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Ducted Central Heating and Air Circulation System

The Bonaire Gas-Fired Warm-Air Ducted Central Heating System has won prestigious energy efficiency awards and is approved by the Asthma Foundation as a Sensitive Choice product. It has demonstrated that its improved heating, ventilation, and filtration, have all enhanced the living spaces for asthma sufferers. It offers the best value for heating a whole home quickly, economically and effectively.



A central furnace heats air and circulates it through the home using ducting and controllable vents. It keeps the whole home warm with pre-set temperatures and zone controls. It can heat a whole home in 10 minutes. In summer, it can be set to air circulation mode and provide a cooling effect for occupants. Indoor air quality is improved, respiratory problems are reduced and it is surprisingly affordable to install and operate. Unlike alternative ventilation systems, it actually creates heat and keeps occupants warm throughout winter while improving air quality all year round. Fresh air ventilation and cooling options are available and it can be installed inside or outdoors, under the floor or in the roof space. The company making the Bonaire system has sixty years experience in producing quality heating systems.

Focusing on technological innovation, the Bonaire systems deliver optimum efficiency with low running costs. There is a solution for every home with 3 furnace models in a variety of sizes:

BV5 and B5 High Efficiency:

The 5 star, 92% efficiency rating results from a unique three tier gas management system to deliver a top of the line central heating system. This is available for LPG and Natural Gas.

BV4 Mid Efficiency:

Its revolutionary helically-grooved heat exchanger and modulating gas valve optimise gas usage to deliver 4 star 84% efficiency. Available with optional remote control and zoning function. Natural Gas only.

BV3 Mid Efficiency:

Ideal for people placing product costs ahead of running costs. The furnace has a higher efficiency (84%) than standard/traditional options (70%). This 3 star unit is basic and simple to operate. Natural Gas only.

High Performance Furnace

The furnace draws air from the home and passes it over specially designed heat exchangers that quickly transfer heat into the air-stream. This is then circulated throughout the home. The flue ensures all products of combustion are exhausted outside.

Home Heating Zones

Bonaires optional zoning system allows complete flexibility of heating control. Used with optional dampers, it can divide the home into four pre-selected heating zones. By selecting the area to be heated, and shutting off heat to others, it enables savings on heating costs (up to 48%). You can also programme the system to turn on and off automatically.

Programmable Controllers
All systems can be managed at the touch of a button from anywhere in the home using a radio frequency remote controller. The radio frequency remote control can be used with the BV4, BV5 or B5 system. Set the desired temperature and it will automatically be monitored and maintained. A hard-wired controller option is also available, enabling control from one location. Both of these controllers are seven-day programmable allowing personal climate preferences to be programmed right throughout the week.
Radio Frequency Controller

Air Vent and Grill Options

The Paltech floor vents are available in a range of colours to match any dcor. They are impact-proof, easy to clean and dont rust, chip, scratch, bend or fade. The latest industry design twin dampers ensure efficient air flow control. Non-standard brass and metal options are also available. Paltech Return Air Grills are aesthetic and easy to clean. They can be fitted with a filter pad to remove pollutants and are available in white so they can be painted to match any colour scheme. Paltech ceiling downjets are designed to jet warm air right down to the floor and ensure an even circulation of heat. Its airflow dampers can be shut off when required, to conserve energy. Flush mounted, they blend tastefully with the dcor and can be painted.
Floor Vent Return Air Grill Downjet


Fresh Air Ventilation

By adding Fresh Air Ventilation to the Bonaire Central Heating system you can reticulate all of the air within your home up to five times every hour. This air movement creates a cooling-effect and does not introduce chilled air, the furnace is simply no longer heating and is being used solely as a fan. The Fresh Air Ventilation system adds fresh filtered air to a home, helping ensure air is clean and healthy. The addition of fresh air creates positive air pressure in the home which is able to push the stale air out. Filtered fresh air, constantly being added to the home, helps eliminate dampness, condensation, mould and fungi growth, stale air and musty smells. The Fresh Air Ventilation system works by creating a vacuum inside the return air duct, drawing fresh air from outside. Fresh air is pulled through a high quality filter box that contains a washable midge filter, to remove insects and larger debris, and a replaceable, very fine, G3 rated filter to remove minute dust particles.

Dual Cycle Cooling

By adding the Dual-Cycle Refrigerated Cooling system, your home can provide home heating and cooling all year round. Using zoned Dual-Cycle Climate Control, the system will heat a whole home during the winter months and cool a zoned portion of the home during the summer months. Users can cool living areas during the day and then switch this over to sleeping areas at night. The cost savings associated with only cooling areas that are lived in are beneficial. There is no point cooling spaces that are not being used. Cooling zones is more than sensible, it also saves money. When coupled with Bonaire Ducted Gas Central Heating, the complete system will comfortably and quietly deliver warm or cool air effortlessly through the same concealed ductwork.



Outdoor Condenser and Indoor Evaporator

Central Heating Specifications

BV3 3 Star
Type Internal and External Natural Gas Dimensions L x W x H (mm) Weight Capacity Gas Input Mj/hr (NG) Heat Output kW/hr Air Capacity 1/s @ 75pa Number of Outlets min/max (150mm) Duct Connection (mm) Star Rating

BV3 14

BV3 20

BV3 30*

BV3 30 Extra Air*

Internal only

1170x380x647 65 65 14 470 5-9 305 2.5

1170x460x647 67 85 20 620 7-11 305 3

1170x540x647 75 120 27.5 780 9-15 355 3

1170x540x647 79 120 27.5 1065 11-20 400 3

BV4 4 Star
Type Internal and External Natural Gas Dimensions L x W x H (mm) Weight (Kg) Capacity Gas Input Mj/hr (NG) Heat Output kW/hr Air Capacity 1/s @ 75pa Number of Outlets min/max (150mm) Duct Connection Star Rating

BV4 14

BV4 20

BV4 30

BV4 30 Extra Air*

1170x380x647 65 65 14 470 4-9 305 3.5

1170x460x647 67 85 20 620 6-11 305 4

1170x540x647 75 120 27.5 780 8-15 355 4

1170x540x647 79 120 27.5 1065 10-20 400 4

BV5 & B5 5 Star Internal

Type Internal Natural Gas LPG Dimensions L x W x H (mm) Weight (Kg) Capacity Gas Input Mj/hr (NG/LPG) Heat Output kW/hr (NG/LPG) Air Capacity 1/s @ 75pa Number of Outlets min/max (150mm) Duct Connection (mm) Star Rating

BV5I 15

B5 15I

BV5I 21

B5 21I

B5 21IX/A*

B5 30I

B5 30I/XA

B5 35I*

64 60 15 550 5-10 300 4.8

64 60 15 560 4-9 300 5

1430x385x560 68.5 85 21 575 6-11 300 5

68.5 85 21 575 6-11 300 5

71.5 85 21 760 7-15 350 5

1430x450x560 1430x450x560 1430x515x560 77.5 80 89.5 120 30 810 8-16 350 4.9 120 30 980 10-20 350 4.9 140 35 1000 11-20 350 5

BV5 5 Star External

Type External Natural Gas LPG Dimensions L x W x H (mm) Weight (Kg) Capacity Gas Input Mj/hr (NG) Gas Input Mj/hr (LPG) Heat Output kW/hr (NG) Heat Output kW/hr (LPG) Air Capacity 1/s @ 75pa Number of Outlets min/max (150mm) Duct Connection (mm) Star Rating

BV5E 15

BV5E 21

BV5E 30

1115x395x1000 73 60 55 13.75 13.75 510 4-9 305 4.4

1115x395x1000 1115x395x1000 75 80 85 85 20 20 590 5-11 305 5 120 110 30 27.5 800 8-16 355 5

Duct Packs - for Standard Specifications. Note: Duct Pack requirements may vary depending on installation assessment.
Outlets 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 8 8 8 8 9 9
* Available, not stocked. Lead-time 4-6 weeks. Bonaire products are distributed by: Aber Holdings Ltd T/A Aber 17 Mainstreet Place, Te Rapa, Hamilton 3241 Customer Service Free Phone: 0800 161 161 Customer Service Free Fax: 0800 163 163

Stud 2.4m 3m

Installation Floor Ceiling

Part No. DP62-C DP62-F DP63-C DP63-F DP72-C DP72-F DP73-C DP73-F DP82-C DP82-F DP83-C DP83-F DP92-C DP92-F

Outlets 9 9 10 10 10 10 11 11 11 11 12 12 12 12

Stud 2.4m 3m

Installation Floor Ceiling

Part No. DP93-C DP93-F DP102-C DP102-F DP103-C DP103-F DP112-C DP112-F DP113-C DP113-F DP122-C DP122-F DP123-C DP123-F