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The Law

T he Law v er s ion 1
The following pages contain all Laws, Penalties and Punishments listed in CORPORATION Supplements to date.

Thus far (November 2010) this list covers the following Books, Official Modules & Custom Entries:

Core Rules (CR) The Eastern Bank (EB) Machines of War (MoW) The Dragon Awoken (DA) Incorporated Volume I (Inc. v1) Mind Unbound (MU) Signs & Portents (Articles)

List will be extended with entries in upcoming Sourcebooks.

Legal Stuff: CORPORATION and all related material is copyright of James Norbury & Brutal Games. This document was created as a gaming aid and is not intended to infringe or challenge these copyrights.

CR = Core Rules EB = The Eastern Bank MoW = Machines of War DA = The Dragon Awoken Inc. v1 = Incorporated Volume I MU = Mind Unbound

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The Law THE LAW IN 2500 Law Enforcement Area of Responsibility Free States / Lawless Zones Corporate Controlled Spires UIG territories & general corporate holdings Capital Code Zones Specifics Little to no enforcement of laws or intervention by UIG forces Patrolled by Corporate Law Enforcement and Security Personnel Patrolled by UIG Law Enforcement personnel unless specifically designated Subject to x5 normal Rank Point deduction All Depersonalized are to be executed on sight. No prison sentences Capital Code Zone UIG Forces are on Performance Related Pay UIG Surveillance data may be submitted as evidence Testimony of UIG Officers of Rank 3 or more considered the truth overrides outlaws, outcasts, civilians and Agents Nippon Border Guards are not subject to Capital Code Zone Rank Reduction Laws / Requires License (2500)

UIG Facilities UIG Crimeline on Comm. 99999 --------Citizen Crime Alert Bureau

International Criminal Register (ICR) The International Criminal Register (ICR) is an up to date list of the currently active 800,000 or so wanted criminals. The ICR includes a wealth of information such as last known whereabouts, places of business, aliases, operational methods, associates etc. Some wanted parties are not on this list because a UIG operation may be currently in action against them. UIG World Database Often heavily restricted, the UIG World Database contains the DNA, fingerprints and profiles of all Citizens, Criminals, Agents, Officers and Faithful. Some of these individuals may have privacy licenses in place and many people may be removed from the database for various reasons. The license to use this database is only given out to trusted individuals who have the good of the populace in mind. Subjects in the database outranking a given user will come up as 'Red Entries' and UIG permission must be sought to identify them. UIG Licensing Bureau (suggested) Miscellaneous License Fees and Services License Corporate Reward Expedited Temporary Xpress License Application Centre Miscellaneous Business Licenses Bio (Retail) (3) Distinction Bestowal (20) Liquor (2) Transmitted Entertainment (0) Type 2 Executives (10) Vending (1) Weapon Retail (Commercial) (10) Weapon Retail (Private) (2) Miscellaneous Personal Authority Licenses Authorized Scan Only (5) Curfew Exemption (1) Customs (4) Detainment (2) Diplomat (4) Privacy (5) Public Appropriation (2) Search Commercial (2) Search Domestic (1) Termination 1 (2) Termination 2 (5) Termination 3 (8) --------Cost 500 x level No cost 1000 x level No cost 1000 Cost 1500 2d4 million 1000 200 5000 500 5000 1000 Establishes fee and course schedule for license applicants Description Requires 1 week of downtime per level of the license Requires UIG permission of License per week reduced (See DA pg 19) Granted and monitored by UIG Applicant undergoes an aggression psych eval/background check (Must report to UIG Training Centre w/in 1 month) Description May sell BIOs Negotiated by corporate applicant Plus a 1000 per 50 customers annual fee Annual fee payable to the Broadcast Billing Company May employ Agents Plus a 20% annual tax payable to UIG (See CR pg 27) May sell weapons (Limited Number) May sell weapons (Unlimited Number) Miscellaneous Enforcement Licenses Bounty Hunter (1) Commercial Inspector (2) Law Enforcement (0) Pollution Control Officer (2) Response Driver (1) Traffic Control (2) World Database (4)

Cost 4000 / Performed at a UIG clinic 500 2000 1000 2000 2500 1000 1000 500 1000 2500 4000

Cost 500 1000 No cost 1000 500 1000 2000

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The Law Law The Laws Laid Down in the Treaty of Odessa 2205 Under UIG law you may not: 1. Deceive the UIG 2. Deceive for profit 3. Enter restricted areas (map available on World Data Net) 4. Access data categorised Private by the owner without permission 5. Exceed curfew in curfew designated areas (details on World Data Net) 6. Alter the programming of machines without a permit and license 7. Mar the good name of a Citizen 8. Damage property which is not yours or act in a way which may result in damage to another's property 9. Break regional traffic laws (details on World Data Net) 10. By action or inaction impede a UIG investigation 11. Exhibit behavior likely to cause a breach of the peace 12. Retain funds owed to another without prior agreement 13. Harm a non-outlaw (murder / assault) 14. Interfere with legal activities 15. Interfere with, acquire or use property which is not yours, unless you have permission from the owner (steal) 16. Conduct any act for which a license is needed where you do not have the appropriate license Points of Law Clause 1. Self Defense Clause 2. Temporary Depersonalisation Clause 3. Corporate Safety Statute Clause 4. Acceptable Losses Clause 5. Lawless Zones 6. Illegal Interference Clause 7. Assumed Risk Cost

See EB pg 64

Agents and Citizens have the right to defend themselves Applies to anyone currently engaged in a dangerous and obvious criminal act (i.e. Assault) Corporations are permitted to take any reasonable measures to ensure the safety of employees and property Agents are given more leeway to enforce the law in Old Cities and underswells As per Free States where anything goes and everyone does what they please with little fear of repercussions Agents and citizens cannot prevent someone going about their lawful business / exemptions apply Agents and respective Corporations are responsible for any and all civilian injuries and property damage

Resonance Weapons Law (See MU pg 77) Resonance weapons must be handed in to the UIG to be assessed and assigned a grade Grade 1 Minor items with insignificant effects. Anyone can carry these items Grade 2 Dangerous items, which can be carried with a license. (Resonance Weapon License) Grade 3 Item is considered too dangerous for use and should be given to the UIG for safe storage /Disposal UIG Ranking System Rank Designation UIG Staff Agents Citizens with rank Citizen Outcast Individuals at -1 to -4 Rank Pts Individuals at -4 Rank Pts Individuals at -5 Rank Pts Criminal / Outlaw Rank Point Awards Agent/Citizen Service Reward Arresting / Killing / Stopping a weak Criminal Contributing useful information to a UIG investigation Enforcing simple laws; e.g., Minor Drug Confiscation Preventing the death of a Citizen Enforcing moderate laws; e.g. car theft Recommendation from your Corporation for work well done Providing information pertaining to illegal Crystal Weave use Capture a live Rogue UIG Officer Arresting / Killing / Stopping a moderate criminal Enforcing serious laws; e.g. murder Completing a UIG assigned mission Arresting / Killing / Stopping a dangerous criminal Preventing the death of a UIG Officer Potential Rank Gain 1 point 1 point 1 point 1 point +1 to 2 points +1 to 5 points +1 point and a 1000 reward +2 points +2 points +2 to 3 points +2 to 6 points +3 points The Officer's rank in points Page 3 of 6 Description Rank 1+, Considered citizens and employees of the UIG Rank 1+, Considered assets and employees of the hiring corporation Rank 1+ Rank 0 Has basic human rights but is not a citizen Punished with a fine, jail time or appropriate public service Are Blacklined and the slightest misdemeanor will result in Depersonalisation Declared an Outlaw and Depersonalized Depersonalized, no rights and considered property Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Rank Points Required 10 25 45 70 100 135 175 220 270

The Law Crime and Penalties Common Violations Parking Fines Speeding fine Towing & Impound Fees Littering fine Public disturbance fine Insubordination fine Minor misconduct Breaching curfew in controlled areas Commercial Code Violations (See MoW pg 21) Code Violation, Blocked Fire Escape Code Violation, False Advertising Code Violation, Bad Food Hygiene Code Violation, Rigged Weighing Scales Code Violation, Illegally Employed Staff Code Violation, Trading Without a License Code Violation, Hazardous Work Environment Code Violation, Trading Illegal Services or Goods Miscellaneous Crimes Abuse of Law Enforcement License Abuse of Neurostatic Technology Corporate Crime - Mass Extermination of Citizenry Crimes committed by A. I.s Crimes committed by BIOs Crimes committed by Replicants Diplomat caught committing a criminal act Failure to pay GET storage fees Misuse of Personal Satellite Monitoring UIG communications Programming Meme Viruses Crimes Warranting Depersonalization and Execution Crime Anyone currently engaged in a dangerous and obvious criminal act Abuse of UIG Asset Maintenance License (B&E, Theft) Perusing, copying or distributing UIG Class IX Coded Transmissions Practicing Psychogenics (Mind Telepathy) Violation of the One Mind One Being Law Possession of neurocoding software with disabled limiters Possession or use of a D-Shift Device Creating a Fully Noetic A.I. Identified as a Hub Member of the Jacks Meatdoll Trafficking Possession of Legacy Pattern weapons and equipment Use of Class A Nullomer Toxin Dynasty Strains discovered roaming free ouside Al-Jinn lab facilities Personally possessing an A. I. Mind-State Penalty Temporary Depersonalisation (See EB pg 64) Declared an Outlaw and Depersonalized (See MoW pg 23) Declared an Outlaw and Depersonalized (See CR pg 130) Immediate Execution or Depersonalisation and taken to a Research Facility (See MU pg 24) Declared an Outlaw and Depersonalized (Both individuals) Immediate Depersonalisation without Appeal Immediate Depersonalisation without Appeal Immediate Depersonalisation without Appeal Immediate Depersonalized and taken directly to the Shadowmen (See DA pg 134) Immediate Depersonalisation and Internment in Kildanna Penitentiary Immediate Depersonalisation without Appeal and Imprisionment Immediate Execution (See MoW pg 59) Immediate Execution (See DA pg 39) Immediate Execution (See MoW pg 91) Fine 50 +5 150 +10 75 +25 100 500 500 100 to 1000 1500 Fine 150 600 900 1500 3000 3600 3900 6000 Description per 15 minutes past time limit per 5mph/kph over speed limit per day vehicle is impounded ----------------------------------------Description x level of business " " " " " " "

Penalty Infraction determines appropriate punishment / Subject liable for incurred damages May impose any action deemed necessary Fined d10 x2 Billion credits and forfeiture of assets (See EB pg 82) Creator of the A. I. is responsible for all crimes committed by their creations Creator of the BIO is responsible for all crimes committed by their creations Owner fined d4 x100,000 payable to the UIG for capture and damages License revoked for 2 months / Permanent on second offense Confiscation of deposited equipment Owner liable for all incurred damages caused by satellite Punishment determined by importance of intercepted data (See MU pg 66) Penalty equal to the criminal behavior programmed on the chip

Rank Point Deductions Crime/Violation Breaching curfew Destruction of property (under 100) Harming an Outcast Insubordination Insulting a UIG Officer Theft (under 100) Metahuman absent for 6-month gene cleansing Possessing transmitted entertainment equipment w/o License Employee of an illegal cloning operation Rank Point Loss & Penalties -01 point -01 point -01 point -01 point -01 point -01 point -01 point per day of absence -01 Point and 1000 Fine -01 to -06 points and lab is stripped - Will cost 10,000 to repair (See MoW pg 24) Page 4 of 6

The Law Crime/Violation Continued Destruction of property (101 to 1,000) Drug/Buzz Chip abuse - Class C Resisting arrest Murdering an outcast Harming a Citizen Destruction of property (1,001 to 10,000) Theft (101 to 1,000) Grinding, per confirmed instance Cybercrime, Minor Destruction of property (10,001 +) Drug/Buzz Chip abuse - Class B Murdering UIG staff, Rank 1 Possession of UIG Weaponry and equipment Theft (1,001 to 10,000) Murdering a Citizen, Level 0 Possession of Hacking Software Drug/Buzz Chip abuse - Class A Murdering a Citizen, Rank 1 Murdering a Citizen, Rank 2 Murdering a Citizen, Rank 3 Off-world People Trafficking, Person being trafficked Off-world People Trafficking, Trafficker, per person trafficked Theft (10,001 +) Murdering UIG staff, Rank 2 Murdering a Citizen, Rank 4 Redman Customer, Holding illegal licenses Head of an illegal cloning operation Telepathic Anomaly Nondisclosure Illegal use/breach of conduct in use of a Nanofacture Machine Illegal use of Crystal Weave technology Production of Cloned Humans Murdering a Citizen, Rank 5 Murdering a Citizen, Rank 6 Murdering a Citizen, Rank 7 Murdering a Citizen, Rank 8 Cybercrime, Moderate Abuse of Commercial Inspector's License Failure to destroy the vector of a failed Psycho-Morphosis Failure to keep a stored psyche matrix in unconscious stasis Knowingly placing a corrupted psyche matrix into a vector Murdering a Citizen, Rank 9 Murdering UIG staff, Rank 3 Murdering a Citizen, Rank 10 Peace Corp Agent caught fuelling Insurrectionist Movements Use of Banned Mind Affecting Weapons Concealing ID Chip Murdering UIG staff, Rank 4 Abuse of the Cyberlin Appropriation License UAS Agents in Capital Codes Zones, Abuse of Power Peace Corp Agent caught breaking the Law Trafficking in or owning unauthorized BIOs on Earth Murdering UIG staff, Rank 5 Cybercrime, Major Murdering UIG staff, Rank 6 Murdering UIG staff, Rank 7 Murdering UIG staff, Rank 8 Murdering UIG staff, Rank 9 Murdering UIG staff, Rank 10 Possession of two + stored psyche matrixes w/o permission Redman, programming illegal licenses Other unlicensed activity Rank Point Loss & Penalties -02 points -02 points -02 points -02 points -03 points -04 points -04 points -04 points, freezing of assets and fined (See DA pg 136) -05 points (See MU pg 131) -05 points -05 points -05 points (Half points for attempted murder) -05 points, confiscation of weapons/equipment and interrogation -06 points -06 points (Half points for attempted murder) -06 to -12 points (See See CR pg 50-51) -07 points -07 points (Half points for attempted murder) -08 points (Half points for attempted murder) -09 points (Half points for attempted murder) -10 points -10 points -10 points -10 points (Half points for attempted murder) -10 points (Half points for attempted murder) -10 points per level of the illegal license -10 +d10 points and the lab is stripped and monitored (See MoW pg 24) -10 to -20 points and fined 10,000 (See MU pg 55) -10 to -30 points and revocation of license -10 to -40 points (See MoW pg 77) -10 to -50 points (See MoW 109) -11 points (Half points for attempted murder) -12 points (Half points for attempted murder) -13 points (Half points for attempted murder) -14 points (Half points for attempted murder) -15 points (See MU pg 131) -15 points -15 points -15 points -15 points -15 points (Half points for attempted murder) -15 points (Half points for attempted murder) -16 points (Half points for attempted murder) -15 to -25 points and expulsion from the Peace Corp (See MU pg 21) -20 points (See MU pg 27) -20 points (See EB pg 40) -20 points (Half points for attempted murder) -20 points and revocation of license -20 points and expulsion from the UAS (See EB pg 59) -20 points + and expulsion from the Peace Corp (See MU pg 21) -20 to -40 points -25 points (Half points for attempted murder) -30 points (See MU pg 131) -30 points (Half points for attempted murder) -35 points (Half points for attempted murder) -40 points (Half points for attempted murder) -45 points (Half points for attempted murder) -50 points (Half points for attempted murder) -50 points -50 points + 10 points for each provable offense Level of the license you would need to legally perform the activity (Generally 1 to 10 points)

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The Law Corporate Punishments Punishment (See MB pg 81-83) Acceptable Hazard Beggared Clanned Deauthorized Demoted Depersonalized Disarmed Humanely Modified Lost Rank Points Outcast Psych Evaluation Recycled Restricted Missions Restriction of Privileges Service Sighted Under the Eye White Miced Legal Services Service Lawyer Training Lawyer Cost --------300 + 1000 Cost 100,000 Cost 500 1000 2000 1000 Description Can reduce rank point losses (See EB pg 11) per hour (suggested) to investigate a potential counter-suit (See EB pg 67) Description per aquittal Description Reduce sentence by d2 -1 rank points Reduce sentence by d4 -1 rank points Reduce sentence by d6 -2 rank points Counter-Suit (20% of winning d6 x1000) Description Reduce sentence by 1 rank points Reduce sentence by d2 rank points Reduce sentence by d3 rank points Reduce sentence by d4 rank points Reduce sentence by 2d3 rank points Reduce sentence by 2d4 rank points Counter-Suit (35% of winning 2d6 x1000) Description Alibis others can believe in / Call Comm. OMG WTF 667 " " " " " " " " " Description A black mark is added to agent's permanent record Pay reduction or a downgrade in accommodation, vehicle and/or perks The entire division is punished One or more licenses are taken (temporarily / permanently depending on offense) Stripped of rank and authority until agent redeems himself Reduced to -5 Rank points and Outlaw status with no rights. Considered property not a human Weapons and/or equipment seized (temporarily / permanently depending on offense) One or more Cybernetic upgrades are removed/deactivated (temporarily / permanently depending on offense) By Offense (See MB pg 81 & Inc. v1 pg 19) Reduced to Outcast Status with no rank Agent is psychological examined to determine loyalty and mental fitness at either Corporate or personal expense Agent is terminated and her cybernetics are given to the Division Assigned only suitable, low priority missions (i. e. traffic duty) Agent has certain rights and liberties curtailed in some way Agent has to spend his downtime on unpaid Corp business Agent has cameras fitted to his weapons to monitor activities The Division is responsible for monitoring and restraining the agent Agent is experimented on to determine flaw and then cybernetically or psychologically "fixed."

Advert, Tony's Legal Service (See EB pg 24)

Advert, Stuffem & Co. (See EB pg 50)

Advert, Dempsy, Whit & Calibur (See EB pg 96) Cost 1000 3000 5000 10,000 20,000 50,000 5000 Advert, Airtight Alibis (See EB pg 8) - The Wife suspects - The Boss suspects - The Corporation suspects - The UIG knows Huang's Restaurant Legal Waiver Cost 500 + 1500 + 10,000 + 100,000 +

1 to 80,000 No charges filed if damages paid as directed (See Inc. v1 pg 49)

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