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GSEC Limited Air Cargo Services - Overview

GSEC Limited established in 1977 for managing the Air Cargo Complex at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, Ahmedabad. The purpose of this service is to process import, export and transhipments for our esteemed clientele. GSEC Limited is aiming to provide value added, customer focused services, and is all set to be the benchmark in the field of Air Cargo Services in India. Our service outlook enables our clientele achieve an operational excellence at every stage of their business. The Cargo Complex is sprawled over 45,000 sq. ft. area, and has the mezzanine floored with 3 level stacker positions (amid slots) for the storage and retrieval of built-up containers and pallets. Modern equipment such as 0 difference weighing scale for high valuables, forklifts, high mast stacker, and power pallet trucks etc. are used for the cargo handling. In addition, also available is a high-tech centre for export perishable cargo such as pharmaceuticals, flowers, fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. To enable our clientele beyond excellence anticipation, with Import & export of their products, we have initiated; demystify Impex procedures through value addition process such as methodical advisory for required documentations, filings - to manage and execution. We, at Air Cargo Complex provide a wide range of conveniences under one roof at par with any international Air Cargo Complex; bearing in mind the axiom of growth, success, empowerment, and commitment. Our Service at the Air Cargo Complex Ahmedabad consists of: Separate Warehouse space for Export - Import cargo Custom office, and banking facilities within the premises Bonded trucking facilities Hydraulic Pallet trucks Temperature controlled Cold storage to cater perishable cargo business Strong Rooms for Valuable cargo Dedicated Courier terminal Devoted diamond clearance facilities Assistant Drug Controller's office Computerization of various departments to increase performance and move towards total automation and EDI implementation, along with risk, and collateral management Organised palletization, film rapping In house X-Ray screening facilities Furnished space allocation to Assistant Drug Controller's office, CHA's, GSA, etc. Well furnished business centres, along with a conference room to facilitate transact business Organised parking facilities for synchronised moment of cargo 24X7 ample manpower, with year around-backup team for cargo handling Smooth airline frequency to West via Far, and Middle Eastern hubs Our complex has classified Tarmat Cargo Movement Gate for Export and Imports Remote unit for an e-auction of unclaimed cargo Comparing the above with other capital city Air Cargo Complex in India - our range of services, accentuates our clienteles idea. What make us capable for above all promising are our state-of-the-art technologies that deliver customised Air Cargo business solutions with leading edge IT systems, which ensure seamless integration and pledge full transparency.

GSEC Limited Air Cargo Services - Guidelines

Users of the GSEC Limited Air Cargo services are requested to follow prescribed procedures and

where requisite may request guidance from the GSEC Limited Duty Managers / other officials

Air Cargo Complex is restricted to valid users only. Legal entry pass issued by GSEC Limited allow entry in designated areas only. Daily Entry Pass should be preserved till leaving while at Air Cargo Complex. Entry Pass is to be shown to security personnel on demand

Photo Identification card holders must display their passes for identification while at the Air Cargo Complex

Unauthorized persons gaining entry into the Air Cargo Complex shall be treated as Trespassers and dealt with accordingly. Trespassers can be fined up to Rs. 500/- including prosecution

Persons carrying brief cases etc. in The Air Cargo Complex are required to keep the same with them only at all time. No briefcases should be left unattended. Unidentified briefcases shall be removed by the security personnel for handing over to Police and / or concerned authorities

No dutiable item or any other material should be brought into the Air Cargo Complex either in person or in vehicles without specific permission (in writing) from authorized GSEC Limited Officials

Clients / Importers / Exporters / CHAs shall personally supervise opening and re-packing of their consignments and will ensure proper locking / repacking etc., to be undertaken by packers in their presence

a. Importers / Exporters / clients should not remove any item from their cargo until physical delivery/dispatch of consignments is effected by GSEC Limited b. Voluntary distribution of contents from package during examination or within Air Cargo Complex is unauthorized and prohibited

Vehicles should be parked in the parking areas only. Vehicles parked in other than parking area shall be towed away

Clients / Importers / Exporters who wish to entrust the work of clearance of their cargo to an Agent should ensure that the agent is licensed Customs House Agent. They may check the Photo Identity Card issued by Customs to Agents. Only Customs approved Clearing Agents are allowed to transact business in the Air Cargo Complex apart from GSEC Limiteds importers, exporters and clients

In case of any damage caused to GSEC Limited property due to negligence of importers / exporters / clients / agents, GSEC Limited may recover the cost of loss / damage apart from imposing legal penalty

Smoking / spitting in the Air Cargo Complex is strictly prohibited. Any violation shall be sternly dealt with including imposition of fine / penalty

Users are requested to deposit / inform about lost and found articles to the GSEC Limited Duty Managers / Security.

The users are requested to bring to the notice of supervisor / Senior Officers any irregularity or harassment faced while transacting business at the GSEC Limited Air Cargo Complex

GSEC Limited Clientele - desirous of giving any suggestion may use Suggestion Boxes available nearby or handover the same to the Sr. Managers at Operations Floor or to the Operation Manager at Air Cargo Complex

The GSEC Limited Air Cargo Complex at Ahmedabad operates round the clock under supervision by skilled supervisors team who can be contacted for any assistance beyond office hours at the following telephone numbers: 079 - 2286 4747/5656 | Fax: 079 - 2286 4646