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An apostrophe is primarily used as part of a word with the letter s to show possession or to indicate that letters in a contraction have been omitted. POSSESSIVES (indicating ownership): 1. In English, the apostrophe (') plus s forms the possessive singular of all nouns and the possessive plural of all nouns not ending in s.
singular: man's role plural: men's role ohn's party children's playground

!. "se the apostrophe alone to form the plural nouns ending in s.

dogs' fur boys' pants Aguilars' house# oneses' cars

#$%&E: If an 's( is added to a surname to refer to the whole family's belongings or as a greeting card signature, do not include an apostrophe: e)., &he Aguilars (or *miths or oneses) live there. *eason's +reetings, &he ,ighsmiths

-. &o form the possessive singular of indefinite pronouns, use the apostrophe plus s. everyone's success one's leg somebody's house anybody's home

a. "se the -s possessive with nouns referring to persons and living things. "se an .of. phrase for the possessive of nouns referring to inanimate ob/ects. Aw0ward: &he chair's bac0 was bro0en. Improved: &he bac0 of the chair was bro0en. b. $ouns or pronouns which modify gerunds are usually possessive. 1ary's singing irritated &om. ohn's laughter attracted attention. c. 2hen forming the possessive, avoid unpronounceable duplication of sound. Aw0ward: conscience's sa0e Improved: conscience' sa0e Aw0ward: 3laudins's feast Improved: 3laudins' feast

CONTRACTIONS: 3ontractions are two words condensed into one by replacing a letter or group of letters with an apostrophe. (4emember, in formal5academic writing contractions should not be used.)
I am it is I'm it's you are he is you're he's

will not should have you are they are

won't should've you're they're

they have there is we were who is

they've there's we're who's

POSSESSIVES I: 3hange the phrases below into possessives by using 's or by adding an apostrophe. EXA P!E: the "oo# of the professor the professor's "oo# 1. the idea of my brother !. the horse of the policeman -. the canopy of my friend 6. the balloon of 1ary 7. the obedience of *usan 8. the feeding of the babies 9. the lids of the cans :. the spar0le of the lights ;. the home of my nephews 1<. the car of *ue

CONTRACTIONS I: 2rite the contractions for the following words. EXA P!E: I a$ I' $ 1. she is 7. she has

!. I will

-. would not

6. where is

8. they would

:. they have

;. should not 9. he has 1<. there is

POSSESSIVES II: 3hange the phrases below into possessives by using 's or by adding an apostrophe. 1. the house of my grandmother

!. the bone of my dog

-. the toys of the children

6. the edge of the paper

7. the laws of the =ings

8. the laughter of the audience

9. the ends of the hoses

:. the success of everyone

;. the determination of the players

1<. the oats of the horses

CONTRACTIONS II: 2rite the contraction for the following words. 1. we have 9. could have

!. it is :. here is -. can not ;. you are

6. you will 1<. she will

7. he is 11. will not

8. I would 1!. do not

ANS%ERS: POSSESSIVES I1. brother's idea !. policeman's horse -. friend's canopy 6. 1ary's balloon 7. *usan's obedience ANS%ERS: CONTRACTIONS I1. she's !. I'll

8. 9. :. ;. 1<.

babies' feeding cans' lids lights' spar0le nephews' home *ue's car

-. wouldn't 6. where's

7. she's

8. 9. :. ;. 1<.

they'd he's they've shouldn't there's

ANS%ERS: POSSESSIVES II 1. grandmother's house !. dog's bone -. children's toys 6. paper's edge 7. =ings' laws ANS%ERS: CONTRACTIONS II 1. we've !. it's -. can't 6. you'll 7. he's 8. I'd

8. 9. :. ;. 1<.

audience's laughter hoses' ends everyone's success players' determination horses' oats

9. :. ;. 1<. 11. 1!.

could've here's you're she'll won't don't

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