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MENU X (for 8 persons) - from For Luncheon and Supper Guests cookbook by A !

ce "rad ey #$%&&' MENU X (ream of Mushroom Soup )una F!sh a a *!n+ !n ,atty (ases (abba+e and (arrot Sa ad )housand -s and French .ress!n+ "ran Muff!ns Map e (har otte /!th Map e ,ecan Sauce and Spon+e (ake (offee /!th 0oney and 1h!pped (ream

,2EL-M-NA23 ,2E,A2A)-4NS Spon+e cake made Map e char otte made Sa ad dress!n+ made e5cept for the add!t!on of cream .ry !n+red!ents and shorten!n+ m!5ed for bran muff!ns ,eppers cooked )una f!sh f aked (abba+e shredded -n+red!ents measured for tuna f!sh a a k!n+ ,atty cases made and baked6

MA2*E) 42.E2 $ pound can tuna f!sh $ 7uart m! k $ p!nt cream $ pound butter 8 e++s $ on!on $ emon $ app e $9& pound fresh mushrooms $ sma cabba+e

$ carrot $ head ettuce $ ar+e +reen pepper : $9& cups ch!cken stock or 8 ch!cken bou! on cubes $ p!m!ento $ cup bran $9: cup ch! ! sauce $ $9& cups map e syrup $9: pound she ed pecans $9: pound coffee $9: p!nt honey $9& cup sa ad o! & ounces Graham f our ; ounces seed ess ra!s!ns $9& packa+e +e at!n

(2EAM 4F MUS0244M S4U, (hop Stems from $9& pound mushrooms< add Sk!ns from mushrooms $ s !ce on!on and ; cups ch!cken stock or ; cups /ater !n /h!ch carrots ha=e been cooked< or ; cups hot /ater !n /h!ch ; ch!cken bou! on cubes ha=e been d!sso =ed6 S!mmer &> m!nutes and stra!n6 Me t : tab espoons butter or mar+ar!ne< add : tab espoons f our m!5ed /!th $ $9& teaspoons sa t and $9: teaspoon pepper6 Add the stra!ned stock and st!r unt! soup bo! s6 Add & cups sca ded m! k< and /hen soup a+a!n bo! s< ser=e !n bou! on cups6 )h!s may be ser=ed at another mea !f preferred6

)UNA F-S0 A LA *-NG -N ,A))3 (ASES (ook $ ar+e +reen pepper & m!nutes !n bo! !n+ sa ted /ater to /h!ch

has been added $9? teaspoon soda6 .ra!n and cut !n str!ps6 (ook 8 m!nutes !n $ $9& tab espoons butter@ remo=e pepper and to butter add $ tab espoon cornstarch and $ tab espoon f our@ then add ;9: cup h!+h y seasoned ch!cken stock and $9; cup cream6 St!r unt! sauce bo! s< add the peppers $ pound can tuna f!sh separated !n f akes $ p!m!ento cut !n str!ps Sa t to taste and Fe/ drops on!on Au!ce6 ,ee $9& pound mushroom caps< sautB !n & tab espoons butter< and add to tuna f!sh6 Ser=e from the chaf!n+ d!sh or !n ,atty cases6 )/o cups cooked ch!cken< cut !n str!ps< or t/o cups crab meat may be used !nstead of tuna f!sh6 C- ustrat!onD )UNA F-S0 A LA *-NGE

,UFF ,AS)E 1ash $ cup butter< shape !n c!rcu ar p!ece< reser=e $ tab espoon< and put rema!nder !n pan bet/een t/o pans of !ce6 1ork the reser=ed butter !nto $ $9& cups bread f our< m!5 to a dou+h /!th 89? cup !ce /ater< knead 8 m!nutes< co=er and et stand 8 m!nutes6 ,at and ro $9: !nch th!ck< keep!n+ corners s7uare6 , ace butter !n center of one s!de of pastry< fo d other s!de o=er butter< fo d one end o=er butter< other end under butter< press!n+ ed+es to+ether6 )urn $9: /ay round< pat< !ft< ro $9: !nch th!ck< fo d !n ; ayers and turn6 2epeat : t!mes< ch! !n+ bet/een pans of !ce /hen necessary< and fo d!n+ the ast t!me !n : ayers6 (h! < ro out< shape< ch! a+a!n and bake !n hot o=en< reduc!n+ heat after pastry has r!sen6

,A))3 (ASES

After puff paste has been ro ed 8 t!mes and ch! ed< ro to $9& !nch th!ckness< shape /!th patty cutter< cut ha f/ay throu+h /!th a sma cutter< ch! a+a!n< and bake !n o=en at 88> de+rees F6 at f!rst< reduc!n+ heat after 8 or ? m!nutes to :&8 de+rees F6< and turn!n+ often that patt!es may r!se e=en y6

(A""AGE AN. (A224) SALA. M!5 & cups shredded cabba+e /!th $9& cup +rated carrot and $ app e cut !n d!ce6 Ser=e !n nests of Lettuce or cabba+e ea=es /!th )housand -s and French .ress!n+6

)04USAN. -SLAN. F2EN(0 .2ESS-NG ,ut !n sma Aar $ $9: teaspoons sa t $9; teaspoon pepper Fe/ +ra!ns cayenne $9& cup sa ad o! & tab espoons =!ne+ar $9: cup ch! ! sauce $9& teaspoon tab e sauce6 Fust before ser=!n+ add $9; cup cream beaten st!ff< and shake thorou+h y6

"2AN MUFF-NS "eat $ e++ unt! !+ht< add & tab espoons mo asses or su+ar $ cup m! k $ cup bran $9& cup Graham f our or ent!re /heat f our $9& teaspoon sa t

& teaspoons bak!n+ po/der and $9& cup seed ess ra!s!ns6 M!5 /e and bake !n +reased and f oured muff!n pans &> m!nutes at :8> de+rees F6

MA,LE (0A2L4))E Soak $ tab espoon +e at!n !n & tab espoons co d /ater6 "o! &9; cup map e syrup unt! !t sp!ns a thread6 Add +e at!n and st!r unt! d!sso =ed6 ,our s o/ y onto & e++ /h!tes< beaten st!ff6 ,ut !n a coo p ace and /hen !t be+!ns to st!ffen fo d !n &9; cup hea=y cream beaten st!ff6 Add $9& cup pecan nut meats broken !n p!eces6 F! center of spon+e cake bo5 /!th char otte m!5ture and ser=e /!th map e pecan sauce6 C- ustrat!onD MA,LE (0A2L4))EE

MA,LE ,E(AN SAU(E "o! ;9: cup map e syrup and & tab espoons butter to &;& de+rees F6 or unt! syrup forms a =ery soft ba /hen tr!ed !n co d /ater6 2emo=e from f!re< and add s o/ y $9: cup cream6 *eep hot o=er hot /ater unt! ready to ser=e< then add $9; cup pecan nut meats6

MA23 ANN S,4NGE (A*E "eat & e++ /h!tes unt! st!ff and dry< and add $9: cup su+ar s o/ y /h! e beat!n+6 "eat & e++ yo ks< add $9: cup su+ar $ teaspoon =!ne+ar and & teaspoons /ater and beat unt! !+ht6 (omb!ne m!5tures< and fo d !n

+ent y $9& cup pastry f our s!fted /!th $9: teaspoon bak!n+ po/der6 (ream $ tab espoon ard /!th $ tab espoon f our and spread !ns!de of r!m of Mary Ann cake pan6 (o=er center /!th +reased paper6 ,ut !n cake m!5ture6 "ake at ;:8 de+rees F6 for ;> m!nutes6 2emo=e carefu y from pan< remo=e paper and f! /!th map e char otte or /h!pped cream6 -f a Mary Ann cake pan !s not a=a! ab e< bake t/!ce th!s m!5ture !n a bread pan or deep round cake pan6 (oo and remo=e center ea=!n+ a bo56

(4FFEE 1-)0 04NE3 AN. 10-,,E. (2EAM )!e $ cup +round coffee =ery oose y !n sma cheesec oth ba+6 ,ut !nto coffee pot /!th G cups co d /ater and Se=era e++ she s6 Let stand $ hour6 "r!n+ to bo! !n+ po!nt and bo! 8 m!nutes6 Add $9& cup co d /ater and et stand ; m!nutes6 Ser=e coffee /!th 0oney to s/eeten !nstead of su+ar< and (ream /h!pped6