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Contact Worship x1451 “‘I pray also that the eyes of your heart
With questions about your pledge,
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may be enlightened in order that you may
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know the hope to which He has called you,
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Contact Membership x1471 the riches of His glorious inheritance in the
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O ne thing that often perplexes me in ministry is that I see
many who profess faith in God, yet they are not experienc-
ing the abundant life He promises. To be sure, “abundant life”
For Weekday School does not mean a pain-free or trouble-free life. It does mean a life
Contact 407.996.5864 lived with the joy and confidence of God’s presence and the cer-
For more information on adult Sunday school tainty of His love. I believe we experience that abundance only
classes, contact Spiritual Formation x1463
as we grow and mature as His people, which is exactly why Paul
With questions about the FPCO website
prayed for the Ephesian church as he did. He yearned for them to
or this Columns publication
Contact Communications x1467 experience that abundant life! So, how do we do that?
To reserve meeting space When our church leaders sat down four years ago to pray and
Contact Special Services x1469 craft a vision for our future, the Lord gave us this:
The vision of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando is to em-
Hospital Calls:
power a diverse body of confessing believers to seek to know and
Hospitals are no longer able to notify us when
our members are hospitalized. If you know worship God, share His eternal love, and humbly serve a broken
someone who is in the hospital, please notify world.
the Pastoral Care office at x1455.
Those words were chosen very carefully and very prayerfully,
Pastoral Emergencies: and as we go through this fall, I hope you will understand more
For pastoral emergencies outside of the 8:30am-
5pm church office hours, please leave a voice and more how our vision is a path towards the abundant life we
mail message at the main church number. The seek. It is a path to Christian maturity. Our vision is to allow the
message center will page the minister on call, Holy Spirit to empower us to essentially do three things: Seek,
who will reply as soon as possible.
Share, and Serve.
Need Help? Abundant life begins as we SEEK the Lord through Bible study
Dependency assistance, cancer support group,
grief support, divorce care, infertility group, and worship. That is the beginning place of life and faith in God.
please contact Congregational Life x1159. As we do that, we begin to SHARE His love in relationships with
others, both in the church and outside the church. As those rela-
tionships build and the church becomes the community in which
we live our LIFE, we are compelled to SERVE others who are in
need. As we seek to grow and mature in Christ, to live the abun-
dant life He has promised, we need to be engaged in each of these
three things. They are not things to be “done” or “accomplished,”
but they are to be the regular pattern of our Christian life.
As such, everything you see in the church from this point for-
ward will be focused in these three areas. Our information and

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communication, both online and in print, will be color-coded with an ap-

propriate icon so that you can easily discern how our many ministries fit
into the larger whole, and how you can easily access those opportunities.
We want to constantly be challenging you to move along that path–from
attending worship, to engaging relationships in community, to serving the
Lord–and then to make that experience the consistent pattern of your life.
And of course, in the end, we do this not so that we can simply have an
abundant life, but so that God may be glorified in all we do. We are seek-
ing, sharing, and serving … all to the glory of God! I pray that you will take
the time to look at this issue and to familiarize yourself with the vision.
It should be something in our hearts and on our lips! The entire staff has
memorized it, and it is the guide by which we are making decisions from
here on out.
Sometimes a large church can get complex and overly complicated. It
becomes hard to access people or ministry or opportunity. This vision–this
focus–brings before us a simple, straightforward path and purpose. What is
First Presbyterian Church about? How do I grow in my faith? Seek, Share,
Serve. That’s it. Seek, Share, Serve–and give Him the glory as you do! I am
looking forward with great anticipation to the way in which God will grow
our church as we bring simplicity and clarity to His call on us in this place.
It is a true joy to be your pastor, and I remain
The vision of First
Under His Mercy, Presbyterian Church of
Orlando is to empower
a diverse body of
David D. Swanson
confessing believers
to seek to know and
worship God, share His
eternal love, and humbly
serve a broken world. | 3
Becoming A Church of
LIFE Communities
By Kent Sterchi, Director of LIFE Community

I n the fall of 2006, there was a contingent from FPCO, led

by Donna McClellan, that attended a three-day “Advanced
Small Group Training,” at Willow Creek Church outside of Chi-
reading plan for 2010, where we will journey through Acts and
Paul’s letters. Additionally, each group will be devoted to prayer
for one another and the other needs that arise.
cago. Our team quickly discovered that there was a reason the
word “advanced” was in the conference title. The other church I: Inviting to Jesus: Every LIFE Community will be an “open”
teams from around the country were so far ahead of us in their group, meaning the groups will always have an inviting nature
small group ministry development. Yet, we were so thankful that to fill the “empty chair.” Therefore, as each group expands in
we were there, because we came home united around one big number, the groups will have to multiply into two groups, and
idea: Becoming a Church of Small Groups. We now have defined shepherd leaders will always need to be developing within each
this in a broader term, LIFE Community, where all in our church LIFE Community to lead the new group. We believe multiplica-
family would love and be loved, know and be known. tion of LIFE Community groups will be the best way to welcome
Since then, the church leadership has given us (myself, as the more people into Christian community.
LIFE Community Director, and Reagan Perkins, my assistant,
and my LIFE Community Team) the mandate to see this dream F: Fellowshipping in Christ: Every LIFE Community will be
become a reality, and currently there are 61 LIFE Community devoted to the care, love and nurturance of each “soul” in the
leaders, called Shepherds, that are in training groups, prepar- group. Life stories will be shared and the “one anothering” will
ing to lead new LIFE Community groups throughout next year be faithfully lived out (love, care for, bearing burdens, spurring
and the years to follow. We are committed to raising up called, on, encouraging, etc.). Also, every LIFE Community will seek
trained, and passionate shepherds, who are ready to love and ways to volunteer together back into the life of the church.
lead others into a LIFE Community. We are doing this through
having us all experienced what a LIFE Community is, by meeting E: Engaged with Christ’s Mission: LIFE Community groups
together weekly, coupled with periodic training sessions, which will be challenged and empowered to serve and extend the King-
help us embrace and practice all the purposes of a LIFE Commu- dom of God in two ways: 1. To adopt and support a missionary
nity. This training period will last the remainder of 2009, with or mission agency engaged in gospel work, through prayer, en-
the hopes of adding others into the shepherd training this fall. couragement, and gifts; 2. To regularly, as a group, be engaged in
David Swanson will preach a fall sermon series entitled “LIFE “serving the least of these,” through compassionate and loving
Together,” where we will be challenged and inspired through deeds: to live on mission with God.
the truth of the Word, to move into LIFE Communities on a
broader scale in the new year, led by the Shepherds currently A LIFE Community can be defined this way: A gathering of
being trained. Additionally, we intend to be available to share Spirit-indwelt people who have intentional growing relation-
the vision of LIFE Communities in Sunday School classes and ships with the Lord and each other (the L and F of LIFE) and
other forums throughout the fall, so all can more fully under- out of those relationships help to fulfill Christ’s mission for the
stand the biblical distinctives of a LIFE Community. Below are church (the I and the E of LIFE).
the purposes and definition of a LIFE Community:
If you are interested in learning more, or desire to become en-
L: Living in Christ: This is the spiritual formation aspect of ev- gaged in the Shepherd development phase of the LIFE Commu-
ery LIFE Community, where all groups will share in the reading, nity initiative, please contact Kent Sterchi ( or
study, and application of The Open Book, our church-wide Bible Reagan Perkins ( at 407.423.3441. n

4 |
W hen God calls us to faith, He does
not call us into isolation, but He
calls us into His Body – The Church. He
October 4, 2009
Dr. David Swanson preaching
Life Together 4–A Beautiful Dance
November 15, 2009
Dr. David Swanson preaching
Life Together 10–The Hard Part
calls us into a community of faith. In this Text: Ephesians 5:17-21 Text: Colossians 3:16 and Matthew 18:15-
age of individualism and advanced tech- 20
nology, we are more isolated than ever. As October 11, 2009
a result, we hunger for community, but we Dr. David Swanson Preaching November 22, 2009
can barely articulate the hunger we feel. Life Together 5–Bear With Me Dr. David Swanson preaching
Life Together is a series designed to help Text: Ephesians 4:1-2 Life Together 11–Free To Serve
us understand the value of community, Text: Galatians 5:13-14
why God calls us into community, and October 18, 2009
what God intends for that community to Mark Toone preaching November 29, 2009
look like. We are called to live our Chris- Life Together 6–Get Over it Dr. David Swanson preaching
tian life together, so let’s learn what that’s Text: Colossians 3:12-13 Life Together 12–We’ve Been Served
all about! Text: Matthew 20:25-28
October 25, 2009
Fall Sermon List Dr. David Swanson preaching December 6, 2009
September 13, 2009 Life Together 7–Good For The Soul Dr. David Swanson preaching
Dr. David Swanson preaching Text: James 5:13-16 Life Together 13–Comfort Food
Life Together 1–On the Rock Text: 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 and Isaiah 40:
Text: 1 Corinthians 12:13 November 1, 2009 1-5
Dr. Swanson preaching
September 20, 2009 Life Together 8–Pray Hard December 13, 2009
Dr. David Swanson preaching Text: James 5:13-16 Dr. David Swanson preaching
Life Together 2–Live and Learn Life Together 14–Stir It Up!
Text: 2 Corinthians 5:16-17 November 8, 2009 Text: Hebrews 10:24-25 and Luke 2:17
Rev. Donna McClellan preaching
September 27, 2009 Life Together 9–Way to Go! December 20, 2009
Dr. David Swanson preaching Text: Thessalonians 5:11 Dr. Case Thorp preaching
Life Together 3–Welcome! Life Together 15–He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My
Text: Romans 16, selected Brother
Text: Galatians 6:2 | 5
Great Escape 2009
T he week of July 19-25, we took more than 80 middle school
students to Florence, Miss., for one of the best weeks of
their lives at the Great Escape. They swam, rode horses, played
nothing was happening between God and me. But on the fourth
night, during the evening event, we were told to go and sit out
on the lawn and just pray to God about anything we’ve been
games, shot rifles, shot bows and arrows, and experienced the struggling with or anything we just wanted to talk to God about.
magnificence of the Lord like never before! God changed each I didn’t really know what to pray about. I had done this kind of
and every person on this trip in ways we never imagined. Below thing so many times before and it wasn’t anything new to me.
is a testimony of God’s work in the life of one of our students, So I asked God to reveal something new to me and to give me a
Jessica Kneeland, during our trip. revelation. I prayed for others that were
If there’s one thing I’ve learned from on the trip, that some of them would ac-
our week at The Great Escape, it’s that cept Christ into their hearts. I also prayed
God’s plan for me is way better than the that their lives would really be changed
one I have for myself. No matter what in some kind of way. And our God is just
expectations I have, if any, He’s going to so faithful and amazing because at Say-
surpass them every time! When I was first So (a time when we share what God has
asked what I expected for the week on the done in our lives), God revealed to me
first night of The Great Escape, I didn’t that every one of the prayers I prayed ear-
really know what to say because I didn’t lier that evening was answered in a way
really have any expectations. Not to say that I wasn’t super ex- that I would have never expected.
cited about the week, it’s just that I didn’t expect anything really Every single person I prayed for stood up to say how God dras-
amazing to happen between me and God. tically changed their lives somehow, while the rest of our group
So the week went on and I was having the time of my life was literally in tears for one reason or another. But this is what I
with all the activities and crazy games we were playing, but still, was waiting for. It was God telling me what an amazing family I

6 |
have in my youth group. We all support each other and care for the one I have at church.
each other just as much as a real family would. I realized that So while showing me that I have an amazing family within my
we are all brothers and sisters while Browning is like a dad to us youth group, God also let me know, through an amazing experi-
and all the leaders are older siblings we can look up to and learn ence, that He will never let me down and that His plans for me
from. We all have different strengths and weaknesses and we are better than I can even imagine!
get along with some better than others, but when it comes down “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward
to it, we all love each other. God has hand picked every one of love and good deeds. Let us not give up meeting together, as some
us individually to be part of this big family for a reason, and I are in a habit of doing, but let us encourage one another, and all
learned that it’s because we each have something to offer one the more as we see the Day approaching.” ~Hebrews 10:24-25
another. And only God could put together a family as amazing as -Jessica Kneeland n

Jamaica Mission Trip

In June, the high school ministry took a group of students on could experience the joy of being in a personal relationship with
a mission trip to the mountains of Jamaica. What God did was Jesus Christ and serving Him with their life.
truly amazing, but instead of taking my word for it, I thought you A letter from a student:
would benefit most from reading the words of one of the males To my church family,
and females who served on this trip: Thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers and financial
support for my recent trip to Jamaica. It was an unforgettable trip

Be Real and I could not have done it without you.

During my time in Jamaica, we stayed in the small town of
By Jen Steinhoff, Student
Newport. It was there that I spent several days pouring concrete
Be Real. This was the theme of our mission trip to Jamaica.
to make cement roofs, nailing a zinc roof onto a house, and vis-
But what does “being real” really mean? In Jamaica, true reality
iting a Jamaican infirmary. In particular, I will never forget the
was exactly what we were submerged in. For an entire week, 36
experience of sharing Christ with a blind man named Herbert at
of us lived without cell phones, Facebook or hot water! But you
the infirmary. The entire trip was such a great experience and I
know what? That week when I had none of my worldly things, I
truly got to see God in new ways. One after another, I witnessed
was 10 times happier than when I was caught up in the normal
God changing the lives of Jamaicans forever. And that wasn’t the
things of my reality back home. The reality was that these Jamai-
only life God changed … He especially changed my life.
cans that I thought needed help, ended up helping me! It truly
The conditions that the Jamaican people live in every day are
wasn’t us who taught them, but the Jamaicans who taught us.
well below the standards that we take for granted. Going out and
One example I am reminded of is the day we visited a Jamaican
working in such poverty really opened my eyes to how blessed
infirmary. In a place where physically or mentally handicapped
we truly are. Running water is hard to come by, clothes are
Jamaicans were simply dropped off to spend the rest of their
washed in rivers, meals are hard to prepare, and filth and cor-
lives, I found myself in conversations with residents where all
ruption run rampant. Yet despite all of this, I noticed that when
they could talk about is how great God truly is. One man even
the love of God is shared, hearts cannot help but be filled with
pulled me aside and said “Oh Lord, what a happy day it will be
hope and joy. The faith of the Jamaican people is mind blow-
when I see my Father again … oh what a happy day.” What an
ing! Even with nothing of material value, their love for God is
awesome perspective on life!
For the first time in a long time, I was humbled. Sweetly bro-
I have been home for several weeks now and I’m still in awe
ken, wholly surrendered. If this wasn’t enough, what was also
from the trip. I see God here in Orlando more now than I ever
so awe inspiring was the family created from this trip. People I
have before. The entire trip set me on fire for God and I can’t
thought I would never talk to ended up being the people I most
help but see love in everything now. I can’t thank you enough for
wanted to be with. People who were strangers to me at the begin-
the memories I created and for sharing your wealth for the work
ning of the week are now my accountability buddies.
of the Lord to be done.
What did I take away from this trip? A whole new outlook on
God really worked through this trip and I hope that He does
life. God spoke fire into my life to the point where all I wanted
the same for you, if He hasn’t already. It was amazing and I truly
to do was live the lyrics of one of my favorite songs and “stand
am grateful for your support.
with arms high and heart abandoned in awe of the One who gave
it all.” Christ is my Savior and friend. My prayer is that everyone
Taylor Warren | 7
Assistant Minister
Finds Calling at FPCO
By Kristin Davis, Staff Writer

H aving grown up in Augusta, Ga., Brad Staton, 35, has an

unmistakable Southern drawl, and a sense of Southern
hospitality that just keeps on giving. Currently the Assistant
A: It is only difficult if
you weren’t made for it.
Minister of Pastoral Care, he can be found visiting members in God designed me in a way
the hospital, at nursing homes, and in home care. Among his so that the areas I serve in
many job responsibilities, he also preaches at funerals, taking on ministry are not hard to
the difficult task of helping friends and family cope with their me. It’s sort of like this:
loss, while still reminding them that God is in control. Brad in football, if you ask a
talks to us about what it’s like to prepare someone to face God defensive-back to take on
and what his daily life is like at FPCO. an offensive tackle, that’s
Q: What is your current title at FPCO? going to be a tough assignment. But if you ask him to run around
A: Assistant Minister of Pastoral Care, 20’s & 30’s Ministry, and and cover a wide-receiver, well, he can do that job pretty easily.
I serve with the Heart of the City Foundation. To take this analogy way further than it should go, I’m a DB. Just
Q: What past work experience prepared you for this role? don’t ask me to take on an offensive tackle.
A: I served as Associate Pastor in churches in Savannah and Au- Q: How do you cope with meeting and working with people
gusta, Ga., as well as laid the foundation for a new church plant through crisis?
in Orlando. Most recently, I was the Vice President of Corporate A: I have been through some very tough crisis’ in the last several
Operations at a non-profit organization that serves people and years and I think that has prepared me to just sit with people
families with disabilities. when they are in the weeds. And after a while of sitting, show
Q: What do your job responsibilities include? them Jesus.
A: A lot! I visit folks that are in the hospital, at nursing homes, Q: How can people respond to death and dying in a Christian
in home care. I do many of the funerals in the church, do a few way?
weddings, help lead worship for the Traditional and Genesis A: Give people room to grieve without feeling the need to fix
services, am in the planning stages for the launch of a new 20’s & their pain and realize that it often takes years to work through
30’s ministry, and help raise awareness among the congregation the pain. Your propensity will always be to hurry up this pro-
of the estate giving opportunities that will benefit the church cess, but it is in the waiting that we often find Jesus. So, slow
through HOCF. down, don’t be in a hurry, and keep pointing them to Jesus.
Q: Out of all the churches you could have worked for, what Q: What are three things in life you couldn’t live without?
drew you to FPCO? A: Jesus, my children, UGA football, my cell phone (sorry,
A: I believe in the vision and mission of our church. We are tak- couldn’t do just three—I’m not always really great with rules).
ing a very strong, evangelical stand for the historic beliefs of the Q: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a parent?
Christian faith, and particularly doing it at a time when it is not A: My kids are not my kids, they are the Lord’s—I am simply a
popular to do so. But we are doing it in a winsome, welcoming steward. That lesson was tough. Actually, with God, we don’t
way. That is a hard balance—truth and grace. FPCO does it as really own anything—it’s all His. And, if we need help with that
well as any church I’ve seen. lesson, in His goodness, He sometimes leads us where we do
Q: What do you hope to accomplish in your role at FPCO? not want to go.
A: I hope to be a servant among God’s people. I hope to show Q: What are your favorite activities to do with your son Beau
people Jesus. I hope to use my life to draw people to Jesus who and daughter Sydney?
don’t yet know Him and draw people more closely to Jesus who A: I love to coach Beau’s football and baseball teams. I love to
already do. Easy Bake Oven with Sydney. And wrestling—I can still take
Q: How do you help prepare someone to meet God? them.
A: I tell them to be honest about the depth of their sin. I also add Q: What famous TV family is most like your own?
that if their mess was so bad that the only way God could clean A: The Cosby family from “The Cosby Show,” minus Mrs. Cos-
it up was to send His Son to die for them, then their stuff must by. Or a more recent show would be Liz Lemon (Tina Fey), from
be pretty bad. And that is the best case scenario. Now that that “30 Rock,” if she were a guy and had children.
is out of the way, can we talk? Q: What adjective best describes you as a person?
Q: What drew you to such a difficult area of ministry pastoral A: Forgiven.
8 |
For the Love of
the Chapel
By The Heart of the City Foundation with assistance from The Chesley G. Magruder Foundation

T he Reformation Chapel was built in 1962 and has been a

cherished worship meeting place for more than 45 years.
Chesley Magruder held a special place in his heart for this build-
Mr. Magruder and his wife, Ruth, gave generously of their time
and resources to their church and their community. An elder,
trustee and life-long member of FPCO, Mr. Magruder’s generos-
ing since he was so instrumental in the development of the ity to the church was evidenced in many of its activities and
Chapel. During his lifetime, this facilities, including the construc-
was a place for worship, fellow- tion of the Reformation Chapel.
ship and reverence for him–and The chandeliers, furnishings, and
a place where he was active in carvings were all gifts from Ruth
helping to lead the Yowell Sunday and Chesley Magruder. He served
School class. Mr. Magruder and on several committees with
fellow Yowell Class members T.G. FPCO, including the historical
Lee and Linton Allen contributed committee, the pulpit committee,
funds for construction of the Cha- and as chairman of the building
pel and Mr. Magruder established committee when the new sanctu-
what has become the Heart of the ary was built. He also faithfully
City Foundation Magruder Chapel served as an elder during the time
Fund, to make sure First Presbyte- that FPCO was reincorporated in
rian Church of Orlando would also 1925.
have resources available to be a Although Mr. and Mrs. Magrud-
good steward of this sacred space. er had no children, they gave gen-
Born into a true Florida pio- erously to youth activities in the
neer family, Mr. Magruder was community including the Boy
the grandson of Reverend Robert Scouts, Edgewood Boys Ranch,
Telford who traveled throughout and the Orlando Day Nursery,
Florida as a circuit-riding minister among others. They assisted the
during the late 1800s. Reverend physically less fortunate through
Telford’s early efforts were ulti- contributions to Forest Park
mately to result in the establish- School, Russell Home for Atypi-
ment of many churches throughout cal Children, Orlando Regional
Central Florida including the First Medical Center, and other orga-
Presbyterian Church of Orlando. nizations. The Magruders also
Mr. Magruder, like many young made substantial contributions to
men of his time, was required by the state of the local economy the area’s cultural life supporting activities of the Orlando Mu-
and economic necessities of his own family to work full time at seum of Art, the Central Florida Historical Society and many
an early age. With limited formal education, but a strong set of other cultural and educational institutions.
values instilled in him by his family, Mr. Magruder became a Mr. Magruder loved Central Florida and was grateful for the
capable and successful land manager and developer of citrus, abundant life it permitted him to earn and enjoy. That devotion
residential and commercial properties. As a successful business- and appreciation was evidenced during his lifetime by his gener-
man, Mr. Magruder contributed to the growth of Central Florida osity to the community which was his home. As a lasting expres-
and its development as a good place to live and work. sion of this devotion, Mr. Magruder established The Chesley G. | 9
Magruder Foundation 30 years ago this summer and, after mak- cause the Fund continues to grow over time, the HOCF was able
ing adequate provisions for the care of his beloved wife, Ruth, to pay the $50,000 needed to replace the roof this past spring.
he endowed the Foundation with substantial assets in order to Without the Fund, FPCO would have been forced to cover this
continue his generosity following his death. Following Mrs. major unbudgeted expense in its operating budget in a very lean
Magruder’s death in early 1987, the remainder of Mr. Magruder’s year. Chesley Magruder found peace and fellowship in the Ref-
assets further increased his endowment of the Foundation. ormation Chapel while here on earth, and his gift to the Chapel
The original Trustees of the Board of the Magruder Foundation Fund will ensure that others will share in these experiences for
generations to come. The Yowell Class still meets every Sunday
in the Reformation Chapel. In the years since Mr. Magruder’s
Heart of the City death, The Chesley G. Magruder Foundation has also continued
his generosity through many and larger contributions to other
Foundation Honors ongoing ministries of FPCO.

the Life and Legacy of Mr. Magruder was a man who was generous on all occasions
with a devotion to his church and community, his wife and the

Chesley G. Magruder Lord. As FPCO and Central Florida continue to enjoy the gifts
he so joyfully provided, we don’t want to forget he was first and
foremost a man who allowed the Lord to guide and direct his
appointed by Mr. Magruder were fellow Yowell Class members, steps. Perhaps this is the most important foundation of Chesley
business executive Ernest M. Kelly, Jr., attorney Leon M. Hand- G. Magruder’s legacy.
ley, Allen K. Holcomb, M.D., attorney Robert N. Blackford, and “One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek: that I may
Mr. Magruder’s nephew G. Brock Magruder, M.D. The present dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze
board consists of all of the original Trustees other than Mr. Kelly upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.”
who recently retired from the board and has been replaced by Psalm 27:4
Scott D. Greenwood, M.D. It is appropriate that on the 30-year If you would like more information on how to utilize Heart
anniversary of Mr. Magruder’s establishment of The Magruder of the City Foundation as a tool for fulfilling your own legacy
Foundation, HOCF and FPCO would honor this great saint. vision, please contact Amy Bishop at 407.423.3441 x1484 or
The Magruder Chapel Fund began with an original gift of Please take a moment and visit our website
$25,000, which has grown more than tenfold over the years. Be- at n

Serving our Children

By Carol Welker, Director of Children’s Ministry

T his past summer more than 200 adults and students volun-
teered in order to make both Camp Geneva and Vacation
Bible School the tremendous life-changing successes that they
every individual to choose where they will bless and then be
blessed. There is a guarantee with children that the blessing re-
ceived is great and the blessing given will be God’s gift to them
were. More than 400 children were ministered to by these vol- through you.
unteers and many of these children would tell you it was one of Remember God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the
the greatest experiences of their lives. called. He can and will equip you to walk with our church fami-
From the small group Bible studies, to the songs sung, to the lies’ children to show them Jesus and to receive some of the most
sticky snacks shared, every kid felt special, recognized, and pure and honest love you could ever know. Are you seeking a
loved, all because of every person who walked alongside these place to serve?
young disciples in their faith journey. And as each volunteer Come share yourself with our greatest resource and gift … our
walked with these children, they found themselves blessed and children.
having grown from the experience as well. The children changed Volunteers are needed for Children’s Worship, Junior Wor-
them and their hearts too! ship, and Sunday School on Sunday mornings and for SONday
As a department, we can do massive planning and program- Times on Sunday evenings. For information or to join our team,
ming and have hundreds, even thousands, of kids who want to please contact Susie Dunlap at 407.423.3441 x1482 or sdunlap@
come … but without the volunteers walking with the children, n
we have nothing and we can accomplish nothing. It is up to

10 |
What’s IMOG?
By Carol Welker, Director of Children’s Ministry and Old Testament Books of the Bible each week. Across seven

weeks, he’d learn the entire Bible in order. Clayton would have
n the Image of God, or IMOG, is a faith basics class designed
to really desire to learn more about God to make this commit-
for children in the second or third grade who are ready to
ment. Clayton decided that he was up to the task.
develop their faith on a more personal level. This is a step that
Amazed and delighted, I reflect on his seven-week experi-
is offered in order to meet children where they are in their spir-
ence. Each week, it was a joy to see his enthusiasm grow as his
itual journey, but it is not required. During the seven weeks,
knowledge built and built. The teachers are incredible. They
the children will memorize weekly Bible verses, have class and
created such a passion to learn. The program had peaked a great
home assignments, and discover the reliability of the Bible, why
deal of enthusiasm from the kids. By the end of the class, they
worship is important, how to pray, how to have personal qui-
had no inhibitions in expressing their knowledge.
et time with God, how to be stewards of God’s gifts, and learn
Ken Clayton shares, “As a grandparent, I was impressed and
church history in class.
deeply proud of my grandson and his classmates. They had
How do we get involved in IMOG? First of all you pray …
gained extensive and valuable knowledge about the Bible –
pray to discern the readiness of your child. This is a seven-week
quite a bit that many adults wouldn’t know. As a grandparent,
commitment and much is required in order to gain the wisdom
I was so surprised by the depth of knowledge they had gained.
God offers. Talk with your child to make sure they are ready and
It was fun to watch the kids and see their [level of] enthusiasm
willing to take this step in their faith so that together you may
about the Bible [reach] far beyond their years. It was great!”
work on the challenges the class brings. If these things point to
I knew that the kids felt confident in their knowledge when
yes, then simply call Susie Dunlap at 407.423.3441 x1482 to
they wanted to challenge the session to a jeopardy Bible trivia
register. Registration will take place between September 13 and
game. Hello session– study up. These kids are good.
September 30. There is a $20 fee for the special supplies your
“I really liked IMOG because we got to know God a lot more.
child will receive as part of this experience.
You learn a Bible verse for each week. If you really work hard
So if you all are ready for your child to journey on, then call
on vocabulary words and Bible verses, your team could win a
and register for IMOG. It will be a life changing experience for
Bible trivia game. If you memorize your vocabulary and Bible
everyone as your child learns to walk in the image of God.
verses, you get a prize. One of the prizes I won was a cool pen.
Testimony by Jenie Kolar
It reminds me of the class and all that I learned each time I use
When I first heard of the IMOG class, I wasn’t sure if my son,
it. I liked showing my grandfather what I had learned.”
Clayton, would participate. After all, it required nightly work
to learn 10 biblical vocabulary terms, a Bible verse and New ~Clayton Kolar n | 11
Children: The Future of
Our Congregation
By Megan Ellis, Member

W hen I first started volunteering with Children’s Ministry

more than two years ago, I never imagined that it would
change my life so completely, so wonderfully, and end up
staffed on volunteers, but the lack of willing adults was what
let me to teach Children’s Worship nearly every Sunday. I also
occasionally volunteered in Junior Worship and Sunday School,
bringing me closer to God than I’d ever been in my entire life. In and I sat behind the desk and answered questions for parents.
fact, what evolved into a new way of worship and praise started I helped decorate and set up for Vacation Bible School, and I
out as a quick way just to get volunteer hours for school. assisted in a classroom. I started volunteering on Wednesday
It was the summer before my sophomore year in high school (and then on Sunday) nights as a teacher. At Camp Geneva, I
and I reluctantly agreed to help out Children’s Ministry by volun- went from being a junior counselor to a staff member working
teering for two hours every Sunday morning. It embarrasses me as a lifeguard. I was also called this year to center my Girl Scout
now to admit that I was less than thrilled; I had stopped coming Gold Award around the Mission Project for Camp Geneva.
to church every Sunday, and wasn’t looking forward to making Over these past two years, I’ve slowly begun to have a more
a solid commitment to waking up early on the weekend. How- active role in the Ministry. I had started out just helping the adult
ever, I desperately needed volunteer hours, and figured that this in charge, but now the person in charge was me. I began to bond
would be the easi- with the children I saw every Sunday, and they soon recognized

I have learned
est way to earn me as a person who they respected. We quickly figured each other
them. I remember out; I soon knew who shouldn’t sit next to each other, who had

how to be a saying to myself,

“They’re just chil-
a problem cutting with scissors, and who was actually paying
attention to the Bible story. The greatest joy came after a couple
leader and how dren. How hard of months, when I heard a cry of “Miss Megan!” from down the
can it be? I’ve hall before church, and saw one of the children running towards
to be a follower. babysat before. me to give me a hug. There had been a volunteer in Children’s
Surely this will Worship the week before, and that child had missed me when
be a piece of cake.” I showed up on the first day, and my arrival I wasn’t teaching the class. It was that enthusiasm and that
time coincided with the change of Church to Sunday School. It connection that firmly cemented in my mind that Children’s
was perhaps the best example of organized chaos that I’d ever Ministry was where I belonged. I realized that I had found my
seen. But after swimming upstream like a salmon and slipping home within a Church where I had previously felt like I was just
behind the front desk of Allen-Yowell Hall, I began the first day a visitor, even though I’d been a member for years.
of the rest of my life. Two years later, I’m still there every Sunday. Those kindergarten
That first day, I was thrust immediately into the fray. I was children who brought me back to Church are now going into
under the impression that I’d be shown the ropes for a few weeks second grade, and I can’t believe how quickly time has passed.
first before being put in charge of keeping the nametags straight, While there are more volunteers now than when I first started,
let alone teaching a Children’s Worship class full of kindergarten the lack of committed volunteers requires me to substitute in
children. But due to a lack of volunteers, that’s where I ended up. at least one classroom or activity every Sunday. And I love it.
I walked into the class practically shaking with nerves, sure that Volunteering with Children’s Ministry has not only helped me
I was going to be the one responsible for turning these children grow spiritually, but also personally. I have learned how to be
away from the Lord. But then the children filed in, ready to a leader and how to be a follower. I have learned how to be
learn, and I realized that maybe this wasn’t going to be as hard flexible when dealing with children, how to create time fillers,
as I thought. We read a Bible story. We colored pictures. We did and how to explain complicated Bible stories to first graders.
a craft shaped like a cross. And then they went home. At the Mostly, though, I have learned that volunteering with children is
end, I wondered what it was that I was so afraid of in the first one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. I feel
place. The day that I’d been dreading ended up being one of the inspired by the love these children have for God, and for their
most rewarding and spiritual days I’d had in a long time. And at Church. The children are the future of this congregation, and of
12:30pm, I wasn’t yet ready to leave; I was ready to teach again. the Christian world. If we don’t invest our time in them, then
I hate to call it lucky that Children’s Ministry is often short- what hope do we have? n

12 |
My Time Here
By Daniel Mills, Member

“M y time here has been really encouraging,” she said.

“I think I want to become a Christian.” Her words
snapped me out of what I had been thinking about and seized my
attention. “What do you mean?” I leaned closer. She had caught
a cold sometime during the previous three weeks and her voice
was hoarse and raspy. “Well, my host family has a lot of love for
each other, and I think that, someday, I want to have a family
like that. I want to have a Christian family, and marry a Christian
man.” I smiled and thought to myself, “This is what it’s all about;
this is why God gave me a passion for Japan.”
When I woke up one morning in late 2005, I felt a strong sense
of urgency that I needed to go to Japan for a year. This thought
persisted and it was strange because I didn’t know any Japanese
people and had never thought about Japan. I had, however, been
praying that God would show me what to do next. I‘d graduated
from college and spent a year working for Purpose Orlando. The
campaign was drawing to a close and my job would soon be
I’ve helped teach English and lead during each homestay
program since I joined staff in the summer of 2007. I’m always
I grew up in First Presbyterian Church with my two younger
overwhelmed by how spiritually open the students are. They can
brothers. I sang in Roger McMurrin’s boy choir, was active in
see the love that we have for them, and they respond. Mission to
youth activities and went on mission trips. My parents were on
Japan has had 14 percent of students who come on the program
staff with Campus Crusade for Christ and were encouraging me
accept Christ. They are then discipled upon their return to Japan
to go to Japan. They advised me to check out mission groups.
through our partner church in Osaka. This is amazing for a
After some research, I applied and was accepted to go to
country that is less than half a percent Christian.
Tokyo for a year with Campus Crusade for Christ. While raising
This past summer, Junko (pronounced June-ko) and I got
support, I prayed about three things. I didn’t know any Japanese
engaged. Junko became a Christian on the homestay program in
people, I wanted to be more comfortable with the language, and
Orlando 13 years ago, and has either volunteered or been on the
my old car had just died. The really amazing thing was that the
staff of Mission to Japan ever since. What started as a friendship
Lord answered all these prayers in less than a week!
with Junko in early 2008 became a relationship by the end of the
First, I heard about a Japanese adult-ed class near my home
year. We’ll be getting married at First Presbyterian Church on
for $30. Next, someone told me about a homestay organization
February 20, 2010.
called Mission to Japan that brings college students to Orlando
We are excited about returning to Japan to start ministry there.
for a month at a time. I called about it and found that a group
Until the wedding, I have a lot more support raising to do.
was arriving right away, and they could use another volunteer to
How can you get involved?
help out. Third, a friend was getting rid of his car and wanted
In December of this year, First Presbyterian Church of Orlando
to donate it to a missionary. Only a few months later, I was off
will be hosting our homestay program. We usually have between
to Tokyo with the goal of reaching college students for Christ.
eight to 10 students (usually ages 16-22) on the December
My year in Japan was the best year of my life! God developed
program. The biggest need that we have during this time is for
in me an unwavering passion to study the language, a love for
host families. Host families are 100 percent volunteers and
the people, a grief for their sin, and a desire to share the gospel
see this as a mission and ministry opportunity. These families
message with them.
provide a room, some meals, and friendship to their Japanese
This passion only increased upon my return to America, yet I
student from December 17 - January 5. If you would like to be
didn’t feel called to return to Japan with Campus Crusade for a
involved, or if you have any questions about other ways that
second year. Instead, God led me to work with Mission to Japan,
you can support Mission to Japan, please contact Daniel Mills
the homestay group I had worked with while I was raising my
at 407.616.7613. n | 13
Sunday Night
Register now to join others for one of our
fall adult class offerings. Classes will
meet on Sunday evenings from September
13-November 15 4:30–6:30pm.
Amazing Glaze Ceramics Studio – The holidays are fast ap- All offerings require registration at or
proaching and there are plenty of masterpieces to be made. All hard copy registration forms available in lobby of Edington Min-
that is necessary is your creativity! Purchase green ware and all istry Center.
materials, paints, clear glazing, and firing included.
Child care for infants through age 4 available with a reserva-
Become FIT – Learn to care for your body using biblical prac- tion.
tices of being good stewards. Understand the components to
optimal health. All ages and fitness levels are welcome to come Unless otherwise noted, registration deadline is September 9.
and have fun! Cost is $25 for materials.
For more information, contact Rev. Donna McClellan at
Evangelism 101 – The Biblical Model and a 21st Century Model. 407.423.3441 or or Lori Needham at
Join Dr. Case Thorp through Paul’s missionary journeys and fast 407.423.3441 x1463 or
forward to the latest evangelism approach using Willowcreek
curriculum. Class fee is $10 to support materials.

LIFE 101 – Kent Sterchi, Director of LIFE Communities, will

present the biblical foundation of doing life together; this is a
pre-cursor to LIFE Communities forming in 2010.

Mission Focus Class: Bridges – Do you want to know more about

Islam and your international neighbors? This series was designed
to educate Christians about Islam and pave the way for build-
ing relationships with the Muslims in your community. A video
series will be the foundation of this study, but local Arab and
Iranian Christians will share their stories and insights. Special
guest speakers are featured throughout this eight-week course.
Cost is $10 for workbook.

Seek to know and worship God

14 |
Put Feet to Your Faith
Our Adult Sunday School Classes Vi- format that strives to build community.”
sion/Mission Statements Contact: John Guglielmi SERVANTS in the SON: 330-B EMC: “The members believe strongly in the Word
If you would like to join one of our Adult and each lesson is wrapped in prayer.
Sunday School classes, please review FORUM CLASS: 310A-EMC: “We are a The class strives to live up to their name
class descriptions below. For additional multigenerational class established in the and serve in many ministries within our
information on our Adult Sunday school early 1980s with the goal of providing an church and the community.”
offerings, please contact Rev. open forum for discussion on Christ’s life Contact: Al Williams
Donna McClellan at 407.423.3441 x1488 as it relates to the Bible, the community, 407.275.8756
or e-mail her at We and to the church.”
look forward to seeing you then. Contact: Margaret Fail THEOLOGY 201: 330-A EMC Do you have questions about God, but are
ANSWERS for LIVING: 310B-EMC: “To afraid to ask? Everyone needs a safe place
provide members with thought provoking FOUNDATIONS CLASS: 240-EMC: “If to ask questions, like, “What is the trinity?
study and lively discussion in a friendly you are looking for an energetic class with How does forgiveness work? What in the
environment that will encourage them in lots of class participation and discussion, world does ‘covenant’ mean, anyway?”
their faith and equip them to intelligently taught by lay teachers just like you, then We have some—but not all—answers and
answer questions for daily living” the Foundations class is for you!” our class will be a safe zone for questions.
Contact: Chris Bolan Contact: Jack Prevost Come and join us for a six-week intro- 407.422.6430 duction to reformed theology and find
out why your thoughts about God make a
BASICS CLASS: LFH: “BASICS stands for GROWING CLOSER: Young Adults 304- difference in what you believe, how you
Brothers And Sisters in Christ’s Service. CLC: “To grow closer to God, to church, to live, and who you are.
Various biblical topics are taught by rotat- family, and to the community.” Contact: Amy Heck
ing gifted teachers in a large, lecture style Contact: Kyle Taylor
class.” 407.423.3441 x1474
Contact: Larry Kreider PASS the WORD: 241-Yowell Hall: “We YOWELL: Reformation Chapel: “Led by
are a class made up of people who love various teachers, with fellowship and tra-
BEREANS: 300-EMC: “Intense Bible study studying the Bible, book by book, chapter ditional hymns.”
with lively discussions!” by chapter. A class that is serious about Contact: Jack Sneed
Contact: Carolyn Ragan individual and corporate Bible study– that is willing to invest itself in the lives
of those in the class, is mission minded,
COUPLES CLASS: Young Adults 312- reaching beyond the class to embrace oth-
CLC: “The Couples Class, exists to bring ers and to help meet the needs of those we
couples together for fellowship, scripture- come in contact with.”
based teaching and local and global out- Contact: Cleatous Simmons
reach.” EMC – Edington Ministry Center
Contact: Chad Cahill CLC – Clayton Life Center QUESTERIAN CLASS: 340-EMC: “Our
class name is our mission statement–we
CROSSROADS: 305-CLC: “A group dis- are on a quest to fortify ourselves to serve
cussion based on the sermon scripture Christ.”
and how to ‘put feet’ to the scripture in Contact: Joe Stine
our daily lives. This is a lively small group | 15
Fall Volunteer
Description: Need drivers to deliver flowers to patients at local
hospitals. We make small arrangements on Monday mornings to

be delivered to members who are hospitalized. Must use your
own vehicle.
Hours: Monday mornings
Children’s Ministry: Contact: Glenda Morgan at 407.423.3441 x1272 or gmorgan@
Title: Children Worship Leader (Kindergarten)
Description: Worship commitment is once a month and all ma-
Heart of the City Foundation:
terials and lessons are provided.
Title: Heritage Research
Hours: 8:30-9:30am and 11am-12pm, during regular worship
Description: As projects arise, utilize the Heritage Center to re-
search the lives of FPCO’s and HOCF’s heroes of the past. Assist
Contact: Susie Dunlap at 407.423.3441 x1482
in the development of the “Hall of Saint.”
Children’s Ministry: Hours: Five hours per month based on volunteer availability
Title: Junior Worship Leader (Grade 1-3) Contact: Amy Bishop at 407.423.3441 x1484 or
Description: Worship commitment is once a month and all ma-
terials and lessons are provided.
Heart of the City Foundation:
Hours: 8:30-9:30am and 11am-12pm, during regular worship
Title: Scholarship Alumni Database Admin.
Description: Utilizing past files, create a HOCF Scholarship
Contact: Susie Dunlap at 407.423.3441 x1482
Alumni Database.
Children’s Ministry: Hours: 20 hours total based on volunteer availability
Title: Sunday School Teacher (K-Grade 5) Contact: Amy Bishop at 407.423.3441 x1484
Description: Nine month every Sunday commitment. Materials or
and lessons are provided.
Compassion Corner Ministries:
Hours: 9:45-10:45am
Title: Shopper
Contact: Susie Dunlap at 407.423.3441 x1482
Description: Shop for toiletries and ministry supplies.
Church Administration: Hours: Flexible
Title: Book Inventory Volunteer Contact: Dawn Neff at 407.617.3370
Description: Recording Library and Bookstore inventory
Mercy Corridor Initiative: The Jobs Partnership:
Hours: Hours will vary based upon volunteer availability
Title: Résumé Coach
Contact: Janelle Hurst, Administrative Coordinator,
Description: Work with one-two students in The Jobs Partner-
at 407.423.3441 x1459 or
ship class to help them create an effective résumé.
Church Facilities: Hours: Thursday, October 8 6:30-8:30pm; Thursday, October 15
Title: Support Volunteer 6:30-8:30pm in EMC 320
Description: Volunteers are needed to help our Special Services Contact: Tami Kaiser 407.977.9715 or
team with set up and clean up for special events. Some of the
Mercy Corridor Initiative: The Jobs Partnership:
labor may require heavy lifting.
Title: Refreshment Providers
Hours: On call; when needed
Description: We are looking for small groups or families to pro-
Contact: Jack Walston, Director of Facilities and Technology, at
vide a light supper for our volunteers and students for one of
407-423-3441 x1470 or
our Tuesday or Thursday night classes, who can drop off food
Flower Ministry: or stay and serve.
Title: Flower Assistants Hours: Tuesday and Thursday nights, September 1 – November
Description: Work with teams to arrange flowers for Worship 19; drop off food by 6pm.
Services. No experience necessary. Contact: Tami Kaiser 407.977.9715 or
Hours: Friday and Saturday for two-three hours
Mission/Urban Ministry Conference:
Contact: Glenda Morgan at 407.423.3441 x1272 or gmorgan@
Title: Administrative Support
Description: We need individuals to help us with mailings and
Flower Ministry: other administrative tasks for our upcoming Urban Ministry
Title: Flower Delivery Drivers Conference featuring Tony Campolo in January.
16 |
Hours: Daytime hours, flexible, October Contact: Rachael Aldrich at 407.423.3441 x2350 or raldrich@
Contact: Carol Hafer, Director of Mission, at 407.423.3441 x1460
Telecare Ministry:
Global Mission: Title: Telecare Caller
Title: Global Mission Team Member Description: Make phone calls to church members to say “hel-
Description: Do you have a heart for a particular area of the lo,” remind them we are thinking about them and to find out if
world? Come care for and pray for our mission partners, and they have any needs or concerns for which their church family
help educate our congregation about what God is doing in differ- can pray.
ent parts of the world. Geographic teams include: Europe, Asia, Hours: You can either make calls from the church office the 2nd
Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and The Muslim World. Tuesday of each month at 6pm or from your home.
Hours: Monthly meetings, vary Contact: Linda McCallister at 407.4233441 x1159 or
Contact: Carol Hafer, Director of Mission, at 407.423.3441 x1460
William E. Alexander Infant Child Care Center:
Hi-Tech Tutoring Center: Title: Pre-K Spanish Teacher
Title: Tutors Description: Habla Español? Le gusta estar con niños de cuatro
Description: Come help elementary, middle, or high school stu- años? The Pre-K children of the Infant Child Care Center are tak-
dents with reading, homework, or computer skills. ing a giant “leap into learning” this year and including spanish
Hours: Flexible; the center is open weekly, Monday-Friday, be- lessons in the curriculum.
tween 3-7pm Hours: One hour weekly commitment to teach basic spanish vo-
Contact: Ernestine Mosley or Holly Mosley Cooper at cabulary for the 2009-2010 school year. This includes half an
407.872.1200 or hour actual instructional time, supported by regular ICCC staff.
ICCC will accommodate your needs for occasional absences as
Mission Ministry:
Title: Urban Ministry Liaison
Contact: Sue Pollock, Director Infant Child Care center at
Description: Serve as a liaison with one of our local urban min-
407.425.1126 or
istry partners. Get to know key leaders, find out specific needs,
and ways we can work in partnership.
To view more opportunities, visit
Hours: Flexible
Contact: Carol Hafer, Director of Mission, at 407.423.3441 x1460

Student Ministry:
Title: Bulletin Board Coordinator
Description: Design and update Student Ministry bulletin
Hours: 5-10 hours per month based on volunteer availability

FPCO Mission Dino,
Dwight, Makes it
to Africa!
A fter a jaunt through Ethiopia, Dwight was recently
spotted with church member Allison Beck in Gam-
bela, Kenya. Inspecting the work of FPCO mission part-
ner, Global Hope Network International (,
Dwight met some of
the men constructing a
teacher’s dorm. The el-
derly gentleman thought
Dwight was very in-
teresting. Allison re-
ports that everyone was
laughing at Dwight and
the nature of his squishy
make-up! Dwight was
nonplused. n

18 |
News & Notices
Tough Questions Sermon Series Available on CD and DVD begins October 4. A commitment of class attendance, memory
work, and homework assignments are required. The fee is $20
Tough Questions Sermon Series CD and DVD sets will be avail- and includes a class notebook and all special class supplies.
able for purchase. Sets may be purchased online at www.fpco. The registration deadline is September 30. This is the first
org/cddvdorder or by contacting Aaron Rupp at 407.423.3441 step toward confirmation. For more information, contact Carol
x1438. Welker at 407.423.3441 x1490.
The Healthy Reality of Parenting Classes Registration Opens Congratulations to:
September 6 Scott and Caroline Miller, on the birth of their son, Thomas
Please join us for a new opportunity to look at and discuss what Michael Miller, born July 13, 2009. The proud grandparents
it means to have a healthy view of parenting. This is a six-week are Tom and Kathryn Miller.
class that will cover the relationships of parenting led by Lynn
Young, M.S. and her husband Scott. Class size is limited to 30, Chuck and Tam Costar, on the birth of their son, Charles Baker
so registration is required. Classes will be held on Sundays, Costar, born July 17, 2009.
from October 4-November 15. There will be no class on No-
vember 6 due to the Marriage Retreat. Register online at www. Lynne and Doug Rhea, on the birth of their son, Owen Mat- starting September 6 or contact Stacey Kirk at thew Rhea, born July 25, 2009. The proud grandparents are
407.423.3441 x1480, or Once the class is full, Bud and Bonnie Rhea.
a waiting list will be compiled so for the next class session for
which those on the waiting list will be contacted. Rebecca and Shawn Buchanan, on the birth of their son, Kel-
son Buchanan, born July 21, 2009, and the proud grandmother
Women’s Bible Study Continues with The Amazing Collec- is Diane Buchanan.
tion: The Post-Exilic Books
This fall, the Women’s Bible study begins the third installment Sympathy to:
of The Amazing Collection with The Post-Exilic Books. Thurs-
day meetings begin on September 10 and Monday meetings Tami and Jim Kaiser, on the death of Renee Kaiser on July 22,
begin on September 14. For more information, visit www.fpco. 2009.
org/womensfallbiblestudy. Register at
Peola Dews Jackson, on the death of her husband, Dr. William
or pick up a form in the EMC Welcome Center.
Roland Jackson, on August 1, 2009.
Fall Adult Sunday Class Offerings Begin September 13
Sue and Alex Hartley, on the death of his mother, Cynthia
Register now to attend one of the adult class offerings this fall
Hartley, on August 2, 2009. Mrs. Hartley was the grandmother
on Sunday evenings, from 4:30–6:30pm. Registration forms
of Joshua and Jerrod Hartley.
are available in the lobby of the Edington Ministry Center or
at Classes will begin September 13 and Loni and Dr. Matthew Hurbanis, on the death of his grand-
conclude November 15. For more information, contact Rev. mother, Mary Hurbanis, on August 3, 2009. Mrs. Hurbanis was
Donna McClellan at 407.423.3441 x1488 or dmcclellan@fpco. the great grandmother of Peyton, Mandy and Luke Hurbanis.

Divorce Care for Adults and Children is Now In-Session

July ’09 Giving Snapshot
Divorce Care for Adults and DC4K (Divorce Care for Kids)
is now in session for the fall/winter sessions in CLC 106 for General Contributions Budgeted Surplus/
Adults and CLC 312 for kids, from 6:30-8:00pm. We meet for Operating (Deficit)
13 sessions and you can join in at any time. For questions or to
let us know if you are coming, please call Linda McCallister at July Gifts $413,292 $415,800 $(2,508)
407.423.3441 x1159 or Fiscal Year-
to-date Gifts $413,292 $415,800 $(2,508)
SONday Times for Children Begins September 13
Children in kindergarten through fifth grade will enjoy incred- Line of Credit $0
ible music experiences, fun recreation, and engaging Bible
study. This joint effort by Worship Arts and Children’s Min- Immeasurably More Outstanding Balance $4,336,446
istries starts Sunday, September 13, from 4:30-6:30pm. Bible IM July Gifts $39,045
study this year will be scientific adventures that show us Je-
sus. No pre-registration necessary. There is a $10 fee for annual IM Fiscal Year-to-date Gifts $39,045
church insurance. For more information contact Carol Welker (net of 10 percent tithe to Missions)
at 407.423.3441 x1490.
Contact Finance for a full revenue & expense summary.
Registration for IMOG (In the Image of God) Discipleship
Class Begins September 13
Open to children in second and third grades, this class takes
place during the Sunday School hour and children will learn
about the reliability of the Bible, personal prayer, stewardship,
FPCO church history, and why worship is important. The class | 19
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Traditional Services: Sunday, 8:30 &

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Genesis Services: Sunday, 8:30 &
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