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English Grammar. Std 10 th. 1.Marcus pretended to be deaf. Make it complex. 2.Naman---------- visits Nikitas house.

Use the correct form of the word occasion. 3.It was a real torture to him. Make it Exclamatory. 4.I asked her about her dream. What kind of a sentence it is? 5.Everything returns to earth and is reborn. Make it negative. 6.We have no friends better than books. Change the degree. 7.I am quite sincere in my work. Add question tag. 8.The childrens reactio n was not what you would call favourable. Make it affirmative. 9. Give me the contents of your mind. Change the voice. 10.Although Marcus was asleep in the kitchen, he heard it fall. Make it compound. 11. What a horrible sight! Turn it into assertive. 12.The compost heap got quite a boost that night. Make it interrogative. 13. Id be willing to bet on that. Add the correct question tag. 14. It is approaching slowly. Make it negative. 15. He knows about my difficulties. Make it complex. 16. The verb form of simple is ________. 17.This poem is too long for me to learn. Remove too and use so----that. 18. Where were you at the time of bombing? Make it complex. 19. Her hair was carelessly done. Change the voice. 20. Hirenbhai has been caught taking bribe and his job is in jeopardy now.Make it Complex. 21.We kept this up for several days. Make it into past perfect. 22.She is driving slowly. Make it Interrogative. 23.Let us go for a movie. Make it Interrogative. 24.No man is an island. Make it in to a complex sentence. 25. She speaks in a tone which is pleasant. Make it in to a simple sentence. 26.The lady fell of the horse. She broke her bones. Make it in to a compound sentence. 27.He is too fit not to pass the fitness test. Use so-----that. 28.Give the order to heave to. Use let. 29.Socrates turned the scientific method to the study of the art of living. Make it in to complex sentence. 30.Seeing Darjeelings point I cut myself down to size. Add question tag. 31.Spare the rod and spoil the child. Make it into Adverb clause. 32. Most people suffer from this complex. Change the degree.

33.What does a gradual hearing loss mean? Change the voice. 34.It is very dreadful sight. Make it Exclamatory. 35.They drink too much. Remove too. 36.In spite of his being hardworking,he gets no job. (use though ) 37.No escape was possible________? Add question tag. 38. The aerial messanger bowed before the elders.He made a confession . He brought him in the workers paradise by mistake . Combine the sentence. 39.Mutiny is an ugly word. Make it Complex. 40. Her feet upon the green grass trod. This line is taken from the poem _____________. 41. We have plenty of time to be disappointed. Make it in to Interrogative. 42. She will lock the money up as soon as she gets it . use No soonerthan. 43.For the first time in her life she had seen something like that. Make it negative. 44.Inspite of its preval ence we pay little attention to this. Use though. And then but. 45.Too much of indulgence in anything is not good. Make it in to a complex sentence. 46. There were too many people in the Gali and nobody could be bothered about him. Use So ------that. 47.But he insisted on being rational about it. Use as if. 48.The noun form of convert is ________. 49. The adjective of respect is ______. 50.They crashed in thunderous white. Add Question tag. 51.We were not far from them when we passed through Suez canal. Make it simple. 52.Combine the sentence. The town is perched upon narrow ridge. It is about 7000 feet up. Its deep gorges fall any away on either side. 53 Turn into Indirect Narration. He said.We are not concerned with beauty in this course. We are concerned solely with what I may call the mechanics of flora. 54. I have heard so much, I said, about the originality of your system.

55. I will not lose this one. He said. This kite will fly like a bird. 56. Gentleman said, We may as well wait till tomorrow at any rate. 57. Combine the sentence. We have a leg tied up. We hop about on a crutch, It is almost fun. 58.Combine the sentence. Einstein wrote his famous transformation equation, it was written in 1905. He was not thinking of the atomic bomb. 59 Turn into Indirect Narration. Columbus said I thank you for reminding me, Fransisco. 60. The attendant told Socrates, You drink the Hemlock and then you get up and walk about until your leg feel very heavy. 61.No you must not get used to sleeping pills. Bad habit. Said the doctor to the dog. 62. Socrates said Forgive my intrusion, but what do you mean by courage.? 63. Synthesis. I was carving a joint one Sunday. At that time a tiny scrqp of meat slipped from the fork. It dropped on the carpet. 64.Another course was economics. I didnt like it. I somehow managed to pass in it. 65.Indirect Narration. Another said earnestly. I am so sorry that I was not taken instead. 66. The Orator then said, youve baffled me-I m afraid I dont exactly know. 67.If we have won it will be a new life. Use unless. 68. When I sat I pondered. Make it into compound.

69. Willard Gibbs was a gentle spirit. Make it Exclamatory. 70.You are too old to be expected from. Remove too. 71. It did not budge from the ground. Make it affirmative. 72. Time is precious. Make it Interrogative. 73. He was punished for his greed. Make it complex. 74. As soon as he saw the danger he paused. Change the voice. 75. As the hour approached his friends gathered around. Use No sooner ------than. 76. Dark deeds are better done in the dark. Change the degree. 77. I will pretend to be deaf. Make it negative. 78. Having had no useful work he indulged in mad whims. Turn in to complex. 79. We had nothing left. Add question tag. 80. It is a place of astonishing cheerfulness. Make it interrogative. 81. There is a probability-------. Complete the sentence with a noun clause. 82. Noun form of suspect is ----. 83. verb form of intrusion-----. 84. Who can chisel a plum? Make it Assertive. 85. Isnt his lunch uninspiring? Make it Assertive. 86.My fugitive years are all hasting away. Make it Interrogative. 87.For which I cry both day and night. Figure of speech is----. 88. To seek with in the jaws of death. Figure of speech. 89.In paradise all exclaim, ------------ 90. The women exclaimed, --------.

91.From dewy dawn to dewy night. Figure of speech. 92. The message in the poem The Guy In The Glass is ------. 93. What is the other name of black bird? 94. Two fair streams are drawn from _______. 95. Simple men should not judge their betters. Make it Interrogative. 96. They drink too much. This line is taken from the lesson------. 97. The phrase never turned up means ------98. The phrase fawn upon means -----. 99.Columbus first saw the light on 11th October 1492. Change the voice. 100. How can you justify the deeds of others when you yourself are sailing in the same boat? Make it Assertive. 98.