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1 - 50 ser haber estar tener hacer poder decir ir ver dar saber querer llegar pasar deber poner

parecer quedar creer hablar llevar dejar seguir encontra r llamar venir pensar salir volver tomar conocer vivir to call, name to come to think to leave, go out to return, come back to take, drink to know (someone or place) to live to be (norm) to have (aux. verb) to be (location, variable) to have to make, do to be able to, can to say, tell to go to see to give to know (a fact) to want, love to arrive to pass, spend, happen to owe; must, should to put to seem, appear, look like to remain, stay to believe, think to speak, talk to carry, take to let, leave to follow, keep on to find, meet

51 100 terminar permitir aparecer conseguir comenzar servir sacar necesitar mantener resultar leer caer cambiar presentar crear abrir considerar or acabar de to end, finish to permit, allow to appear to get, acquire, obtain to commence, start, begin to serve to take out to need to maintain, keep to result, turn out to read to fall to change to introduce, present to create to open to consider to hear to just finish verb to convert, become to win, earn to form to bring, carry to divide, leave to die to accept to realize, carry out, fulfill suponer comprender lograr explicar preguntar to suppose, assume to understand to manage, achieve to explain to ask a (question)

convertir ganar formar traer partir morir aceptar realizar

Source: Routledges A Frequency Dictionary of Spanish

sentir tratar mirar contar empezar esperar buscar existir entrar trabajar escribir perder producir ocurrir entender pedir recibir recordar

to feel, regret to try to look, watch to count, tell, narrate to start, begin to wait, hope (for), expect to search, look for to exist to enter to work to write to lose, miss to produce, cause to occur, happen to understand to ask for, request to receive to remember, remind

tocar reconocer estudiar alcanzar nacer dirigir correr utilizar pagar ayudar gustar jugar escuchar cumplir ofrecer descubrir levantar intentar

to touch, play (an instrument) to recognize to study to reach, catch up with to be born to direct, manage to run to use to pay to help to like, be pleasing to (3rd p.) to play (sport, game) to listen to to fulfill to offer, present to discover to raise, lift to intend, attempt, try

Source: Routledges A Frequency Dictionary of Spanish

101 150 usar decidir repetir olvidar valer comer mostrar ocupar mover continuar suceder fijar referir acercar dedicar aprender comprar subir evitar interesar cerrar echar responder sufrir importar obtener observar indicar imaginar soler detener desarrolla r sealar elegir preparar proponer to signal, point out to elect, choose to prepare to propose to use to decide to repeat to forget to be worth, cost to eat to show to occupy, use to move to continue to happen, take place to fix, set to refer to approach, come near to dedicate, devote to learn to buy to go up to avoid, prevent to be interesting (3rd p.) to close to cast, throw to respond, answer to suffer, undergo to matter, be important (3rd p.) to obtain to observe to indicate to imagine to be accustomed to to detain, stop to develop

151 200 asegurar crecer surgir matar entregar colocar establecer guardar iniciar bajar notar meter actuar pretender acordar cortar corresponder romper adquirir lanzar aprovechar apoyar negar avanzar resolver costar exigir aumentar recoger abandonar imponer obligar aplicar pertenecer disponer expresar to assure, secure, insure to grow, increase to appear, spring forth to kill to deliver to place, position to establish to keep, save to initiate to come down, lower to notice to put (into) to act to try, pretend, expect to agree (to/with) to cut to correspond with to break to acquire, get to throw, launch to take adv. of, make use of to support, lean on to deny, refuse to advance, progress to resolve, settle, work out to cost to demand to increase, augment to pick up, gather to leave, abandonar to impose, enforce to obligate, force to apply to belong to dispose, have means to express

Source: Routledges A Frequency Dictionary of Spanish

demostrar significar reunir faltar acompaa r desear ensear construir vender represent ar desaparec er mandar andar preferir

to demonstrate, show to signify, mean to reunite, gather, collect to be lacking (need sthg; 3rd p.) to accompany to wish, desire to teach to construct, build to sell to represent to disappear, vanish to send, order to walk to prefer

provocar defender quitar conservar depender marcar compartir consistir constituir cubrir funcionar caber atender insistir

to cause, provoke to defend, protect to remove, take away to conserve, preserve to depend on to mark, note to share to consist of to constitue to cover to function, work to fit to attend to to insist on

Source: Routledges A Frequency Dictionary of Spanish

201 250 sentar merecer incluir cruzar tender anunciar despertar comentar publicar cargar participar impedir salvar escapar tirar contestar preocupar prestar pesar exponer viajar separar regresar contempla r recorrer retirar permanec er asistir organizar contener visitar informar enviar cuidar intervenir to attend (concert/game) to organize to contain to visit to inform to send to take care of to intervene to cover (distance) to retire, take away to stay, remain to sit down to deserve, merit, be worthy of to include to cross to tend to to announce, advertise to wake up to comment on to publish to load up, carry, charge to participate to prevent, hinder to save, rescue to escape to pull, shoot, throw to answer, reply to worry to lend to weigh to expose, expound to travel to separate to return, go back (place) to contemplate

251 300 manejar unir caminar coincidir llenar dominar medir atraversar destacar pronunciar distinguir introducir comunicar invitar instalar tardar mejorar emplear convenir recuperar definir superar afirmar interpretar admitir identificar afectar reducir montar parar devolver ejercer poseer proteger causar to drive, handle to unite, join together to walk to coincide, agree to fill to dominate, master to measure to cross to stand out, emphasize to pronounce to distinguish to introduce, bring in to communicate to invite to install to delay, take long to improve, get better to employ to be convenient, be agreeable to recover, recuperate to define to surpass, overcome to affirm, assert to interpret to admit to identify to affect to reduce to ride, mount, assemble to stop (moving) to return, give back to exercise, practice to possess to protect to cause, bring about

Source: Routledges A Frequency Dictionary of Spanish

extender comproba r dormir discutir enfrentar conducir firmar respetar sostener advertir transform ar bastar mencionar plantear probar

to extend spread to verify, prove to sleep to argue, discuss to face, confront to drive, lead to sign to respect to support, hold up to warn to transform, change to be sufficient to mention, cite to propose, lay out to test, prove, try

determinar cobrar dividir inventar limitar luchar acudir analizar encargar(se) destinar comparar celebrar sonar manifestar controlar

to determine to charge (money) to divide to invent to limit to wrestle, fight to frequent, attend to analyze to entrust ( take charge of) to appoint, assign to compare to celebrate to sound, rig to express, show to control

Source: Routledges A Frequency Dictionary of Spanish

301 350 saltar citar requerir incorporar perseguir procurar casar(se) someter fundar elevar cantar asumir aclarar arrastrar declarar nombrar confundir describir calcular conformar pintar repartir hallar ordenar convencer rodear reflejar rechazar contribuir vencer alejar transmitir marchar destruir to jump, leap, hop to cite, quote to require to incorporate, include to pursue, persecute, chase to seek, procure to marry (get married) to submit to found, base to elevate, raise to sing to assume, take on to clarify, clear up to drag, pull to declare, testify to name, appoint to confuse to describe to calculate, figure out to conform to paint to distribute, share among to find (sthg lost) to put in order, organize to convince to surround to reflect to reject to contribute to overcome, conquer to move away to transmit, broadcast to walk, work (function), leave to destroy, ruin

351 400 atraer acumular practicar gozar justificar soportar resistir vestir sorprender proceder condener consumir sugerir conceder componer arrelglar animar apuntar liberar aadir girar volar facilitar solicitar temer atacar pegar juzgar interrumpir fabricar confiar operar basar estimar to attract to accumulate to practice to enjoy to justify to endure, to withstand to resist to wear, dress to surprise to proceed to convict, condemn to consume to suggest, to concede, grant to compose, be part of to arrange, organize, fix to cheer up to point, aim to free, liberate to add to revolve, rotate to fly, steal to facilitate to solicit, request to fear to attack to hit, stick (on), glue to judge to interrupt to manufacture to trust, confide to operate to base upon to estimate, hold in

Source: Routledges A Frequency Dictionary of Spanish

esteem opinar cometer trasladar concluir oponer figurar concentra r ignorar dudar descansar adpotar arrancar disfrutar molestar atrever ceder to be unaware to (have) doubt to rest, relax to adopt to start (machine), uproot to enjoy to bother, disturb, upset to dare to yield, give way beber apreciar experimentar amar robar rer mezclar distribuir apartar to drink to appreciate to experience, experiment to love to rob, steal to laugh to mix to distribute, deliver to move away, separate to think (have an opinion) to commit to move, transfer to conclude, finish to oppose to figure in, appear, represent to concentrate proyector to project confirmar integrar aprobar grabar equivocar llorar to confirm to integrate, fit in to pass (test), approve to engrave, record to be wrong to cry

Source: Routledges A Frequency Dictionary of Spanish

401 450 reclamar quemar obedecer satisfacer concebir reaccionar acusar gastar regalar quejar penetrar rendir(se) registrar limpiar atribuir ocultar enterarse ajustar aspirar recurrir huir percibir transcurrir recomend ar corregir consultar padecer elaborar soar gritar traducir sumar alimentar eliminar renunciar to correct, rectify to consult to suffer to develop, produce to dream to yell, shout to translate to add up, sum to feed, nourish to eliminate, exclude to give up, renounce to claim, demand to burn to obey to satisfy to conceive to react to accuse to spend (money), waste to gift to complain to penetrate to render (give in) to register, record to clean to attribute to hide to find out to adjust to aspire, breathe in (inhale) to resort to, appeal to to flee, run away to perceive to take place, occur to recommend

451 500 completar combatir aportar derivar prohibir proporcionar saludar relacionar investigar ubicar modificar lavar invadir desplazar adelantar examinar sustituir implicar ingresar respirar esconder alterar emitir inclinar desprender circular pelear aconsejar arrojar criticar hundir encerrar denominar impulsar empujar to complete to combat, fight against to provide to derive, come (from) to prohibit, forbid to supply to greet, say hello to relate to investigate to find, locate, place, assign to modify to wash to invade, overcome to replace, displace, shift to move forward to examine, inspect to substitute to implicate, imply to join, deposit, admit to breathe to hide, conceal to alter, modify to emit, give off to bow, tilt, incline to detach, release, remove to circulate, go around, flow to fight, struggle to advise, counsel to throw, fling to criticize to sink, submerge to shut in to call, name to push, promote to push, shove

Source: Routledges A Frequency Dictionary of Spanish

acostumb rar revisar carecer prometer descender reproducir constar asociar

to be accustomed to to check, revise, inspect to be without, lack to promise to descend to reproduce to consist of, comprise to associate with

dictar chocar borrar aguantar coger golpear ascender complicar engaar agotar precisar suspender ampliar cultivar explotar

to dictate, announce to crash into, collide with to erase to endure, put up with to hold, take, catch to hit, strike to ascend, be promoted to complicate, make difficult to trick, deceive to wear out, run out, exhaust to specify, do exactly to suspend, hang to enlarge, amplify, expand to cultivate, produce to explode, exploit

desconoce to not know, not recognize r fallar perdonar agradecer admirar revelar agregar to fail, miss to forgive, excuse to thank for to admire to reveal, disclose to aggregate, add, gather

Source: Routledges A Frequency Dictionary of Spanish