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My name is Alexandrino Rivera and my mentor is Mr. Jamell Cotto.

I became a mentee because I feel like I need guidance and support when it comes to handling my school work, family life & friends all at the same time. Sometimes I feel non-important when it comes to certain things so becoming a mentee gives me a sense encouragement. The relationship with my mentor has impacted my life because I come from single-parent home and my father isnt around as much so to have a positive male influence on me really helps! I have someone to talk to about things I dont feel comfortable bringing to my mother and he always steers me in the right direction. I love the sport of basketball, so having my mentor as also my coach is so much fun!! From tryouts, to practices and soon games it feels good to be part of a team. Something I dont feel when Im in school. Thanks Mr. Jamell!