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Today life is a challenge; if we do not progress we are left alone.

In spite of so many cultural changes, work place discrimination, we are left alone with growing age and conflicts of interests in our professional environment. It was in 2004 I had my 1st computer, which was a desktop more for show than functionality. With my little money I invested in changing a to laptop with good potentials. It was in 2003 I had an opportunity to take class for DNB students at Jubilee Mission Medical College, Trichur, Kerala I was happy it was a marathon lecture on Antibiotics for 1 hour 50 minutes. I went back to our Director Father Alapatt to get the feed back, he told me it was long nice lecture however few had patience to listen till the end. I thank Dr Father Alapatt I realised my mistake for the marathon lecture, it was not my competence to deliver long lectures, as some body should take the view of the material you create, I took the advantage of the world wide web and placed the content in it was wonderful that I have many friends to listen and learn from me all over the world. It steered me through making programmes of current interest with wonderful response, and great achievement with Antibiotic sensitivity testing which had hits of more 1.5 lakh viewers all over the world, in few years I made more than 700 programmes on Medicine, Microbiology and Theology and some topics are translated into several International languages for benefit of many in the world. I have never forgotten my beliefs on What Hinduism means even the westerns accept my ideas and ideals on the sentiments, which the Hinduism creates in the Human mind. My testing times were in 2010 when I was working in a Medical College in Karnataka I was the most isolated as I practised the Microbiology with knowledge than by illusionary ideas of my learned colleagues. I realised in the Indian system of Castes and groups it is difficult to come up in the life, I found the Internet my great friend without bias to any individual in the world. I realised that my knowledge should not go waste without inspiring many of younger colleagues, a student of mine Dr Akilesh Thota told me that he will make known to many in the speciality of microbiology, and made a little portal of Raos Microbiology, Today I have hundreds of younger Microbiologists to my fold, who treat me as a inspiring person in microbiology. It was great surprise when Dr.Sudheer Kher who was running a web site asked me to be partner and made me knowledge creator in the portal no looking back in life, today I have many friends who are my partners in spreading the ideas on why the knowledge of Microbiology and Antibiotics are important for survival of the patients and creating safe hospitals. Once in a while I look into how good I am to the world my great happiness when many US citizens make use of my creative knowledge than many in the world, proving Internet has no racial discrimination. Some of my scientific papers when they were rejected by many publishers, I just put on open source for many to benefit, were picked up by some potential unbiased publishers bring in potentials of my knowledge even from the rarest corners of the world. I just continue my mission by encouraging my own students to write the article on Medicine and put on popular websites, it was just a gesture to make better professionals in the profession to make my mission, as Internet never perishes, as we are mortal and certain we can leave our knowledge even after us.

Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Microbiology Freelance writer