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EIP Mathayom Course Outline First Semester Subject: Fundamental English I Grade: Mathayom 3

Course Description: The course curriculum, in keeping with the Thai Ministry of Education Guidelines, is designed to teach students to think critically and analytically while improving their ability to express their opinions through the interpretation of literature. The students will examine various texts in which they will determine the way different genres are used to comment on social issues from a Western perspective. The students will develop a greater sense of understanding in regard to Western values while comparing and contrasting these values with their own. Emphasis is placed on the implementation of literary devices and writing techniques, as well as the idiosyncrasies of the writers themselves. They will learn how to incorporate these techniques into their own writing. They will apply their existent knowledge of grammar and syntax to more advanced forms and be able to highlight these structures with the texts as a practical application, as well as continue in traditional grammar course work. Outlining and note-taking will be used to implement a standard structure of writing as models will be given for the further development of the expression cohesive and coherent thought in essay form. Course Objectives: To analyze and evaluate literature by discussing themes and citing examples from within the texts as evidence to support their views. To have a greater understanding of world cultures and find similarities and differences between them. To expand the students comprehension skills through oral and written communication. To increase the vocabulary of the students by examining context clues in a practical setting. To give students the ability to form independent thought while simultaneously adhering to traditional methods of academic writing (proper essay form). Understanding of and capacity to interpret what has been heard and read from various types of media, and ability to express opinions with proper reasoning. Endowment with language communication skills for exchange of data and information; efficient expression of feelings and opinions.

Ability to present data, information, concepts, and views about various matters through speaking and writing. Appreciation of the relationship between language and culture of native speakers and capacity for use of language appropriate to occasions and places. Appreciation of similarities and differences between language and culture of native and Thai speakers, and capacity for accurate and appropriate use of language. Usage of foreign languages to link knowledge with other learning areas, as foundation for further development and to seek knowledge and widen ones world view. Ability to use foreign languages in various situations in school, community, and society. Usage of foreign languages as basic tools for further education, livelihood, and exchange of learning with the world community.

Textbooks: Chin, Beverly Ann,, comps. Glencoe Literature: The Readers Choice. Course 1. New York: Glencoe-McGraw-Hill, 2002. Oshima, Alice, and Ann Hogue. Introduction to Academic Writing. 3nd Ed. White Plains: Longman-Pearson, 2008. Paterson, Ken. Grammar Spectrum 3: English Rules and Practice. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1995.

EIP Mathayom Course Outline First Semester Subject: Fundamental English I Grade: Mathayom 3

Contents I. Thematic Studies a. Theme 5: The Will to Win i. Read various literary texts relating to the theme: 1. The King of Mazy May 2. Priscilla and the Wimps 3. Pecos Bill 4. Bakers Bluejay Yarn 5. Doc Rabbit, Bruh Fox, and Tar Baby 6. Satchel Paige 7. The Toad and the Donkey ii. Students will study various literary elements: 1. Suspense 2. Plot 3. Tall Tales 4. Dialect 5. Trickster Tale 6. Folktale 7. Biography 8. Expository iii. Students will learn how to analyze literature intensively and practice critical thinking methods. b. Composition i. Students will learn the writing process: Prewriting, Drafting, Revising/Editing and Publishing/Presenting. ii. Students will learn how to organize an essay properly. iii. Students will be able to exercise their creative writing capabilities and learn how to use descriptive language in writing. iv. Students will further develop their writing capabilities by focusing on paragraph structure, process paragraphs, and compare/contrast techniques.

v. Students will write a biographical sketch and a how-to essay.

c. Oral Presentations i. Students will read selected literary texts aloud in class as well as present their ideas and answers to questions in order to practice and refine pronunciation. ii. Students will learn how to read aloud with proper consideration of punctuation. d. Grammar i. Students will continue to develop their writing capabilities and focus on the following grammatical skills 1. Present Simple 2. Present Continuous 3. Past Simple 4. Past Continuous 5. Present Perfect 6. Present Perfect Continuous 7. Used to 8. Can, Could, Be able to, May, Will, Shall 9. Must, Cant, May, Might, Could 10. Must, Have to, Mustnt, Dont have to 11. Need, Neednt, Neednt have 12. Whatlike? 13. Who, What 14. Reported Speech 15. Reported Requests 16. Reported Questions 17. A, An, Some, Any, The 18. Since, For, Ago, First, Last 19. Because, In case, So, So that

EIP Mathayom Evaluation and Grading First Semester

Subject: Fundamental English I Grade: Mathayom 3 Breakdown of Grades Criteria Unit 1 Behavior Participation Classwork Notebook Speaking/Listening Unit 2 Project/Group Work Homework Written Assignments Quiz/Test Midterm Final Exam Total 1st quarter 2nd quarter Total

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