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Facilities Management Report to Board of Trustees

Facilities Management Report for May, June and July 2009

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library

• The new Cooling Tower has been installed and cooling operations are in
• New energy efficient lighting has been installed in the public hallways on
floors 2nd through 4th. We have also completed the installation of energy
efficient lighting in all four stairways from the 1st through 4th floor.
• All fire extinguishers have been inspected, tested and/or replaced.
• New cooling coils have been replaced in the several stairways on the
fourth floor and new drain pans installed.
• The number 1 Chillers has been completely overhauled and all pumps
have been repaired. The complete cooling system has received all
required preventive maintenance and repairs for the season.
• All fourth floor windows on the west side of the building have been tinted
to lessen the heat load for the summer.
• Routine maintenance work was completed in other areas of the building.
• Window washing was completed for the entire building.
• Two broken windows were replaced; one in the Budget and Finance
Department and another in the Popular library.
• A new broken window has occurred on the fourth floor in the Facility
Department; the glass has arrived and the contractor is waiting for a
permit to be issued.
• Preventive maintenance and repair of a leak were completed on the
transformers and main feeder.
• New caulking was done for all 1st floor exterior windows around the entire
• DCPL worked with WASA to clear the storm drain on G Street to help and
eliminate flooding problems to A level.
• New dampers were installed in the duck work on the fourth floor to
regulate air flow.
• The new Conference Room and new Conference/Training Room have
been completed and are in use. They have their own independent cooling

Neighborhood Libraries
• Cooling system repairs were done at Takoma Park that included
replacement of the air handler coils and condensate pump.
• DCPL’s carpenter is repairing and re-keying all neighborhood libraries, the
work is about 85% complete at this time.
• DCPL painters have completed painting projects at Tenley-Friendship
Interim, Woodridge, Capitol View, Cleveland Park and Francis Gregory.

Document #8C
Board of Library Trustees Meeting
July 22, 2009
• Preventive maintenance has been completed on all cooling systems at the
neighborhood libraries and all systems started on May 15.
• Two new heat pumps were installed at Tenley Interim.
• A new cooling system has been installed in the meeting room at Cleveland
Park as well as carpet in the workroom.
• Fan coil units in the kitchen and work room were repaired at Southeast.
• The exhaust fan and lights were replaced in the mechanical room at
Capitol View.
• Roofing problems were repaired and new drain pans installed at Lamond
• DCPL painters repaired and re-finished the exterior wooden library sign in
the front yard at Petworth library.
• The new chiller at Chevy Chase is being replaced because of a defect. A
temporary chiller has been installed until the replacement occurs.
• A temporary chiller has also been installed at Woodridge and DCPL will
replace the old one this winter.
• Ceiling and lighting replacement contracts have been awarded for
Cleveland Park. The work will take place between August 2 and 16, 2009.

Miscellaneous Items
• DCPL’s new Landscape Team started working April 6 and has been doing
outstanding work at all our branch locations. This year we have been able
to plant flowers as well as trim, mulch and cut the lawns using our
employees and the personnel from DOES. We have formed a great
partnership with the organization and look forward to continuing to work
with them.

Document #8C
Board of Library Trustees Meeting
July 22, 2009