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Current changelist @ Maintainer is Courtney Campbell ( Please e-mail all bugs and sugge stions.

Steamband 0.4.1 - (Turn of the Century edition) -----------------------------Fixed the "pets always target the player bug"- 4/7/05 -Fixed the Natural Attack bug that caused a normal string of attacks to take a f raction of the time. Now natural attacks should add to the time it takes to make an attack sequence, instead of shortening it. 4/7/05 - Changed Nazi Secret Service to Nazi Secret Service Agents - 4/10/05 - Changed Wood Wives, to Wood Wife (left Byakhee, the Star Steeds b/c 'the Star Steeds' is a title - 4/10/05 - Added pluralization code for Wood Wives, and Fixed the Rex/Rices Problem (I th ink) - 4/10/05 - Toned down regeneration (The multipliers for the bonus amulets are greatly red uced) and slightly reduced the rate of normal regeneration. The realistic maximu m you could achieve is 'in-town' regen rates. This will of course require a redu ction in the amount of damage that monsters cause. - 4/10/05 - Commented out the 'you are hit" messages that are displayed when * hits a char acter. - 4/10/05 - Defined weight in do_cmd_throw for all weapons - 4/10/05 - Fixed the "Evasion" crash bug - 4/10/05 - Toned down 'Forward Cannons' in Clockwork Chassis, Slightly raised damage of ' Shoulder Rocket' in same. Shoulder Rocket is now GF_MISSILE -4/10/05 - Fixed the Perilous Sorcery Bug where spells would display as safe, and Perilou s Sorcery wouldn't raise the protection factor (even though it displayed the saf ety level of the spell including the Perilous Sorcery bonus.) -4/10/05 - Fixed the Critical Hit/Shot bug that didn't give you the bonus when the skill was at 0 - 4/10/05 - Reckoning of Metal now says that it 'blasts machines'. - 4/10/05 - Reduced Vigor damage for Plaguing the Will, and added a note that mentions tha t it does Vigor damage - 4/10/05 - Engineers now start with a light shotgun, also lowered the weight of the light shotgun to allow them to use it w/o penalty from the get go. - 4/10/05 - Damage from firelore/pyrokinetics now works consistently as a brand. All damag e is either funneled through todamaux, or through project taking resistances int o account. (*MUCH* thanks to Replicant)- 4/10/05 - Martial arts attacks are now reduced in damage by creatures that are impenetra ble or immune to blunt weapons. - 4/10/05 - Death and score display of depth should be correct now. Really. At least I hop e so. - 4/10/05 - Fixed a bug with many damage types that would cause the player to take no dama ge fairly often with low resistance values. - 4/10/05 - Mana should now redraw when the counterstrike ability is activated - 4/10/05 - The Green spell dancing lights has been corrected - 4/10/05 - Fixed the tonic of augmentation bug which wouldn't raise stats if they were dr ained - 4/10/05 - Changed water damage from 'rusts!' to 'is ruined by water!' -4/10/05 - Bullets are no longer destroyed by fire - 4/10/05 - Buckshot can no longer be generated as ego buckshot since the ego flags don't apply - 4/10/05 - Reworded the description of biological power amp to be clearer - 4/10/05 - Fixed a bug in the wheel of fate where lighter wounds would damage you more th an heavier wounds - 4/10/05 - Added ZERO_FAIL to rogue class - 4/10/05 - If Aliens are immune to poison, they are no longer "hit hard" - 4/10/05 - Monster recall now says monsters are immune to electricity rather than elec -4

/10/05 - Slightly lowered base martial arts damage - 4/10/05 - Added code to ask which ring to replace -4/11/05 - You now have to load guns, and the rate of fire depends on the firearm and how many bullets it holds. Reloading a gun costs 3 player turns (300 energy) which can be shortened by swift shot skill. To load a gun you 'w'eild bullets. -4/11/0 5 - Spell quickening has been massively reduced in power - 4/11/05 - Reduced damage caused by ray guns slightly - 4/11/05 - Toned down the severity of the priest EMP spell - 4/11/05 - Engineer lead slug damage from the carbine was reduced -4/11/05 - Made bullets from spells work the same way as bullets from a gun with regard t o monster resistance. - 4/11/05 - Fixed the Swift Blow and Weapon Finesse skill to have every point be useful. E ven points spent on Weapon Finesse after you have max blows will allow you to ge t max blows with heavier and heavier weapons (so the points are really not waste d) - 4/12/05 - Fixed a bug with water lore in regen that made it much more effective, and thr owing items that return now makes noise (though not much) (Bug reports thanks to Larry Reeves) -4/12/05 - Fixed a bug that prevented monsters from casting spells at the player. - 4/12/ 05 - Removed all speed bonuses from hats - 4/17/05 - Lowered damage and hit points from the eight through the ace cards - 4/17/05 - Nautilus Officer's no longer come in groups. - 4/17/05 -Fixed a bug with GF_STEAM in spells1.c that would show the wrong message for im mune creatures - 4/17/05 -Changed slay flags to multiply damage as well as add. -4/23/05 -Added some monsters that produce weak damage of a certain type before running i nto heavy damage breathers. -4/23/05 -Reduced damage from all rocket and missile firing monsters - 4/23/05 -Made it so that Firearm base damage is increased, and the bonuses from anatomy and sabotage don't double multiply damage - they just increase the multiplier. ( crit damage is still multiplied) - 5/9/05 -Changed some artifact powers and depths - 5/9/05 -Added Gas Mask armor/helm -5/13/05 -Reworked power levels for artifacts, 98% of the artis with the many small resis tance factors to all your resists have been removed, armors have been given bett er resistance values, rarities and depths have been tweaked, overall reworking o f power levels. Fixed a bug where some insta-arts would show up 30-40 levels ear ly- 5/13/05 -Added 12 artifacts - grand total of 91 now - 5/14/05 -Lowered Skill point rewards from quests, raised cash money rewards -5/14/05 -Made quests appear less frequently (next quest should be 1.5 levels deeper than previously) - 5/14/05 -Fixed a bug in the redone todamaux re:multiplier and pyro/firemastery damage 5/14/05 - Changed all resistance values to either 10, 33, 66, or 100% -5/15/05 -Applied bugfixe patches I requested from RMG, Storm now no longer creates (noth ing) items and it will display your current quest if your current quest is to ki ll the final unique's - 5/16/05 -Reworked Swift Blow and Weapon Finesse again to simply increase your effective muscle and agility score for multiple blows allowing a smoother progression of m ultiple blows - 5/16/05 -Made critical strike and power strike skills mutually exclusive - 5/16/05 -Fixed a bug where bolt project spells would cause the game to crash if the play er had a -AC. (reported by Bahman Rabii) - 5/17/05 -Max experience no longer increases when your experience is drained - 5/18/05 --Playtesting Adventurer -- 5/18/05 -Tweaked Force values on weapons making heavier weapons have *much* improved for

ce blows, and lighter weapons to have much lower (or nonexistent) force values. Based the changes off of weight to choose a heavier weapon with fewer blows over a light weapon with many blows - 5/28/05 -Changed melee sabotage and anatomy (again) to work with the force blow damage m ultiplier, moved everything but weapon and player damage bonuses to be calculate d after damage multiplication from criticals and force blows. Made various other changes to melee combat - 5/28/05 - Changed Brands to multiply damage if shooting a firearm or throwing - 5/28/05 - Bonuses should be summing correctly now on the 'C'haracter screen. Bonuses lis ted should be the ones that apply - 5/28/05 - Made a reduction to the research time for steamware - 5/28/05 - Fixed Demon Spell so that it reduces your mana to 0 when it ends -5/28/05 - Added FAQ questions for the new firearms -5/28/05 - FIXED THE ISSUE WITH PREFERENCES BEING OVERWRITTEN ON LOAD. There was much rej oicing. (Solution reported by pelpel) - 5/28/05 - Fixed a text bug in the monster healing spell - 5/29/05 - Changed it so that Magic Master bonuses also now provide a bonus to willpower, increasing the power of the casters spells -5/29/05 -Fixed some tense errors and unfilled data in monster recall involving spells av ailable to cast - 5/29/05 -Changed the loading gun option to always load the max amount of available selec ted ammo.- 5/29/05 -Decreased rarity of deckcutter weapons - 6/7/05 -Made more changes to the monster list. This is the primary type of tweaking tha t is happening currently. -6/7/05 -Changed Ammunition generators to have a 12.5% chance of being destroyed on use, increased their frequency and lowered their depth. Also slightly increased the rarity of bullets/ammunition. - 6/29/05 -Monster list revisions continue to be made - 6/29/05 *Greatly* increased the rate of identify on use - wielding items should now very quickly give you pseudo/full identification. - 6/29/05 Fixed a but with steamware eyes, the resistance they provide is now marked as be ing caused by the player. - 7/7/05 Got a working compile of Steamband on my new computer. I was working pretty stea dy until september, then I took a break to play some games (DQVII I'm looking at you) During this period my computer broke, and it was February until I got a ne w one - went on vacation in march, and just this month got around to getting a c ompile functioning on this box. We'll try to get a new release out before the ye ar mark.(That's a year since I stopped working (August) not a year from the last release (feb) ;_;)- 5/11/06 Fixed a variety of small typos. - 5/11/06 Added 5 monsters (R. dan's animated objects, and wild game) and CJN's Monster da ta layout patch (use tab to switch formats). - 5/11/06 Added information to the FAQ. - 5/13/06 Added the pet command to the roguelike keyset. (sorry 'bout that) - 5/13/06 Added an option to disable the menu - 5/13/06 Increased critical chance of throwing - 5/17/06 Reduced the effectiveness of the swift shot skill (firearms overpowered as it is - even worse if it takes no time to reload) The swiftshot skill now reduces the 200 energy it takes to reload a weapon by skill level * 6. Maximum reduction is to 80 energy per reload. - 5/17/06 Eliminated stat switching in Steam. (I hope). I'll have to think up a replacemen t. - 5/17/06 Cure * Potions cure stunning now. How did *that* happen? - 5/18/06 Added a couple shallow ego items of resistance to time/ether/nether to make it e asier to cover that resistance hole. - 5/18/06 Lowered the regeneration rate across the board. -5/18/06 (somewhat of a break.Personal issues. I did some work and didn't log it in the c hangelist. Noted below)

Added return and enter as valid (affirmative) commands at the Y/N prompt. -7/17/ 07 Fixed a bug where weapons given special flags on creation (perfect balance) were n't being saved. -7/18/07 Fixed a bug where damage resistances weren't being calculated. I actually fixed this bug without noting it here (Bug noted by RMG) - 7/19/07 Other changes include moving range of guns to the item files, and reducing the w eight of all firearms and some spelling/data file errors (fix by Christer Nyflt)7/19/07 Apparently I fixed an error reported by RDH about some monsters not being in the monster list - 7/19/07 Fixed a bug in apply_nexus that would cause a crash (report by RMG) -7/19/07 I had fixed a bug with dinosaurs being considered non-living, Slay Card brand ma rking cards as beastmen (report again by RMG) - 7/19/07 Fixed a bug with inconsistent spell descriptions. Lowered stat damage from some less useful spells. Buffed some spells (Plaguing the Will) and reduced the power of some others (soulstorm/meteor storm) Demon summoning spells now work, clarif ied some spell descriptions. 7/21/07 Added a skill spoiler accessable from the skills screen by pushing '?'. It displ ays how to unlock the skills, and what the specific numerical effects of the ski ll are. This information is *very* spolierish. 7/22/07 Gave Gentlemen 4 Muscle instead of 2. -7/22/07 Fixed a bug with Systems cypher, where is wasn't giving the correct boni. -7/22/ 07 Slightly Reduced the Critical Chance - 7/30/07 Fixed a bug(?) where demon pets wouldn't randomly become hostile - 7/30/07 Increased damage traps cause to be related to dungeon depth (fix by RMG) -8/2/07 Changed blessing, heroism. Also fixed a bug where green book magic users got ble ssing twice in two different books for wildly varing costs. Blessing now provide s a large boni to AC, and a small bonus to hit. Heroism now provides a large bon i to hit and a small bonus to damage. - 8/7/07 Added some monsters suggested by R. Dan Henry - 8/6/07 Fixed a text error when monsters may be paralyzed - 8/10/07 Added some changes by RMG, changed a variety of minor things, damage functions a re now bools, items can now be destroyed from the pickup prompt. Added changes s o that enter/return default to pickup. - 11/1/07 Fixed some errors in cmd-book in displayed spell descriptions. They should be mo re accurate now. - 11/1/07 Finally finished the next to last monster review. One more and things should be a little smoother. - 11/1/07 Increased the rarities of a variety of artifacts - including all the artifact bo oks - 11/4/07 decreased the frequency that sabatoge and anatomy trigger. When maxed sabatoge w ill now trigger 12.5% of the time, and anatomy ~6% of the time. -11/4/07 Added some more artifacts, including weapons and light armors. There are now 107 - 11/5/07 Fixed a bug pointed out by RMG in throwing where weapons with the THROW flag wou ldn't get a critical bonus -11/6/07 Added new message code, so now you get unique messages for each category of weap on damage (piercing/blunt/slashing) - 11/6/07 Added code for potion exploding - all the basic damage type potions are done, st ill need to complete the more esoteric potions (skill/gainlosestat tonics etc.) before release - 11/6/07 Finished the first complete monster list revision -11/8/07 Added damage types (Blunt/Edged/Pierce) to artifact weapons. I guess they weren' t inheriting. - 11/8/07 Fixed a bug where if you had a weapon with 2 attack types, you were getting hit for reduction twice. Now if you have a weapon with 2 attack types, if it's not v

ulnerable to one of them and is to the other, you'll just have a fraction of the damage reduced. - 11/8/07 Made higher level criticals slightly more difficult to reach. - 11/8/07 Fixed a bug where if you had a force branded weapon with a force of zero you wou ld never have any force blows - 11/9/07 Nerfed lightning storm - 11/9/07 Almost all tonics have appropriate explosions. Only things like 'infravision' fa il it. -11/9/07 Fixed version numbers - 11/9/07 Fixed a bug where if autopickup is off and floor query is off and prompt to pick up is off, players are unable to pick up items. -11/10/07 Fixed a bug with guns where they would fail to load bullets on some compiles -11 /14/07 Removed the 'random artifacts birth option', due to the fact that, well, there a re no random artifacts in the code - 11/24/07 Fixed some pref file errors - 11/24/07 Fixed a pack reordering bug - fix by RMG - 11/24/07 Fixed an error with brownie racial powers- 11/24/07 Added a patch for ammo loading. Added a fix for IMPENT not working correctly. -1 1/27/07 Further corrected monster flag IMPENT and GASEOUS to interact correctly with bot her monster attacks, and natural attacks - 11/30/07 Lowered the maximum size of monster groups - 11/30/07 Added descriptions for Ghost wall walking powers, and added two steamware questi ons to the general FAQ. - 12/1/07 Classpowers now are listed with SP at the top of the list instead of MP (Bug rep orted by arch). -12/1/07 Changed it so when pets attack each other, they select an attack, and if it hits it does x3 damage. This reduces message spam and makes pet and monster combat g o much faster.-12/2/07 Fixed the Tonic throwing crash bug - 12/2/07 Fixed items that were displaying non-relevant information (rings of damage (+0, +10) - 12/3/07 Added autosave - 12/3/07 Fixed a bug when walking into pets, you now pick up items and set off traps. Als o there was a use energy call in the wrong place although it was doing no harm12/3/07 Fixed tonics of poison so that they are *much* less damaging if you drink them u n-ided. It should now be safe to use tonics un-ided. - 12/3/07 Fixed wheel of pain so it does a percentage of your current hit points in damage , instead of a percentage of *total* hit points in damage. -12/3/07 Changed guns so that if you only load a percentage of the bullets it takes that much less time to reload. I.E. if you are loading a shot gun that holds two bull ets with just one bullet, it takes 50% as long. (or a loading two bullets in a p istol that holds 8 takes just 25% of the normal reload time. -12/3/07 Fixed some message spam from spurs, also fixed a bug where immunity to stunning wasn't being noted - 12/4/07 Fixed the color of black spiders, and corrected an error in the selenite central command unit. Added a new monster. :-) - 12/4/07 Reduced the amount of energy required to go up and down stairs to 25 to help add ress the 'monsters moving before player' issue. - 12/4/07 Changed the wound code so that if you take more wound damage then your total wou nd points, you will get 'a *mortal* wound' instead of a 'you die' -12/5/07 Automata no longer take damage from stat drain from wound loss or time attacks. Instead their mechanical body parts decay and take damage from the attack losing ac, or values from their pvals -12/5/07 Fixed a bug where you could sell items you were wearing, and then magically keep them. - 12/6/07 Fixed a bug with subject verb agreement with tools getting destroyed. - 12/6/07 Fixed a bug with a miscapitalized trap (thanks Rob!) -12/6/07

Fixed a bug with a strangely talky steersman -12/7/07 Fixed a bug where sometimes non-living things could 'die'(thanks Marshall)- 12/7 /07 Balanced some artifact resistance values - 12/12/07 Added some monsters. :-) -12/12/07 Removed autoscum - 12/13/07 Removed a few more options and then decided that it would be best to wait until after the release to reorganize the options list. It requires a bit of work- 12/ 13/07 Fixed a bug where some steamware bonuses weren't showing up correctly -12/13/07 Prevented spell effects from putting you directly into knocked out status. -12/1 7/07 Added a special monster attack 'charge' instead of having monsters teleport to y ou. -12/17/07 Added alpha implimentation of Bigscreen. It requires the screen to be resized be fore playing - dynamic resizing needs to be implimented - 12/23/07 Made some final alterations to gear resistances, should be much more clear and m ore difficult to get immunity - 12/23/07 Implimented dynamic resizing of the screen, a manual refresh is still necessary -12/23/07