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CYTOLOGY Mrs. Ofelia S. Saludar 1.

In an organism with a haploid number of 3, how many individual chromosome structures will align on the metaphase plate during: a. anaphase b. meiosis-I c. meiosis-II 2. In Coleus, the somatic cells are diploid, having 2 chromosomes. !ow many of each of the following are present in each cells at the stage of mitosis or meiosis indicated" #$ssume cyto%inesis to occur in mid-telophase& a. centromeres at anaphase e. chromosomes at anaphase b. centromeres at anaphase-I f. chromosomes at metaphase-I c. chromatids at metaphase-I g. chromosomes at close of telophase-I d. chromatids at anaphase h. chromosomes at telophase-II 3. Corn is a flowering plant whose somatic chromosome number is 2'. !ow many of each of the following will be present in one somatic cell at the stage listed: a. centromeres at prophase d. chromatids in (1 b. chromatids at prophase e. chromatids in (2 c. %inetochores at prophase . )here are 3* chromosomes in (arfield+s #,elis domestica& somatic cells. (ive the number of: a. autosomes in his somatic cells l. tetrads at anaphase I b. se- chromosomes in his mother+s ovum c. chromosomes he received from his father d. body chromosomes present in his spermato.oon e. chromosomes found in his primary spermatocyte m. bivalents at prophase II n. maternal chromosomes at one pole of metaphase I cell #give range of possible


3. 7.

*. 8. 1'.

f. chromosomes in a cell at prophase I answers& g. centromeres in a cell at prophase o. ma-imum / of possible h. chromosomes in a cell at metaphase II random combinations of i. %inetochores in a cell at metaphase I parental chromosomes at 0. chromatids at anaphase II anaphase I %. chromosomes at telophase II )he housefly 2usca domestica, has 3 pairs of chromosomes in its somatic cells: 3 long pairs, and 3 short pairs of each of the following types: 1 metacentric, 1 acrocentric, and 1 telocentric. a. Illustrate the chromosome configuration #include mitotic4meiotic figures& of its: #1& pachytene #2& metaphase #3& metaphase I #3& anaphase II b. 5hat proportion of spermatids of a male fly would you e-pect to possess 2 metacentric, 2 acrocentric, and 2 telocentric chromosomes" c. 5hat %ind of chromosomes would the progeny possess if this male is mated with a female with the same number and %inds of chromosomes" d. Considering only 1 gene per chromosome in this species, what is the chance of finding a baby fly with a specific combination of genes in parental chromosomes after mating" 6-plain whether your answer is an under- or overestimate of the actual number. ,or an organism whose diploid number is 13, how many of each are present" a. tetrads in meiosis-I b. dyads in prophase-II c. monads in anaphase-II ,or a corn plant, how many chromosomes are present in each of the following" a. leaf epidermal cell d. generative nucleus f. megaspore b. antipodal nucleus e. egg g. microspore mother cell c. endosperm cell !ow many egg cells will be formed from: a. ' primary oocytes b. ' secondary oocytes c. ' ootids !ow many sperm cells will be formed from ' primary spermatocytes" )wenty microsporocytes of a flowering plant would be e-pected to produce how many: a. microspores b. sperms

11. !ow many different gamete types will be produced by individuals whose genes are shown on different chromosome pairs" a. $$ b. $a c. $a99 c. $a9b d. $abbCc e. $a9bCc:d6e