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The Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (PPADB) was enacted by an Act of Parliament [Cap 42:08] of 2001.

PPADB is a parastal organisation, operating under the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP). The primary mandate of PPADB is to adjudicate and award tenders for Central Government and any other institutions specified under the Act for the delivery of works, services and supplies related services. This is coupled with the registration and grading of contractors who so which to do business with government. We do this to ensue that projects are prudentially managed to ensure value for money in the procurement and disposal of assets. The Executive Chairperson heads the Board, assisted by three full time Executive Directors namely for the division of; Works, Services and Supplies. The General Manager Corporate Services oversees the operations of the Board as well as the day to day running of the organizational finance and human resource management.

PPADB registration forms for suppliers, service providers and consultants can be downloaded below.
Those who download the form will still be charged P50.00 for the form in addition to P100.00 submission fee when they submit their application for registration at PPADB.

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PPADB PRONOUNCES REVISED CEILINGS FOR CONTRACTORS The Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (PPADB) hereby announce the revised financial ceilings for contractors. All stakeholders such as Procuring Entities (PEs), Contractors, other public institutions and the public at large are advised to note the new ceilings. The ceilings are effective 1st April 2009.

Contractor Registration Works Works means a contract that consists of or includes:(i) the grant of a right to exploit the work or works to be carried out under the contract; (ii) carrying out of a work or works for a contracting authority; and or (iii) engaging a person to procure by any means the carrying out for the contracting authority of a work corresponding to specified requirements. All contractors domiciled in Botswana are required by law to register with PAPDB for certification. The aim is to ensure that contractors who wish to do business with the Botswana government meet the necessary requirements to deliver projects in the most cost-effective way. Applicant contractors requests are forwarded to the relevant assessing Ministries and Departments for evaluation. Once contractors are inspected the recommendation for grading is forwarded to the Board for a decision to grade and code under qualifying codes. The current grades are 0pportunity Contractor (OC), A, B, C, D and E. UPGRADING: The graded contractors may apply for updating to a higher code and grade depending on ther experience and growth. The PPADB listing is subject to bi-ennial review. The requirement to register is not applicable for internationally based contractors; this is because their registration from their country of origin is deemed sufficient. Where necessary a waiver is granted to the biding contractor in order to meet he PPADB requirements and those of government such as the submission of tax clearance certificate issued by the Botswana Unified Revenue Services (BURS). REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS

Contractors are required to submit the following certified copies; Omang, if a citizen of Botswana Certificate of Incorporation/Company Registration Share Certificates Share Transfers if any Curriculum vitae of Principal Officers Educational certificates Bank Account Contractor Registration

Supply means a contract for:(i) the purchase of goods (whether or not the consideration is given in installments and whether or not the purchase is conditional upon the occurrence of a particular event); (ii) hire of goods (both where the contracting authority becomes the owner of the goods after the end of the period of hire and where it does not); and /or (iii) where setting or installation of the goods and is to be provided and the value of the consideration attributable to the goods and any sitting or installation is equal to or greater than the value attributable to the services.

Contractor Registration Contractor Registration Services Services means a contract in which a contracting authority engages a person to provide a service, if the value of the consideration attributable to those services exceeds that of the goods covered by the contract. Contractor Registration Medical Suppliers All citizen companies manufacturing and supplying medicines, laboratory reagents and medical equipment. registration has not yet started but you are encouraged to register in order to benefit from Botswana government citizen empowermnet initiatives in this industry. You may view currently registered companies: 100% citizen owned medical companies

You can register your company under this category if applicable.