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1) All of the following are parts of the glomerular filtration membrane EXCEPT: a) Fenestrated capillary endothelium b) Basement membrane

c) Parietal layer of the Bowmans Capsule d) Podocytes 2) Which of the following is NOT a brush border enzyme: a) Carboxypeptidase b) Sucrose c) Enterokinase d) Dipeptidase 3) Approximately how many primary occytes are present at menarche: 400 Thousand 4) All of the following increase the surface area of the small intestine EXCEPT: a) Villi b) Plicae c) Rugae d) Microvilli 5) The Dorsal Portion of the penis has two columns of spongy erectile tissue called corpus cavernosa: True 6) ADH has the greatest effect on the reabsorption of water in the COLLECTING DUCT 7) Most nutrients are reabsorbed in which portion of the nephron: ascending limb of the loop of Henre 8) Which of the following regions of a mature follicle is broken apart just prior to ovulation: Cumus ophnus 9) All of the following hormones decrease the activity of the stomach EXCEPT: a) Gastric inhibitory peptide b) Gastrin c) Secretin d) Cholecystokinin 10) FSH binds to sortoli cells and LH binds to laydig cells: True 11) Which of the following cells releases meiosis-inducing substance: Membrane granulosa cells 12) The MEISSNERS plexus controls GLANDULAR activity while the MYENTERIC controls SMOOTH MUSCLE activity 13) The hormone that stimulates the gallbladder to relase bile is: Cholecystokinin 14) There are more somatostatin released during meals than between meals: false 15) Juxlaglxmerular cells will release renin in all fo the following instances EXCEPT: a) When the glomerular filtration pressure is low b) When macula densa cells detect a low salt conectration c) When the volume of water in the blood is low d) When the blood entering the glomerulus over expands the afferent arteriole

16) Reabsorption as perfeormed in the kidney, may be defined as the: movement of water and solutes out of the tubule and into the peritubular blood 17) Which of the following muscularis externa activities helps move a bolus along the GI tract: contraction of the outer longitudinal layer of smooth muscle ahead of the bolus 18) Rugae are permanent folds of mucosa and submucosa in the stomach: false 19) Sertoli cells physically and nutritionally support spermatogenic cells: true 20) Higher levels of progesterone and lower levels of estrogen in the blood inhibits the release of LH from the anterior pituitary: True 21) Which of the following is not a component of a secondary follicle: cumulus oophrus 22) Juxtamedullary nephrons function in the formation and concentration of urine, while cortical nephrons function in secretion and absorption: True 23) Which of the following opens up into a minor calyx: renal papilla 24) Antimulerian hormone prevents the formation of the male reproductive tract: false 25) All of the following are true of primordial follicles EXCEPT: a) They develop in the absence of FSH b) They are surrounded by a single layer of cuboidal cells c) They are arrested in Meiosis 1 d) Approximately 1 million are present at birth 26) Pancreatic juice contains all of the following substances EXCEPT: a) Amylase b) Trypsinogen c) Enterokinase d) Lipase 27) The chief cells in the stomach secrete: pepsinogen 28) Which of the following cells contains the enzyme aromatase: the primary occyte 29) A glomerulus is composed of a renal corpuscle surrounded by a Bowmans capsule: false 30) Which of the Following statements is INCORRECT regarding the chemical digestion of the chemical digestion of nutrients in the GI tract a) Carbohydrates protein and fat undergo chemical digestion in the small intestine b) Chemical digestion of fat begins in the oral cavity with an enzyme released from the tongue c) Carbohydrates digestion begins in the mouth, stops in the stomach and resumes in the small intestine d) Protein digestion ends with the activity of proteolytic enzymes released from the pancreas 31) Majority of the seminal fluid comes from the: seminal vesicles 32) The hormone that stimulates ovulation is FSH: false 33) Pepsinogen is activated by HYDROCHLORIC ACID, in the STOMACH and trypsinogen is activated by ENTEROKINASE in the SMALL INTESTINE 34) Saliva contains all of the following substances EXCEPT: a) Amylase

b) Protease c) Lysozyme d) Lipase 35) The uterus has 1 opening 36) Pre-ejaculatory fluid is produced by the: cowpers glands 37) An incision into the wall of the GI tract would cute, in order, from outside to inside: serosa, submucosa, muscularis, and mucosa 38) When nutrients are reabsorbed in the kidney, thye move out of the nephron and into a peritubular capillary 39) The blood supply to the penis contains and arteriovenous shunt, which if vasodilated, would lead to an erection: false 40) The myontric plexus is found in which layer of the GI wall: muscularis 41) In the stomach, hydrochloric acid is secreted by parietal cells 42) Which of the following statements is TRUE: a) The cystic duct and the pancreatic duct join to form the common bile duct b) The common bile duct is formed by the joining of the cystic duct from the gallbladder and the hepatic duct from the liver c) The pancreatic duct and the hepatic duct join to form the commone bile duct d) The pancreatic duct and the cystic duct merge together forming the hepatic duct 43) Which of the following cells are not located in the adluminal compartment of the seminiferous tubule: a) Spermetogenia b) Primary spermatocytes c) Spermatozoa d) Spermatids 44) The stimuls for primary follicles to develop into secondary follicles is meiosis inducing substance 45) The ascending limb of the loop of henle is permeable to soultes but impermeable to water while the descending limb is permeable to water but impermeable to solutes: true 46) Human chorionic gonadotropin maintains the corpus luteum in the absence of LH: true 47) All of the following are consistent with an endometrium a few days prior to menstruation EXCEPT: a) High blood estrogen levels and lower progesteronic levels b) Low blood LH levels c) Ovarian cortex contains a corpus luteum d) The functional layer of the endometrium is very thick 48) When the cremaster muscle contracts: the scrotum expands and is smooth 49) The mucosa of the small intestine is composed of all of the following EXCEPT: a) Smooth muscle b) Simple columnar epithelium with microvilli

c) Lamina propria d) Villi 50) The juxtaglomerular apparatus is composed of all of the following cells EXCEPT: a) Modified smooth muscle cells of the afferent arteriole b) Podocytes c) Modified cells of the proximal convoluted tubule d) Macula densa cells