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Beneath The Depths, a new up and coming Metalcore band, agreed to let me interview them after their most recent gig supporting Silent Screams at The Picket in Liverpool. Lead Singer Lewis, told us that with the bands newl released Single, !Perseverance" featuring Simon Mora from Arcane Addiction, #$%& should be a good start for the ' member band, with them currentl working on the release of their new (P. )hen it came to interviewing the troublesome five piece, ou could tell the had a good thing going, even admitting that the do have the occasional Arguments, but ou could see the bond the had between them. So * got started with the *nterview b asking one of the most well know +uestions, -ow did ou gu s originall meet. Lewis /ones 0frontman of the band1 instantl insisted that /ames answered, 2/ames ou take this3. /ames -arrison 0Lead 4uitarist1 goes on to e5plain sa ing, 2* don"t know, we all 6ust use to hang out round the same place, err... * met Lewis and then Lewis knew Dann , and well * basicall 6ust met ever one and then we"ve all 6ust, because we all hang round the same place, we all 6ust know each other3 -ow long have ou currentl been together then. Lewis /ones7 2(rm... as the line up as it is now... about3 /ames7 28 months3 Lewis7 28 or %$ months, but since the band has been going with its name and stuff, about a ear and half9ish3 )hat gives ou the inspiration to write our own songs. /ordan :lein 0;assist1 randoml decides to make some weird noise with his lips while turning to Lewis. Lewis7 2)ell ever thing reall 3 /ames7 2like, life situations3 Lewis7 2*t"s... *t"s... *t"s a weird mentalit because it"s like, * don"t know, but like * don"t think about it * 6ust do it3 /ames7 2*t"s not like writing it to, to specificall get an where, it"s 6ust writing it for writing music because we en6o writing music3 -ave ou got an upcoming music or singles. Lewis7 2(rr... we"ve 6ust released our current single a couple of da s ago3 /ordan7 2<eah= >ur ?ew Single isperseverance that came out on )ednesda =3 Lewis7 2And the (P will be out in the ne5t @... # A @ months at ma5, if not before3 )hat genre of music do ou consider our work to be.

Lewis7 2/esus :hrist, this is the whole genre war business...3 BLaughsB /ordan7 2Pop Punk=3 ;oth7 2/aCC=3 BLaughsB Lewis7 2?o, )ell erm, )e like hardcore but not +uite hardcore, and we like metal core but not +uite metalcore, it"s like in9between3 /ordan7 2-ard Metal:ore=3 B(ver one ?odsB )ho are our ma6or influences. :allum Thoms 0Drummer17 2*f ou mean drumming )ise. Then (rm, Austin Thornton for sure3 /ames7 2Lee Malia from ;ring Me the -oriCon, he"s amaCing3 Dann /ones 04uitarist17 2;en ;ruce3 Lewis7 BLooks at dann B 2Don"t speak much do ou. BLaughsB 2)ell for me, >li S kes, erm, Mitch Lucker, /ames -arrison and Austin :arlie are ma6or influences3 /ordan7 2(rm.. *"ve never answered this before, but Sam ;ettle from Asking Ale5andria and /oe Lancaster=3 Do ou have an upcoming shows. Lewis7 2After this we"ve got,3 /ordan7 2)ell, at the moment we"re working and writing the (p3 /ames7 2so we"re going to be concentrating on writing but if we do get the chance to do some big shows, then we"ll pla them for sure,3 :ould ou describe our music making process. Lewis7 2(rm basicall , we all kind of individuall write songs and then mash it all together and change bits..3 Me7 2So it"s like a group effort then...3 Lewis7 2 eah, eah for sure=3 /ames7 2)e all get ideas when writing and we come together and see what works best for all of us3 )hat has been our biggest challenge as a band. Lewis7 2?ot arguing.3 BAll LaughB /ames7 2*n all seriousness though, writing for sure,3 Lewis7 2<eah, )riting is hard with the different kind of influences we all have, because sa we had one guitar part that :allum wouldn"t like then we"d have to change it. *t"s 6ust finding the right thing for ever one and that we can all agree on.3 -ow has our music evolved from when ou first began pla ing together. Lewis7 2/esus :hrist, )ell we were a deathcore band at first,3 BLaughsB /ordan7 2>h 4od, but eah, erm 6ust look at the second song we pla , and then look at the likes of conse+uence and perseverance and well,3 BShrugs ShouldersB Me A 2So there"s a big difference ...

Lewis7 2)e have two songs on our set list at the moment which are 6ust there for us to pla as at we have nothing else for the time being, and in our opinion we find them to be not the best of songs, but some people like them which baffles me,3 BlaughsB -ave ou ever fallen out. (ver one A 2<es, ess,3 /ordan A 2All The time,3 B(ver one laughsB An last words. (ver one7 2)atch out for us ver soon and 4o and Listen to our new single Perseverance which came out on )ednesda =3