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Zen Load Balancer review

Easy to use and powerful.

Zen Load Balancer provides advanced functionalities to offer a HA and load balancing services, a stable, professional and competitive solution which is working in many production sites around the world, it thought development user interface give an easy administration to configure and affordable in many production IT environments. A stable product joined to a good support service give security and stability to your business.

Load Balancing: Layer 3 route persistence. Layer 7 cookie, header and ip session persistence. Advanced check for backend monitoring. UDP, TCP and multiple uplinks providers. Advanced profiles for HTTP and HTTPS services Features: Change values in the fly. Cluster service with two zen servers. Replicate configuration in real time. Configuration backup. Backends maintenace mode. Vlan tag support (802.11Q). SSL offload Management: Easy and entire configuration over web gui and ssh. Advanced health with rrd graphs. Easy updates. Traffic statistic. Advanced farms statistics. 3rd Party supported products: Citrix XenApp, Exchange, Outlook web access, IIS. Supported protocols: http, https, ssh, pop3, imap, smtp, dns, ntp, ldap, ldaps, rdp and other TCP/UDP services. Installable in: any x86 hardware architecture and virtulized technologies from XenServer, HyperV, Vmware, KVM, ProxMox and others. Other properties: Unlimited farms configuration. Unlimited backends configuration. SNAT method in L7 load balancing.

Testimonials and success stories.

Transform Medical Group CS Limited (UK) Zen Load Balancer works with Citrix XenApp with more than 800 users, web application services and smtp services supporting more than 600 concurrent connections and receiving more than 5000 emails a day. Nick Furnell (Senior Systems Engineer): "Zen Load Balancer is a nice light product, which services all our needs within our virtualized environment. Building on a stable environment, it is our choice for providing Load Balanced services within Transform " BEGASOFT AG (Switzerland) Zen Load Balancer provide HA service in web applications of the company, at the moment are working with 3 zen load balancer, 2 virtualized and 1 hardware. Zen moves more than 5000 visits at day. Christian Farni (System Administrator): "We saved more than $10k deprecating private solutions. it is a very very good product with passionate and cooperative programmers easy to use and works like a charm! i would recommend this product for everyone without concern"

Zen Load Balancer review

Who is using Zen?
Many companies from different sectors rely in Zen as a stable and professional product to give HA solution in your infrastructure. Among Zen users we can find companies from different sectors: Medical, energetic, Internet providers, financial, hosting providers, government, technologic.

Zen Load performance



Zen Load Balancer can be obtained from or from ISO; it allows you to install in virtual and physical environments, but both solutions present the same stability and satisfactory results. A lot of users report us how your Zen Load Balancer works in your environment and everybody agree in the high availability and low used resources Among Zen users we can detail: Working with more than 800 users in a XenApp architecture virtualzed in Vmware ESXI. Working with more than 2.000 concurrent connections in HTTP and HTTPS protocols in Apache, Tomcat and IIS servers. Working with more than 10.000 mails per day in Exchange Server 2010. Working with more than 20 GB of traffic each day.

What can we do with Zen?

Zen is working like a charm in different environments with software solutions like: Citrix XenApp, Terminal Service, Exchange, Outlook Web Access, IIS, Apache, Tomcat, Lotus Notes, and much more


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