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Attention: All News Editors (January 7, 2013):



The enforcement and monitoring capabilities of the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) have been strengthened by the enactment of new environmental regulations. The regulations, the Natural esources !onservation ("astewater and #ludge) obert Pic&ersgill on April '(, ')*+,

egulations were signed by $inister %onourable

became effective immediately and are being administered by NEPA. These new regulations will bolster NEPA,s ability to demand greater accountability from owners and operators of wastewater treatment plants in ensuring that the prescribed standards are met. -nder the regulations, e.isting and new operators of facilities that generate sludge and discharge treated (sewage) effluent and trade effluent to the environment will re/uire new licences under three possible categories0 construction of a new wastewater treatment plant or reconstruction (rehabilitation and or upgrade) of an e.isting treatment plant1 the operation of a wastewater treatment plant1 and the discharge of treated sewage and trade effluent into the environment.

The fees applicable under the regulations are dependent on the source of the discharge and the nature of the activity. NEPA recently held four wor&shops in the parishes of 2ingston, !larendon, #t 3ames and #t. Ann to sensiti4e sta&eholders to the new regulations. $ore than ')) sta&eholders from hotels, industrial facilities, schools and government entities were in attendance.

$arie !hambers, $anager 5egal #ervices 6ranch at NEPA informed sta&eholders that the "astewater and #ludge egulations were groundbrea&ing pieces of legislation which will ensure that wastewater treatment facilities conform to international standards and hence reduce the pollution of the local marine environment. 7This legislation will also facilitate 3amaica,s ratification of the Protocol !oncerning Pollution from 5and86ased #ources and Activities under the !artagena !onvention for the Protection and 9evelopment of the $arine Environment of the "ider !aribbean egion,: she said. ;n order to facilitate a smooth implementation of the regulations, NEPA has designated a <ocal Point to oversee the implementation of the "astewater and #ludge Assessment 6ranch who can be reached at *=* >ld %ope **)A or by email0 BBac& . egulations. The contact person for the focal point is 3oni 3ac&son of the Pollution $onitoring and oad, 2ingston ?1 Tel0 ='@8