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by Ana Maria Na/gas

It's one of the simplest. but

most splendid examples of natural
technology. It's sleek but not slip-
pery. Rigid when necessary. but
economical in storage. It' s remark-
ably durable under demanding
conditions. and the object of artis-
tic. architectural, and religious glo-
rification. Ladies and gents.
introducing the most daunting few
inches of flesh in the_ animal king-
dom: The Penis.
The penis bears some resem-
blance to Japanese cars. It
requires little maintenance and
offers a moderately priced form of
entertainment. Over time, the inte-
rior may get a little frayed. the
horn may not toot quite as loudly.
but you know you can always
count on "old reliable."
ore r SexO I Problems?
And then. after a hard night of
driving. parking. driving again, the
unthinkable occurs. No matter
how hard it tries. the little engine
just can't get up the hill . The traffic
backs up behind. The other drivers
honk. You. the owner, are

which often precipitate perfor-
mance problems.
Keep in mind that most men
experience the occasional system
failure but it is really nothing to get
bent out of shape about. (Bad
choice of words, I
know.) On the
other hand. if you
repetitive mal-
functions you
should first consult
a doctor to get
your prostate and
pipes poked and
prodded. Rule
out the organic
You're gefflng sleeeepy, You're getting a hamd onnnnl
you've gotten a
clean (and
expensive) bill of
health, you can
proceed to con-
template life as a
betrayed and humiliated. You
reach for your hacksaw.
Relax. the car may be kaput.
but there is probably a less radical
solution to the problem of a pow-
erless penis. One which might
resolve t he immediate mechani-
cal failure. but also the underlying
conflicts. anxieties and stresses
monk. or. you
can seek out expert assistance in
shedding the emotional binds
which have enfeebled your sym-
bol of manly courage.
In an exclusive interview with
the Oyster. Denver hypnotherapist
Shannon Grigsby t ells us that her
work is almost t otally successful in
solving performance problems.
Shannon says that most sexual
problems for both men and
women come from the mind. "The
physical difficulty does come from
the subconscious mind.'' she notes.
"If your subconscious mind is
trained to behave in a certain .
manner each time. then that's .
what will happen each time."
Thus. asserts the attractive.
young therapist. a person enters a
vicious cycle when confronted
with a sexual problem. Anxiety
causes the problem. then the
problem produces more anxiety.
which compounds the problem.
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"Whether the person realizes it
or not. ff It happens once and they
ore scored. It wi happen again.
The thing you f eor the most will
come upcn you; It does happen
ago n. It's repetitious with these
people, and the more they try. the
harder they try. the further it gets
away from them. Then It's even
more difficult and complicated
and frus1roting for them.
Shannon bel eves tho o sexual
performance problem forms rst n
the subconscious Due to some
pnor abuse, deep-seated fear. or
bod experience. the subconscious
communicates Its anxiety and
mokes it difficult to perform nor-
molly. The problem Des no In your
penis. but In your mind.
The solution she otters Is to alter
the subconscious m nd by reciting
an hypnotic scr p .which pene-
trates and modifies the mind. A
script Is something you say In order
for the client to get where they
wont to be. It's Ii e sitting and talk-
ing to them. but actually ta Ing
while they are under hypnosis. It's
something you use to program the
subconscious m nd. It changes
the r behavioral patterns.
"So. in a certain instance. If a
cl ent gets angry every time some-
A Cure for Sexual Problems?
one says someth ng or does some-
th ng they don' like. we go in and
we reprogram the subconscious
m nd-whlch is onowed by the
client. We go ahead and make an
agreement between the con-
Shannon Grigsby Is a CfHtllfld
scious and subconscious m nd to
do the work.
"The next time the anger
comes around. or that circum-
stance comes around, Instead of
being angry there's something
else that we've pro rammed
them with; whatever they would
Ii e to do. If someone ploys guitar.
every time this happens they'll
ploy the guitar Instead of blowing
up and throwing things. We give
them a Post-hypnotic suggestion.
possibly touching their nose or tug-
ging the rear. so at any time after
hypnosis they may tug their ear or
touch their nose, and they will be
as relaxed as they were when they
were n my office.
Shannon soys that her therapy
Is a relatively quick and sure- re
cure for almost any sexual d cul-
"Whatever problem they
come In with. de 1nitety is resolved.
If it's a perf ormonce problem.
that's resolved. If It's on emotional
setback tho they're having. ha
becomes resolved. Women tho
hove problems enjoying them-
selves sexually can now enjoy
themselves. They feel wonderful.
"That goes wi h men too. There
are some men with emotional set-
bodcs. but most of them are
women. The men that hove either
premature ejaculation or In the
middle of sex they die away (they
get totally tu med off and just con 't
complete their actions) ... go
home and find tho they don't
have those problems anymore.
I'll hypnoffse your pants
oft/ From wet Kisses, o
Venus 99 Vlc:hx> pro-
fi Cure for Sexual Problems?
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They find that they ore able to
keep their erection for
however long It tokes
The key.she
repeats. is that the client
lets her reprogram the
subconscious mind so
that everything
will flow. It
will be
They will
not have
that "It doesn't
necessarily work
the first time.
Sometimes It t akes
up to four sessions.
Each session lasts one
She soys that after visiting her.
clients are happier. they're more
con ldent and they understand
the problem. And they understand
that they ore cured. They are able
otter hypnosis to put that behind
them. Instead of having problems.
they're enjoying. That's why they
come In. because they would like
t o enjoy themselves better.
Shannon says that
most of her clients
are business people.
"In a normal setting
you couldn't tell they
were suffering from a
problem. Most of
them are in the late
20s to their late 30s.
Shannon soys that most of her
clients are business people. 1n a
normal setting you couldn't tell
they were suffering from a prob-
lem. Most of them are in the lo e
20s to their late 30s. That's the age
when people ore settling down.
getting Into relationships. and they
want to perform well for their part-
ner. Most of them ore normal mid
die class people. Most of them ore
married or in o long-term relation-
Not surprisingty. there are differ-
ences between mole and female
cfients. Most of It Is rnQl'e emotional
tor women. Most women we find
have a rrttte bit more emotions with
their sexuality. A tot of women have
problems because of the emotion
Wrth either gender. though. she
soys It Is just o matter of choosing the
right hypnotic script. Everything Is
very positive. We do not put any-
thing negative Into the subcon-
scious mind. Therefore. it is
agreeable to them and It does
work. It must be ag eeable and posi-
lve to work.
Successfully resolving sexua
problems for clients is rewording to
Shannon. 1rs a good feeling to
know that you've helped someone.
and also he ped theil relationship.
Because (hypnotherapy) enhances
the relationship. it does help more
than just curing the problem. It helps
a lot of things In their environment.
They feel more confident about
themselves. especially when they' re
around their mote. They ore really
Shannon Grigsby Is o Cerf ied
Hypnotheropist. She may be
reached at Positive Changes. (303)