping us develop and nurture long-term
relationships with our key stakeholders. Our performance exudes from our belief in and
commitment to the telecom sector; and translates into creating innovative exciting
opportunities for one and all.
Category of the company Public, Listed on BSE
Founded 1985
Headquarters New Delhi-India
Key people Sunil mittal
Industry Telecom
Revenues $5billions

Bharti Airtel
Bharti Airtel, formerly known as Bharti Tele-Ventures Limited (BTVL) is india’s
largest GSM mobile operator with more than 62 million mobile subscribers as of
March 2008. It also offers fixed line services and broadband services. It offers its
mobile services under the Airtel brand and is headed by sunil mittal. The

company also provides telephone services and Internet access over DSL in 14
circles. The company complements its mobile, broadband & telephone services
with national and international long distance services. The company also has a
submarine cable landing station at Chennai, which connects the submarine cable
connecting Chennai and Singapore. The company provides end-to-end data and
enterprise services to the corporate customers through its nationwide fiber optic
backbone, last mile connectivity in fixed-line and mobile circles, VSATs, ISP and
international bandwidth access through the gateways and landing station.

Although Bharti Airtel is the largest mobile service provider, bharat senture
nigham Ltd, the state run mobile and wireline service provider is the market
leader as of 31 December 2006 customer's base.

Airtel is a brand of telecommunication services in India operated by Bharti Airtel.
Airtel is the largest cellular service provider in India in terms of number of
subscribers. Bharti Airtel owns the Airtel brand and provides the following
services under the brand name Airtel: Mobile Services (using GSM Technology),
Broadband & Telephone Services (fixed line, Internet Connectivity(DSL) and
Leased Line), Long Distance Services and Enterprise Services
(Telecommunications Consulting for corporates)Leading international
telecommunication companies such as Vodafone and SingTel held partial stakes
in Bharti Airtel. In April 2006 Bharti Global Limited was awarded a
telecommunications licence in Jersey in the Channel Islands by the local
telecommunications regulator the JCRA. In September 2006 the Office of Utility
Regulation in Guernsey awarded Guernsey Airtel with a mobile
telecommunications licence. In May 2007 Jersey Airtel and Guernsey Airtel
announced the launch of a relationship with vodafone for island mobile
subscribers. In July 2007, Bharti Airtel signed an MoU with Nokia-Siemens for a
900 million dollar expansion of its mobile and fixed network In August 2007, the

company announced it will be launching a customized version of Google search
engine that will provide an 'array of services' to its broadband customers.

In March 2008, Bharti Airtel will roll out third generation services in Sri Lanka in

association with Singtel . This is because Singapore-based Asian telecom major

Singtel, which owns a little over 30% in Bharti Airtel, is a major player in the 3G

space as it has already third generation networks in several markets across Asia.

Airtel is committed to bring Seychelles the best in telecommunications. The

strength behind Airtel is the Bharti group, a telecom giant - the biggest private

integrated telecom conglomerate based in India. Bharti Enterprises has

successfully focused its strategy on telecom while straddling diverse fields of

business. From the creation of 'Airtel', one of India's finest brands, to becoming

the largest manufacturer and exporter of excellent telecom terminals under its

“Beetel” brand, Bharti has created a significant position for itself in the global

telecommunications sector.

Bharti Tele-Ventures is today acknowledged as one of India's finest companies,

and its flagship brand 'Airtel', has over 12 million customers across the length

and breadth of India. Bharti's partners in Airtel are Emtel, the premier GSM

operator in Mauritius, some private investors.

Registered as Telecom Seychelles Limited and operating under the brand name
of Airtel, the company is licensed to offer comprehensive telecom services
including GSM Cellular, PSTN (Fixed Lines), Fax and Data, International
Roaming, connectivity to Internet Services, Maritime Telecom Services
(INMARSAT) and International Collect and Credit Card calling. Dominating the

market with its service and customer commitment - Airtel has always been at the
forefront of innovation and change in the Telecom sector in Seychelles.
Airtel's Head Office is in Providence & Anse Royale, Mahe.
Airtel also has showrooms in Victoria, Mahe and Grand Anse, Praslin that serve
as one-stop shops for customers.
Airtel provides the whole range of telecom services, from GSM mobile services,
Airtel Prepaid Mobile Cards available at a string of outlets, International Roaming
with 157 operators in 65 countries, a host of Value Added Services, Fixed
Cellular services and a fast growing Fixed Line network as well.
All this, of course, comes to you with the distinct Airtel advantage of excellent
Tariffs, the best GSM Coverage on the islands, world class Technology from
industry leaders like Ericsson and Scientific Atlanta and 24-hour Customer Care.
In addition to telecom services, Airtel also recently acquired a 4-star luxury 124-
bedroom hotel in Seychelles, called Le Meridian Bar barons Beach Hotel.

VISION Of Airtel!

"To provide global telecom services and delight customers."

MISSION Of Airtel!

We will meet the mobile communication needs of our customers through:

• Error- free service delivery

• Innovative products and services

• Cost efficiency

Marketing mix

services Of Airtel!

Prepaid mobile phone!

Enter the world of limitless possibilities with Airtel Prepaid. The service that helps
you gives words to every feeling, an expression to every emotion


Here are some of the many advantages that New Airtel Prepaid brings you.

• Total cost control

• Pre Activated STD/ISD
• Strong Network Coverage

Postpaid Mobile Phone!

Life becomes much simpler with your Airtel Postpaid. It gives you the unlimited
freedom to reach out to people in your special way.


Check out the exciting features you can enjoy with an Airtel Postpaid Connection:

• Easy Billing
• Easy Payment Options. Anytime, Anywhere.
• Credit Limit
• Strong Network Coverage
• Long Distance Calling Facility
• Widest Roaming (National and International)
• GPRS – Roaming
• Say it. In more than just words
• Reach Us Anytime Anywhere

Fixed Line phone services!

Airtel an excellent service and innovative technology with Fixed Line. Calling is
made more fun & convenient with services and entertainment on Airtel.

Fixed Wireless Phone!
Avail the convenience of a mobile phone on a fixed line without any cable
disturbing the ambience living room. Presenting Airtel Mega, a feature rich
Wireless Fixed Line that remains unaffected by rain or similar other problems and
gives a complete peace of mind! Great advantages at your fingertips:

• Easy to Use
Airtel Mega is extremely convenient and easy to install and does not
require any wiring or change in the aesthetics in home or office. Use can
use his set anywhere within city, at no extra cost.
• Instant Connection
It ensures that your immediate accessibility needs are met, with an instant
connection. What's more, you can carry the set along with you when you
move from one room to another or when you shift your home/office.
• Great Add-on Services with features of a mobile phone
Airtel Mega offers a host of value added services like Hello Tunes, GPRS,
Voice Mail, CLI, call conference, call wait, call divert, SMS and more!

Broadband internet&internet
Now experience the internet in a new way with Airtel Broadband. It is powered by
DSL technology, which gives you blazing-fast; secure Internet access as soon as
you switch on your computer.
We give you the power of limitless discovery on Internet – from shopping to
banking, paying bills to making new friends and not to mention endless fun &
learning for children.


• Switch today to Airtel Broadband!

With Airtel Broadband, the internet is always ON, always available! No more
waiting for dial-up to connect. You are ready to use the internet as soon as you
switch on your computer.

• Power Surfing
With speed of up to 2Mbps, feel the excitement of doing more on Internet. Shop,
download MP3, exchange heavy files and chat at an enviable speed, all thanks
to an extensive Broadband Services infrastructure. No more disconnections in
the middle of download.

• Surf while you talk!
No more missed calls or blocked telephone lines while using the internet. Airtel
Broadband Services connection does not block existing telephone lines and
allows one family member to use the phone while another member surfs the net.
No more missed calls and no more fights!

optional services of broadband& internet

Speed on Demand
User can increase the speed of the internet by paying more

Airtel has introduced mobile services target to the business related persons. Features are
added to meet the business needs.
Easy billing on line pay bill system or by using credit cards.
Long distance calling
Widest roaming facility
To keep in mind business requirement airtel has developed telephone services in to two
different forms.
1 airtel landline
2 fixed wireless phone
Office solution
For manage business more efficiently and more effectively airtel offer some services.
1 Call canters facilitate to receive 4-5 simultaneous calls that come to company
from heir clients and customers.
2 Information broad cast company can receive information from multiple
employees/customers through sms at predefined date and predefined time.
3 Corporate SMS Directory service enables a user or a set of users to upload their
mobile numbers, names and locations in an Airtel Server and provides space to its
clients to upload their directories onto its servers.
4 Vehicle tracking system enables a company to monitor the location of their stock
in transit by installing airtel mobile, global positioning box vehicle tracking
enabled sim card.
Career services
For big and multinational and international company’s airtel offer different high
quality and high featured services.

1 Domestic data
2 Domestic voice
3 International data
4 International voice
5 Network& satellite services
6 Remote management

E business services
Airtel offers an internationally benchmarked, carrier class hosting, storage and
business continuity services through its E-business services.
1. managed hosting
2. co location

Satellite services

Airtel providers of broadband IP satellite services and DAMA/PAMA services to support

audio, video and voice applications on demand.Vpn services enable organizations to run
broadband applications that deliver a wide range of advanced, value-added services over
a converged infrastructure.Vsat connectivity Airtel VSAT gives you reliable network
connectivity to run mission-critical applications like Internet access, broadcast and
multicast networks for stock market applications, distance education networks

International services
Airtel offers communication solutions according to business needs, to stay connected
worldwide through International Services including.


1. private line services

2. international MPLC
3. managed IPLC
4. internet services
5. data center services
6. Ethernet services over SDH

AIRTEL offers its mobile GSM services In 24 cities and broadband& internet services in
94 cities.

Andhra perdesh kernataka

Assam Kerala

Bihar & jharkhand

Chennai kolkata

Delhi meharashtar & goa


haryana chattigarh

himachal Pradesh mumbai

jammu & kashmire north east orissa


Rajashistan west bengal

Tamil nadu

Up east

Up west


Bharti Airtel is one of India's leading private sector providers of telecommunications

services based on an aggregate of 64,268,047 customers as on March 31, 2008, consisting

of 61,984,721 GSM mobile and 2,283,326 Bharti Telemedia subscribers. Airtel has 50%
market share in telecommunication market.
The businesses at Bharti Airtel have been structured into three individual strategic
business units (SBU’s) on the basis of nature features technology of these services.
Mobile services,
Telemedia services
Enterprise services.

Organization Structure

As an outcome of a restructuring exercise conducted within the company; a

new integrated organizational structure has emerged; with realigned roles, responsibilities
and reporting relationships of Bharti’s key team players. With effect from March 01,
2006, this unified management structure of 'One Airtel' will enable continued
improvement in the delivery of the Group’s strategic vision.

Bharti Airtel - Organization Structure

Recognitions and awards
• Awarded with 2006 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT awards for wireless
service provider of the year and competitive service provider of the year
• Awarded with Telecom Asia Award 2006 for best Indian carrier
• Adjudged as best managed company in India –large cap by Asia money Dec
2005 edition awarded with India’s most customer responsive company
award 2005by Avaya Global Connect Ltd.
• Adjudged as Indian mobile operator of the year 2005by Asian Mobile News
Adjudged as best GSM carrier in Asia and best Indian carrier by Telecom
Asia Features at 19th amongst the top 100 global technology companies
• Adjudged as best CEO telecommunications Asia & best CEO, India by
Institutional Investor for 2005 Selected as best Asian telecom CEO by
Telecom Asia
• Adjudged as business leader of the year 2005 by Economic Times

• Bharti Airtel Ranked 3rd on Shareholder Returns in Business Week IT 100
• Sunil Bharti Mittal conferred Degree of Doctor of Science by G. B. Pant
• Bharti Airtel has won the CNBC-TV18 India Business Leader Award for the
Outstanding Company of the year, 2007

• Bharti draws top honors at the NDTV Profit Business Leadership

Awards 2007

AIRTEL use different ways to promote and sale of their services like

• Television
• Internet
• Newspaper
• Sign boards
• Franchise offices
• Direct contact

For mobile and telemedia services airtel lies on attractive television commercials using
personality symbol like shahrukh khan because these services are household types and
people activated through TV commercials.

Airtel also use internet using its well attractive website covering all features of its
services and deliver Email to potential customers.


Airtel deliver ads on newspaper about its mobile and telemmedia services in that
newspaper that are commonly read in homes shops public places. But ads for enterprise
services AIRTEL chose those newspapers that are read in business firms and offices.

Airtel promote and sale its mobile and telemedia services through it well attractive
franchise offices that are located convenient public places.

Direct contact
Airtel has its own salesman who go to business firms and contact directly to them who
convince them about their enterprise services that is useful and according the need of
their business

Swot analysis


1. Poor customer service weakness of Airtel only of employee’s because they are
young and didn't care so much of customer. Only they take complain or give

request no but don't more cares of customers. They only said that request will
process within 72 hours but didn't so. Customer wants to disconnect his
telephone. This gives impression they don’t care about their customer.
2. Bharti Airtel faced an added financial risk from a steady decline in India's
average revenue per user (ARPU) for mobile telecom services.
3. Due to different target markets and number of different kind of services airtel has
to face high expenditures and manufacturing cost.

1. Bharti Airtel as the largest cell phone player in India with a footprint that covers all
telecom circles in the country.
2. It has high return of equity, revenue growth, shareholder return, and total revenue.

3. Strong market position and share with diversified services range with an
aggregate of 33.71 million customers, 31.97 million mobile customers and 1.74
million broadband and telephone service customers are its strength.
4. Different and large range of service for both household and business purpose.
5. Bharti Airtel established a far-reaching outsourcing relationship with IBM that
substantially mitigates its IT investment risks by giving IBM full control and
ownership of Bharti Airtel’s IT infrastructure and associated processes


• It has Ability to process 1.5 million new customers per month

• Improved cross-selling and targeting and a more seamless, efficient total

customer experience through
end-to-end integration of customer-facing processes

• Optimization of business processes and infrastructure through flexible,

standardized integration framework

• Outsourcing of technology enables Bharti Airtel to focus resources on

growing the business

• Flexible pricing model enables Bharti Airtel to avoid major increases in

capital expenditures

• At Airtel can hire those employs whose ideas can make a difference,
individuals who thrive on the opportunity to think creatively and be
empowered to deliver


1. Bharti Airtel’s threat was the need to make the major investments
in IT infrastructure required to service its rapidly growing base
of subscribers. As a capital expenditure, these investments are
typically offset by the future service revenues that they enable.
2. Competition is intensifying in the Indian telecom services
market. Others telecommunication companies (tata
communications, tata teleservices, idea cellular, spice telecom,
aircel) are developing and providing new services. So Bharti
Airtel needed to find a way to focus on developing new services
that could set it apart from the competition and strengthen its
customer relationships.

3. UK-based Vodafone Group emerged the winner in the weekend's

frenzied bidding for control of India's fourth-largest cellular
operator, Hutchison Essar Ltd (HEL) and has offered to pay
US$11,100 million for a controlling 67% stake in the company.
So it will struggle to become international and it will expand its

services outside of the country. Voda phone group will invest
more and provide new techniques to develop Hutchison Essar

Marketing environment
Airtel focuses on marketing environment that affects its management’s ability to build
and maintain successful relationship with target customers.

Airtel has to contact with its supplies of blackberry sets and fixed wireless sets because
shortage of those items its sale of those can be affected whose v are only available on
these sets.

Market intermediaries
Airtel deliver mobile GSM fixed wireless phone services through Airtel franchises and
keep eye on the performance.

Airtel offer multi services with multi features to households and for business related

the influence of AIRTEL‘s competitors like TATA telecommunication AIRCEL
HUTHCH is great. Airtel has to keep an eye on its competitor’s activities so that it can’t
out of competition and competitor build such strong customer relationship that AIRCEL
customers switch to its competitors.

Demographic environment
On the basis of size, density age location Airtel offers services including features like
game on demand for children, pc security adults, and Email on the go, calling cards for
those that live far away from cities and having one booth in their location.

Economic environment.

Airtel sets prices on keep mind of the income of the people of different cities.
For example in rich cities like Mumbai, Kolkta, Delhi their prices are high comparatively
from other cities

Technological environment
Airtel modifies their services according to the new development in the technology.


Using the Boston consulting group approach company classifies all its SBU’S according
to growth share matrix
Growth share matrix divide SBU’S into 4 types
1. star
2. cash cow
3. question mark

4. dog

Two SBU’S of AIRTEL one is mobile and other is telemedia services falls into star
category because of increase in population and high growth rate and high relatively
market share and a number of it competitors AIRTEL has to invest relatively high on
marketing advertising to capture and maintain its customers.

Cash cow
Enterprise SBU’S of AIRTEL exist into cash cow stage because it generate high profit
margin and has to invest less to the promotion of their sales because AIRTEL has already
build trust of its company and there is now low market growth rate. The reason of high
margin profit is that enterprise services prices are high

Market segmentation

Airtel has divided the market into two segments. And for these two segments
airtel has developed multi featured services according to their requirement.
Because each segment have homogeneous needs characters and requirement
from the services.
Segments have gave the name by AIRTEL
• For you
• For your business

In this segment those people are selected which are related to non business
activities like students children household persons teachers and who want to
entertainment features in services. For them airtel offer such services benefits
are parallel to their requirements.
In this segment those people are target who are related to business and want
high and multi featured services for them and mostly time spent by the member
of these segment pass in business matters and for their business they need
typically business related services.

Consumer behavior

Airtel focus on consumer buying behavior what is consumer want and why is
consumer want Airtel also focus on the reason that what thing or feature in his
service induce consumers to buy its services.
There are some factors that affect consumer buying behavior with reference to

In India culture of education, achievement, success, involvement, efficiency and
particularly progress, individualism is progress rapidly so these factors induce consumer
to buy their services.
Social factors
Reference groups like actors friends are fastest way to influence the buying behavior of
the consumer so Airtel presents super stars in their ads like shahrukh khan to develop the
loyalty of the Airtel services that induce consumer to buy Airtel services.
Roles and status
People belong to different groups like family business education people play different
roles and have status in these groups businessman activated by those services that are
related to its role like postpaid mobile Email facility on its mobile, voice conference.
Student want to pc security and high speed internet facility so this thing affects consumer
buying behavior.
Economic situation
Economic situation vary from place to place Airtel has design, positioning and pricing
their services according to the economic situation so that more and more
People buy and enjoy their services.
Psychological factors
Airtel kept such features in its services that motivate them to buy its services like games
on demand, Email service satellite services, and pc security motivate people to take
decision about Airtel.

Prices of services

Pulse Rate 60 sec Pulse

Airtel GSM / CDMA Landline / WLL

(10 Digit)

LOCAL RATES (Rs./min) 1.00/min 1.00/min 1.00/min

STD RATES (Rs./min) Rs 1.50 per min Rs 1.50 per min Rs 1.50 per min

ISD (Rs./min)

USA, Canada, Europe (Fixed Line), 6.40/min

Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong,
Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, New

Gulf, Europe (Mobile), SAARC countries, 9.20/min

Africa & Rest of the world

Cuba, Sao Tome & Principe, Guinea 40/min

Bissau, Diego Garcia, Nauru, Solomon
Islands, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Tuvalu,
Tokelau, Norfolk Island, Sakhalin

SMS (Rs.)

Local 1.00/SMS

National Rs 1.5

International 5.00/SMS

Home phones

Monthly Plan Charges (in Rs.) 1000

Call Charges (Rs. / pulse) Re.0.95

ISD Calling Rates

USA & Canada 5.99 / min

UK (Fixed Line / Mobile) 5.99 per min / 9.99 per min

Rest of Europe (excluding UK) 9.99 per min

Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, 7.99 per min

Malaysia & Thailand

Australia & New Zealand 7.99 per min

Saudi Arab, Bahrain,Kuwait, Oman, 9.99 per min

Qatar, UAE, Yemen, Bangladesh, Bhutan,
Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Srilanka,
All African Countries

Row I 9.99 per min

Row II 90.00 per min

Row III 49.99 per min

Tokelau,Tuvalu,Cook Island,Vanuatu(New 49.99 per min

Hebrides),Solomon Island,Nauru,Norfolf
Island,Diego Garcia,Guinea Bissau
Rep,Saotome Principe Isle,Cuba


Monthly Commitment (Rs.) 1299

ISD Charges ( Rs / pulse )

US , Canada, Europe (FL Phones) Rs.5.99/min

SE Asia & Australia Rs.7.99/min

Rest of the world Rs.19.99/min

Monthly commitment including CLI Rs. 1299

Financial analysis

Amount in Rs. Crores, except ratios)

Quarter Ended Year Ended

Y-o-Y Y-o-Y
Particulars Mar. 2008 Mar. 2007 Mar. 2008 Mar. 2007
Growth Growth

Audited Un-audited Audited Audited

Total revenues 7,819 5,393 45% 27,025 18,520 46%

EBITDA 3,252 2,241 45% 11,372 7,451 53%

Cash profit
3,036 2,193 38% 11,137 7,307 52%
from operations

Income before
2,113 1,507 40% 7,654 4,886 57%
income taxes

Net income 1,853 1,353 37% 6,701 4,257 57%

Operating Highlights (Figures in nos., except ratios)

Mar. 31, Q-on-Q Y-on-Y

Parameters Unit Dec. 31, 2007 Mar. 31, 2007
2008 Growth Growth

Customers on our
Network 000's 61,985 55,163 12% 37,141 67%
Mobile Services 000's 2,283 2,178 5% 1,871 22%
Broadband & Telephone

Total 000's 64,268 57,341 12% 39,013 65%