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Recuperate Toss r'kupret ts . 2 V V yilemek recover, get well 1. (yavaa/rasgele) atmak/frlatmak/ samak: throw, fling 2. bir yandan br yana iddetle sallamak 3.on abucak ve geliigzel giymek, srtna geirivermek. 1. annda uydurmak, uydurup yapmak. Make up, invent 2. doatan almak melmek bend azarla(mak) scold, rebuke meydana getirmek, sebep olmak. Produce, yield, 1. ileri srmek, arzetmek. Advance 2. hesap toplamn nakletmek. 3. ileri bir tarihe almak 1. (ip, iplik, tel, zincir, sa kartrmak, dolatrmak, karmakark etmek; (ip, iplik, tel, zincir, sa v.b.) karmak, dolamak, dolanmak. twist 2. with k. dili ile kavga etmek. tahmin etmek, zannetmek, sanmak; sansna kaplmak: 1. (yeni bir eyi) yapmak/yaymlamak. Reveal,publish 2. belli etmek, meydana karmak. 3. (ekingen birinin) konuup rahat davranmasna sebep olmak, -i amak. 1. sebep olmak. Cause, lead to 2. gelitirmek.improve bymesine engel ol(mak) inhibit V: haykrmak, feryat etmek, yaygara koparmak. N: grlt 1. erilmek, arplmak; eriltmek, arptmak. Twist, bend 2. doru yoldan saptrmak. (atee/frna) kmr/odun atmak; with (atee/frna) (kmr/odun) atmak fuel Sekme, geri tepmek

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He's recuperating from major heart surgery. 1. He tossed the children peppermints. ocuklara naneekeri sat. She smiled at me, tossing her coat onto the chair. 2. The waves were really tossing our small rowboat. Dalgalar kk sandalmz bir yandan br yana baya sallyordu. She'd forgotten her carefully written speech, but knew she could easily improvise. She crouched down and reached out to the little boy. He was severely reprimanded for his unsuitable behaviour. Her letter to the paper brought forth a flood of supportive comments. 1. The various departments have not yet brought forward their spending plans. 3. The match has been brought forward to 1.00 pm. 1. Wet fibres tangle easily. The straps are all tangled up together.



Crouch Reprimand Bring forth Bring forward

krat 'reprmnd br fr

1 . * *

V V p.v. p.v.



Surmise Bring out

'srmaz br at

. *

V P.v.

I surmised that she was unhappy. Mutsuz olduu sansna kapldm." 1. She is bringing out an eagerly awaited solo album next month. 2. The wine really brings out the spicy flavour of the meat.

Bring on

br n


Stunt Clamo(u)r

stnt 'klm

. .


1. She nearly died of a heart attack brought on by fear. 2. He accused her of bringing shame and disgrace on the family. Poor diet can stunt a child's growth. V:children clamouring for attention N: There is a growing clamour for a ban on genetically modified foods. 1. Left in the garage where it was damp, the wooden frame had warped. 2. It's funny how having all that money can warp your judgment. Once the fire had been stoked up, the room began to get warm.







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bounce back 1. modern, aa ait, modern, contemporary, advanced 2. (bak vs.) kesici u, keskin kenar en ndeki yer; n plan. Head irenme, tiksinme dislike, hate, hatred iren, tiksindirici disgusting 1. evlat. Children 2. rn. 1. drst, erdemli, doru. Virtuous, moral 2. adil 1. erdemli, faziletli. 2. iffetli, namuslu. Unutkan unaware, unconcious parasn geri vermek, bedelini demek, demek, tazmin etmek, telafi etmek pay back, compensate 1. birdenbire baka bir tarafa ynelmek; (tat) birdenbire baka bir yne srmek 2. (hedeften /fikirden/inantan) ayrlmak, sapmak. 1. bir iin arkasn brakmayan, bir iten vazgemeyen, srarl, inat stubborn, obstinate 2. ok kuvvetli (ba). karmak, ortaya karmak Pamuktan veya baka uygun maddeden yaplan kk yastk, kompres, ped protection 1. parampara olmak, disintegrate, collapse 2. dalmak, 3. morali ok bozulmak Tokat atmak neelendirip zindeletirmek, ok keyiflendirmek excite, thrill 1. ya, iya, et ya. Fat, oil 2. makineya, gres, gresya 1. lgna dnm. Anxious, hysterical 2. ok acele ve telal; lgn

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I think Nicole's tricks are rebounding on her. These models are at the cutting edge of computer design. cutting-edge technology


'kt ed




Repugnance Repugnant Offspring Righteous Virtuous Oblivious Reimburse

r'pgnns r'pgnnt fspr 'rats 'vrts 'blvs rm'brs

. . 1 . . . .

N Adj N Adj Adj Adj V

We are at the forefront of efforts to tackle inequality. Recent events had brought European issues to the forefront of media attention. The thought of eating meat fills me with repugnance. I find your attitude towards these women quite repugnant. 1. The birds will see you as a threat to their offspring. 2. Jungle is an offspring of techno and jazz. He was regarded as a righteous and holy man. She always tried to lead a virtuous life. She seemed completely oblivious to the noise around her. The company will reimburse you for your travelling expenses. We will reimburse any further costs you incur. 1. At that point the road swerves to the west. O noktada yol batya yneliyor. He swerved the car to the right to avoid hitting the dog. Kpee arpmamak iin direksiyonu birden saa krd 1. The baby took my finger in its tenacious little fist. 2. There has been tenacious local opposition to the new airport. The proposed shopping centre has called forth an angry response from local residents. You need pads on your knees and elbows for rollerblading. Try pressing on the wound with a large pad of cotton wool. 1. I've read this book so often it's falling apart. 2. My poor old boots are falling apart. I don't believe it's right to smack children when they're being naughty. The risk exhilarated him.






Call forth Pad

kl f Pd

* 1

p.v. N

Fall apart

fl 'pt


smack exhilarate

smk g'zlret

1 .




You'll have to put some grease on those ball bearings. Her parents are absolutely frantic with worry. Adv: Everyone was frantically packing up their stuff.




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Adv. Frantically 1. bcek. insect 2. mikrop, virs. 3. k. dili gizli dinleme aygt. 4. k. dili (makinede) bozukluk, arza, hata 1. karartma. Faint, collapse 2. gz kararmas; ksa sren uur kayb Minnettar thankful Opp: ungrateful 1. gremek, 2. mcadele etmek struggle bomak; boulmak choke 1. olmak, meydana gelmek, vuku bulmak. take place, happen, arise 2. bulunmak, olmak. kant, delil proof, confirmation ihtilaf, anlamazlk, fikir ayrl, srtme disagreement, clash, quarrel Badamamak, atmak tanmlamak, tarif etmek. Describe, identify 1. zerinde dnme. Thought, contemplation 2.nezaket, sayg, dnce. 1. varsaym, faraziye. Supposition, postulation 2. san, zan 1. farzetmek, varsaymak suppose, presume 2. sanmak, zannetmek Srasyla correspondingly

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grateful Wrestle

gretfl resl

2 .

Adj V

1. I'd been bitten by the back-packing bug pretty hard. 2. You must have picked up a bug on holiday. 3. Detectives had planted (=put) a bug in his hotel room. 4. The new program still has some bugs in it. 1. Power lines were blown down and we had a blackout of several hours. 2. He can't drive because he suffers from blackouts. Thanks for coming with me. I'm really grateful. 1. The police wrestled the thief to the ground and arrested him. 2. He has had to wrestle with accusations of corruption. Many of the victims either burnt to death or suffocated. The trade embargo is suffocating the nation's economy. 1. Police said the accident occurred about 4.30 pm. 2. This small tree also occurs in central and southern India. Evidence shows that global warming is definitely occurring. The issue provoked conflicts between the press and the police. The management team is keen to resolve the conflict over wages. Our views on childcare often conflict. His account conflicted with reports received from other journalists. The responsibilities of each team member need to be clearly defined. Manual work is broadly defined as work that you do with your hands. 1. We have given careful consideration to your claim for compensation. After serious consideration of all the issues, the school decided to expel the three students. 2. She treats all her patients with consideration and respect. Your argument is based on a completely false assumption. 1. Youre assuming too much where Eralps concerned. Eralpin yle yapacan farzetmekle pekl yanlm olabilirsin. 2. I have always assumed her to be American. Aye, Nee, and Tue are five, six, and seven years of age respectively. Aye, Nee ve Tue srasyla be, alt ve yedi yanda Most of the staff work for twelve days consecutively and then have three days off. 1. Her teachers attributed her learning difficulties to emotional problems. 2. Marcello's work was at first attributed to his brother Benedetto. They hope to attract more foreign investors. Tourists are attracted by its endless sandy beaches and perfect weather. The church fulfils an important role in this





Evidence Conflict

'evdns 'knflkt

3 3


Conflict Define

'knflkt d'fan

1 3




Assumption Assume

'smpn 'sjum

1 3





Consecutively Attribute

kn'sekjtvl 'trbjut

. 2

Adv V

Attract Fulfill


3 2


arka arkaya, art arda, ardk olarak successively, repeatedly 1.Balamak, yormak, vermek; quality, characteristic, trait 2.atfetmek ekmek; cezp etmek draw 1. yerine getirmek,


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yapmak accomplish, execute, perform 2. tamamlamak complete eya, ticari mal goods meydana getirmek, sebep olmak cause, result in, end in, lead to 1. girismek, baslamak, ilgilenmek, merak sarmak; start, adopt 2. (yer, zaman, vb.) kaplamak, tutmak, isgal etmek, doldurmak, almak; Ykmak, yok etmek demolish, tear down, destroy 1. amak, evirmek 2. ortaya kmak, gelmek 1. art, patlama explosion 2. patlama sesi detonation 1. (bir yerin ticaret, nfus v.b.) hzla ykselmek, patlamak (olumlu bir ekilde); (ticaret) hzla artmak, patlama iinde olmak 2. patlamak, havaya umak 1. -in yararna olmak, -e yararl olmak, -e yarar dokunmak; advantage, profit 2. from -den yararlanmak, -den faydalanmak, -den istifade etmek: 1. Sndrmek. extinguish 2. dar koymak 1. oluturmak, uydurmak, icat etmek. 2. makyaj yapmak, boyanmak 3. hazrlamak * P.v. 1. ina etmek, yapmak. Erect, raise, construct 2. (adr) kurmak. Erect, 3. (birini) misafir etmek. 4. at (otel v.b.nde) kalmak. 1. (bir yere) gitmek: 2. (bir eyi yapmaya) balamak: 3. -den holanmaya balamak: get on with, warm to

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town. We know which part of the human brain fulfils this function. Time is our most valuable commodity Major spending is required to bring about substantial improvements in housing. 1. I took up smoking when I was at school. Chris has taken up jogging. 2. These files take up a lot of disk space. I'll try not to take up too much of your time.

commodity Bring about Take up


2 * *

N p.v. p.v.

Pull down


Turn up




They pulled down the warehouse to build a new supermarket. That virus she had two months ago really pulled her down - she still hasn't fully recovered. 1.Can you turn the volume up a bit? Don't turn the TV up I'm trying to read. 2. There is no need to book just turn up on the night. 1. The insurance business suffered from a vicious cycle of boom and bust. 1. The housing market is booming. Interest in archaeology is booming. 2. Thunder boomed in the distance.





1. This change will benefit you. Bu deiiklik sana iyi gelecek. This would benefit by the addition of some salt. Buna biraz tuz eklenirse iyi olur. 2. We have greatly benefited from your advice. Nasihatinizden ok istifade ettik. 1. It took firefighters three hours to put the blaze out. Please put that cigarette out. 2. I put out food for the birds in cold weather. 1. He made up some excuse about the dog eating his homework. They made up a little poem and wrote it in the card. 2. They made my face up to look like a clown. 3. I'll get the chemist to make this prescription up for you.

Put out


Make up

Put up

Take to


1.She took to her bed and stayed there all week. Yatana girip btn hafta orada yatt. 2. Their dogs taken to biting visitors. Onlarn kpei ziyaretileri srmaya balad. Hes taken to drink. Kendini ikiye verdi. 3. That cats really taken to you.

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O kedi senden baya holanmaya balad. I wrote a letter of complaint, and the airline have promised to look into the matter. He played a pivotal role in the negotiations. He sees these reforms as pivotal to our economic interests in Asia a revolutionary movement/party/war a treatment for cancer that researchers say is potentially revolutionary The car was seen in the area on numerous occasions. 1. All his family are buried in the same cemetery. 2. My French homework is buried somewhere under this pile of books. Tintagel Castle, the reputed birthplace of King Arthur, is being excavated professionally for the first time in more than 50 years. 1.resistant to: a disease that is resistant to antibiotics 2. resistant to: people who are stubbornly resistant to change

Look into


fundamental Revolutionary Numerous Cellar Bury

'pvtl rev'lunr 'numrs 'sel 'ber

. 2 2 1 2

Adj Adj Adj N V

-e bakmak, -i aratrmak, -i incelemek, -i soruturmak inspect, investigate, scrutinize ok nemli. Crucial, fundamental devrimci; ihtilalci. Radical, innovative ok, pek ok. Abundant, plentiful 1. bodrum, bodrum kat. 2. mahzen. 3. kiler. 1. gmmek, defnetmek. 2. gizlemek, saklamak, rtmek conceal, hide 1. kaz yapmak, hafriyat yapmak. dig 2. kazyp ortaya karmak. Dig up, dig out 1. direnen, kar koyan. Opposed to 2. to -e dayankl/direnli. fireresistant s. atee dayankl. waterresistant s. suya dayankl. 1. ortaya/aa karmak; ortaya koymak, make known, disclose 2. gstermek: 1. deiiklik yapma; yenilik getirme. novelty 2. yenilik; deiiklik Yaratc imaginative, inventive eitli, trl, muhtelif a variety of, a range of ergenlik, yeni yetmelik teens, youth, puberty 1. uzatmak. Expand, enlarge 2. uzamak, srmek Belirtmek identify, indicate Eitmek, yetitirmek educate, teach, instruct 1. her eyi dnrsek, her ey hesaba katlrsa: 2. genellikle. in general, generally, overall Mutlu bir ekilde arlk, ifrat, fazlalk surplus, overload Ar, fazla








Innovation Creative Various

n'ven Krietv 'vers

1 2 3

N Adj Adj

1. She refused to reveal the contents of the letter. Cockpit recordings may reveal the cause of the crash. 2. The wallet-sized system opens to reveal a keyboard and screen. the latest technological innovations Painting is a creative process. We offer people the opportunity to be creative. They are seeking financial support from various sources. For various reasons, it has not been possible to carry out improvements. yet another novel about the joys and sorrows of adolescence 1. The beach extends beyond the horizon. 2. We're going to extend the first floor. To make a claim, you must specify the date when the article was lost. They were training him to use the new filing system. You have to train yourself to stay calm. 1.It is, on the whole, a good job. Her eyi dnrsek iyi bir i. 2.On the whole, she felt that the report was fair. They were still blissfully unaware of what had happened. Tests subsequently revealed an excess of alcohol in the driver's blood. Drain off any excess liquid. Passengers travelling on to Buffalo will be

Adolescence Extend Specify Train On the whole

d'lesns k'stend 'spesfa tren

. 3 2 3 *

N V V V a.p.

blissfully Excess Excess

bls fli k'ses k'ses

. 2 1

Adv N Adj

Efe Cevher (

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required to pay an excess fare of $30. 1. Any kind of dishonest dealing will ruin his career. She had ruined her mother's chances of getting a job. 2. It was a scandal that totally ruined the company. 1. Last month saw his dreams shattered and his business in ruins. 2. It caused his ruin. Mahvolmasna sebep oldu The Tasmanian tiger was declared extinct in 1936. Many jobs have become extinct with the advent of computers. 1. I overlooked that. O gzmden kat Accidents happen when safety checks are overlooked. 2. I'm prepared to overlook his indiscretions. 3. Our hotel overlooked the Temple of Luxor and the river. 1. The detective was investigating the murder. Dedektif cinayet hakknda tahkikat yapyordu. 2. They were investigating the problem. Problemi aratryorlard. 1. The cell had lastly accommodated a drunkard. Hcre en son bir ayya barndrmt. This room can accommodate four people. Bu drt kiilik bir oda. 2. Im always ready to accommodate a friend. Bir arkadaa yardm etmeye her zaman hazrm. Can you accommodate him with a loan? Ona bor para verebilir misiniz? the pathway to success baarya giden yol. 2. The television in the corner was tuned to BBC2. 1. There was an especially high uptake in the Business Management course. 2. Vitamin C increases your uptake of minerals such as iron. The various opposition groups have banded together to form a single party.





1. mahvetmek; bozmak; harap etmek, tahrip etmek. Damage, wreck, spoil, destroy, mess up 2. iflas ettirmek, batrmak. 1. harabe; virane. 2. k, bat, iflas nesli tkenmi. wiped out, died out, vanished 1. gznden kamak: ignore, miss, neglect 2. -e gz yummak, -i grmezlikten gelmek. 3. -e nazr olmak, -e hkim olmak, -e bakmak 1. hakknda tahkikat/soruturma yapmak: examine, look into, inspect 2. aratrmak, incelemek: 1. almak, barndrmak: house, hold 2. -e yardm etmek, -e bir iyilik yapmak:





'v lk





Pathway Tune Uptake

Tju ^ptek

. 1 .


Yol path, trail 1. algy akort etmek 2. ayarlamak 1. katlm 2. alnan miktar 1. birlemek, bir araya toplanmak; join up, associate, get together 2. birletirmek, bir araya toplamak combine drst olmayan, sahtekr, yalanc. Deceitful, untruthful, fraudulent 1. kabile, boy; airet, oymak. Family, 2. (ironi) byk bir aile, kabile clan 3. biyol. takm; snf; familya. 1. tehlikeli i, tehlikeli giriim. 2. tic. teebbs, giriim: altyap oyuncak bebek toy

Band together bnd t'ger





They admitted that there were dishonest officers in the police force. 1. Native American tribes the Makah tribe 2. We've invited Carol's sisters and brothers and their spouses and children - the whole Cassidy tribe. 1. She rarely ventured outside, except when she went to stock up on groceries at the corner shop. 2. a joint venture between British and Italian authorities The war has badly damaged the country's infrastructure.





Infrastructure doll

Infrstr^ktr dl

1 1


Efe Cevher (

Retail Overestimate 'rtel v(r)'estmet 1 . V V Perakende olarak satmak trade 1. -i olduundan fazla yetenekli grmek, -in yeteneini/yeteneklerini abartmak. Misjudge, overvalue oppunderestimate 2. (bir tahmin yaparken) -in masrafn/deerini fazla yksek tutmak. cazibeli, ekici, alml. good-looking, gorgeous 1. Etki crash, collision 2. arpma, arpma

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We can retail our eggs direct to the public. It retails for around 250. The benefits of nuclear technology, she said, had been grossly overestimated. They were forced to the conclusion that they had overestimated him/his abilities.

Attractive Impact


3 3

Adj N




1. rnek, model; patron. 2. biim dzeni, ablon outline, example birbirini etkilemek, etkilemek interrelate 1. to ile tantrmak: 2. to -i tantmak: 3. ortaya koymak, ileri srmek, ne srmek: 4. into -e sunmak: bring in, initiate





Trace Trace Vanish

tres tres 'vn

2 2 2


1. izini srmek, izlemek; 2. bulmak; ortaya ikarmak iz; az miktar, zerre; kalnt gzden kaybolmak, kayiplara karismak, ortadan yok olmak; yok olmak, nesli tkenmek disappear, fade away Dahili, i interior, inner satin almak pay for, acquire, obtain satin alma, alim; satin alinan sey toplu, ortaklasa, kolektif,kolektif sirket combined, cooperative, joint Varlk unit, thing 1. kapsamak, iermek, den olumak; contain, consist of 2. oluturmak encompass

I find him very attractive. We need to make the club attractive to a wider range of people. 1.Her paper discusses the likely impact of global warming. Internet shopping has begun to have a serious impact on the traditional bookshops. 2. The missile does not explode on impact. 1. Patterns of employment in urban areas are different from those in the countryside. 2. Training and education follow different patterns in different regions. In large classes, children feel that they cannot interact with the teacher properly. Researchers want to know how these gases interact. 1. She introduced him to her mother. Onu annesiyle tantrd. 2. This book introduces preschool children to biology. Bu kitap okulncesi ocuklarna biyolojiyi tantyor. 3. Im about to introduce new evidence in support of my thesis. Tezimi desteklemek iin yeni kantlar ortaya koymak zereyim. 4. The bill was introduced into the Grand National Assembly. Yasa tasars Byk Millet Meclisine sunuldu. 1. Detectives have so far failed to trace the missing woman. 2. They finally traced him to a town in Sicily. The intruders were careful not to leave any trace behind them. All traces of the damage had vanished. My calculator's vanished from my desk. The company that supplied the cargo has vanished into thin air. They were opposed to foreign involvement in their internal affairs. She purchased shares in the company. Parents donated money for the purchase of new computer equipment. ministers who share a collective responsibility

Internal Purchase Purchase Collective

n'trnl 'prts 'prts k'lektv

2 2 2 2

Adj V N Adj

Entity Comprise

'entt km'praz

2 2


The two countries fought for the right to become separate entities. be comprised of: The course is comprised of ten core modules. People aged 65 and over now comprise nearly 20% of the population.

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Portion 'prn 2 N 1. ksm, para, blm, cz. Piece, bit, part 2. porsiyon, bir tabak yemek. fraction 3. pay, hisse ata, cet. Forebear, antecedent aretlemek stain, spot Gstermek, delalet etmek 1. sk tutmak, kavramak. Grasp, clutch, seize 2. (birinin) dikkatini ekmek 1. tutma/kavrama ekli. 2. kontrol, idare:

Advanced New Words for DS

1. You need a cake big enough to be divided into sixteen portions. 2. If you eat smaller portions, you will begin to lose weight. Her ancestors went to America with the Pilgrims. Her cheek was marked with scratches. We entered through a door marked Private. The evidence clearly points to her guilt. 1. She gripped Frank's hand firmly to show her support. 2. The case has gripped the public because of the celebrities involved. Get a grip on yourself! Kendine hkim ol! Dont let the firm get into their grip. Firma onlarn kontrolne gemesin Marguerite took my hand in a surprisingly strong grip. Both sides are indicating their willingness to restore diplomatic relations. The hearing is scheduled to last for two weeks. The violence lasted until dawn the next morning. The supplies would last for only another few days. Most of the villagers rely on farming for income. There are exemptions and benefits for people on low incomes. A second game will be played to determine the outcome. The Republic of Tunisia achieved independence from France in 1957. His job was to achieve the release of the hostages, a task he successfully accomplished. character/personality traits Their first attempt to climb Everest ended in failure. She is depressed by her continued failure to find a job. The West's inaction has put millions of people at risk of starvation. If it all goes wrong, don't blame me. You can't blame all your problems on your working class background. A survey carried out last year found 80% of the public in favour of the change. 19% of those surveyed say they haven't decided. He sat quietly, surveying the scene around him. 1.This decision will be up to the individual agencies. Bu konuda her acente kendi kararn verecek. The individual tiles are each a work of art. Her ini bal bana bir sanat eseri.

Ancestor Mark Point to Grip

'nsest mk pnt grp

2 3 * 2

N V p.v. V



Indicate preceding

'ndket lst

3 3


iaret etmek, gstermek, imlemek point out, designate, signfy srmek, devam etmek; bozulmamak, dayanmak; yetmek previous, preceding gelir, kazan profits, earnings, revenue sonu, netice. Result, ending, product baarmak, yapmak; elde etmek, kazanmak attain, realize, accomplish baarmak, becermek, stesinden gelmek achieve, complete, finish zellik, hususiyet peculiarity, attribute, characteristic, feature 1. baarszlk; beceremeyi; fiyasko. Collapse, breakdown, effective 2. ihmal, yapmay. 3. iflas. hareketsizlik Sulamak culpability, guilt anket, inceleme,tarama inspection, review, investigation ncelemek, anket yapmak 1. her ... kendi ...: 2. bireysel, kiisel: 3. tek kiilik



Outcome Achieve finish Trait Failure

'atkm 'tiv 'kmpl tre 'feljr

3 3 1 1 3


Inaction Blame Survey Survey

n'kn blem sr've sr've

. 3 3 2





Efe Cevher (

Advanced New Words for DS

2. individual differences kiisel farkllklar. 1. We believe in the freedom of the individual. 2. We're looking for a uniquely talented individual. 1. The email system is fully described in section 10. 2. Could you describe how the trip ended? 1. He has a very pretty wife. 2. That's a very pretty dress you're wearing. The weather's been pretty awful, hasn't it? Tom looks pretty tired. 1. The number of people buying their own homes has declined. 2 . They offered to fly him to Brussels, but he declined. The Prime Minister has repeatedly stressed the importance of controlling inflation. We need to trade with Eastern Europe more. The two businesses will continue to trade under their original name. They were found guilty of trying to bribe officials. The use of mobile phones is not permitted inside the aircraft. Economic circumstances don't permit much public spending. I didn't mean to pry. I'm just curious. That's all. People were curious to know why the accident happened.

Individual Describe

nd'vdjl d'skrab

3 3


Pretty Pretty Decline

'prt 'prt d'klan

2 3 3

Adj Adv V

1. birey, fert. human being, entity, person 2. kii, kimse, ahs. 1. tanmlamak, betimlemek, tarif etmek. Explain, portray, depict, illustrate 2. anlatmak 1. sevimli, gzel, ho. Attractive, cute 2. iyi. olduka, epeyce, hayli. 1. aaya meyletmek. 2. azalmak, dmek. 3. kmek. 4. reddetmek, geri evirmek. Refuse, turn down, reject vurgulamak ticaret yapmak; almak; satmak; degis tokus etmek, degismek rsvet vermek izin vermek, birakmak authorize, allow, consent, merakli, bilmek isteyen; merakli, her seye burnunu sokan, herkesin isine karisan; garip, acayip, tuhaf questioning anlasilmaz, akil ermez incoherent, unintelligent gizem, esrar, sr secrecy, obscurity, ambiguity karmasik, gelismis, komplike; kasarlanmis, piskin, bilgi, grms geirmis, kltrl complicated, stylish (in, with ile) karistirmak, sokmak, bulastirmak; iermek, kapsamak, gerektirmek engage, entail hayirseverlik; sadaka; hayir kurumu aid, aid organization uzun vadeli long-standing, enduring, lasting kisa vadeli temporary, immediate, instant teklif etmek propose, suggest, recommend, put forward teklif, neri; sunma,

Stress Trade Bribe Permit

Stres tred brab pr'mt

3 3 . 3

v V V V




Incomprehensible Mystery

nkmpr'hensbl 'mstr

. 2

Adj N




I find it incomprehensible that nothing has yet been done about this. I just can't think who she could have been it's a mystery. The police are trying to unravel the mystery of his disappearance. Consumers are getting more sophisticated and more demanding. She was elegant and sophisticated. Most research and development projects involve some element of risk. Forty-six vehicles were involved in the accident. The Children's Society is a registered charity. The show raised thousands of pounds for charity. a long-term anti-inflation strategy long-term benefits/consequences I'm sure we could offer you some short-term employment. They haven't offered me the job yet. I offered Jim 5,000 for his car. After thinking about it, I've decided to accept



Charity Long-term

'trt long trm

3 3

N Adj

Short-term Offer Offer

rt trm 'fr 'fr

2 3 3

Adj V N

Efe Cevher (

takdim, arz Recovery r'kvr 3 N geri alma, geri alinma; iyilesme, dzelme revival, healing (kitap, szlk, vb.) resimlemek, resimler koymak; rneklerle aiklamak, gstermek exemplify, demonstrate birlestirmek; birlesmek; arkadaslik etmek; dsnmek, relate, connect, correlate le ilikili olmak 1. a, yn, bakm: feature, 2. grn. characteristic 1. (to) (-e) atamak, tayin etmek. assign 2. (tarih, gn kararlatrmak, tayin etmek, saptamak, tespit etmek. 1. atama, tayin. Meeting, engagement 2. atanlan grev/makam. 3. randevu 1. tamak, gtrmek, iletmek, nakletmek. Express, communicate 2. iletmek, bildirmek. Express, communicate 3. huk. devretmek. 1. przsz, dzgn, dz, yzeyinde girinti knt olmayan: flat, even 2. iinde kat paralar bulunmayan (sv). 3. rahat, sarsntsz. 4. alkantsz (deniz). problem karmadan, gzel bir ekilde effortlessly, easily, efficiently (from) -in dnda brakmak, kabul etmemek, ieri sokmamak, uzak tutmak; saymamak, istisna etmek, dislamak, hesaba katmamak keep out, leave out (from) (bir eyin) dnda braklma; (bir eyin) dnda brakma 1. sre, mddet: a span of seven years yedi yllk bir sre. 2. (kemer/kpr ayaklar

Advanced New Words for DS

your offer. Did he make you an offer for the bike? The doctors expect Josie to make a full and speedy recovery. There were still no real signs of an economic recovery. The following examples illustrate our approach to customer service. The cookbook is beautifully illustrated with colour photographs. How do humans associate these seemingly opposed ideas? The study found that many people associate science with masculinity. His social problems were associated with heavy drinking. 1. Lets consider this aspect of the problem. Meselenin bu ynn dnelim. 2. The car has to look good, but without forgetting the safety aspect. 1. We need to appoint a new school secretary. 2. Proceedings will be brought to a conclusion at a time appointed by this committee.





To be associated with Aspect

3 'spekt 3

* N







1.Sue rang up to make a dental appointment. I'd like to make an appointment with the doctor. I have an appointment to see my lawyer next Saturday. 2 . Mr Toubon's appointment as mayor/to the mayoralty 1. A good photograph can often convey far more than words. 2. Please convey my appreciation to your President. 1. smooth road dzgn yol. smooth skin przsz cilt. 2. With a smooth swing, he hit the ball.







You handled that very smoothly. Onu ok gzel bir ekilde idare ettin. Her life had not been running smoothly. These costs have been excluded from our calculations. The committee now has to decide whether to exclude him from the competition.







Washington is annoyed at the exclusion of US troops from the area. You are protected against most illnesses, with one or two exclusions. 1. Nearly 100 witnesses testified over a span of 20 days. 3. the span of the road yolun genilii. the span of his knowledge bilgisinin kapsad


Efe Cevher (

arasndaki) aklk. 3. genilik: 1. (kemer) (yolun) stnden gemek; (kpr) (bir yerin) stnden gemek. 2. kapsamak. 3. (bir an belirli bir dnemini) yaamak: nc leader Gze arpmak be obvious, be prominent, show up 1. kovalamak, peine dmek, izlemek, takip etmek. Follow, chase 2. srdrmek: 3. peinde olmak, gerekletirmeye almak. hunt 1. kovalama, izleme, takip. Chase, hunt 2. ura, i. 3. peinde olma, gerekletirmeye alma 1. ahane, fevkalade, mkemmel. fine 2. muhteem, grkemli, atafatl marvelous, fabulous, wonderful kuvvetlendirmek, glendirmek; salamlatrmak; takviye etmek; pekitirmek, artrmak; kuvvetlenmek, kuvvet bulmak reinforce, fortify from 1. -den salamak, -den elde etmek, -den almak: 2. -den tremek; -den tretmek: originate, develop, stem from anlama; uzlama; ticari ilem deal, contract 1. (towards/to) -e ynelmek. 2. yerekimiyle hareket etmek. 3. kelmek, kmek. Meydana getirmek yava yava gelitirmek; yava yava gelimek develop, progress, advance 1. adamak, vakfetmek. Devote, bestow, donate 2. to -in adna sunmak, e ithaf etmek. 1. kantlamak, ispat etmek: display, exhibit, express 2. gstererek tantmak:

Advanced New Words for DS

alanlar 1. His career spanned half a century. 3. His life spanned the entire Victorian era. O, Viktorya ann tmn yaad.



Pioneer Stand out Pursue


1 . 2

N p.v. V


The firm has been a pioneer in the pharmaceutical field since 1953. His turquoise tie stood out against his black suit. Their old orange car stood out from all the rest. 1. He wants to pursue a career in medicine. 2. She is pursuing her studies there. renimini orada srdryor.



1. Increased inflation would have resulted from the pursuit of this policy. 2. A group of horsemen set off in pursuit.




1. You have a splendid opportunity to do something different and original. 2. The huge windows gave us a splendid view of the grounds. It will strengthen him. Onu kuvvetlendirir. It only strengthened their resistance. Sadece onlarn direniini pekitirdi





Transaction Gravitate

trn'zkn 'grvtet

2 .


1. He derives his income from his investments. Gelirini yatrmlarndan salyor. He derives pleasure from music. Mzikten zevk alyor. 2. Many English words derive from Latin. ou ngilizce szck Latinceden tremitir. Gasoline is derived from petroleum. Benzin petrolden tretilir She had been involved in several suspicious transactions. Customers gravitate to the shops that best reflect their social status.

bring into being Evolve


. 2

p.v. V





These unique plants evolved undisturbed for millions of years. Slowly, these tiny organisms evolved into multicelled creatures. 1. Andy wants to dedicate more time to his hobbies. 2. Lynne has dedicated the novel to her friend Norma. 1. He has demonstrated his loyalty to the firm. irkete olan balln kantlad. 2. demonstrate a machine bir makineyi tantmak.


Efe Cevher (

3. gsteri yapmak. request Statue Abandon Give off r'kwest 'sttu 'bndn 2 2 2 . V N V p.v. Rica etmek, dilemek ask for, demand, appeal, call for, apply for Heykel sculpture, bust Terk etmek dispose of, quick (koku, buhar yaymak, karmak: Emit, secrete (hastalk) depremek, nksetmek; (olay) tekrar olmak, tekrarlamak, yinelemek happen again, persist, return, come back olmak, meydana gelmek. Happen, occur yakn. Close, near z. yaknda 1. geniletmek; genilemek; bytmek; bymek. enlarge 2. fiz. genlemek; genletirmek swell, inflate (for) -e uygun entitled, qualified, suitable 1. (s, su tutmak; (svy) szdrmamak/darya vermemek. 2. korumak; srdrmek, devam ettirmek: Maintain, keep ok pahal; masrafl 1. tazmin etmek, bedelini demek. Recompense, pay off 2. telafi etmek N:muhabir: reporter, journalist Adj: with -e uygun: 1. sert, ac. Cruel, unkind, insensitive, ruthless 2. kaba, hain, ters, huysuz. 1. korkun. gloomy 2. aman bilmez, kat, sert. 3. amansz (mcadele). Yenmek, bozguna uratmak beat, overcome, conquer, overwhelm bozgun, yenilgi tehlikeye atmak jeopardize 1. zincir. Sequence, series, string

Advanced New Words for DS

3. Hundreds of students had gathered to demonstrate against the budget cuts. The pilot requested permission to land. The statues represent peace and war. His mother abandoned him when he was five days old. Plants give off oxygen. Bitkiler havaya oksijen verir. When they die, plants give off gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. We must make sure that the problem does not recur.



Take place Nearby

. 2

p.v. Adj / adv V




Eligible Retain

'eldbl r'ten

2 2

Adj V

The Olympics take place every four years. I don't know exactly what took place in the classroom. Adj: I found it on a nearby table. at a nearby shop/hotel Adv: My father lives nearby. The people sitting nearby had to leave. 1. The water froze inside the pipe, causing it to expand and burst. Britain's universities expanded at an unprecedented rate at the end of the 20th century. If you are eligible for financial help, we will tell you how to claim. 1. We're trying to recruit and retain skilled staff. 2. Theyve retained that custom. O deti devam ettiriyorlar.

Costly Compensate

'kstl 'kmpenset

1 2

Adj V



N Adj







They have been investing in costly new equipment. 1. This payment more than compensates for what we've lost. 2. They were unlikely to be compensated for the damage to the house. N: Does your paper have a correspondent in Paris? Gazetenizin Pariste muhabiri var m? Adj: It was correspondent with her wishes. steklerine uygundu. 1. Ilie remembers the harsh living conditions in Romania. 2. Harsh words were spoken in the dressing room after the match. 1. The future looks pretty grim. 2. The house was lonely and rather grim. 3. His face was set in a grim expression. Bilbao defeated Salamanca by 21. The test completely defeated me. England suffered a 20 defeat by Scotland. admit/accept/concede defeat: a stubborn man who was not prepared to admit defeat The hospital is accused of endangering patients' lives. There was a rusty iron chain hanging from the gate.

Defeat defeat Endanger Chain

d'fit d'fi n'dend ten

2 2 . 3



Efe Cevher (

2. silsile distraction disturb ds'rpt pn ds'rpt 1 1 N V aksama; kesilme disturbance, trouble, interruption, interruption 1. bozulmasna yol amak; altst etmek; aksatmak. Upset, bother, concern 2. (toplantnn) kesilmesine yol amak." Mhrlemek close, fasten Kurban sufferer 1. boaltmak, atmak. 2. tic. damping yapmak, toptan ucuza satmak -den daha kurnazca davranmak; -i kurnazlkla yenmek farketmek, farkna varmak; dikkat etmek. Detect, Observe, perceive 1. of -in farknda olma, -i bilme. awareness 2. bilin, uur lave, ek addition, complement lave etmek, eklemek, desteklemek depreen, nkseden (hastalk); tekrar tekrar olan, tekrarlanan, yinelenen recurring, repeated, frequent 1. tam, eksiksiz: complete, utter, 2. pol. mutlak, saltk, snrsz: 1. yetitirmek, bytmek. Raise 2. bahsetmek. 1. yola kmak. start out, set out 2. patlatmak. 3. balatmak. 4. (bir eyin) gzelliini ortaya karmak: 1. kaldrmak. 2. tutmak, yardmda bulunmak, korumak. 3. geciktirmek; engellemek. delay 1. getirmek.

Advanced New Words for DS

In 1910 there was a proposal for a chain of telegraph stations to link up the empire. The train strikes caused major disruption to thousands of commuters. Protesters tried to disrupt the meeting.



Victim Dump

'vktm dmp

3 2


Outsmart notice

at smt 'nts

. 3


Seal the box with tape. Small gaps can be sealed with wax. I stamped and sealed all the envelopes ready for posting. 500 penguins were among the victims of an oil spill. an operation for victims of head injuries 1. Nolan was angry at being dumped from the team. Over 150,000 tonnes of waste are dumped annually along the coastline Outwit, overcome, outmaneuver I noticed that the door was open. After a few days here you hardly notice the rain! 1. He lay there, drifting in and out of consciousness. 2. We want to increase students' consciousness of health issues. exercises that will provide a valuable supplement to your teaching materials Dietary supplements may not help with this condition. Our findings are supplemented with material from other surveys. Political revolution is a recurrent theme in Riley's books.





Supplement recurrent

'splmnt r'krnt

2 .

V Adj




Bring up


1. The way they've been treated is an absolute disgrace. His trust in them was absolute. Onlara olan gveni tamd. 2. absolute monarchy mutlak monari. absolute power snrsz g 1.Our parents brought us up to believe in our own abilities. 2. Brown said the issue would be brought up again at the next climate convention. 1. We set off early the next morning. 4. That dress really sets off her red hair. O elbise kzl salarn baya ortaya karyor

set off


Hold up


1. She held up her hand for silence. 2. Her legs were almost too shaky to hold her up. 3. Sorry I'm late, but my train was held up. 1. An independent investigator will be brought

Bring in



Efe Cevher (

2. (para) kazandrmak; kazanmak. earn 3. huk. (jri) karara varmak 1. hesaplamak, (problem) zmek 2. (plan, proje v.b.) baarl olmak veya iyi bir ekilde sonulanmak. 3. at/to (belirli bir miktara) gelmek: 4. antreman yapmak belgesel 1. (with) (ile) grmek, mzakere etmek; mzakere yapmak. 2. (on/upon) (-e) (unvan, akademik derece) vermek oke eden, artc amazing, astonishing, surprising herkesin kabul edecegi gibi, kuskusuz in ana hatlarn ema halinde gstermek; -in ana hatlarn izerek anlatmak 1. ok erefli, yceltilmeye deer. 2. fevkalade gzel, harikulade, muhteem. Magnificent, splendid vermek, t vermek. advice 1. dzenlemek, hazrlamak, oluturmak, uydurmak, icat etmek. 2.. bir araya getirmek, toplamak, tamamlamak. 3. for -i telafi etmek. 4. makyaj yapmak, boyanmak. Fark etmek, saptamak mark, stain Benek, nokta

Advanced New Words for DS

in to look at the allegations. 2. Overseas students bring in more than 30 million a year in tuition fees. 1. I was born in 1947: you work out my age. We've worked out our differences. 2. If it doesn't work out, you can always come back here. 3. Your share works out at fifty million liras. Senin payna elli milyon lira dyor 4. He works out at the local gym every day. She made a two-part documentary about the war in Kosovo. 1. : I conferred with him on the matter. Meseleyi onunla grtm 2. He asked for some time to confer with his lawyers The concert was an astounding success. This has led to financial losses, though admittedly on a fairly small scale. The document outlines our company's recycling policy. She had large eyes that were darkly outlined in black. 1. The cottage is surrounded by the most glorious countryside. 2. Ireland has won a glorious victory over England. She has spent about five years counselling rape victims. Privately, the president was being counselled to end the war. 1. He made up some excuse about the dog eating his homework. They made up a little poem and wrote it in the card. 3. He's finally bought a computer, and is making up for lost time. 4. They made my face up to look like a clown. The boys had been spotted buying alcohol. An effective teacher can spot a child's potential. There is a sore spot on my head where I bumped it. Flowers mark the spot where the accident happened. We set traps in the attic for the mice. He was caught in a trap of poverty. Both men were trapped inside the burning car. I felt trapped by my marriage. He mistakenly believed that she was married. I'm afraid I mistook the nature of our relationship. The gunman had mistaken him for a drug dealer. It's easy to be indifferent to money when you've never been poor.

Work out


Documentary confer

dkj'mentr kn'f

astounding admittedly

'stand tdl

1 1

Adj Adv








make up


Spot Spot

spt spt

2 3


Trap Trap Mistakenly Mistake

trp trp m'steknl m'stek

2 2 . 2

N V Adv V

Tuzak ambush Tuzaa drmek Yanllkla incorrectly, wrongly, erroneously yanlis anlamak; (for ile) e benzetmek; sasirmak, karistirmak ilgisiz, lkayt, umursamaz.





Efe Cevher (

Unresponsive, uninterested with regard to * Conj. -e gelince, ile ilgili olarak Regarding, as regards, concerning, with reference to, relating to, pertaining to 1. topra kazp karmak. Uncover, discover, disclose, bring to light 2. meydana karmak, kefetmek grkem 1. gmmek, defnetmek. 2. gizlemek, saklamak, rtmek 1. kazmak, bellemek. excavate 2. kaz yapmak. srekli, daima continually, continuously, relentlessly 1. yat, akran. Modern, current 2. ada. 1. bastrmak, durdurmak; yok etmek. Repress, restrain, curb 2. gizli tutmak sadk, vefakr realistic, authentic 1. resmetmek, resmini izmek. 2. betimlemek, anlatmak portray, represent, illustrate geniletmek; genilemek. Widen, expand, enlarge 1. iyi bilinen, bildik; iyi tannan, tandk; aina. well-known , recognizable 2. samimi, teklifsiz 1. fethetmek, zaptetmek. triumph over 2. yenmek Defeat 1. saldrmak, hcum etmek. Attack, assault 2. istila etmek. Occupy, raid -i elde etmek, -e sahip olmak. 1. istila etmek; kaplamak. 2. gemek, amak otobiyografi, zyaamyks. Hatrlamak remember, evoke, remind, recollect bilgilendirici, aydnlatc, retici, eitici. Educational, enlightening, instructive in altnda bulunmak/yatmak, -in temelinde yatmak, -in

Advanced New Words for DS

Everyone got a prize, whether they were good, bad or indifferent. With regard to the discussion about immigration, I'd like to hear Ms. Masolo's opinion. 1. In one shop, I unearthed a wonderful collection of 1920s toys. 2. The inquiry unearthed some disturbing evidence. She has a passion for life in all its splendour. 1. All his family are buried in the same cemetery. 2. My French homework is buried somewhere under this pile of books. 1. The children like to dig in the sand. 2. The press have already started to dig. The view across the valley presented a constantly changing panorama. 1. contemporary art/music/literature/dance 2. Contemporary sources offer a very different interpretation. 1. Pro-independence demonstrations were ruthlessly suppressed. 2. It's bad to suppress your feelings. He had always been a faithful friend. He was depicted as a hero who died for his beliefs. The street broadened into a square. The scope of the book has been broadened to include the history of Eastern Europe. 1. The name Harry Potter will be familiar to many readers. 2. Don't be too familiar with the customers. The tribes were easily conquered by the Persian armies. The climbers later conquered six more peaks. They received information that the Americans were preparing to invade. Cannes was invaded this week by top names from the film industry. Extremist political parties gained 11% of the vote. 1. His troops overran two-thirds of the country.



Splendour Bury

'splend(r) 'ber

. 2


Dig constantly contemporary Suppress

dg 'knstntl kn'temprr s'pres

2 2 3 2

V Adv Adj V

Faithful Depict

'fefl d'pkt

1 2

Adj V

Broaden Familiar

'brdn f'ml(r)

1 3

V Adj

Conquer invade

'kk n'ved

1 1


Gain overrun autobiography Recall

gen vrn tba'grf r'kl

3 . . 3





Twenty years later he could still clearly recall the event. Stephen frowned, trying to recall what had happened. an entertaining and informative documentary



What really underlies most heart disease? The safety of children underlies all our decisions.


Efe Cevher (

asl nedeni olmak, -in temelini oluturmak. lie beneath / behind 1. etkilemek. Amaze, astonish, astound 2. on/upon aklna sokmak. 3. (damga) basmak. 1. arsa, parsel. 2. hikyenin konusu. 3. komplo, entrika, gizli plan 1. plann izmek; haritasn karmak. 2. komplo kurmak (bir yer iin) etraf, evre; varolar, d mahalleler. bilgili, zeki intelligent, well-informed, educated, erudite 1. yerinden karmak, yerini deitirmek. Relocate, shift, transfer 2. yerini almak 1. ihmal etmek, savsaklamak, bolamak. Ignore, overlook, disregard 2. bakmamak, aldrmamak 1. kay. Belt, leash, strip 2. (kadn elbisesini omuza tutturan) ask

Advanced New Words for DS



1. What impressed me was their ability to deal with any problem. 2. Experience in voluntary work will often impress a potential employer. 3. The two men are accused of a plot to bomb an American plane. 1. We plotted a course for one of the smaller islands. 2. He warned that they might be plotting a coup against the administration. Alberton is located in Johannesburg's eastern outskirts. He's extremely knowledgeable about business and finance. Investment in the nationalized industries has simply displaced private investment. The device displaces the air inside the container. 1. What do you think of a man who neglects his wife? 2. She had neglected to inform me that the company was having financial problems. 1. The bag was hanging on the chair by its strap. 2. a dress with thin shoulder straps





Outskirts Knowledgeable Displace

'atskrts 'nldbl ds'ples.

. . V

N Adj






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