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Effective Alternative Treatments for Arthritis Pain Relief

Characterized by joint inflammation, pain and swelling, arthritis can restrict movement. Controlling the condition is important to cope with activities of daily living. Arthritis is a painful an !"!n!rati#! con ition caus! b$ inflammation in th! %oints that caus!s stiffn!ss an pain. &h! Arthritis 'oun ation r!ports that appro(imat!l$ 5) million p!opl! in th! *.+ ar! aff!ct! b$ arthritis. ,t is also th! s!con most !bilitatin" illn!ss of Am!ricans aft!r h!art is!as!. &h! -ational .!alth ,nt!r#i!w +ur#!$ /-.,+0 r!ports that an !stimat! 67 million Am!ricans will ha#! arthritis b$ 2)1). &h! con ition t!n s to b! mor! common in wom!n than m!n. 2on#!ntional tr!atm!nts ma$ pro#i ! onl$ limit! r!li!f. .ow!#!r3 th!r! ar! now !ff!cti#! alt!rnati#! tr!atm!nts for arthritis at l!a in" h!althcar! c!nt!rs.

What causes arthritis?

'actors causin" this %oint pain con ition inclu !: .!r! it$ 4l a"! &rauma 4b!sit$ ,nf!ction 5if! st$l! 1-718-769-2521


Arthritis Pain
,f l!ft untr!at! 3 arthritis can b!com! a chronic con ition with s!#!r! pain an sw!llin" that can s!riousl$ isrupt !#!r$ a$ lif!. &h!r! ar! o#!r 1)) iff!r!nt forms of arthritis. &h! most common t$p!s ar! ost!oarthritis3 rh!umatoi arthritis3 psoriatic arthritis3 fibrom$al"ia3 an "out. 6ost kin s of arthritis can caus! s!#!r! pain an sw!llin" in $our %oints. 4th!r s$mptoms inclu ! stiffn!ss an limit! mo#!m!nt.

Alternative Treatments for Joint Pain

&r!atm!nts #ar$ !p!n in" on th! t$p! of arthritis. &h! main "oals ar! to r! uc! s$mptoms an impro#! qualit$ of lif!. +ur"!r$ ma$ b! n!c!ssar$ for s!rious con itions. 7octors tra itionall$ tr!at arthritis with anti-inflammator$ m! ications an painkill!rs. -ow r!liabl! h!althcar! c!nt!rs ar! pro#i in" !ff!cti#! alt!rnati#! arthritis pain mana"!m!nt tr!atm!nts:

7i!tar$ suppl!m!nts o 8lucosamin! o 2hon roitin +ulfat! o 6+6 /6!th$lsulfon$lm!than!0 .$aluronic aci %oint in%!ctions: o Hyalgan o Orthovisc o Supartz 1-718-769-2521 o o


Synvisc Eufle a

Anti-Inflammatory diet and low glycemic index !I" diets To#ical Analgesics$ o 2apsaicin o +alic$lat!s o 2ount!rirritants Electrothera#ies o &9-+ units o ,'2 an o 8+

Watch %our Weight

:!in" o#!rw!i"ht can wors!n arthritis. 9(tra w!i"ht puts mor! pr!ssur! on $our %oints ; !sp!ciall$ $our kn!!s3 hips3 an f!!t. <! ucin" th! str!ss on $our %oints b$ losin" w!i"ht will impro#! $our mobilit$3 !cr!as! pain3 an pr!#!nt futur! ama"! to $our %oints. Accor in" to a stu $ in th! =ournal of th! Am!rican 6! ical Association3 for pati!nts who ar! o#!rw!i"ht or ob!s!3 losin" 1)> of th!ir w!i"ht r! uc!s pain an impro#!s function . ?rof!ssional r!habilitation c!nt!rs off!r #!r$ !ff!cti#! w!i"ht loss pro"rams with auricular th!rap$& &his uniqu! tr!atm!nt is painl!ss an ru"-fr!! an simpl$ in#ol#!s th! application of #!r$ li"ht !l!ctrical stimulation to pr!cis! points on th! !(t!rnal !ar to control foo cra#in"s. 1-718-769-2521