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20th Dec. - 16th Jan 2014


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On Tuesday December 10th the Cromer OAPS were entertained by Cromer VEO in the Parish Hall to an evening of fun and games.


Cllr Hilary Cox (on right above) & many others were on hand to provde lots of fun for all of the OAPs who came along to listen to the singers and to watch the dancers and enjoy their Christmas dinner.

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www.norfolk-cleaning-group. tel: 01692 407 690

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With Christmas just around the corner, in a few days time, may I thank everyone for their help in producing the CRAB TALES, and in particular these good folk who distribute it each fortnight. So thank you very much Cindy Johnson, your grandson Louis, Geoff & Dorothy and everyone else who helps me over the year. A special thanks must go to Paul Damen from Paston, who has not only helped me out with many of my problems with the computer but also provided me with many wonderful photographs, which include those in this issue. I am also indebted to my lovely wife Lis, who every fortnight, proof reads & sets out every edition of the paper. Thank you to everyone for all your valuable support. So while we are off in the USA, you lot should be sporting your smartest swimwear and taking a dip in the North Sea. You can be assured there is a prize involved, so you could have the chance of winning lunch somewhere very nice. See Page 7. It has been a good year producing the paper for you to enjoy, but with our trip out to the USA, we are taking a sort break so the next issue to come out is on the 17th January.

From The Editor

I would like apologise to Emma Vincent who placed an advert on our health page in the last edition. We got the phone number wrong so for those who has tried to call her please note that the correct number is: 07500 467 308. Also many apologies to all of the frustrated crab spotters as in the last issue he hid behind the ad but is back in this issue. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and New Year.

Enjoy Your Crab Tales

Philip Keddell 01263 726 831

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OR Drop off at: K Hardware, Church Street, CROMER

Congratulations to the planners & the emergency services for what seems to have been an exemplary operation to seek to contain the huge storm surge all around the north Norfolk coast on the 5th & 6th December. It is terrible of course that over a thousand people had their homes flooded - but that we managed to stave off loss of life, compared to similar major floods in the past, is a huge cause for relief. Now that we in Norfolk have survived this threat largely-intact, it is time to start planning for the next time, and the time after that. . . With this surge following hard on the heels of the terrible biggest-ever storm (with hurricane-force winds) in Scotland, it is clearer than ever that we are living in an age of extreme-weather events. We all know -- we all see, every month and every year now -- that our weather-patterns are not the same as they were; mostly, this is part of the effect of human-induced dangerous climate change. And our world-leading climate scientists here in East Anglia tell us that this climate chaos will be joined, over time, with an even more disturbing & systematic change: the gradual rise of sealevels, as the polar ice-caps wilt under the greenhouse effect. This makes it more critical than ever that we here in Norfolk do our bit to tackle the causes of this problem, as well as protecting ourselves against their effects.

Dear Editor,

We need to step up our efforts to reduce our greenhouse-gas emissions; with a massive programme of insulation for every house to reduce energy waste (& so to reduce bills, too); we need to increase our investment in renewable energy (notably, in offshore wind around our coast, but also in wave and 100%-reliable tidal energy, so far terribly neglected); we need to combine tidal & wave energy schemes innovatively with new floodprevention devices; and we need to stop building-projects in flood-plains. If we make these changes, which are Green Party policy, we will be helping to prevent sea-level-rise and so we will be helping to insulate ourselves in the best possible way, collectively, against the storms of the future. Yours Faithfully, Dr. Rupert Read, lead Green Party MEP candidate. Norwich

Dear Editor,

The Overstrand Gardening club held their Christmas party in the Overstrand parish hall, on December 2nd. It was a bring & share lunch with an excellent array of both savoury & sweet foods provided by the members. The cryptic clue quiz was organised by Mrs. L. Irving and a free raffle was provided by the club who also provided the wine and soft drinks.

Letter continued on Page 4

All material is strictly copyright. The views expressed in the CRAB TALES are not necessarily those of the publishers or the Editor. Material including letters may be edited. Layout & Design by Lis Keddell. Published by The CRAB TALES.

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Letter Continued From Page 3

Following the lunch Christmas carols were sung to the accompaniment of Mr. M. Storer. In closing the meeting, the chairman Dr. Gaston reminded the 40-members and guests of the next meeting in February with guest speaker, Charlotte Philcox whos subject will be Workers, Wellies and Wheelbarrows. He also thanked members of the parish council and members of the committee for helping to decorate the hall and organise the event. Overstrand Gardening Club.

Dear Philip,

As promised the photo of Susie Beighton and her lovely ladies from Rock Paper Scissors Hair Salon in Mundesley. As you well know, we are getting closer to my birthday. Every year there is a celebration in my honor and I think that this year the celebration will be repeated. During this time there are many people shopping for gifts, there are many radio announcements, TV commercials, and in every part of the world everyone is talking that my birthday is getting closer and closer. It is really very nice to know, that at least once a year, some people think of me. As you know, the celebration of my birthday began many years ago. At first people seemed to understand and be thankful of all that I did for them, but in these times, no one seems to know the reason for the celebration. Family and friends get together and have a lot of fun, but they dont know the meaning of the celebration. I remember that last year there was a great feast in my honor. The dinner table was full of delicious foods, pastries, fruits, assorted nuts and chocolates. The decorations were exquisite and there were many, many beautifully wrapped gifts. But, do you want to know something? I wasnt invited. I was the guest of honour & they didnt remember to send me an invitation. The party was for me, but when that great day came, I was left outside, they closed the door in my face .. and I wanted to be with them and share their table. In truth, that didnt surprise me because in the last few years all close their doors to me. Since I wasnt invited, I decided to enter the party without making any noise. I went in and stood in a corner. They were all drinking; there were some who were drunk and telling jokes and laughing at everything. They were having a grand time. To top it all, this big fat man all dressed in red with a long white beard entered the room yelling Ho-Ho-Ho! He seemed drunk. He sat on the sofa and all the children ran to him, saying: Santa Claus, Santa Claus as if the party were in his honor! At midnight everyone began to hug each other; I extended my arms waiting for someone to hug me and do you know no-one hugged me. Suddenly they all began to share gifts opening them one by one with great expectation.When all had been opened, I looked to see if, maybe, there was one for me. What would you feel if on your birthday everybody shared gifts and you did not get one? I then understood that I was unwanted at that party and quietly left. Every year it gets worse. People only remember the gifts, the parties, to eat and drink, and nobody remembers me. I would like this Christmas that you allow me to enter into your life. I would like that you recognize the fact that almost two thousand years ago I came to this world to give my life for you, on the cross, to save you. Today, I only want that you believe this with all

Dearest Friends,

your heart. I want to share something with you. As many didnt invite me to their party, I will have my own celebration, a grandiose party that no one has ever imagined, a spectacular party. Im still making the final arrangements. Today I am sending out many invitations and there is an invitation for you. I want to know if you wish to attend and I will make a reservation for you and write your name with golden letters in my great guest book. Only those on the guest list will be invited to the party. Those who dont answer the invite, will be left outside. Be prepared because when all is ready you will be part of my great party. See you soon. I Love you! Jesus

Dear Sir,

The girls held a raffle and wore their pyjamas all day to raise funds for the Mundesley Ambulance First Responders. To date they have raised in excess of 80! Susie & the girls are amazing, this is the 2nd year they have supported us and as we are a voluntary service, their contribution is invaluable. Mario is also available for First Aid Training and Defibrillator Familiarisation. Thank You Laura Stango, Secretary & Treasurer Mundesley & Roughton Ambulance First Responders

Dear Editor,
At present The Spirit of Coltishall Association is researching past members of staff who worked there during the War years, for articles for the Association newsletter, and are beginning with Betty Banan, nee Davies, who spent 4 years there. She met and married an American she met at a dance, and then left for the states where she still lives. As part of the story, we would like to contact any family that may still be in the area. It is all being done as a surprise for her and her fellow WRAFs but we understand she has two brothers, one living in Aylsham and one in Cromer. If anyone can help, please contact: The Spirit of Coltishall Association Chairman. David Welsh, 16 Hamlet Close, North Walsham or phone: 01692 405 800 Hazel Kingswood

Re : Coast hopper bus service. I wonder how many of the 545,523 passengers on the Coast Hopper Buses pay anything at all towards their fairs? I am very glad of this service as I have a sister living in Dersingham. Although I have a bus pass I would willingly pay 4.50 for the single ticket to Hunstanton. Surely something could be organised whereby bus pass holders using this very useful service could at least pay a reduced fare to help keep the service running all year round. In the summer most of the free passengers are visitors from other counties having a free lift towards the beautiful spots we keep we need to keep open. Its nice to have a bus pass but these buses dont run on fresh air air! Frances Day Cromer

Dear Philip,

Letters Continued on Page 18 Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS

Val & John Laker on behalf of East Anglian Air Ambulance would like to say a big thank you to everyone who made our E.A.A.A. dinner held at the Constantia Restaurant in East Runton on Thursday 21st. November so successful. Thank you to the media who advertised the event, Constantia staff, those who supplied raffle prizes & especially those who came to & supported the dinner. A big thanks also to Graham Jones who was our auctioneer for the evening. Everyone had an enjoyable time. East Anglian Air Ambulance was presented with a cheque for 400:00. Watch out for the announcement of our ninth dinner in 2014. Thanking You Val & John Laker, Cromer

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Hand in your Entry, with your name & where you found the cod and the page number please, to: K. Hardware in Cromer, or post it to: The CRABTALES 30 West St. Cromer. NR27 9DS before the next issue comes out. The first entry out of the hat wins ! Congratulations to Mrs Christine Hammond, from Eccles On Sea, who found the cod on Page 14 in Foxes Funerals advert & to Summer Bushell, aged 7, from East Runton, who spotted the Crab on Page 9 in the C-tec advert.


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Boxing Day Is The Day To Take A Dip

Whether you live here or are just visiting, what do you do on Boxing Day? The answer is very simple, you take a dip in the North Sea. Where is the North Sea?, I hear you ask. Answer: It is that tropical sea just north of us that is inviting every time you look at it. This year Huckleberries will offer The Best or Worst Dressed Swimmer in the Cromer Dip a lunch for two. Up to 12.00 can be spent in this lovely cafe in the town centre of Cromer for the winners. You will also appear in the Crab Tales and be judged by Dave Roberts (aka Hubba) At 11am The Mundesley Volunteer Inshore Lifeboat is doing their Boxing Day Dip and Refreshments will be served from 10.30 am. Come along and enjoy the fun in fancy dress if you like, there is a prize for the best adult & one for the best child. At the time of writing, Overstrand has not told us if they are having their Boxing Day Dip. Wherever you are, do get along to one of these Boxing Day Dips, they are always good fun and a great way to spend the day. Philip

Continued From Front Page

A great evening was had by over ninety souls who turned out to enjoy a really jolly good time. The evening was hosted by the Cromer VEO and their Chairman Tony Shipp MBE.

This event, which has been going on for many years now, always has numerous routines of songs and dances and also included the humour of Pat Nearney, who is always a delight to watch.

The young people from the Marlenes School of Dancing gave an excellent performance which was very much appreciated by all. PK

Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS


Wednesday 1st January

New Years Day Fireworks
From 5pm ~ Off Cromer Pier

tel: 01263 720 309 e-mail:

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The Manor Hotel will be Closed from Friday 27th Decenber until Sunday 5th January
For details Please Phone

Christmas Day Dinner Bookings & Boxing Day Lunches

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Thanks to Paul Damen for this photo of last years Fireworks

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No job too small, no job too far! We also hold a Waste Carriers Licence for all waste removal.
benevolent work of the Royal British Legion Womens Section. The Womens Section has been providing care and support for the ex-service community for over 85 years by means of their welfare work. They have an extensive welfare programme and give financial help to ex-servicewomen, the wives, widows, widowers of ex-service personnel and their children. Mundesley and District RBL Womens Section have their regular meetings with an interesting speaker on the third Wednesday of each month at 1.45pm in the Coronation Hall Mundesley, new members are always welcome, come along introduce yourself to the friendly ladies on the door & see for yourselves.


Brilliant. The annual Royal British Legion Christmas Fayre held on Saturday November 30th was set to break all records raising
money for such a great cause.

The Best Word To Describe This Event Was.. .....

The ladies from the Womens section of the Mundesley RBL do put a great deal of time and energy into everything they do in the village and always raise lots of money. Liz Winter said: The event was a fantastic success, the branch would like to thank all those who supported them and helped to raise so much. The money we raised at the Christmas Fayre will go towards the

One very jolly Daisy

Brian Wild In Santas Boots

By all accounts talking to the Chair (pictured above) Jenny Lambert, the organisation was set to exceed the record set last year, and in fact they raised an incredible 2,379.28p at this successful Chistmas Fayre which was packed out with enger shoppers from the moment they opened the doors of the Coronation Hall in Mundesley. I cant remember what we won on the tombola and /or bought from this event, but it was all great fun and worth while going to the end of our street. PK

Mummy Bear......
Below: Paul & Christine Damon

....Daddy bear and Baby bear were out picking flowers one Sunday morning when Daddy bear growls:

I'm hungry, lets go back home and have some porridge.

So off they all go, happy as can be. On arriving at their cottage Mummy bear disappears into the kitchen. Daddy bear sits at the table and sees that his bowl is empty. He slams his paw on the table and roars:

Who's been eating my porridge.

Who's been eating my porridge.

Baby bear see's his empty bowl, starts crying and says: Mummy bear comes in from the kitchen and says:

Above: Debbie pulling in the buyers

For goodness sake, I haven't made it yet!

Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS

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Strong Winds & Sea

I would like to thank Eduardo Garcia very much for sending us these photos of Mundesley, that high-light the damage caused by the recent strong and high tides we all experienced. These pictures are just a small example of the damage cause by the high seas and what they can do along our coast including Mundesley, Walcott and Cromer. This is all going to take months to repair for us to once again enjoy again this summer. Life goes on as do the Boxing Day Swims. PK


Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS

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07557 117 050


Many thanks to Paul Damen for these photographs below, marked with X which were taken in Walcott.

See page 18 for a report on the Repairs being undertaken of the Storm damage in Mundesley. Crab Tales: e-mail - - telephone: 01263 726 831


Welcome To Merry Mundesley

On the very same evening, at the very same time, both Mundesley & Cromer switched on their Christmas Lights. Try being in two places at once? Mundesley had what could only be referred to as a highly successful evening of fun & games.

Above Left: Nigel Holmes managed everything very well

Father Christmas AKA Arthur Adcock with two of his lovely Elfs to help to children. A highly popular and fun evening was had by all who turned out to enjoy their night on Saturday 7th December. PK

At The Same Time Of Day

So while Mundesley was enjoying their evening of fun, Cromer was turning their Christmas lights on.

Again with a very good turnout of jolly folks, who were enjoying themselves. As always it is great to see the cast of the Seaside Special being involved in this important event in the centre of Cromer. Thanks to Hubba for these photos. PK

Christmas Cheer On The Pier

The Producers Openwide Coastal devisor, choreographer & director Di Cooke and Musical director Nigel Hogg have created this superb production, with its new ideas that captures its audience living here and the visitors to Norfolk. The Christmas shows are always excellent, but maybe this one is The creme de la creme. Surely Christmas is the best time to indulge in live entertainment and this years offering from the whole cast was a kaleidoscope of fantastic costumes, dazzling dance routines, superbly stylish sets, cool performers and clever design and lighting. Ollie Day here for his 5th Christmas, as usual triumphantly succeeds, he has a presence on stage which engages you. He had the audience in tears of laughter, and as always a master of Ad-lib. He is joined by the lovely voices of our own Eddie Bushell & his companion soloist Jane Watkins. Comic and Illusionist Martyn James had a surprising twist to his act and his style had shades of Tommy Cooper typo fun. I loved him.

Our dancers were on and off stage continually - how many hours must it have taken to learn that little lot. The very handsome bunch were slick, lively, polished and energetic. We had the Cromer Youth Choir and Marlenes young students with a lively variety of costumes and routines and we all sighed a collective aah as they came on. All added a special something to the show. This performance made a large impact, a riot of twinkling lights - no less than 5 glitter balls. Britains Seaside Magic has not faded, non-stop singing, dancing humour & variety. It was fast moving, colourful and winged its way through different locations. A delightful evenings entertainment, why not treat yourself, a friend, relative, me, anyone to some tickets. It will make you all happy.

To book your tickets for the 2pm or 7pm show ring them on 01263 512 495 or go online: Happy Christmas Cindy Johnson I would like to thank Cindy for this review & also Bruce Stratton (above right) of CTIS who is the main man when it comes to promoting the Seaside Special Shows for Openwide. PK

Please Note

At the time of writing the Box Office, gift shop and Coffee Reef remain closed as they were hit the hardest by the storm surge. A temporary Box Office has been set up in the Pavilion Bar, but hopefully will be fully functional by the time you read this. If you have tickets for shows that have been cancelled please wait for the Box Office staff to contact you personally.


Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS

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With our additional provisions for the Community, we are able to take on more new clients. This includes new NHS customers of any age. We welcome all enquiries Contact the Reception on

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What sort of things should I be thinking about before I see my solicitor? By Kiri Nichols, Hayes + Storr, Sheringham Executors It is an important & fundamental part of making a Will to decide who you want to leave your assets to, but it is almost as important to decide who you want to put in charge of your estate before it passes to the beneficiaries. This needs to be someone you can trust, after all they will be holding your assets in trust during the administration period. You need to consider the possibility that your chosen executors might predecease you so it might also be worth thinking about an alternative. When appointing more than one executor it is also important to consider if those appointed are going to get along. They need to be able to work together & collaborate effectively to bring the administration of your estate to a satisfactory conclusion. Consider the following:Are my executors likely to be local? You might want to appoint a family member, but this is not so practical if that family member lives the other side of the country. Will my chosen executors thank me for the appointment? I think most people would think it an honour to be chosen as an executor and put in a position of trust but consider the person and their social circumstances. Do you think they are up to the job? It is sometimes complicated & stressful and some family situations are not easy to handle. In the absence of someone you are comfortable with you might consider appointing a solicitor. Legacies You might want to leave cash legacies to certain people such as your executors or friends who have been very good to you at a time of crisis etc. Consider the amount of the legacy in relation to the value of your estate. If your estate is worth 20,000 and you give a cash legacy of 10,000 your residuary beneficiary is only going to receive 10,000, & maybe less than that after administration expenses are taken into account.. Consider also how your estate value may rise or fall over the years. If you made your Will in 2003 when your estate was worth 20,000 it could have fallen to 10,000 in 2013. This would mean that the legacy would pay out & your residuary beneficiary would get nothing as legacies pay out first. Bequests If you want to leave your niece the painting that was given to you by your grandmother you must clearly describe it. If you say the painting hanging in the lounge and upon your death there are four which one is it? The more detail you give your executors the more likely they are going to be able to identify which painting you would like them to hand over to your niece. Residuary Estate The subject of the gift of your residuary estate

I Need To Make A Will

requires an article all of its own. However, consider such things as accurately recording full names & contact information. What should happen if one of your beneficiaries were to predecease you? Would you want their children to inherit in their place or would you rather their share go to other beneficiaries? Burial or Cremation Some people like to put a note in their Will as to whether they wish to be buried or cremated. You may have previously discussed this with your family and loved ones but, if not, your Will is the first place to look. These are just some points you might consider before seeing your solicitor. All details of the contents of your Will will be considered when you meet but the above might provoke some thoughts you may not have considered before. As part of the discussions, it might then become apparent that you need Inheritance Tax advice, or to consider the implications if you end up going into care. Also, nearly all of the clients I have seen over the years to make a Will have said something along the lines of that wasnt nearly as bad as I thought it might be. Dont put it off. You are making a decision about your entire estate - everything you own. Do you really want to leave it to chance? What are known as the Intestacy Rules govern who gets what if you die without making a Will. If you are unmarried but living together, there is no such thing as the common law partner so that, other than some assets in joint names, your partner is entitled to nothing and will have to sue your estate for support. The only people who do well out of that situation are the lawyers! This article aims to supply general information, but it is not intended to constitute advice. Every effort is made to ensure that the law referred to is correct at the date of publication and to avoid any statement which may mislead. However no duty of care is assumed to any person and no liability is accepted for any omission or inaccuracy. Always seek our specific advice If you require advice on this matter please contact Kiri at our Sheringham office on 01263 825 959 or email:


Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS

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Long Acting Reversible Contraception Three Men.......

Most people are familiar with traditional methods of contraception such as the Pill, condoms, diaphragm and male and female sterilization. There is another group of contraceptive options which may be less well known which are very effective and user friendly. These are the intrauterine system (IUS or Mirena) intrauterine device (IUD), the implant (Nexplanon), & the injection (Depo Provera or Syana Press). These are called LARC (long acting reversible contraception). The IUS is a small plastic device containing a small amount of the hormone progesterone which is placed in the uterus (womb) by a doctor or nurse. It provides contraception and lighter periods for up to 5 years or even longer in women aged over 45 years.This can also be used as one half of HRT (hormone replacement therapy). The IUD is a small copper-containing device, again placed inside the womb for up to 3 or 5 years to provide contraception. The implant is a matchstick sized device placed just under the skin in the underside of the upper arm by a doctor or nurse using a small local anaesthetic injection for the insertion. This provides contraception for up to 3 years and is especially suitable for teenagers. The injection (Depo Provera) is a three monthly injectable hormone (progesterone) administered into the buttock muscle by a nurse. It is suitable for women aged between 18 and 40 years. Syana Press is a new injectable contraceptive, which is given subcutaneously (just under the skin) and has future potential as a self-injected contraceptive. Research is continuing and progressing in the search for a reversible male contraceptive. Leaflets are available at GP surgeries about all of the above contraceptive options and many GP surgeries offer IUS, IUD and implant fittings in addition to injectable & more conventional contraceptive choices.

........of Western European persuasion, die on Christmas Eve. When they reach the Pearly Gates, St Peter says: Right lads, as its Christmas you have to show something that is relative to the festive season to be allowed through. One of the men, who was from England flicks his lighter and says: This is a candle! In you gosays St Peter. The next man was from Scotland and he pulls out a bunch of keys and rattles them. These are bells!. In you gosays St Peter. The third man, who was not from either place mentioned thus far, pulls out a pair of ladies panties....! St Peter looks perplexed...? The man says These are Carols! Merry Christmas everyone. Russell Yeomans

Dr Catherine Ashworth, BM Dip Obs, MRCGP Mundesley Medical Centre This article aims to supply information of a general nature and cannot substitute for the advice of a medical professional. The article is not intended to diagnose health problems or to take the place of professional medical care. If you have any concerns, consult your own doctor. Every effort is made to ensure that the information provided is accurate and correct at the date of publication. No liability is accepted for any omission or inaccuracy.


For Mundesley Add 15 minutes

TIDES for Cromer

20th Dec. 2013 - 17th Jan. 2014

Care UK are holding IMMEDIATE LOCAL INTERVIEWS for Community Care Workers. We are eager to speak to people who can work in Cromer and all surrounding areas. We require daytime, evening and weekend care workers that can drive and have their own vehicle. We have Full and Part-time vacancies available for those WITH or WITHOUT previous care experience. There are many benefits of working for one of the largest care providers in the UK including: Up to 28 days paid holiday (inc. bank holidays) Weekly pay and paid mileage Childcare vouchers Full, free ongoing training Free uniform Excellent career development opportunities

23 Church Street, Cromer 01603 736 238
Back & sciatic pain Neck & shoulder pain Trapped nerves Sports injuries Babies to adults treated Migraines Arm, leg & hand pain Barbara Shearing Hip, knee & foot pain BSc (hons) Ost GOC Registered Jeanette Robson Fully Insured M.Ost

To apply: Call the recruitment team on: 0333 321 8854 or you can meet Jo Kendrick at The Fishing Boat every Monday between 11am and 12pm.

Visit for current Weather & Tides

Crab Tales: e-mail - - telephone: 01263 726 831


Brians Handyman Services

Painting & Decorating / Tiling / Woodwork / Assembling Flat Packs Odd Jobs etc / Putting Up Shelves / Curtain Poles & Pictures Small Electrical / Changing Light Switches, Sockets & Fittings Clearing & Repairing Gutters / Small Plumbing Work Fencing & Gatework & Lots More.

Home Mobile 24 HOUR CALL OUT Email:



NO JOB TOO SMALL. NO OBLIGATION. FREE ESTIMATES. Call Brian Anytime : 01263 512 644

01263 588 488

07747 444 976

Mob 07789 634 817

TEL: 01263 732 653

What, When & Where

Bridge Club 7pm Fri 7.15pm t: 761 308 Broadland Juniors Chess. 8.30am term-time Sat. t: 735 740 Country Market each Friday 8.50-noon Cricket Club indoor Sun 3-5pm t: 510 102 Evening WI 7.30pm 1st Thurs Town Hall. Extend Over 60s Exercise Fridays Jubilee Family Centre t: 01692 407 851 Farmers Market 9am-1pm 1st & 3rd Sat Market Place F.I.T. group 2nd & 4th Weds t: 731 177 Flower Club 2nd Wed 7.30pm Town Hall Fitness Yoga/Pilates Tues & Thurs Friendship Hall t: 01692 538 569 Gym Club Fri 5pm. High School t: 576 609 Lammas KC Lodge ROAB Tues 8.15pm Sutton School Of Dance, Mill Row. Monday Stall Parish Church 8.30-noon N. N. Mental Health Users & Carers Forum 2nd Weds of month The Jubilee Centre 1- 3.30pm usually with Guest speakers on subjects relevant to mental health care & wellbeing. RBL (Womens) 1st Mon Salvation Army Hall t: 734 091 N.N. Speakers Club 7pm alt.Wed High School t: 01692 402 662 Scalextric Club Presto Park Weds 7.15-9.45 pm. t: 01603 754 319 Quaker Meetings Sun 10.30am Peggs Yard Yoga Tues 7.30pm Peggs Yard. t: 732 426

All Phone tel nos. are code 01263, unless otherwise stated.


Overstrand continued

Gardening Club 2.30pm 1st Tues Parish Hall t: 576 437 Carpet Bowls 2.30pm Thurs. Parish Hall t: 833 369 Railway Quilters & Craft Group 2nd & 4th Tues.10-12 Parish Hall t: 576 986 Strand Club 2nd Weds 2.30pm Methodist Church t: 578 250 W.I. 3rd Wed 7.30pm Parish Hall t: 834 242

Sheringham continued

Sheringham Voyager 2pm 1st & 3rd Thurs Community Centre t: 01692 500 550 Sheringham Youth Choir 11-18yrs.Weds 7pm (term time) Baptist Church Bingo 7.30pm Sun & Mon Bernies Social Club East Runton N.N. Chess Club Fri 7.30pm. W. Runton Social Club t: 823 814 Philatelic Society 2nd Mon of month 7.30pm West Runton Church Hall. Cromer & Sheringham Probus Club 12.30pm 1st Tues, Links Hotel t:824 306 Rotary Club Weds 6pm except 5th Weds Dormy House W.Runton, t: 578 194 Sequence Dancing Mon 7.30-10pm E. Runton Village Hall.t:01692 403 071 West Runton Scouts info : 712 288 W.I. 2.15pm 2nd Wed. West Runton Church Hall

The Runtons


Bowls Pavilion Bingo: Sun 7.30pm, Whist Drive: Tues, Wed & Fri 1.45pm t: 721 815 Carpet Bowls Mon 1.30pm Coronation Hall t: 722 054 Community Choir Tues 7.30pm Methodist Church t: 722 022 Free Church Sun Services11am, 6.30pm Library Mon & Sat:10-1pm,Tues 2-5.30pm Fri 10-1pm & 2-6.30pm t: 720 702 Luncheon Club for over 60s & disabled. Mon & Thurs 12-2pm Free Church t :721 984 MADRA t: 07734 689 978 Methodist Church Sun worship 10.30am RBL 4th Weds Haig Club. t: 722 238 RBL Womens 3rd Weds 1.45pm Coronation Hall t:721 021 Scrabble Club Fridays t: 720 659 Village Cinema 7.30pm Coronation Hall 2nd Tues Info: W.I. 2nd Mon 7pm Church Rooms t: 834 368

Coffee Morning 3rd Weds 10.30am Pilgrim Shelter Poppyland Club (Ladies) 2nd Weds 2.30pm. Pilgrim Shelter Slimming Club Tues 1.45pm Pilgrim Shelter t: 579 797 Table Top Sale 1st Sun 8.30am Pilgrim Shelter t: 834 965 Whist 1.45pm Mon & Thurs. Pilgrim Shelter. All levels welcome.t: Liz 834 965 Antingham & Southrepps Playgroup t: 834 148 Badminton Thurs. Gresham Village Hall t: 07917 596 797 Beachcombers Dining Club 1st Mon 7pm: The Feathers Hotel, Holt. Speakers alt months. t: Hazel 838 566 Cash Bingo Tues 8pm Aldborough community centre. Cantamus Choir 7.30pm Thurs. Southrepps Church. t: 07785 782 498. Crazee Kidz Club 7pm 2nd & 4th Fri. term time. Roughton Village Hall 7-16yrs. t:768 138 Cromer & Sheringham Brass Band 7.45pm Thurs Upper Sheringham Village Hall t:733 638 Cromer Air Rifle Club 9am -noon Sundays Nr Sheringham. t: 570 223 Extend exercise for over 60s Mon 2.30pm Northrepps Village Hall t:768 159 Fit Together Health Walks Info 07766 259 999 Fit Together Tea Dance Tues 2-4pm Briston Copeman Centre - 2 Info: 07766 259 999 Greenfingers Gardening Club 7.30pm 1st Thurs Jubilee Hall, Banningham t: 761 620 / 768 004 Gym Club Thurs 5-8pm Northrepps Village Hall t: 576 609 Horsham St. Faith 4th Sun traditional Catholic Latin Mass Mission Room, opp. Church t: 01603 788 873 Knapton Ladies Club 3rd Mon 7.30pm Village Hall t:720 908. 1st Tues Womens Own Methodist Church t: 721 439 MS Group Mon 10 - 2pm Southrepps Village Hall t: 823 392 Nordic Walking Tues & Thurs 11am t: 07825 773 368 Norfolk Submariners 1st Wed 12noon Kings Head, Horsham St Faith t: 511 758 N. Walsham Cage Bird Club 8pm 3rd Tues Felmingham Village Hall. t: 01692 404 750 Northrepps Pre-School Mon-Fri Term-time t:579 396 Northrepps R.B.L. 1st Mon. 2nd.Mon. BHs. 7.30pm. Northrepps Cottage t: 579 633. NN Amateur Radio Group Wed & Thur 10-4 Muckleburgh t: 821 936 Nth Norfolk Model Engineering Club 1st Fri 7.30pm High Kelling Social Centre Prize Bingo 7.30pm 1st & 3rd Fri Gimingham Village Hall Roughton Under 5s Playgroup t: 07553 456 083 Seniors Swimming Club Mon & Weds am, Fri pm. Greshams Swimming Pool, Holt. t: 711 123 Suffield Park Bowls Club. Whist Drives Tues 2.15pm. Fri twice monthly 7.30pm. Tuesday Friends meet weekly 2-4pm Gimingham Village Hall. t: 720 874 Trunch Bumbles Pre-school t: 720 931 Trunch Friends 2nd Tues 2pm Trunch Village Hall t:721 570 Trunch Methodist Church 1st Sun 10am Coffee Morning Cakes bric-a-brac etc. Free admission. t: 720 145 Weybourne Folk Club 3rd Sun 3-6pm Maltings Hotel, Weybourne.t:588 781

Age Concern Fri 10am The Cottage. Aqua Therapy Classes Mon 11-12am Wed 7-8pm Country Club t: 501 914 Air Training Corps. 7pm Mon & Thurs, High School t: 515 452 Baptist Church 1st & 3rd Sat Coffee morning t: 576 524 Bridge (Duplicate) Mon 7pm t: 822 778 C.A.B. Appointments: t : 01692 405 847 Chesterfield Hall Mon 10am Parent & Toddlers. Sun 11.45am Family Service & Childrens Club Christian Fellowship Sun 10.30am former Gospel Hall t: 838 180 Cromer Chamber Orchestra 7pm Mons ( term time) High school t: 511 600 Cromer Forum 1st Tues 7.30pm Methodist Church New Hall t: 515138 Diabetes UK 4thThurs 7.30pm Methodist Church Hall. t: 01692 405 492 Elderberries Badminton & Short Mat Bowls 3-5pm Mon & Fri. t: 519 030 Flower Club 7.30pm 3rd Mon Junior School. t: 513 408 Folk Dance Club 7.30pm Tues Community Hall t: 578 224 Garden Society 7.30pm 3rd Thurs Community Hall t: 511 211 Hockey Club Mon under16s & under13s 6.30pm Adults 7.15pm Sports Centre Korean Martial Arts t: 07765 282 981 Lip reading classes Thurs 10 - 12noon Methodist Church Rooms t: 0344 800 8002. NHS Retirement Fellowship 3rd Weds 2.30-4pm Cromer Hospital. t: 510 002 N & N Assoc.for Blind 9.30-1pm Tues Merchants Place. N.N. Mencap Society Thurs 1pm Merchants Pl. t: 578 116 Parkinsons Disease Society 10.30am 2nd Wed of month St. John Hall, Bond St. R.E.M.E. 2pm. 1st Wed Halsey House t: 825 101 RBL 7.30pm 1st Wed The Cottage RBL Womens Section 2.30pm 1st Thurs Royal Naval Assoc. 1st Friday 7.45pm (Summer) 12.30pm (Winter)Halsey House. ROAB Wed 8.15pm The Cottage. Singing Group Thurs 10.30am. Community Centre. t: 570 117 St John Ambulance Adults Tues 7.30pm Cadets Tues 5.45pm St John Hall, Bond St. Sea Scouts Overstrand Rd info t: 514 562 Tabletop / Craft Sale 9am-3pm St.John Hall, Bond St. Last Fri. t: 513 115 or 07905 941 451 Taekwondo Sports Centre. t: 711 824 Tennis Club Sun, Weds & Fri t:513 741 The One Oclock Club over 60s.1-2pm Thurs. Barkers Herne. W.I. 2nd Thurs 2.30 pm, Garden St. Acorns Parent & Toddler Group 1.30 -3pm Thurs (term-time) Belfry School. t: 579 275.

North Walsham

Animal Magic Dog Club t: Kathy 720 730 Bipolar Self Help Group 3rd Thurs 2pm Saddlers Shop t: 0854 434 9872 Charity Bingo Weds 8pm Community Centre. t: 01692 407 214 Chess Club 7.30 Mon. Orchard Garden Pub. All abilities. t: 01692 404 649 Extend Over 60s Exercise Mon. Methodist Church Hall t: 01692 407 851 Hockey Club Under 11s. Fri 5-6pm Sports Centre t: 01692 404 624 Lions Club 7.30pm 1st Mon. Community Centre. t: 01692 400 702 N.N. Speakers Club 7pm alt. Weds. High School t: Gillian :01692 650 250 Parkinson Support Group 2nd Tues 10:30am Sacred Heart Church Hall. t:01692 406 486 Quaker Meetings Sun 10.30am Meeting House, Mundesley Rd. near Swafield. RAFA 7.30pm First Tues. Bluebell Inn Reading 4 U 3rd Wed 9.45am St.Johns Hall t: 768 164 The Wheel of Light 1st Thurs 7.30pm Orchard Gardens Pub. t: 721 484 Walsham Writers Group : Weavers Morris Dancers Wed 7.45pm St Nicholas Room t: 01692 404 447





Alcoholics Anonymous Sun 3pm St Josephs Church Beetle Drive 3rd Tues 7.30 pm St. Josephs Church Bridge :The Morley. Duplicate pairs Thurs 7pm Beginners Fri 2pm t: 822 087 CAB. YESU,Thurs 10-2pm t: 01692 402 570 Chess All ages & abilities t: 01692 404 649 Country Market 1st & 3rd Thurs St John Hall Evening W.I. 2nd Mon. St. Josephs Church Hall t: 823 889 Flower Club 1st Thurs 7pm St.Andrews Church t: 825 059 Gingerbread Fri pm. Friends Meeting House t: 0785 9364 702 Harry Upcher Lodge ROAB Mon 8.15pm Tyneside Club. Hearing Aid Clinic 10-12pm 1st Mon. Age Concern. Ladies Fellowship 7.30pm 2nd Tues Salvation Army. Lip reading classes Thurs 1.30 - 3.30pm Health Centre t: 0344 800 8002 MS meetings 7-9pm 1st & 3rd Wed. Robin Hood Pub, t: 823 392 Morris Dancing. Oddfellows Hall. Weds 7.30pm t: 837 693 N.Norfolk Model Group 8pm last Fri St Johns Hall t: 514 059 Old Shannocks 2.15pm last Wed Community Rooms. Quaker Meetings Sun 10.30am Cremer St. R.A.F.A. 4th Tues of month. t: 837 229 Saturday Super Sale First Sat 9-11am. Salvation Army Hall. Sheringham & Cromer Lions Club 2nd & 4th Tuesday. The Morley Club. New members welcome. t: 821 276 Sheringham Singers Ladies Choir Tue 2-4pm Friends Meeting Hse, Cremer St. t: 768 126

Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS

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Painting & Decorating Grass Cutting & Gardening Fencing & Shed Repairs

A J B Builders
All types of Building work undertaken.
Plastering, Roofing, Brickwork, Installations, Damp Proofing & Timber Protection work. 35 years experience.

Reliable, friendly, efficient service in the comfort of your own home.

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All Odd Jobs Large & Small Fast & Friendly Service

Silver Surfers Computer Services

Troubleshooting Lost Data Recovery Upgrades Free Advice Tuition

Andrew Benn 01263 761 133

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Special Events
Monday 23rd December from 6pm : The Grove Hotel, Cromer Lighting The Christmas Tree ~ accompanied by carols sung by all those attending. The Grove will supply festive food & drinks. All donations will be given to the RNLI. Bring all the family - all ages welcome - please come along and enjoy yourself. Wednesday 25th December 12.30 for 1pm: Church Rooms, Mundesley Christmas Day Lunch ~ for those folk in the village who are lonely & would like to come along & have a good time. To book tel: Mike Mardon on: 720 852 or e-mail: Thursday 26th December 11am : from the Boat House, Beach Rd, Mundesley Mundesley Inshore Lifeboat ~ Boxing Day Dip. Refreshments will be served from 10.30 am. Come along to enjoy the fun in fancy dress - there is a prize for the best adult & one for the best child. Sunday 5th January 1.30pm : The Goat Inn, Skeyton Jazzy New Year at the Goat ~ The Norfolk Dixieland Jazz Band. Admission free but to book a table for lunch Tel: 01692 538 600. Tuesday 7th January 10am-12noon: Merchants Place, Cromer The Keeping Abreast Group ~ Coffee & Chat Drop in Session. Find out more about Breast Reconstruction following Breast Cancer. Volunteers who have had breast reconstruction offer support, info & chat about reconstruction in an informal & relaxed atmosphere.


We offer pre-packed Coal including smokeless.
Also Logs, Kindling & Firelighters from our yard in Jubilee Close Erpingham


Tel: 01263 761 359

01328 779 134

Wednesday 15th January 7pm: Suffield Park Bowls Club. Cromer The Cromer Society ~ Recorded Music Session: Face the Music presented by Philip Sapwell Saturday 18th January 2 - 4pm : Cromer Library Seal & Bird Rescue Trust ~ Birds & reptiles in the library. (all ages) Thursday 23rd January 7pm: Suffield Park Bowls Club. Cromer The Cromer Society ~ Illustrated Talk: It seemed like a good idea...? Presented by Bill Day. Wednseday 29th January 7pm: Suffield Park Bowls Club. Cromer The Cromer Society ~ Recorded Music Session: Father Son & Alleged Saboteur Presented by John Rattle.

High Quality Work, Friendly Professional Service All Aspects of internal & external plastering & rendering, new builds, renovations and period restoration work. GREG STEVENSON Tel: 01263 834 572 Mob: 07867 777 938 Email:



All Saints Church Event

Soup & Pudding Mornings
The Church Rooms Mundesley opposite All Saints Church. A soup and pudding morning will be held from 12 noon onwards on the last Friday of the month commencing Friday 31st January. There will be Light music and a raffle during every soup & pudding morning Come and enjoy.


24 West Street Cromer 01263 512 275
The Best Pub in Town Stylish En-Suite rooms available. Free Wi. Lovely home-cooked meals available All Week.

Reaching Out
Visiting Team
Tuesday 14th January 7.30pm Cornation Hall Mundesley Tickets 4 ~ Doors open 7pm Refreshments available A local radio station in Norwich, has been bought out by a multi-national with staff members facing redundancies. DJ Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan) is unconcerned. But Pat Farrell (Colm Meaney) fears for his job, pleads with Alan to gatecrash a board meeting to persuade the new owners not to get rid of him Filmed locally. Wednesday 15th January 10-10.30am: The Cottage Louden Rd, Cromer. The Cromer Society ~ Extended Lecture Course Enrolment ~ Beyond the Potting Shed A Social History of the English Kitchen Garden presented by Charlotte Philcox. Lecture starts at 10.30am. Do you know of anyone in the Trunch area who would value a visit? A team of volunteers from the churches of the Trunch Group are happy to call on anyone who might: have just returned home from hospital be housebound or feel isolated have newly moved into the area If you would like someone to call either for yourself or someone you know please contact Betty on

079 606 17172

or via: by NOON Weds 8th January 2014

We CANNOT accept details or corrections to Special or Regular Events over the phone. Please post CONCISE copy to LIS at 30 West St. Cromer. NR27 9DS or e-mail :


Saturday 21st December : 9pm Music by Catch 22 Sunday 22nd December : 8pm Grumpys World Famous Festive Quiz New Years Eve : 9pm The Brilliant Pyevarotti Sunday 12th January : 8pm Grumpys World Famous Christmas Quiz Sunday Lunches ~ 12noon - 4pm Voted one of the Best Lunches in Cromer Lunchtime Specials
Tuesdays - Fridays ~ 12 - 2.30pm Booking advisable

BBC Sport Now Available 17

Crab Tales: e-mail - - telephone: 01263 726 831

Letters Continued From Page 4

Dear Editor,
The storm surge on the 6th December has caused some damage to beach access ramps and sea defences throughout the district. Overall the coast defence assets performed well however sadly significant damage has occurred to many coastal assets. The Mundesley Vale Road beach access ramp & associated cliff areas have been damaged and the ramp will remain closed for vehicles and pedestrians until repairs can be made. The ramp is essential for access onto the beach for works associated with the sea defences and for emergency purposes. Therefore N. Norfolk District Council will start work on Mon. 16th December to stabilise the ramp. During works there will be aggregate vehicles accessing the ramp via the track from the highway, we are sorry if this causes any inconvenience to the residents but work will cease over the Christmas period. Work has already begun on the Mundesley sea promenade and access slopes to clear debris from the promenade/beach and temporary handrails will be put into place. It is intended that most of the prom will be accessible before Christmas, however small sections will remain closed until work can recommence in the new year. Yours Faithfully, Rob Goodliffe ACMI

Dear Editor,

Many of your readers will no doubt enjoy having a celebration drink with family and friends on Christmas Day When it is time to return home, even if its only a short distance, please dont take a chance and drive, risking an accident or a conviction, which could result in regrets haunting you for the rest of your life. Elite Taxis of Cromer will have a driver on duty from 10am Christmas Day until Midnight. To make a booking phone 01263 511 749. Brian Allright Office Manager. Firstly - IT WAS NOT ME! I just thought Id get that out of the way before I started, as rumour on this mornings nasal telegraph has confused me with another dog of the same shortened name. I was out sniffing the news earlier, with my master in toe, & found that my name had been wilfully linked with the huge pile of poop that one of our less respectable fellows had left by the bus stop in Mundesley. I worry for his digestive system. Just what are they feeding him? Unlike humans, you will yourself have sniffed the offending rear and have it in your memory banks, therefore know exactly who dumped it there. So Oscar, as you have close contact with the editorial staff at Crab Tales (Master Philip) I hope that you can correct the misconception. My master & I are respectable citizens who have a routine when out on a poop walk. He knows the signals I give him. Normally a sideways slightly pained look followed by a sort of quiet woof, wooofe-ooff. His black plastic poopy bag is produced almost by telepathy. Please would you inform all other masters via the Crab publication that this is against all our rules and it was indeed NOT ME. The culprits extended name will be published on the nasal news of the village at all the regular sniffing stations in the next few days. Also his heels will be nipped by those of us who see him. Your friend on walkies. Sabre Abercrombie Mason (Dictated via Nexus 7 + Google Translate into Canine/Human/English)

Woof Dear Oscar.

Dear Philip,

The Poppy Appeal collections have been extraordinary for Mundesley and District. 3109.79 was raised by our street, door to door and business collectors. I have to say a huge thank you to all donaters and the collectors who have achieved this amount, I am proud of you. Thank you also to the Mundesley, Paston, Knapton, Trunch & Gimingham P.C.Cs for their church collections totalling 577,22 for The Poppy Appeal. With wreath and other donations a total of 4149 has been sent to The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. Best wishes Derek Sidaway
ALBY Service Station, Alby Horse Shoes Inn ALDBOROUGH Spar Shop AYLMERTON Service Station AYLSHAM Aylsham Garden Centre, Budgens, Somerfield, Tourist Info Centre BACTON Bacton Fish & Chip Shop. BANNINGHAM The Crown Pub / Post Office BEESTON REGIS Metal Mend, Mini Market BODHAM Post Office COLBY, SUFFIELD & TUTTINGTON Churches CROMER Budgens, Council Offices, Country Club, Library, Rainbow, Crossways,Tourist Info Centre, Food Fare, Icarus Hines, K Hardware, Mill Rd Post Office, Morrisons, Mary Janes Fishn Chips, Morrisons, N & P, Spar shop, Cliff Rd, White Horse + 1,000 delivered in Town Centre. EAST RUNTON East Runton Cafe, East Runton Stores. INGWORTH Church GIMINGHAM Heather Lee GRESHAM @ John Stibbons, Langdale ITTERINGHAM Village Shop/ Withers Gallery KNAPTON Elephant Playbarn, Church Porch & MADRA LITTLE BARNINGHAM Village Hall MUNDESLEY Crayford & Abbs, Country Pickings, Mace, Manor House, Rushes Newsagents,Tourist Info Centre The Spar Shop & The Library. NORTH WALSHAM Sainsburys, Waitrose NORTHREPPS Foundry Arms OVERSTRAND Post Office,Central Stores, Overstrand Garden Centre ROUGHTON Jet / Post Office & Groveland SHERINGHAM Budgens, CAS Travel, Crown Inn, Library, Whistlestops, Poppy Line Railway Station, Tyneside Club.

A Norfolk couple who travelled 4,000 miles around the coast in a camper van to raise funds for the RNLI returned to where their adventure first began when they meet the crew of Cromer RNLI Lifeboat Station on 1st December. Sue and Mick Crick, who hail from Holt spent more than 12 weeks travelling around the coast of England in 2013, visiting more than 70 lifeboat stations along the way. The couple also took their Labrador, Nell, along for the ride which started in Cromer on 24th March and finished at the same station on 1st July. The couple were inspired to do the trip by their many happy memories of their visits to lifeboat stations in the past. They carried RNLI buckets and had official stickers in the van to let people know about their challenge and were delighted to find that money was donated by people they met on campsites as well as when they stopped. So far they have raised approximately 1200. They left Cromer RNLI station to travel along the coast road and by the time they had reached Aldeburgh RNLI Lifeboat Station in Suffolk, it was snowing. Sue said:There was snow on the beach, it was so cold and once the temperature in the campervan was -7 degrees, but we were determined to continue. However they persevered with their challenge of visiting as many lifeboat stations as they could. They tried to visit all the larger stations which were manned and were made extremely welcome by the any of the RNLI family that they met. Nell the Labrador, enjoyed all the doggy treats that were available during the station visits. All the East Coast RNLI stations are relatively easy to get too, but as Sue and Mick travelled further south & then west, the challenge became harder as some roads were not really accessible to a camper van. Mick said that the visit to Penlee RNLI was very memorable as they were invited to take part in a remembrance service to the brave RNLI volunteers who lost their lives. Sue said:We had an amazing time before returning to RNLI Cromer on 1 July 2013. Whilst on our journey we took lots of photos etc and are willing to give talks to any groups who would be interested, for a donation to the RNLI They can be contacted by email on:

Raising Money For Cromer RNLI


SIDESTRAND Mrs Taylor, Rocket Cottage SOUTHREPPS Mace Shop, Vernon Arms SUSTEAD from Mrs Jubb, Pear Tree Cottage THORPE MARKET Church TRIMINGHAM Woodlands Park & Church Porch TRUNCH Corner Shop WEST BECKHAM Wheatsheaf Public House WEST RUNTON Spar P.O shop

Ones Stock

On 6th December Icarus Hines of both Cromer and Sheringham attended the Christmas Sale Beef Sale at H G Blake Ltd in Costessey and purchased four beef carcasses for his Merry Christmas clients.


These carcesses came with their rosettes (pictured above) as, all of them were prize winning bullocks.



Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS

Motorcycle MOT Testing


Motor Engineers
MOT - Cars and Vans Service and Repairs
Body Repairs and Welding

Christmas at
Mon - Sat 9am - 4.30pm Sun : 10am - 4pm tel: 01263 579 485


Tyres, Batteries etc.

10 Cromer Road Overstrand

NR27 0NX

Tel 01263 579 253


Cut. Potted and for the Gardener Pot grown **** **** Planted Handmade Arrangements Christmas Wreaths **** **** Discounted Pet Decorations & & Lights Wild Bird feeds GARDENERS RETREAT TEA ROOMS
Christmas Specials ~ 2 courses 13.95 ~ 3 courses 17.95
Booking Advisable. Please call 01263 576 009

Gift Ideas

Christmas Trees

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to treat myself to a brand new toy, in the form of an iPad. This is a computer that appears to do everything I ask it to do. How does it work and how large is it? Smaller than an A4 sheet of paper, it has many wonderful apps but the best feature is when it is able to record & type out (without spelling mistakes) what you choose to speak into it. What more does one require. Not a lot. You name it and it appears to do it all as well as much more. Most of this article has been dictated by me into the machine and e-mailed directly. So one could say the typing is a thing of the past. Lis and I went off to John Lewis in Norwich to look at all the tablets they had and were given excellent advice and they also set everything up to include my website & email address for us while we went off to have some lunch. It really is a must have toy. Would I recommend the purchase of one of these machines? Yes, is the short and final answer as it is excellent for recording and producing content fot the paper. The lazy way, I have to add. Once you have been through everything it is very simple and straightforward to operate on a daily basis. The voice operation is one of the most successful elements of the machine as once it has worked out what you are say it sets it all up as required. So that operating it becomes terribly easy and I would add simple to use and it is enjoyable using on a regular basis. This is the first time I've ever used an Apple computer and it will probably not be the last.

My New Toy

There is still a great to learn about all it can do which I hope to do while we are in America over the Christmas and New Year break. So it is a case of watch this space. Would I recommend getting one of these machines? The answer is a big YES. So what does it not have that I would like to have on such a machine? A flash for the camera, otherwise is very good at recording everything to go into a regular paper every fortnight. My step granddaughter has the same machine and tells me that we will be able to see each other while we chat to her at the same time . I have yet to work that one out. I make no claim of being a whiz kid but just give me a couple of weeks to work everything out somehow. The first thing I did, after being told how, was to ask the machine to tell me a joke. Talk about being a sad person. Yes, without going into all the reasons why, I would recommend you go to John Lewis and have a look at these machines and try them out. In our next issue, out in the middle of January I will be covering our travels across America by train and will be reporting back via this great new machine. In the meantime have a great Christmas and do have at look at purchasing one of these iPads. It really is the way forward, as far as I am concerned. PK. PS: The photograph of Icarus Hines on the opposite page was taken on this machine.

From Petes Pen

..........saved his girlfriend's phone number on his mobile as "LOW BATTERY". Whenever she calls him in his absence, his wife takes the phone and plugs it to the charger. Give that man a medal! Thanks to David Thorne for this

A Young Man....

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