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Nik Muhammad Faris 03007310 IKM Jakarta Cilandak LB Answers: Short Questions Community Nutrition Lecture 1.

Nutrition is important for all stages of life cycle. Please explain how you would manage to break the cycle of malnutrition problem from generation to generation. a. To break the malnutrition problem, i will make sure that pregnant mothers have adequate and ample supply of nutritions such as iron and others micronutrients such as magnesium and phosphate. To make this happens the government must fortified the food, this can be done if we sucessfully fortified everyday food like sugars, salt, rice or cooking oils sice they are used in everyday foods. b. The mothers (pregnant) must educated and know what they need to eat and what food is important to sustaine theirs fetus growth and development. This can be achieved if we ( the medical staff) can teach them properly on theirs diet. c. Breast feeding is a must. Until the babies are 6 months old.Many mothers lack the knowledge on how much important is breast milk, it contains antibodies, nutrients and all the energy the baby need during the first 6 month, because young digestive system is still not fully developed. d. After 6 months we can add others complementary food to the list. 2. Iron requirement is increased during pregnancy. Please explain how would you advise a married woman to prepare for the pregnancy? a. Pregnant mothers need to know that iron isvery important and needed a lot especially during the second trimester of pregnancy, fail to provide ample amount of iron supply to the fetus during that period will cause theirs child in the womb ceased to develope that can cause low birth weight and other complication such as higher risk of having coranary heart disease whan thay are adult, Barkers Hypothesis. b. Eat iron rich food during pregnancy such as spinach, meats and peanuts and avoid smoking and alcohols. 3. What is the best time to introduce the complementary feeding to the infant? Briefly mention about the energy and nutrient gap. a. The best time to introduce complementary foods to the infant is after they are more than 6 month olds. During this age theirs digestive system are already fully developed and are able to accept all kinds of food. Beside that, older infant ( more than 6 month olds) need more energy and nutrients to futher develope and grow. b. After 6 month breast feeding alone would not be suffient anymore because they will be energy gap that breast milk will not be able to cover it. Therefore older infants need to be introduce to complementary food. There will also be gap in protein, iron , and vitamin A supply because during this period rapid growth occurs, fail to supply childrens with ample amount of food during this stage will cause stunning.

4. Why is nutrition important for healthy aging? a. Population growth is booming especially in developing country like Indonesia and population aged above 60 years old is expected to increased from 8% to 20% in 2050. Both Innate and acquired immunity become weaker in elderly even those who are

healthy, so we need an adequate nutritional status so that when people become older they will have an efficient immune function. b. Fail to achieve this target will lead to addtional government spending and budget to repair the health status of this population (age 60 and above). Health care do not come in cheap price tag especially when we are talking in a large population country like Indonesia. 5. Which biomarkers will you measure for vitamin A survey in a community where malaria infection is common? a. Serum retinol is the best biomarkers to measure vitaminA in community where malaria infection is a common thing. Thanks for your attention.