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Region: Al-Dhahira South Student:_________________________________ class:___________

Time: 20 minutes


Total Marks:10

LISTENING 1(Items 1-5)

You will hear five people speaking. What are they doing? For each speaker, choose ONE of the items in the box. Write A, B, C etc, as in the example.

Example: "before you cross the road you should look right and left" F ACTIVITIES 1._______ A. teaching a class. 2._______ 3._______ 4._______ 5._______ B. talking about famous place. C. giving advice D. cleaning the house E. buying some clothes F. driving a car. G. collecting stamps H. seeing a doctor

Listening 2 (Items 6-10)

You will hear a talk about Barasti Houses. Listen, and complete each statement with ONE WORD only.

6. The barasti houses were built with palm___________. 7. These houses were ________and had two floors. 8. They were cool because the sea air came through the _ 9. These houses were in the Batinah _______ 10. These houses were _______________.

Time: 1:30 hours


Total Marks: 20

VOCABULARY 1 (Items 1-5)

Complete the text. Use five of the words in the box. Write ONE word in each space. (There are three extra words in the box) landed was catch checked caught spent ate have

One day when Issa _(1)________sixteen years old, his father had an accident and went into the hospital. Issa's mother didn't (2)__________ any money to buy food, so Issa decided to go fishing. He wanted to _(3)_______ fish and sell them in the suq. That evening he _(4)__________ some sardines. Then he_(5)________ his father's boat.

VOCABULARY 2 (Items 6-10)

Complete the unfinished word in each text. Make sure you spell the word correctly. Example: I brush my teeth before going to the dentist's. 6. Oman im______________ coffee from Brazil. 7- I like ice-cream. It tasted del_______________. 8-Before you send the letter you must put a st________ on the right top. 9- Do you know who in_____________ the telephone? 10- This house is new. The wa_______are made of cement.

GRAMMAR 1( Items 1-5)

Complete each sentence. Choose the correct option: A,B, C or D. write your answer in the box on the right. 1- I _______ to Salalah last summer. A. go B. went C. goes D. is

2- Ameera __________know how to use the computer. A. doesn't B. don't C. didn't D. have

3- Yesterday morning Ahmed and Salim __________ a film on TV. A. watch B. watched C. didn't D. have

4- If you are hungry, you should________somethimg. A. eat B. ate C. eats March. D. of D. eaten

5- My father come __________ A. on B. at C. in

GRAMMAR 2 (Items 6-10)

Complete the text/ dialogue. In each space, write ONE WORD only. Speaker A: Where ( e.g) do you live? Speaker B: ____ _______ ______ Muscat. Speaker A: That's _______ nice place. I __________ there last year. Speaker B: Where _________ you stay? Speaker A: _____________ the hotel.

READING (Items 1-5)

Read the text, and then, for each item, choose the correct option: A, B or C. Write your answer in the box on the right. My family and I went to Paris on the holiday. We traveled to Paris by train from London. It was a fantastic journey. The train is very fast and it travels through a tunnel. The first thing I did when we got there was to visit the Eiffel tower. You can't believe it how high it is until you are at the top and it is made of iron and steel. It was designed by Alexander Eiffel more than a hundred years ago. There are lifts and big restaurant. There also telescopes to see the whole of Paris.

The writer and his family went to Paris by---------A. plane B. train C. car 2- They travel under the English channel for more than----------A. 30 km B. 13 km C.31 km 3- At first they visited---------------A. Eiffel tower B. English Channel 4- The tower was designed by------------A. Paris B. Thomas

C.Bizza tower

C. Alexander

5- If you want to see the whole of Paris you can use ----------A. microscope B. telescopes C.lifts

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