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Duane Knudson, Ph.D. Department of Kinesiology California State University, Chico Chico, CA 95929-0330 (530) 898-6069 Updated: 1/2006 _____________________________________________________________________________ Dates refer to publication of the serial or CSU-C holdings. Items with a * indicate CSU-C holdings, and electronic access through: Academic Search, Wiley, Science Direct, Igenta, and Kluwer. _____________________________________________________________________________

Professional Journals/Magazines/Newsletters _____________________________________________________________________________ Addvantage (USPTA magazine) Advance for Physical Therapists Athletic Coach * Athletic Journal GV 561 A75 (1921-1987) (Absorbed by Scholastic Coach) ACHPER Healthy Lifestyles J. Australian J. of HPER Baseball Research J. Society for American Baseball Research Badminton USA BioMechanics * British J. of Physical Education GV 201 B7 Bulletin of PE CAHPER Journal (Canada) * California HPER J. GV 201 C3 (19 other State HPERD Association Journals) The Clipboard (NASPE) * Coach and Athlete GV 711 C62 (1962-1982) * Coach and Athletic Director (Formerly Scholastic Coach & AD) GV 1 S36 * Coaching Clinic GV 711 C62 (1966-1991) Coaching and Sport Science Journal (Rome, Italy) Coaching Review Coaching Volleyball Coach and Athlete Education Physique et Sport (France)

European J. Physical Education (Now PE and Sport Pedagogy 2004 -) European Physical Education Review EXCEL (Australian Institute of Sport) The Foil (1922-1993 Delta Psi Kappa) * International Gymnast GV 461 M56 * JOPERD (Formerly JOHPER and JOPER) GV 201 J6 Modern Athlete and Coach Austr. Track & Field Coaches Assoc. * National Strength & Conditioning Assoc. J. GV 514 N37 (Now Strength & Cond.J.) New Studies in Athletics IAAF Coaching magazine New Zealand J. HPER NSCAs Performance Training Journal Olympic Coach (USOC Coaching Development) Peak Performance (NASPE) * Perspective (Journal of YMCA APDs) Performance Conditioning for Soccer Performance Conditioning for Volleyball Physical Activity and Fitness Research Digest Physical Activity Today (Research Consortium of NASPE) Physical Education Digest * Physical Education Review GV 201 Q3 -1994 *The Physical Educator GV 201 P56 PT Magizine of Physical Therapy * Quest GV 201 Q3 (1965-1974) Performance Training Journal Racquet Sports Industry USRSA Recreational Sports & Fitness (NIRSA) *Scholastic Coach and Athletic Director (Now Coach & AD) GV 1 S36 Soccer Journal The Sport Educator (Australia) The Sport Journal US Sports Academy The Sport Coaching Journal US Sports Academy * Sports Coach (Australia) GV 711 S62 Sports Medicine Digest Sports Medicine Update (Healthsouth Corp.) Sports Science Periodical on Research and Technology in Sport (Coaching Ass. Canada) Sports Sciences (NCAA) * Strategies (Sport and PE journal of NASPE) * Strength and Conditioning Journal GV 514 N37 (Formerly NSCAJ or Strength & Cond.) Strength and Conditioning Coach (Aust. SCA) * Swimming Technique GV 837 SA96 (1969-1995) * Swimming World and Junior Swimmer GV 837 S962 Technique (US Gymnastics Federation) TennisPro (PTR magazine) Texas Coach Training and Conditioning

* Track and Field Coaches Review GV 1060.5 T7 1995 2002 * Track and Field News Library only keeps current volume * Track and Field Quarterly Review GV 1065.5 T7 1968 - 1994 (Now TFCR) * Track Technique GV 561 T74 Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal


Internet Resources _____________________________________________________________________________ World Wide Web (urls change frequently: please inform me of changes) CSUC Library ReSEARCH: CSUC web page for finding theses/dissertations: AAHPERD: American College of Sports Medicine: Biomechanics World Wide: ISBS Coaching Information Service: Coaching Science Abstracts: Theses/Dissertations: WWW Library: Free Medline searching at the National Library of Medicine:

These and other links to sites like ASB, ISBS, Clinical Gait Analysis, Aerodynamics in Sports Technology, etc. can be accessed at my home page: Links are organized in three main areas: Biomechanics HPER/Kinesiology/Fitness/Coaching Sports Medicine Academic Listservs with discussions Related to Biomechanics ATHTRN-L: Athletic Training BIOMCH-L: Biomechanics (archives can be searched at: CGA: Clinical Gait Analysis FES-L: Functional Electrical Stimulation FOOT-L: Foot and Ankle Function

ISCPES: Intl. Society for Comparative Physical Education and Sport MOTORDEV: Motor Development NeuroMus: Neuromuscular Aspects of Human Movement PHYSIO: Physical Therapy Neuro-Mus: Neural Control in Human Movement SPTSINJ-L: Sports Injuries SPORT-MED: Sports Medicine SPORTSCIENCE: Sport Sciences See me for additional information on addresses, instructions, and netiquette.


Journals Publishing Biomechanics Research or Related Articles _____________________________________________________________________________

* ACSMs Health & Fitness Journal RA 781 A25 Acta Bioengineering & Biomechanics Acta Orthopaedica Scadinavica *Acta Physiologica Scandinavica QP 1 A275 Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly Advances in Physiotherapy Am. Arch. Rehab. Therapy * Am. Corrective Therapy J. RD 795 A75 (Now Clinical Kinesiology) * Am. J. of Medicine RC 60 A5 Am. J. of Medicine and Sports Am. J. of Occupational Therapy * Am. J. of Physical Medicine & Rehab. RM 735 A1 A5 (Physiatrists) * Am. J. of Physics QC 1 A47 * Am. J. of Physiology QP 1 A5 * Am. J. of Sports Medicine RC 1200 J66 - 2004

Am. J. of Therapeutics Am. Rehabilitation * Anatomical Record QL 801 A45 Ankle & Foot International Annals of Biomedical Engineering Annals of Physical Medicine Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering Applied Bionics & Biomechanics Applied Ergonomics Applied Res. in Coaching & Athletics Annual (Formerly J. Appl. Res. in Coaching and Athletics) *Archives of Physical Med. & Rehabilitation RM 845 A8 (Library has 2002) Arthroscopy: The J. of Arthroscopic & Related Surgery Artificial Limbs Athletic Therapy Today * Athletic Training GV 1 N33 (Now J. Athletic Training) Australian J. of Physiotherapy * Australian J. of Science and Medicine in Sport RC 1200 A98 (1985-1997: Now J. Science and Medicine in Sport) Australian J. of Sport Sciences Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering Biological Cybernetics * Biology of Sport RC 1200 B52 Biomaterials Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology Biomedical Engineering Biophysical Journal Bone * British J. of Occupational Therapy RM 735 A1 B75 * British J. of Sports Medicine RC 1200 B75 Bulletin of Prosthetics Research Bulletin of Mathematical Biology Canadian J. of Appl. Physiology * Canadian J. of Sport Sciences RC 1200 C32 (Formerly Canadian J. of Applied Sport Sciences) Chiropractic Sports Medicine Clinical Anatomy Clinical Biomechanics Clinical Chiropractic Clinical Exercise Physiology Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine * Clinical Kinesiology RD 795 A75 (Formerly Am. Corrective Therapy J.) Clinical Neurophysiology

* Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research RD 701 C55 (Library has 1970 - 1993) Clinical Physiology Clinical Rehabilitation (UK and Dutch Physical and Rehab. Med.) * Clinical Therapeutics RM 260 C56 * Clinics in Sports Medicine RC 1200 C34 Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering Computers in Biology and Medicine Critical Rev. in Biomedical Eng. Critical Rev. in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Current Sports Medicine Reports 2002- ACSM Review Journal * Dance Research Journal GV 1580 C65 * Electroencephalogy and Clinical Neurophysiology RC 321 E43 Electromyography and Clinical Neurophysiology * Engineering in Medicine and Biology R856 A1 E54 (Library has 1982 1995) *Ergonomics TA 166 E7 (Library has 1957 1993) * European J. of Appl. Physiology QP 1 A537 (Library has 2002) European J. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation European J. of Sport Science * Experimental Mechanics TA 401 E9 * Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews RC 1200 E94-annual 1973-1999, quarterly 2000* Fitness and Sports Review International GV 433 R9 Y4 (Fomerly Soviet Sports Review)1994 Gait and Posture Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society * Human Factors T 58 A2 H8 *Human Movement Science QP 303 H85 (1986-1993) Human Performance * IEEE Transactions on Biomechanical Engineering R 895 A1 I25 IEEE Transactions on Rehabilitation Engineering Impulse Injury Injury Prevention Intl. J. Ind. Ergonomics Intl. J. Performance Analysis in Sport Intl. J. Rehab. Research * Intl. J. Sport Biomechanics RC 1235 I5 (1985-1992 Now J. Appl. Biomechanics) * Intl. J. Sports Medicine RC 1200 I57 1986 - Intl. J. Therapy & Rehabilitation Int. J. Volleyball Research * Intl. Society of Biomechanics in Sports Proceedings (Annual books: Reserve under Hudson) Intl. Orthopaedics Intl. SportMed Journal (Online journal of FIMS: see Intl. Sports Journal Isokinetics and Exercise Science J. Anatomy *J. Applied Biomechanics RC 1235 I5 (Formerly Int. J Spt. Biomechanics)

*J. Appl. Mechanics TA 350 J6 * J. Appl. Physics QC 1 J86 * J. Appl. Physiology QP 1 J72 J. Appl. Sport Science Research (See J. Strength & Conditioning Res.) J. Aquatic Physical Therapy * J. Athletic Training GV 1 N33(Formerly Athletic Training) J. Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation J. Biomedical Engineering *J. Biomechanical Engineering R 856 A1 J65 *J. Biomechanics QP 303 J6 1980 - 1993 * J. Bone and Joint Surgery RD 1 J64 (American) * J. Bone and Joint Surgery RD 701 J63 (British) 1989 - 1993 J. Canadian Athletic Therapists Assoc. J. Clinical Engineering J. Comparative Physical Education & Sport J. Computer Methods in Biomech. & Biomed. Engineering J. Dance Medicine and Science J. Electromyography and Kinesiology J. Exercise Science and Fitness 2003 J. Exercise and Sport Sciences *J. Experimental Biology QH 301 J68 J. Geriatric Physical Therapy J. Human Movement Studies J. Human Muscle Performance (1991J. Interdisciplinary Research in Physical Education (1997-1998) J. Manipulative & Physiological Therapeutics J. Materials Science J. Mechanics in Med. & Biology J. Med. Engineering & Technology J. Morphology *J. Motor Behavior QP 303 J64 (1969-2000) J. Morphology J. Muscle Research & Cell Motility J. Musculoskeletal Medicine J. Musculoskeletal Research J. Neuroogic Physical Therapy * J. Neurophysiology QP 351 J6 J. Occupational and Environmental Medicine J. Occupational Therapy J. Occupational Rehabilitation * J. Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy RD 701 J69 J. Orthopaedic Research J. Orthopaedic Trauma J. Pediatric Orthopaedics

J. Physical Activity and Health 2004 J. Physical Education and Sport Sciences (India) J. Physical Therapy Science * J. Physiology QP 1 J75 After 1985 in MF J. Rehabilitation J. Rehabilitation Medicine J. Rehabilitation Outcomes Measurement *J. Rehabilitation Research and Development RD 130 B8 (1984* J. Science and Medicine in Sport (1998 RC 1200 A982 (Formerly Aus. J. Sci. & Med. in Sport) J. Spinal Disorders J. Sport Behavior J. Sport Rehabilitation J. Sports Chiropractic and Rehabilitation * J. Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness RC 1200 J6 J. Sports Science & Medicine 2002- *J. Sports Sciences GV 561 J684 1985 - 1999 on Microfiche J. Sports Traumatology and Related Research * J. Strength & Conditioning Research (Formerly J. Appl. Sport Science Research) GV 711 J68 J. Swimming Research * J. Theoretical Biology QH 301 J75 J. the Am. Acad. of Orthopaedic Surgeons * J. of the AMA R15 A48 J. of the Am. Podiartic Medical Association * J. of the International Council of HPER J. Vocational Rehabilitation Kinanthopologie (France) Kinesiology and Medicine for Dance Kinesitherapie Scientifique Knee Mathematik Biosciences Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science (1997Medical & Biological Eng. & Computing Medical Eng. & Physics * Medical Problems of Performing Artists RC 963.6 M42 Medicina Dello Sport Medicina Sportiva Medicine, Ex., Nutrition and Health (1992-1995) * Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise RC 1200 M44 Momentum: a J. of Human Movement Studies (Scotland) Motor Control * Motor Skills: Theory into Practice GV 223 M68 (1976-1985) Mouvement (France) Muscle & Nerve

Musculoskeletal Management * Nature Q1 N2 Neurorehabilitation * New England Journal of Medicine R11 B7 New Zealand J. Sports Medicine Occupational Ergonomics Occupational Medicine * Occupational Health and Safety RC 963 A37 Occupational Therapy J. of Research Orthopaedic Clinics of North America Orthopaedic Knowledge Update Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Clinics of North America Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Practice *Pediatric Exercise Science RC 1218 C45 P43 Pediatric Physical Therapy Pediatric Rehabilitation * Perceptual and Motor Skills BF 311 P36 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics of North America Physical and Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics *Physical Therapy RM 695 A53 -2003 Physical Therapy Practice Physical Therapy Reviews Physical Therapy in Sport * Physician and Sportsmedicine RC 1200 P47 Physiotherapy Physiotherapy Canada Physiotherapy Research Intl. Physiotherapy Theory & Practice Quarterly J. of Experimental Physiology Research in Sports Medicine: An International Journal 2003- (Formerly STMR) * Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport GV 201 R4 Scand. J. of Medicine and Science in Sports (1990 Scand. J. of Rehabilitation Medicine * Scand. J. Sports Sciences RC 1200 S3 (1979-1989 became SJMSS) * Science Q 1 S35 Science and Sports (French Society of Sports Medicine) SOMA Soviet Sports Review GV 201 R9 Y4 (Formerly Yessis Review, now Fit. Sports Rev. Int.) Spine Sportartzt und Sportmedizin (Germany) Sport Science Review (Biannual review papers: disciplinary issues) Sport Science Studies ICSSPE Monograph Series * Sports Biomechanics (Int. Society of Biomechanics in Sports) 9

Sports Engineering Sports, Exercise and Injury (Scotland) Sports Medicine RC 1210 S6 - 2004 Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Review Sports Medicine Update HealthSouth Sports Medicine Sports Science (China) Sports Science Research Sports Training, Medicine, and Rehabilitation 2002 (Now Research in Sports Med.) Sportwissenschaft Techniques in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery Techniques in Orthopaedics Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation


Published Proceedings or Abstracts _____________________________________________________________________________ * Abstracts of AAHPERD Research Papers (1973-1991) GV 205 .A47 * Academy Papers GV 205 A43 (1969- Am. Academy of Kinesiology and PE) * International Series on Biomechanics ( I - XI) QP 303 I488 (Biennial World Congress of ISB) * Proceedings: Int. Society of Biomechanics in Sports (On Reverve under Jackie Hudson or 1994, 1995 and 1997 proceedings at RC 1235 I528) IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference Proceedings: Canadian Society of Biomechanics (Biennial Conference of CSB) Abstracts: American Society of Biomechanics Abstracts: European Society of Biomechanics Abstracts: Am. College of Sports Med. (ACSM) Abstracts: Int. Society of Electrophysiological Kinesiology Abstracts of presentations are often published by scientific journals affiliated with the society. For example: ISB: J. Biomechanics ACSM: Med. Sci. Spts. Ex. AAHPERD: RQES (1992 - present) _____________________________________________________________________________ Reference _____________________________________________________________________________


All books in this reference list are strong, but bolded reference books (*) indicating CSUC holding are very strong biomechanical reference texts. _____________________________________________________________________________ * Analysis of Human Motion Widule, C. 1977 2nd ed Balt Publ. QP 303 W53 * Applied Mechanics Reviews TA 1 A63953 * Applied Anatomy and Biomechanics in Sport Bloomfield, J., Ackland, T., & Elliott, B. 1994 Boston: Blackwell Scientific Publications. RC 1235 A66 * Applied Science and Technology Index 1958 - ReSEARCH online 1983 * A Bibliography of Biomechanics Literature Hay, J. 2nd, 4th & 5th eds., University of Iowa. Z 6663 .B54 H39 1981 & 1987 * Basic Biomechanics Hall, S. 1999 3rd edition. Boston: McGraw-Hill. QP 303 H35 * Basic Biomechanics of the Musculoskeletal System Nordin, M. & Frankel, V. 1989 2nd edition, Philadelphia: Lea & Febiger. 1st edition QP 303 F66 Basic Orthopaedic Biomechanics Mow, V. & Hayes, W. 1991 New York: Raven Press. Biolocomotion: A Century of Research Using Moving Pictures Cappozzo, A., Marchetti, M., & Tosi, V. (Eds.) 1990 Rome: Promograph. * Biological Abstracts 1927 QH 301 B37 Biomechanical Basis of Human Movement Hamill, J. & Knutzen, K. 1995 Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins. * Biomechanics: A Qualitative Approach for Studying Human Movement Kreigbaum, E.& Bartels, K. 1990 3rd edition, Minneapolis: Burgess. QP 303 K72 * Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human Movement W59 * Biomechanics in Sport: Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention Zatsiorsky, V. (Ed.) 2000 Oxford: Blackwell Science. RC 1235 B476 Winter, D. 1990 2nd edition, New York: Wiley & Sons. QP 303


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Incomplete because schools are not required to submit these abstracts. Reference GV 201 C46 * Comprehensive Dissertation Index L11 C625 Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL)


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Physical Activity and Fitness Research Digest 1993 - 1996 Excellent survey articles by recognized experts. Published by Presidents Council on Physical Fitness & Sports. Formerly Physical Fitness Research Digest (see below). Government Documents HE 20.11012 * Physical Education Index (Library has 1978 2002) Reference Folio GV 341 P47

Physical Fitness Research Digest First Newsletter of Presidents Council on Physical Fitness (Government Documents or via the web: * Physical Fitness/Sports Medicine 1978 - 1995 Pres. Council of Phy. Fit. and Sports. RC 1200 P48 * Physical Therapy Research Domholdt, E. 1993 Philadelphia: W.B. Sanders. RM 708 D66 * Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete Andrews, J. & Harrelson, G. (Eds.) 1991 Philadelphia: W.B. Sanders. RD 97 P49 Physiotherapy Index * Picturing Time: The Work of Etienne-Jules Marey Braun, M. 1992 University of Chicago Press. TR 840 B73 * PCPFS Research Digest 1997 New name for Presidents Councils Research Reviews available at:


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