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All You Need to Know About Ryu Karate Ryu Karate is a traditional Okinawa style of Japanese karate.

The term means hardsoft style which is what this style of karate comprises of. The form developed in the 1 th and !"th centuries with much of the principles of this form came from the #ook $u#ishi. Characteristics of Ryu Karate The two primary techni%ues that are used in this form of karate are hard and soft. The hard techni%ues refer to the use of closed hands while the soft techni%ues refer to the use of open hands and circular movements. &t is a form that is not so much a#out stren'th #ut a#out 'reat techni%ue in the deflection of strikes with the help of movin' in certain an'les. (ccordin' to a lot of Ryu Karate practitioners) the key of this style is to use techni%ues that are opposite in nature to the part of the #ody that is #ein' tar'eted. *or e+ample) the use of an open hand techni%ue to make contact with the head , a hard part of the #ody , of the opponent. -o.u Ryu Karate is also known for the #reathin' techni%ues that are a vital part of this form. &t also involves movements like take downs) throws and even the use of weapons. The weapons usually used are a wooden sword and wooden staff. This is #ecause the practice of martial arts was prohi#ited in Okinawa in the 1/th centuries and masters had to practice usin' tools that were not conspicuous. The objective of Ryu Karate Ryu karate is a standup style of com#at whose main purpose are self-defense and not so much attack. &t teaches practitioners how to avoid #ein' hit with the techni%ues of deflection throu'h certain an'les and then use hand and le' strikes to take the opponent down. The three aspects of training in Ryu Karate There are three important aspects of trainin' in this form of karate. &t includes kumita) kata and philosophy. 0ost practitioners mana'e to train in only the first two and rarely %ualify for the learnin' of the third aspect. Kumita , This refers to the trainin' of the #ody includin' stren'th) tou'hness) a'ility and the acceptance of pain) which comes with the practice of this art. &t teaches the practitioner a#out his1her stren'ths and limitations and leads to a hi'her level of consciousness of the #ody. Kata , This refers to the aspect of the mind. &t defines the practitioner and #uilds concentration and focus. &t develops the #ody to use mental faculties while fi'htin' and not .ust #rute stren'th and physical techni%ue. 2hilosophy , This refers to the understandin' of the reason #ehind practicin' karate. To know the difference #etween .ust physically fi'htin' and to fi'htin' with an

understandin' of the principles that 'overn this art. &t reaches the practitioner to #e at peace even in conflict and treat martial arts as a means of self-actuali3ation. Benefits of Ryu Karate The martial art form of Ryu Karate has several #enefits to offer to those that practice it) here are some of them4 I proved !hysical "ealth# 2ractitioners of Ryu Karate under'o ri'orous trainin' that develops their fle+i#ility) de+terity and stren'th) and also improves #lood pressure and #lood circulation in the #ody. &t also cultivates the ha#it of re'ular e+ercise) a must in todays sedentary lifestyle. I proved $ental "ealth# Ryu karate teaches its practitioners discipline and respect and the a#ility to maintain calm and tran%uility at all times and in all situations. The improved physical fitness also contri#utes to a healthy state of the mind) which is a key re%uirement to success in all walks of life in 'eneral. I proved %elf&'stee and %elf&Confidence# the a#ility to effectively defend oneself a'ainst threat com#ined with the hei'htened physical and mental state attained #y practitioners of Ryu karate inspire a sense of self-confidence and raise ones self esteem. This newfound self-confidence permeates into other areas of ones life and provides invalua#le #enefits. "eightened awareness of one(s surroundings# Ryu Karate teaches its students to study the forms of nature and to mimic them in order to 'ain a deeper understandin' of ourselves and our #odies and the capa#ilities of our #odies. This develops a hei'htened sense of awareness of ones environment and lets one #e #etter e%uipped to tackle day-to-day situations effectively.

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