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Beijing Wisapple Biotech Co., Ltd.

Systemic Enzymes Supplements

Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts, speeding the rate of the millions of biochemical reactions in our body. All living organisms (bacteria, fungi, plants, animals) manufacture high amounts of different enzymes. Systemic enzymes supplementation utilizes an abundance of enzymes to increase the total number of enzymes throughout the body to assist normal, healthy functions. Systemic enzymes are involved in almost every metabolic process in the human body, especially helping the human body to maintain healthy inflammation and immune activity levels. Systemic enzymes are perfectly safe and almost free of side effects.

Enzymes used in our products: Trypsin and Chymotrypsin

Trypsin,chymotrypsin and the enzyme mixture pancreatin (containing protease, amylase and lipase) are pancreatic-sourced enzymes that are porcine or bovine derived.

Papain is a mixture of proteolytic enzymes derived from the juice of the unripe fruit of the tropical plant Carica papaya.

Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme derived from the pineapple plant.

Nattokinase is a fibrinolytic enzyme extracted from natto, a form of fermented soybeans. More than 1,000 experimental and clinical studies on systemic enzymes show that they offer remarkable health benefits. Many people use systemic enzymes as non-drug, all-natural and safe support to protect all organs of the body. People take Systemic Enzymes Supplements like Magizyme series to maintain a healthy heart, to protect their liver and kidneys from scarring, to keep their joints' inflammation normal; Many more people use these systemic miracles for aches, pains and injuries due to sports and everyday activities, since they support normal rapid healing and less scarring.
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Beijing Wisapple Biotech Co., Ltd.

Based on abundant and reliable experimental results,Wisapple Biotech has successfully developed proprietary, high-activity enzyme blends to make your body healthier! Product Name Ingredients
Trypsin: 1500 FIP-units 50mg; Bromelain: 700 FIP-units 100mg; Rutin: 100mg. (amount per 1 tablets) Papain: 18 million USP-units 360mg; Bromelain: 648 GDU 270mg; Rutin: 300mg. (amount per 3 tablets) Pancreatin: 78000 USP-units 300mg; Trypsin: 180000 USP-units 72mg; Chymotrypsin: 22500 USP-units 3mg; Papain: 2.9 million USP-units 180mg; Bromelain: 324GDU 135mg; Rutin: 150mg. (amount per 3 tablets) Glucosamine HCL:80mg; Chondroitin sulfate:60mg; MSM (methylsulfonylmethane):80mg; Trypsin:4800 USP-units 2mg; Chymotrypsin:800 USP-units 2mg; Papain:50000 USP-units 3mg; Bromelain:12GDU 5mg. (amount per 3 tablets) Papain: 2 million USP-units 120mg; Bromelain: 216 GDU 90mg; Rutin: 100mg; Vitamin C: 100mg; Grape Seed extract: 100mg. (amount per 2 tablets)




Improves Blood Circulation; Enteric Normalizes Inflammation. tablets


Magizyme V

Plant-based Enzyme Formulation Normalizes Inflammation

Enteric tablets


Magizyme plus

Assists Natural Inflammatory Enteric Response and Immune Function. tablets


Magizyme M

Supports Joint Health; Increases Enteric Body Flexibility and Mobility. tablets


Magizyme G

Assists Natural Immune Function Anti-aging.


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Beijing Wisapple Biotech Co., Ltd. Nattokinase: 1000 FU 50mg; Trypsin: 12000 USP-units 48mg; Chymotrypsin:15000 USP-units 2mg; Rutin: 100mg; Water-soluble Coenzyme Q10: 50mg (amount per 1 tablets) Aids in Cardiovascular Health by Reducing Fibrins in the Blood Enteric and Improving Blood tablets Circulation.

Magizyme N


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