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Title of the Project:



Objective of the project:

SSR is launched by ARMIET BATCH 2013-15. It is designed with the motive of doing things for others. Our current objective is to create awareness on saving and investment among student community by inducing the habit of their saving.

Literature Review on CSR:

Corporate initiative to assess and take responsibility for the company's effects on the environment and impact on social welfare. The term generally applies to company efforts that go beyond what may be required by regulators or environmental protection groups. Corporate social responsibility may also be referred to as "corporate citizenship" and can involve incurring short-term costs.

4. About IDFC and the making of ONE IDIOT as a concept:

IDFC, have been an integral part of the countrys development story since 1997, when the then Finance Minister Mr. P Chidambaram mooted the idea in the budget and IDFC was formed with the specific mandate to build the infrastructure of India. At IDFC, our commitment to building Indias infrastructure goes beyond business. We work closely with government entities and regulators to advise and assist them in formulating policy and regulatory frameworks that support private investment and public-private partnerships in infrastructure development. IDFC has been a socially responsible firm with varied initiatives, dealing with Capacity Building, Policy and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and are collectively administered under the rubric of the IDFC Foundation. The Foundation provides thought leadership and advocacy in areas of infrastructure policy and governance, with a thrust on sustainable infrastructure. It aims to stimulate thought and action for responsible development of infrastructure, in the context of environmental sustainability, as well as promote good governance and inclusive development. For the last 10 years the Foundation has been bringing out India Infrastructure Report (IIR) a thematic report on a key infra issue which carries views of experts. One Idiot is part of the IDFC Foundations commitment to educate the youth of India to be financially independent.
5. Idea about SSR and its objective:

An idea about SSR is to focus on creating awareness amongst youth about their responsibilities towards the society at large.

6. Our Team

Pooja Tiwari Samrudhi gadve Janhavi vanjari Lakhan gadve Sagar parad Siddhant jadhav Harshal shah Dhanesh patil

TP 112 GS 024 VJ 114 GL 023 PS 077 JS 037 SH 096 PD 080

7. Our Approach and Learning

We have approach MADHAVI COLLEGE OF ARTS, SCIENCE AND COMMERCE Since, the film was on Savings and Investment at an early age of life, we really enjoy the concept, thought and the way it was made to spread the message among the youth. Illustration and characters plays one of the best roll in the film. The language was lucid enough to understand to even common and ordinary person. This film shows some of the daily common examples, which shows how one can save small amount which grows in a multiple way in a couple of years of savings.
8. The College for SSR Team SSM College kalyan Regal College kalyan K.M.Agarwal College kalyan M.K College kalyan Madhavi College Dombivali Swami vivekanand College Dombivali Model College Dombivali Pendharkar College - Dombivali

9. Detail Analysis indicating contribution made towards spreading the message of one idiot

We work hard to approach this college as it was not easy to get but we made it till end and got the college. We have conducted 2 seminars in this college. The crowd over there was really nice and interactive. They love the movie and also love the message the ONE IDIOT movie spread.
10. Our Challenges and conclusion Our journey with SSR was good but still we faced some minor challenges like speaker were available, shortage of student, Traveling, handling students behavior. Many of the colleges principle were not permiting for seminar as they use to say its an promotional activity then also we try to convince them and were able to conduct a seminar. Hence after various barrier we later achieved success.

11. Special Thanks To, IDFC Foundation, Gupta sir, Nishant sir, Ajay sir, Nidhi Mam, Abhishek sir & team, Nikita Mam and all Teaching Faculty.