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Focus: Learning Standard(s): Objective(s):

Listening and Speaking 1.1.1 (f), 1.1.2, 1.3.1 (b) {SK} By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to: i. say the phoneme /s/ correctly; and ii. identify objects with the phoneme /s/. 30 / 60 minutes picture chart, picture cards, word cards, worksheet Contextual Learning

Time: Teaching Aid(s): Cross Curricular Element(s): Set Induction:

a. Invite pupils who celebrate their birthdays on that day/ week/ month. b. Sing the birthday song for the pupils. c. Give them a little token (sweets/ chocolates). Step 1: a. Introduce the phoneme /s/ by showing an action.

Form a cobra head with your hand.

b. Trace the letter s in the air and say /s/. c. Demonstrate how to sound it out: When you say /s/, the mouth is slightly open. The tongue is flat behind your teeth. Air comes out between your teeth. d. Pupils do the action and say /s/. e. Pupils say /s/ is for the letter s and the letters ss. Step 2: a. Put up a picture chart on the board. (Appendix 1) b. Tell the story of Jessy and her dress. (Appendix 2)
Ask pupils to observe you. Do it a few times to different groups.

Step 3: a. Show picture cards with word cards and say the words aloud. (Appendix 3a & 3b) b. Pupils say the words with guidance. Step 4: a. Put the picture cards on the board. (Appendix 3a) b. The word cards can be put on the board or on the table. (Appendix 3b) c. Pupils match the pictures and words correctly. d. Check the answers with the pupils. Consolidation
NOTE: Teacher can also play a memory game using the picture cards and word cards. Focus words: Jessy, dress, class, Kassim, glass, kiss

a. Complete the exercise on page 17 in the pupils module. b. Teacher says a word and pupils circle the correct picture.

Picture Chart


4 3


APPENDIX 2 Story Chart


Today is Jessys birthday. Her

mum is having a party for her. Jessy invites her friends to her house. Her friends are in the same class. They are very happy. They give her a gift.

Jessy opens her gift.

It is a

lovely dress. She takes the dress out of the box. Just then, Kassim comes with a glass of water. Oh,

my! The water pours on Jessys new

dress. Jessy cries and cries. Her mum gives her a kiss.

APPENDIX 3A Picture Cards

Picture 1: Jessy

Picture 2: Dress

Picture 3: Class

Picture 4: Kassim

Picture 5: Kiss

Picture 6: Glass


Jessy dress class