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Ascension Now

By Tony Lambert.

We live in a time of transition and great change. These changes now taking place were accurately foretold in
ancient wisdom's of the distant past, but seemingly, or so we are led to believe, down through time this
priceless knowledge became lost.

Or did it?

Could it be that the knowledge of the ancients was never lost at all, but rather carefully hidden for purposes
of clandestine control by a privileged, elite few? And if this is the case, who or what could have
accomplished such massive and ongoing deception?

What we are about to share with you explores these important and gravely disturbing questions, and they
are questions these same concealed power groups, ably assisted by an omnipotent, criminal cabal of a global
corporate media cartel, are at great pains to keep unanswered. The severe measures employed to maintain
this entirely immoral and illegal secrecy include public ridicule, discrimination, persecution, ostracism,
harassment, intimidation and sometimes murder.

We must begin by clarifying the established fact that humanity is by no means the only sentient life force
throughout the universe. Those clinging to this untenable nonsense are either too apprehensive or unwilling
to examine the sixty years plus of repeatedly corroborated evidence and witness testimony.

Those unencumbered by prejudicial dogma are fully aware that this particular debate is over. The next step
however raises the even larger question of why the falsehood of humankind being alone in the universe has
been so forcefully maintained and upheld throughout recorded history?

Because it has not been mistaken belief or a simple misunderstanding of our origins that has led to this
acceptance. It is the direct result of a carefully orchestrated manipulation and falsification of information
designed to limit and control global consciousness! It is the biggest lie throughout all recorded history. And it


In 1991 American emergency room physician Dr Steven Greer founded the Disclosure Project calling upon
the USA and world governments to disclose what is known and understood in regard to the UFO
phenomenon and its attendant pollution-free energy and propulsion systems. The project now has in excess
of 500 witnesses providing sworn testimony as to the absolute authenticity of these claims. The Disclosure
Project has produced a compelling documentary DVD featuring interviews and testimony from these
courageous witnesses. It is important to note the witness testimony is provided by the most eminently
credible individuals including world-famous astronauts, cosmonauts, test pilots, civil-commercial & military
aviators, generals & high-ranking officers, corporate executives, civil and military air-traffic and radar
controllers, police officers plus individuals from every single strand of military intelligence.

My name is Tony Lambert and I am a West Australian-based representative of Dr Steven Greer’s Disclosure
Project. In this program we seek to explore the reasons why the Australian contingent of corporate media
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consistently refuses to respond to the proven evidence supplied on this Disclosure Project documentary
DVD. All Australian political party leaders, foremost science commentators, prominent media investigators
and the National Press Club have been presented with this evidence for which in return we respectfully
requested comment. None will respond.

Not one single political party spokesperson, TV / radio program producer/ presenter or print journalist has
offered so much as a passing opinion in contemptuous disregard of the overwhelmingly abundant evidence
and witness testimony. Under Australian and international legal systems it requires the sworn testimony of
just three credible witnesses to convict an individual of murder. At this point in time the DISCLOSURE
PROJECT now has more than 500 of the most reliable and trustworthy witnesses. And increasingly ever more
are coming forward. We submit therefore that our case is proven beyond all measure of reasonable doubt
with ‘The Burden of proof' falling squarely with those who refute this corroborated evidence to publicly
demonstrate it false. The simple fact is they cannot.

It is not unreasonable to expect this weighty excess of sixty years of hard evidence borne out by
unquestionable witness testimony might see some measure of objective examination and investigation by
the Australian media. Sadly this is not the case. All aspects of media intentionally ignore, stonewall or
ridicule the issue. This constitutes a cowardly betrayal of every fundamental principle of journalistic enquiry
and this program seeks to examine the reasons why not one Australian print journalist or TV
producer/presenter has the intellectual courage or journalistic integrity to investigate these known and
established facts or at the very least publicly challenge the mass of corroborated witness testimony?

We supposedly enjoy a liberated, open society with a free press, but again this is another massive lie foisted
upon a gullible public. Cloaking, distorting and smothering the established facts of the UFO phenomena
enables illegal secret projects to get away with murder. And what's more this criminal petrochemical /
pharmaceutical / military industrial / corporate media cartel are now on the verge of destroying our entire

There is free media - so long as the subject matter remains inconsequential and its reporters and high-
profile, self-preserving program anchors maintain the status quo of upholding the lie. Attempts at forcing
articles to press or TV presentation see journalistic careers encounter what is recognized throughout news
industry as ‘the mother of all buzz saws.' None of these ‘courageous seekers of truth’ are prepared for such
career-terminating sacrifice. This makes the notion of a genuine fourth estate capable of keeping essential
checks and balances on senior government an absolute falsehood. Mainstream corporate media is therefore
utterly and irredeemably corrupt. Probably the most corrupted institution in the western world. The only
publications encouraged to run UFO or crop circle stories are low-end tabloids in order to maintain the
policy of degrading factual information. The distortive method used is to repeatedly question evidence by
presenting an ever widening range of alternatives no matter how improbable and untruthful. These latter
diversions successfully cloud the issue to the point of obscurity no matter how idiotic and patently false the
alternatives might be. Mainstream media articles unfailingly conclude presenting the sceptical or negative
viewpoint. Turning a blind eye to all of this the Australian National Press Club has forever enshrined itself in
hypocrisy, living testimony to duplicity, double standards and postulating pretence. Skulking in this ignoble
shadow are the many current affairs and news programs all cravenly hiding behind a threadbare policy of
denial. These individuals can only be viewed as high-strutting peacocks of pretence.

The consequences are tragic and need to be fully understood. Corporate media consistently sabotages
significant investigations while enforcing illegal secrecy and suppressing major scientific breakthroughs. And

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it doesn't stop there! In the 1980's over two dozen science graduates and experts working for Marconi or
Plessey Defence Systems died in mysterious circumstances, most appearing to be suicides. The British
Ministry of Defence flatly denied these scientists had been involved in classified Star Wars Projects and
vigorously refuted that the excess of 24 deaths were in any way connected. They might just as well have
announced their position was backed up by statements from Santa and the tooth fairy, but be that as it may
no inconveniently unwelcome investigation occurred. And never will!

The mistaken but generally accepted belief, a falsehood promoted and upheld by corporate media in spite of
overwhelming evidence to the contrary, is that the UFO matter is disproved. This effectively perpetuates the
lie. Those who say such massive deception is not possible need only look to the recent history of the Soviet
Union where government controlled media dictated every single aspect of perceived reality. The Soviet
population knew it was lies, but this didn't change a thing. Such is the inestimable power of mass mediated
deception and psycho sociological control. Starting in the late 1940's the CIA introduced a secret project
called Operation Mockingbird with the intent of buying influence behind the scenes at major media outlets
and putting reporters on the CIA payroll. This operation has proven to be a remarkable and ongoing success
with the then CIA director William Casey soon boasting that they owned the media outright. Intelligence
operatives and sometimes their entire communities have comprehensively infiltrated and manipulated the
media in order to perpetuate this ongoing falsehood. This continues while propagating the agencies agenda
and has been devastatingly effective for many decades. It is, in fact, standard practice in the premise that
one credible journalist is worth more than twenty agents. The program has enabled affiliated governments
to run false flag operations at will, overturning democratically elected political parties and their leaders by
bombing and murdering whoever they choose. The intelligence and security services of the western world
are guilty of the mass murder of innocent civilians in a number of countries. These atrocities are freely
undertaken without congressional or parliamentary oversight or any form of government approval. Not only
does this rampage continue but it has grown in scope and magnitude. Major networks are primarily
controlled by giant corporations that put profits ahead of all other considerations. This practice precludes all
forms of responsible journalism. Over the past twenty years the original handful of monopolistic media
corporations has diminished in number while growing larger and relentlessly absorbing their privately owned
rivals. The consequences cannot be overstated.

It should be remembered that at the rise of Hitler’s fascism a large percentage of the German population
were not fascist. Instead they looked the other way until it was too late. The oppressive circumstance the
western world now faces sees history repeat itself yet again; only this time on an unprecedented scale and
with ecocidal consequences.

In May of 2001, The Disclosure Project held a major international press conference at the US National Press
Club in Washington DC. The event featured over 20 first-hand top-secret government, military, intelligence
and corporate witnesses to UFO events and projects.

This two-hour press conference was the most watched live press event on the Internet, eventually viewed by
over 1 million people. It called for a full investigation into illegal covert programs dealing with UFOs and
covert energy and propulsion projects. Congressional hearings were requested and the media were asked to
fully investigate the matter. Tens of thousands of people wrote members of Congress and the US President
asking for full, open, honest hearings at which some of the over 400 military and government-connected
witnesses identified by The Disclosure Project could testify.

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Interestingly, and with hindsight perhaps not surprisingly, the first hour of the event was externally
electronically jammed by ‘someone outside the Press Club’, according to Internet hosting company Connect
Live. Sources later confirmed that this was an electronic warfare jamming of the broadcast. In a few short
months the horrendous but alarmingly convenient events of September-11 / 2001 ensured this politically
uncomfortable issue was immediately and expeditiously sidelined.

Extremely serious questions continue to emerge as to why the FBI, CIA and other US senior intelligence
authorities failed to act on reliable information accurately predicting and repeatedly forewarning these
attacks? Agents discovering and attempting to scrutinize terrorist suspects had their investigations
immediately shut down by the hierarchy. No less than fourteen different nations warned the USA of
impending attacks, specifically mentioning attacks using aircraft. Britain gave three consecutive urgent
warnings in August 2000. A significant number of FBI and other high-ranking intelligence agency and police
personnel have subsequently resigned in protest. More recently university physics professors argue the
collapse of the buildings fails to conform to the basic laws of physics and are demanding independent,
international investigation while calling the event America's version of the Reichstag Fire. A self-inflicted
‘Pearl Harbour’ style of false flag operation designed to trigger an utterly futile war launched upon deceit,
fabrications and proven falsehoods. How can two aircraft knock down three buildings? How can limited
quantities of burning jet fuel reduce steel, concrete and glass skyscrapers into dust particles?

These important questions will continue to remain un-addressed by the establishment media cartel. We
suspect this will not change because any meaningful investigation will expose an entirely malevolent agenda.

In regard to the UFO phenomena the tiresome policy of ridicule no longer holds currency in the light of
abundant sworn testimony confirming not only the veracity but moreover the ongoing regularity of global
UFO events provided by credible witnesses. Compelling evidence comprising ground / airborne radar,
limitless photographs, visual sightings and countless reams of video footage of this calibre would be upheld
in any Australian or international court of law. But it is forever prevented from doing so.

Why? Who stands to benefit from keeping this information secret?

Each disclosure witness has stated they are willing to testify, under oath, before Congress or Parliament as to
the truth of their testimony; a bold personal and legal precedent set by these courageous military,
government and corporate officials.

Mainstream media & establishment science ceaselessly attack this issue with an agenda to debunk and
discredit. This disingenuous attitude ignores abundant evidence and witness testimony and precisely mirrors
the Vatican's malicious persecution of Galileo. It also provides further evidence of mass mediated deception
and psycho sociological control. Further testimony is available establishing the existence of related covert
projects development of advanced energy and propulsion technologies that could replace the need for oil,
gas, coal and nuclear power. These technologies are known, understood and have been available for
decades. And they are deliberately suppressed in spite of the fact that in 2005, carbon emissions from the
burning of fossil fuels climbed to a record high of 7.9 billion tons, an increase of some 3 % from the previous
year. Annual global emissions have been increasing since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the
late eighteenth century. Since the early 1900s, emissions have been rising at an increasingly rapid pace.
Annual emissions have grown by a factor of fifteen since 1900, advancing nearly 3 % a year over that time.
This could end overnight upon the release of illegally withheld technologies. In other words the planet is
being poisoned to the brink of ecocide.

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Respected witnesses on the Disclosure DVD conclusively ascertain that pollution free technologies are real,
that some are of extraterrestrial origin, and that their energy and propulsion systems are known but illegally
withheld from our constitutionally governed and democratically elected leaders and officials. It is important
to note that these witnesses are not given to fanciful flights of imagination, pointless hoaxing or outright lies.
To the contrary since each career is founded upon strength of character, unfailing honesty and impeccable
integrity. In other words you simply couldn't assemble or more reliable and trustworthy witness pool. So
what sort of experience would galvanize such solid citizens into publicly making claims that can only be to
the detriment of their careers and subject them to ongoing ridicule? It has to be something solid. Something
they know beyond doubt to be perfectly true to the powerful extent that they earnestly desire to share this
truth with the wider community, often at great personal expense!

But they are forever prevented from doing so. The establishment media cartel chooses to ignore, sideline,
debunk, ridicule and deny all this corroborated evidence and witness testimony. This continues in
contemptuous disregard of the irrefutable quality of superior evidence and the unchallenged, unassailable
integrity of the multiple witnesses. And they do this in order to uphold a blatant lie. The power of the media
is such that it doesn't matter how manifestly transparent and untenable this lie has now become. As with
Stalin's despotic regime all the while the lie is upheld it will remain the perceived reality by the majority. But
the lie grows progressively weaker in spite of this.

In the thirty years between 1948 and 1978, there were 63,144 officially reported UFO sightings.

That equates to four sights an hour, every hour of the day, every day of the year for thirty years! And what's
the government and media response to these incontrovertible facts? In effect they abuse impartial
witnesses by dictating ‘do you believe your own eyes or what we tell you to believe?'. This bluntly refutes
multitudinous sightings, photographs, video and DVD footage, radar contacts, personal confrontations and
interactions, abduction reports, global crop circle phenomena, cattle mutilations, multiple witness reports. It
also ignores the over abundance of physical trace evidence such as indented landing sites, holes in the
ground, burned vegetation, off-worldly trace elements and radio isotopes, human scars and mysterious skin
patterns that brightly fluoresce under UV light and implants. It is of course possible a percentage of this may
be a product of misinterpretation or hoaxes, but the sheer, staggering volume of evidence heavily
underscored by the reliable consistency of descriptions and corroborated evidential material precludes all of
it being mistakes or fakery. It is now impossible to calculate the millions who have had personal interactions
along with individual and group, multiple-witnessed sightings.

In the 1950's very few surveyed people believed in the UFO phenomenon. A roper poll conducted in 1987
indicated a then 50% acceptance. Interestingly that figure jumped to 65% among those with college degrees.
A recent internet poll shows 85% now affirm we are not the sole sentient life force in the universe with 64%
believing we have already been contacted. An estimated 3.7 million people in the USA alone claim to have
been abducted. All these percentages are growing exponentially.

In the 1950’s James Constable pioneered a new method of photographing UFO phenomena through the use
of infra red video cameras. This technique revealed an ongoing abundance of activity invisible to the naked
eye. In 1994 Jose Escamellia discovered strange phenomena known as rods that travel at blindingly fast
speed. The video footage from both researchers is proven to be genuine.

On May 05, 2004, Mexican television showed a video taken by 501 squadron of Mexican Air Force
interceptors engaged in drug-traffic interdiction patrols. The aircraft featured highly sophisticated

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equipment that included state-of-the-art infrared FLIR cameras. Although weather conditions and visibility
were excellent, nothing could be seen with the naked eye, except that infrared and radar clearly detected up
to 18 objects, which at one point in flight surrounded the surveillance aircraft. The entire event lasted 24
minutes. This was the first official Mexican Defence Force video of such a type to be released to the public
and was at once subjected to ludicrous explanation attempts from the same criminal corporate media cartel
responsible for suppressing the established facts. Their pitiable attempts at explaining away this clear and
irrefutable evidence are laughable, but it must be emphasized that this is no laughing matter. It fact such
lame and threadbare deceit is entirely offensive and deserves the strongest possible objection.

Research has concluded that there's less than six degrees of separation between people who have had some
kind of a close encounter, sighting or actual experience with the UFO phenomenon. Put six people in a room
and it's odds on at least one of them will fit this category.

The truth of this issue must be disclosed and it is the responsibility of government, elected political party
leaders, science research institutions and prominent media investigators to ensure urgent hearings are held
on this crucial matter. All have refused!

The Australian chapter of the Disclosure Project has repeatedly requested open and objective investigation
from government, media, science and the National Press Club. None of these will extend the simple courtesy
of a response to our repeat communications and refuse to answer letters. While recognizing the right to
disagree or perhaps challenge our presented evidence we do not believe our respectfully submitted requests
for comment are deserving of contempt.

But contempt is the sole response. Outright contempt or the tiresome rhetorical question ‘why don't they
land on the White House lawn?' One simple yet compelling answer is to reference what happens when the
20th century intrudes upon cultures of antiquity. Overnight unique values and traditions are irretrievably
swamped and forever lost. The only thing that might possibly be of value to any and all advanced civilizations
is the human experience itself; but wholly uncontaminated.

Until we arrive at a point of ‘unassailable integrity' as a species, a family of mankind, it's unlikely we'll be
welcomed elsewhere.

We therefore express grave concern at the ongoing evasion at logically dealing with the global UFO
phenomenon and moreover that our constitutional form of democratically elected government is
compromised by illegal secrecy. The nation's political leaders and elected representatives cannot access this
information even in the unlikely event that they summon the courage to try.

Plunging unprecedented depths of cowardice the Australian media shamefully fails to honour its mandated
responsibility of unbiased investigative reporting to the public.

Instead of actively seeking out and objectively reporting the truth of this important issue it perversely works
to the contrary having become a savage guard dog preventing access to the facts for the benefit of an
unseen corporate cabal.

Media has become the arch enemy of truth in its relentless pursuance of mass mediated deception and
psycho sociological control. The ABC, SBS, all commercial TV networks and the National Press Club seemingly
endorse this unforgivable deception. This must end.

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Ancient knowledge:

All ancient civilizations and indigenous cultures prominently feature beliefs predicated in the visitation of
star beings. Many sophisticated societies of antiquity left unambiguous records of airborne craft either
piloted by beings or under intelligent control. These explicit and often graphically illustrated accounts we
have been forcefully led by the nose to construe as myth, but a closer examination reveals an amazing but
ultimately more coherent interpretation.

Importantly their remarkable constructions are configured and perfectly aligned with star systems to such a
precise degree of accuracy that even today our modern technology could not replicate. Were these
incredible temples then designed to somehow convey important messages across time to future generations
or perhaps even communicate with a universal, higher plane of consciousness? Many believe they were, and
moreover; that they still are.

The great pyramid of Giza was constructed to a height of 481 feet, weighs over six million tonnes and
encompasses an area footprint of thirteen acres. And it is precisely aligned with all cardinal points of the
compass; it's alignment with true north being even more exact than the Greenwich Observatory.

Mathematically encoded within its structure are its precise geographic coordinates and location references
to a global matrix of many other pyramids and monuments around the world. No technologies know to
modern science or engineering could replicate this amazing accomplishment. The exact global references
and positioning of these and countless other megalithic structures clearly indicate an advanced knowledge
commanding a profound understanding of astronomy and moreover it seems the multidimensional
character of the universe.

The years of detailed research by noted authors Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval clearly demonstrate
that this and the many other ancient monuments around the globe serve, among other things, as time
capsules of abundant knowledge. They also demonstrate striking similarities in specific construction features
such as the enjoining manner in which corner walls are connected and the remnants of metal bar linkages of
stone-joining being the exact same design in South America as in Egypt. Other correlations are evidenced in
the Egyptian iconography of high prow boats, the exact replicas of which are still in use upon Lake Titicaca.
The Great Sphinx of Egypt is now considered by experts to be many thousands of years older than
conventional Egyptology asserts dating not from 2500 BC as Egyptologists claim, but more likely from 10,500
BC - the beginning of the astrological Age of Leo. It gazes towards the east, seemingly focused on eternity.
Does this carefully calculated alignment read from the stars a message that has been hidden throughout

According to a great many ancient myths and legends our current civilization has arrived at the end of a cycle
whereby this message urgently requires understanding.

It is widely accepted that the three pyramids of Giza, standing on high ground half a mile to the west of the
Sphinx, are not merely the tombs of egocentric Pharaohs but rather they comprise a precise map or
reflection of the three stars of Orion's belt, constructed in 15 million tons of solid stone. This unyielding
message to the future being guaranteed to endure the rigors of time.

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This knowledge was never lost. It was carefully hidden, and it remains so. To learn more about this particular
subject we strongly recommend the absorbing works of Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and John Anthony

To further exemplify the hypotheses of either ancient knowledge or extraterrestrial visitation the West
African Dogan tribe have a remarkably extensive knowledge of the star system Sirius. For centuries the
Dogan people have held as their most sacred religious tradition extensive knowledge of the star Sirius which
should, according to modern day science, be impossible for any primitive tribe to know. They consider that
the most important star in the sky is Sirius B, a small star that orbits the bright star Sirius. However Sirius B is
invisible to the unaided eye and was only photographed via telescope for the first time in 1970 by Irving W.
Lindenblad of the US Naval Observatory in Washington DC. The Dogan's ancient drawings show the Helical
rising of Sirius with the Sun and Sirius joined together. The drawings also show the rings of Saturn and the
four major moons of Jupiter as well as the elliptical orbit of the invisible star Sirius B around Sirius. Moreover
they relate that, not only is it a dense and heavy star but correctly note that the elliptical orbit is completed
once every 50 years. This is an event they continue to celebrate at exactly the proper moment, even if only
once or twice in a person's entire lifetime!

The only access a primitive African people could have had to such sophisticated knowledge of a distant and
invisible star system would be either through a legacy from a lost civilization or the visit to our planet in
ancient times of extraterrestrial beings that somehow described and explained their origins.

There is no other explanation, and the stuffed shirts of establishment science refuse to offer one. When
demonstrable facts such as these fail to conform to the blinkered dogma of establishment science and
contemporary history they are glibly dismissed as superstition.

In 1976 these scientifically inexplicable details were brought to light in ‘The Sirius Mystery' by Robert
Temple. The courageous publication of this groundbreaking book at once saw Mr Temple subjected to
ridicule, acerbic derision and ostracism from hitherto close friends and fellow scholars. Pursuant to the book
earning highly favourable reviews and becoming a worldwide bestseller Mr Temple was promptly subjected
to (as he explains in his foreword in the revised edition The Sirius Mystery Today ) - extreme and virulent
hostility from certain security agencies, most notable the American . Some of these hostile actions
bordered on the hysterical. The British MI5 enjoined the malicious fray commissioning harassing
investigations and spurious security reports from high ranking police officials. There were also personal
attacks from employees of NASA that went far beyond the accepted norm of critical disagreement. This begs
the question why should the superpowers national security agencies and NASA instigate such egregious
action at the publication of a book?

This documentary will provide compelling insight as to this immoral and entirely unacceptable overreaction.
It should also be noted that when any hypothesis can be dismissed simply because it has no historical data
then scientific enquiry becomes meaningless.

Early records range from the cave art of Southern France, Northern Spain and Italy to the mountains of
South Africa and South America and date back 20-30,000 years where unmistakable depictions of UFO like
flying machines adorn the walls. Adventurous researchers have experimented by drinking the powerful plant
hallucinogen Ayahuasca with South American Indian shamans. Their paintings contain images of
‘supernatural beings' identical to the animal-human hybrids depicted in prehistoric caves and rock shelters.

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Drinking the potion evokes vivid, visionary encounters with these exact same beings. Many prominent
investigators at the cutting edge of consciousness research now consider the possibility that such
hallucinations may very well be real perceptions of other ‘dimensions'.

Could these ‘supernatural's' first depicted in the painted caves and rock shelters be the ancient teachers of
mankind? Is it therefore the case that human evolution is not just the Darwinian ‘blind' ‘accidental',
‘meaningless' progression, but something far more consequential. Could it be that we have only just begun
to gain a glimmer of understanding of a truth purposefully denied?

Megalithic monuments such as the great stone of Baalbec in Lebanon weighing approximately 2,000 tons -
68 x 14 x 14 feet! – that no technology of modern times could fashion; was quarried with absolute precision
and moved a distance of five miles. By comparison, the stone blocks of the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt,
weigh about 25 tons each.

On April 14 1561 over the German town of Nuremberg a great many witnesses watched and recorded aerial

phenomena with descriptions precisely fitting what is known of UFO's. A similar event occurred of the Swiss
town of Basle some five years later and was again concisely recorded and described. History is littered with
these occurrences along with a multitude of artistic records in paintings reaching back into pre-history.

The NASCA lines of Peru contain encoded mathematical references to the same global matrix as stems from
Giza when Giza is referenced as the central meridian. They contain very much else besides, possible keys to
understanding the nature and workings of a multi dimensional universe. This priceless knowledge was left in
place for the benefit of all mankind, not for the advantaged few who have misused and abused it throughout
all of history.

Stonehenge directly relates to heavenly bodies and celestial events. The horseshoe of great trilithons and
the horseshoe of 19 bluestones at Stonehenge open up in the direction of the midsummer sunrise. It was
originally surmised that the monument must have been deliberately oriented and planned so that on
midsummer's morning the sun rose directly over the Heel Stone whereby the initial rays shine into the
centre of the monument directly between the open extensions of the horseshoe array. This alignment
suggested a ritualistic correlation with sun worship and it was generally concluded that Stonehenge had
been primarily constructed as a temple to the sun. More recently however it has been determined that
Stonehenge is not merely aligned with solar and lunar astronomical occurrences, but can be used to predict
other events such as eclipses. In other words, Stonehenge is a great deal more than a sun temple; it is an
astronomical calculator and celestial reference library.

The summer solstice alignment cannot be accidental. The sun rises in different directions at different
geographical latitudes. For the alignment to be correct, it was essential to have been calculated precisely for
Stonehenge's latitude of 51° 10' 42.35”. This alignment was absolutely critical to the design and placement
of Stonehenge. In corroboration of these claims many other megalithic sites throughout Britain are also
oriented towards the heavens.

The alignment also made clear that whoever built Stonehenge had precise astronomical knowledge of the
path of the sun and, moreover, must have known well before construction began precisely where the sun
rose at dawn on midsummer's morning while standing on the future site of the monument. This is important
because with Stonehenge and many other such monuments, it was the site, a particular place within the

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landscape that was significant; only later were these sites marked in some more permanent manner by the
digging of ditches and banks and the erection of wood or stone structures.

This particular spot in the landscape was so important that not only were ditches and banks dug and, later,
stone circles and horseshoe arrangements constructed to mark it, but certain stones were deliberately
transported great distances and with considerable effort. How did ancient peoples, that contemporary
history insists were knuckle-dragging stone-age primitives, acquire such remarkable astronomical
understanding and exceptional engineering expertise?

They also possessed a sophisticated understanding of invisible ley lines and energy grids that crisscross the
earth, and that certain types of stone feature important frequencies that play a key role in their precise
alignment and placing. This knowledge suggests powerful spiritual connections to the wider universe and
therefore a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the nature of cosmic consciousness than is
currently exhibited today. Many other astrologically-aligned temples, dolmens and cairns are found
throughout Britain and Western Europe, precisely located at the geomantic or geodetic nodal points of earth
energy lines, their massive stones again transported vast distances forming resonant links with the astral and
ethereal realms. Could it be these energy doorways are now activating the planet through a potential matrix
of light and celestial consciousness? Scholarly interpretation of the wisdom of the ancients suggests this is
exactly what is happening. The wisdom that was never lost, but carefully hidden.

In other parts of the world the epic Vedic scripts of the Mahabharata and Ramayana vividly illustrate
airborne vehicles displaying characteristics of known UFO traits.

The Mahabharata describes a devastating explosion that shook the continent...” A single projectile charged
with all the power in the universe...An incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as 10,000 suns,
rose in all its was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death
which reduced to ashes an entire race...the corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. Their hair fell
out, pottery broke without any apparent cause, and the birds turned white. After a few hours, all
foodstuffs were infected. To escape from this fire, the soldiers threw themselves in the river."

Historians claim that Indian sacred writings are full of such descriptions, which accurately portray atomic
blasts. References in the ancient writings also mention fighting sky chariots and the final weapons. An
ancient battle is described in great detail in the writing titled the Drona Pavra, which is a section of the
Mahabharata. The passage tells of combat where explosions of final weapons decimate entire armies,
causing crowds of warriors with steeds and elephants and weapons to be carried away as if they were dry
leaves of trees. Archaeologists assert that etchings in temples suggest people praying to be spared from the
great light that was coming to lay ruin to the city.

The bible is riddled with event descriptions that conform exactly to experiences and descriptions of UFO
sightings and encounters.

Egyptian pharaohs recorded in great detail what can rationally be interpreted as UFO sightings.

Perhaps the most outstanding and durable of all these records are the ancient Sumerian texts as translated
in the seminal works of language scholar Zechariah Sitchin. These 6,000 year old, and wholly unchanged
texts; provide clear, concise and greatly detailed accounts of star visitors interacting with and genetically
engineering the inhabitants of earth. To verify this we need only examine the following questions. Why is it
that humans are the only species on the planet with over 4,000 genetic defects? Why is it that humans are

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the only species on the planet to have sections of DNA un-coded for protein? 44 of the 64 codons of the
human genetic code are unused, referred to as ‘junk DNA'. Nature does not create redundancies so could it
be these dormant areas await in readiness? But in readiness for what? Nobel Prize winner and co-discoverer
of the DNA molecule Dr Francis Crick declared extraterrestrial origins of the human genome. A viewpoint
supported by prominent scientist Sir Fred Hoyle in his book ‘Life From Space’.

It is noteworthy that, unlike the bible, the Sumerian clay tablets and cylinder seals have never been re-
translated. The original cuneiform text carving and imprints are wholly unabridged. These explicit accounts
pre-date the bible by thousands of years and give rise to the more salient aspects of its content such as the
great flood and very much else besides.

The entirely mechanistic / reductionist views of conventional science (if you can't bang it with a hammer it
doesn't exist) painstakingly avoid answering the question as to how this remarkably advanced civilization
suddenly materialized in the region then known as Sumer, latterly Mesopotamia, approximately 6,000 years
ago almost overnight? How was it that all of a sudden there flourished medicine, mathematics with a
hexadecimal system of 60, astronomy; the first civilization to divide the heavens into the 12 segments that
subsequently became the signs of the zodiac, written language (cuneiform consists of over 400 mostly
wedge-shaped characters) centuries of detailed weather reports, geometry, algebra, agriculture, weights
and measures, art and sciences of an eminently sophisticated culture that seemingly came out of nowhere,
overnight directly from out of the stone age. More or less in an evolutionary eye blink.

Conventional science bluntly refuses to explain how the ancient Sumerian's had the knowledge that the
planets of our solar system, counted from the outermost travelling inward and recording Earth as planet
number 7, actually revolved around the sun.

The Sumerian's not only knew this 6,000 years before but they also knew and recorded the existence,
positions and orbits of the planets including the outermost that were, accordingly to contemporary history,
only discovered as late as the 1930's. Further to this they even recorded the precise distance between the
planets and accurately described how they looked from space. These astonishing facts and more were
known and recorded, carved in stone, over 6,000 years ago. According to contemporary history Uranus
wasn't discovered until 1787 – Neptune 1864 and Pluto 1930.

So what does establishment science make of the irrefutable evidence that detailed knowledge of the planets
of our solar system were known to a civilization of antiquity? We don't know because, just as with the
corrupt Australian media and seemingly incapable politicians, we are unable to gain a response to our
repeated correspondence. They simply refuse to address the now colossal weight of evidence confirming
ongoing UFO phenomena and that off-world visitors are present and interacting with us here and now. They
have been throughout all of human history.

In stark contrast to the appalling ignorance and pointless denial of establishment science, whose
reductionist methods are wholly inadequate to meaningfully address these issues anyway, the works of
Zechariah Sitchin deserve serious consideration and further study. These are issues we should examine with
great care and attention since ongoing UFO and crop circle research has repeatedly borne out their
authenticity. And it continues to do so with the escalating global phenomena in tandem with a virtual
revolution in consciousness wherein increasingly more become aware of the interconnectedness of all that

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It's noteworthy that retired spokesperson for the Vatican Monsignor Corrado Balducci repeatedly
announced the Vatican's acceptance of the UFO phenomenon. Now you'd expect the most profound
declaration from the western world's leading religion to be splashed as newspaper banner headlines while
leading up the nightly news, but what happened in the corporate media? Nothing! This historical
announcement could only be found on the internet. Why would media deliberately suppress this important
announcement if not to uphold their wrongly accepted falsehood?

The exact same thing happened with another groundbreaking revelation from retired Canadian minister for
Defence Mr Paul Hellyer who publicly confirmed the reality of the UFO phenomenon and roundly
condemned the subsequent 60-years of ongoing cover up. What did we see on the nightly news and in the
papers? Nothing! Not so much as by-line hidden away behind the sports pages. In effect they deliberately
hid these important announcements. Pretended to the world they never happened. But they did happen and
the fact that they were hidden away from public view in the same manner as the ancient wisdom's remain
concealed makes them all the more important.

So why does corporate media consistently refuse to deal with the greatest story of our entire existence? The
greatest story that's never been told and continues to be denied!

And why have these ancient wisdom's been purposefully obscured and hidden away throughout history?
Why is it that science primarily focuses its attention on issues related to the global economy and refuses to
examine the spiritual as a context for understanding our origins?

Instead of pursuing these compelling issues mass media becomes ever increasingly mentally and spiritually
impoverished, saturating our attention with self-absorbed consumerism and toxic visions of endless war. It is
a turgid treadmill of negativity with no reward other than material gain for its owners and promoters. It
swamps intellectual diversity, floods our world view and effectively imprisons all meaningful growth.
Moreover it prohibits exploration of our own changing personal and collective frequencies that facilitate
paths towards a wider understanding. Electronic mass media provides a polluted outcome which is its
primary purpose. It operates to exploit, albeit by means of entertainment, while contaminating and
controlling all who fall under its influence.

The knowledge of who we are, where we came from and our collective destiny among a vibrant galactic
community still remains tenaciously hidden by covert, criminal controllers, but it is now becoming available
to us via other ways and means.

We are being given glimpses through the media-imposed false impressions of flatland into multi dimensional
resonance and frequencies of endless potential. Once we commence thinking, perceiving and opening up to
these potentials the quantum law of entrainment will ultimately bring us to the same space and vibration of
energy and light.

We begin a transfer or transformation towards the divine rhythms of the universe through opening up new
dimensions of spiritual perception.

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Crop Circles
Crop circles are considered the most puzzling enigma of modern times. Since the 1980's it is estimated more
than 20,000 formations have appeared in countries around the globe. Many exhibit inexplicable things:
anomalous substances, isotopic materials and radio nuclides that do not exist in any natural state upon the
earth. They feature normally brittle plant stems bent at 90 ° without damage yet continuing to grow , traces
of intense heat, mobile phones that suddenly cease operation, balls of light under intelligent control, UFO
sightings, camera batteries that go flat within seconds. Also, strange atmospheric phenomena often arise, as
do a wide variety of effects on body and mind, varying from astonishingly accurate precognitive experiences
to states of unconditional bliss and spontaneous healings. Ill effects and nausea are also sometimes
encountered upon entering these amazing formations.

For many people, crop circles are a portal to higher plains of existence. Certain images or pictograms can
sometimes trigger an instant connection to a universal matrix of information at a subconscious level. This
may not be readily understood but the intuitive feeling is unmistakable as doorways of perception suddenly
open up to a broader range and depth of frequencies. These wondrous formations facilitate new ideas and
esoteric concepts, they challenge old beliefs and established ways of thinking, and they open body and mind
for whatever lies beyond the margins of our everyday existence and perceptions. Crop circles present
unprecedented opportunities for emotional and spiritual growth; and they can become a personal catalyst
for awakening. Could it be that these silent temples of sacred geometry also serve as energy doorways
activating the planet in this time of ascension? Imagine a holographic universe and it's possible to see how
all points are readily accessible from any other point whereby interaction and enhanced perception of these
mysterious portals allow a deeper understanding. Encoded mathematics and symbols instil more esoteric
knowledge into these wondrous formations than can be contained in endless libraries of encyclopaedias.

In October 2005 my partner Dineke and I sponsored Dutch photographer, author and prominent crop circle
researcher Janet Ossebaard along with UFO researcher Mary Rodwell for an 8-venue WA lecture tour. Janet
highlighted the many and varied aspects of crop circles: their history, sacred geometric features and
absolute precision, biophysical anomalies, strange light phenomena and differing effects on the body and

In spite of all this proven, documented data and corroborated evidence corporate media obstinately and
pointlessly supports the established falsehood that all crop circles - without exception - are the work of
pranksters using wooden planks and string. This debunking actively encourages disbelief, even hostility,
toward crop circles. However despite the countless and ongoing attempts hoaxers forever fail to replicate
most phenomena associated with genuine crop circles:

• How plant material in the genuine formations is altered at the cellular level.

• How the crystalline structure of the soil is radically changed while (in stark and measurable
contrast to the moist surrounds) is often depleted of moisture.
• How the biophysical – biochemical nature of the plants is significantly altered.
• The sudden deposits of magnetite in the hundreds of percentage-points above normal.
• The immediate and often permanent failure of electronic equipment upon entering the

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• Expulsion cavities in the blown and extended nodes of the plant stems.
• Filmed multiple balls of light in and around crop circles.
• Military helicopters chasing the balls of light (always without success.)
• Why the military would take keen and urgent interest in only pranks and hoaxes with helicopters
appearing within minutes of the emergence of balls of light?
• Measurable fields of electromagnetic and microwave energy.
• How planks and string cannot accomplish massive circle formations in fields of snow or carve
intricate patterns through lake ice – some too thin to support the weight of a small child.
• The irrefutable results from control experiments from the BLT research team.
• Canadian & Czech Republic huge tree formations bent into formation patterns just above ground
level defying all biological explanation.

They also cannot explain as many as ten highly unusual, short-lived radio nuclides found inside crop circle
formations. These can only be synthesized in a cyclotron or fusion reactor. They are not naturally occurring
and cannot possibly be hoaxed.

All we've ever received from mainstream media in response to these proven facts is blunt denial, offensive
ridicule and an immature insistence upon hoaxing. To further underscore everything we've explained, the
hoaxing theory does not and cannot explain the discovery, by Emeritus Professor of Astronomy Gerald
Hawkins, of hitherto unknown geometric theory and diatonic ratios present in crop circles. This requires a
comprehensive and much deeper understanding beyond basic math and is yet to be found in man-made
efforts. Neither can hoaxing explain formations appearing in rice paddies.

We also pose the question why would retired farmers and pranksters suddenly acquire a profound
understanding of sacred geometry and develop wonderfully artistic insight of advanced mathematics? And if
hoaxing were the sole answer who has been responsible for recorded formations since the 1600's?
According to the media the hoaxing fraternity comprise the most dedicated group in human history with
over 20,000 formations around the globe to their credit.

Man made efforts continue to occur, but they cannot possibly account for the overall phenomena. According
to hoaxing theorists one counterfeit bank note should, without further question or investigation,
automatically invalidate all the world’s currencies.

Government officials, leading science commentators and corporate media refuse to respond to any and all of
these important questions. Why? Could it be that they, or more accurately in the case of the latter their
corrupt pay-masters, are desperate to prevent the public learning what lies behind this mystery? Certainly
somebody is. In his January 1961 farewell address to the nation US President Eisenhower declared the

‘In the counsels of Government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether
sought or unsought, by the Military Industrial Complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced
power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or
democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can
compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defence with our peaceful
methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together.’

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No citizenry can become 'alert and knowledgeable' under the deceptive influence of a corrupt media cartel.
Moreover these councils of government once included the following and highly significant individuals.

Ohio University Professor of Astronomy - J. Allen Hynek who served as Associate Director of the Smithsonian
Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA as well as heading its NASA-sponsored satellite
tracking program; part of a 67 nation International Geophysical Year. 1957/58 Mr Hynek was also Director of
Lindheimer Astronomical Research Centre at North-western University; and chairman of the Astronomy

As civilian scientific consultant to the U.S. Air Force for the 20 years of 1949-1969 he began as an official
debunker of all UFO phenomena. However he soon discovered a significant percentage of sightings were
unexplainable and became convinced they deserved further study by all aspects of the scientific community.
His original mandate was to debunk and dismiss all UFO phenomena as swaps gas – mass hallucinations –
temperature inversions – Venus – conventional aircraft or ball lightning. Four years after retiring from
government Mr Hynek founded the Centre for UFO Studies CUFOS in 1973 and publicly denounced project
blue book as a reprehensible cover up. He became a leading UFO researcher, one of the most important
figures in the history of ufology, and CUFOS remains active to this very day.

His British counterpart Mr Nick Pope performed a similar role of official denial in 18 years with the UK
department of defence. From 1991 – 1994 his principle position of dealing with UFO reports came under the
same instruction to dismiss, trivialize and debunk. Following the exact same course as Professor Allen Hynek
he eventually left government service and promptly became a respected UFO investigator, author and
valued lecturer on UFO phenomenon. Once freed from government control and the rigid constraints of the
official secrets act the subject was at once acknowledged to be an absolute reality. And here again what was
the corporate media response to this hugely significant back-flip from representatives of the major powers
on both sides of the Atlantic?


Just as with every key breakthrough event continually confirming this reality the media either hide or deny
the undeniable facts. They continue to lie.

This is very important! It means the leading official UFO experts and spokespersons from the USA and UK
governments both did a tyre-screeching 180 degree U-turn upon leaving government employ. In spite of this
painfully obvious expose neither government, emperors now without clothes, will admit the truth. Nor will
the Australian government.

Not all countries exhibit such pointless intransigence however because leading by courageous example in
2004 the government of Mexico came out of the closet and handed over all previously classified UFO files to
bona fide researchers. In May 2005 the government of Brazil did exactly the same. Numerous other
countries have declared official acceptance including France who released the most their detailed COMETA
report of 1999. The then head of the Belgium air force L. Cierebaut invited all countries to examine their
countries official body of evidence confirming beyond all measure of doubt the reality of UFO phenomena.
He has actually challenged them arrive at any other conclusion than that of acceptance. Not one of the
aforementioned countries will respond to this challenge fully aware of the inevitable outcome.

Neither will any courageous 'truth-seeking' investigative journalist in spite of the obvious fact the greatest
news story of all time is there for the telling.

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Many ancient myths and legends point towards calamitous events leading up to and culminating in
December 2012. The in-depth studies from Dr. Paul La Violette in his book ‘Earth Under Fire' provide
evidence of a cyclic occurrence of massive explosions from the centre of the galaxy know as Safer explosions
after their discovery by astronomer Carl Safer. Is it possible this theory may be linked to ongoing research by
A. N. Dmitriev, Andrew Tetenov and Earl L. Crockett? This research reveals that physical alterations of the
Earth are becoming irreversible. Strong evidence exists that these transformations are being caused by
highly charged material has broken into the interplanetary area of our Solar System. This ‘donation’ of
energy is producing hybrid processes and excited energy states in all planets, as well as the Sun. Effects here
on Earth are to be found in the acceleration of the magnetic pole shift, in the vertical and horizontal ozone
content distribution, and in the increased frequency and magnitude of significant catastrophic climatic

This research indicates a growing probability that we are moving into a rapid temperature instability period
similar to the one that took place 10,000 years ago. The adaptive responses of the biosphere, and humanity,
to these new conditions may lead to a total global revision of the range of species and life on Earth. It is only
through a deep understanding of the fundamental changes taking place in the natural environment
surrounding us that humanity will achieve balance with the renewing flow of Earths physical states and

Current geological, geophysical, and climatic alterations of the Earth are becoming irreversible. At the
present time researchers are revealing some of the causes which are leading to a general reorganization of
the electro-magnetosphere (the electromagnetic skeleton) of our planet, and of its climatic machinery. A
greater number of specialists are tending towards a cosmic causative sequence version for what is
happening since events of the last decade provide strong evidence of unusually significant transformations.
The climatic and biosphere processes here on Earth are directly impacted by transformational processes
taking place in our Solar System. We need to understand that climatic changes on Earth are only one part, or
link, in a whole chain of events taking place.

These physical processes will impose special adaptive challenges and requirements for all life forms on Earth.
These tendencies may be traced in the direction of planet energy capacity growth which is leading to a highly
excited or charged state of some of Earth's systems. The most intense transformations are taking place in
the planetary gas-plasma envelopes to which the productive possibilities of our biosphere are timed.
Currently this new scenario of excess energy run-off is being formed, and observed:

In the ionosphere by plasma generation.

In the magnetosphere by magnetic storms.

In the atmosphere by cyclones.

This high-energy atmospheric phenomenon, which was rare in the past, is now becoming more frequent,
intense, and changed in its nature. The material composition of the gas-plasma envelope is also being

In recent years we have seen increased interest by geophysicists into earths geomagnetic processes and
specifically, to the travel of Earth's magnetic poles. They are interested in observing the facts surrounding
the directed travel of the Antarctic magnetic pole. In the last 100 years this magnetic pole has travelled
almost 900 km towards, and into, the Indian Ocean. This significant shift by the magnetic poles began in

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1885. The most recent data about the state of the Arctic magnetic pole (which is moving towards the
Eastern Siberian world magnetic anomaly by way of the Arctic Ocean) reveals that this pole ‘travelled’ more
than 120 km during the ten year period 1973 through 1984, and 150 km during the same interval, 1984
through 1994. This estimated data has been confirmed by direct measurement. The Arctic pole coordinates
are at the time of writing this document understood as 78.3 deg. North and 104.0 deg. west.

This polar shift acceleration ( 3 km per year average over 10 years) is understood to be an inversion of the
magnetic poles in full process. It is now seen that the acceleration of polar travel may grow to a rate of up to
200 km per year. This means that a polar inversion may happen far more rapidly than is currently supposed.

Californian surgeon Dr. Roger K. Leir with over 40 years medical experience has pioneered surgical removal
of an ever increasing number of implants from patients claiming to have been abducted. These items are
often found to be comprised of non terrestrial materials having been independently tested and diagnosed
under stringent laboratory testing and secure conditions. They emit electromagnetic radiation in the range
of 90 – 93 MHz and feature extraordinary microstructures.

These implants are discovered to be biologically in tune and functioning with the patient’s nervous system in
spite of having been introduced as foreign objects to the body. There are no marks of incision, no scaring or
entry wounds plus no evidence that the immune system has attempted to reject these metallic objects that
are covered in a biological-organic membrane. These membranes contain receptors that prohibit
inflammatory response and they contain large numbers of nerve cells. The removed implants were then
subjected to rigorous biological and metallurgic testing at New Mexico Tech and Los Alamos Labs. These
noteworthy research labs detected and confirmed isotopic ratios that are not of this earth. The scientific
evidence confirming these videotaped and multiple witnessed surgical procedures is irrefutable and still the
corporate media cartel refuses to accept or publicize these established facts.

As the author of this documentary I find this attitude particularly offensive having removed one of these
implant items from my own body. I've been what is now commonly known as an experiencer since my
earliest childhood memories. Like the countless others in this situation I lived a life of suffocating denial
enduring whatever it took to shore up the pretence that it was all in my imagination and, just like everyone
else in this situation, forever failed to convince. Attempts to discuss the then terrifying scenario with family
or friends, much less a medical doctor, were destined for humiliating ridicule. I therefore grew up in a
shadow world of knowing something I could never share, explain or discuss with a living soul. A great many
have walked this tightrope-balance of fear and disbelief verses deep intuition, and it is only when the fear is
broken through that the individual becomes grounded in certainty. The one-time sufferer emerges from
fearful insecurity into a dawn of awakening, forever vanquishing the victim.

This happens to individuals in many different ways and at varying stages of personal growth and spiritual
development. Moreover I believe it happens when it is supposed to happen. In my case it took the discovery
and removal of a tiny metal implant to galvanize final acceptance. Pulling a foreign object out of your own
body precludes a need for further convincing, and it was clear I was meant to retrieve this item since it grew
out from just below and behind my right ear in a long, thin, curly wart-like protuberance. Not something
you'd care to flash around at parties. This fleshy item came away with a firm scrape of thumbnail to reveal
the pillow-shaped, grey, almost carbon like object smaller than a match head wetly glistening within. I made

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sure to have an independent witness to the occurrence knowing this was important. However corporate
media refuse to accept these evidently common occurrences that continue to happen on a global scale.
Instead, in a mirror image of Stalin's government-controlled media, it continues to blind the masses with a
neatly sanitized - tailored to suit - version of reality.

It continues to uphold the lie of denial and through ongoing mass mediated deception denying the many
people like myself access to the truth. One notable experiencer is no less a personage than Dr MED. Raun
Luukanen-Kilda previous SURGEON GENERAL OF LAPPLAND.

Forbidden Knowledge
According to modern science and contemporary history the notion of the sun being at the Centre of our
solar system wasn't initially put forward until 1530 when Nicolas Copernicus completed and gave to the
world his great work De Revolutionibus, which asserted that the earth rotated on its axis once daily and
travelled around the sun once yearly.

Then from Rome in 1548 followed philosopher, priest, cosmologist and occultist Giordano Bruno. Bruno was
an early proponent of the idea of extra solar planets and extraterrestrial life. Again these concepts were
seen as a danger to the ruling elite of the church and Bruno was burned at the stake as a heretic for his
truthful ideas, a martyr to the cause of free thought.

It wasn't until 1609 that Galileo confirmed this hypothesis only to be imprisoned and threatened with
torture in 1633.

More recently came Austrian-American psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. (March 24, 1897 –
November 3, 1957) A respected analyst and writer he became best known for what he said was the
discovery of a physical energy that permeated the atmosphere and all living matter. He called the energy
"orgone," and built "orgone accumulators" to detect and harness it for its health benefits. These included
cures for the common cold, impotence, and cancer. His views on orgone were not accepted by the
mainstream scientific community, largely because pharmaceutical companies would lose income to
popularization of natural therapies, but his contributions to the history of psychotherapy and personality
theory continue to exert influence.

He also has the dubious distinction of being one of the very first to photograph a UFO, albeit inadvertently,
during field studies for the orgone energy project. A time-delay exposure plate revealed an object in the
night sky that did not move in conformity with the rest of the heavenly bodies. Innocently bringing this to
the attention of the authorities quickly sealed his fate.

Consequently in 1947 U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began a witch-hunt style of investigation and
won an injunction against the interstate sale of orgone accumulators. Charged with contempt of court for
violating the injunction Reich was sentenced to two years in prison. In August 1956, several tons of his
publications were burned by the FDA. He died of heart failure in jail just over a year later.

What renowned genius inventor Nicola Tesla described as his most important discovery - terrestrial
stationary waves - was also sabotaged by the establishment. This discovery proved that the Earth could be
used as a conductor and would be as responsive as a tuning fork to electrical vibrations of a certain
frequency. A demonstration lit 200 lamps without wires from a distance of 40 kilometres and created man-

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made lightning. He claimed he could turn the earth into a gigantic dynamo which would project free
electricity in unlimited amounts.

The notion of free power horrified investors who abruptly withdrew financial support. The classic comment
from financier J.P. Morgan was, "If anyone can draw on the power, where do we put the meter?" Mr
Morgan subsequently became a founding member of the Military Industrial Complex amassing unimaginable
personal wealth from fossil fuelled energy provision.

Nicola Tesla was purposely sidelined with his pollution free energy systems quietly hidden away. The FBI
eventually raided his apartment and confiscated all his private documentation and notes. It is now widely
accepted that the world could have enjoyed pollution free energy for the past century or more had his
inventions received the support they deserved.

It seems little has changed with establishment science and its obsequious commentators now performing
the same thuggish role as the Vatican hierarchy while their ongoing refusal to publicly examine the evidence
of the DISCLOSURE PROJECT effectively supports covert government murder.

Just a small handful of excessively powerful people control and run this planet. A manifestly criminal cartel
deeply hidden behind church, state, international banks, corporate media and government blinds.

They are completely unknown and everything they do is without authority. They are above all laws and
operate with complete and unlimited impunity.

They are the ones who have kept the ancient knowledge secret.

It has been used solely for their own personal power and material gain.

This must end!

Humanity has now arrived upon a shoreline of great change.

Just beyond an unseen horizon an ever growing number can hear and feel the rolling waves of a spiritual
renaissance washing ever closer.

The resonant impact of these waves is gradually but exponentially being understood by those seeking truths
that have been hidden away for so long.

Tony Lambert. - ©Genie Graphics Pty Ltd - 2007

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