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Gemini Horoscope for January 2013 By Susan Miller January will be unusual in that during the first three

weeks you will be almost entirely consumed by talks about finances. You are not normally so centered on money, so clearly something is going on in your life to cause this to happen. From where I sit, this emphasis on money in your life makes perfect sense. In the heavens, a rare and very special crown of stars will appear in the midnight sky, all in Capricorn, to fill your eighth house of other people's money. The planets in this glittering grouping include Pluto, Venus, Mercury (your ruler), the Sun, and as of January 11, the new moon, representing an impressive lineup of energy. This suggests your financial talks might take you down several different avenues and have you thinking about more than one financial topic. You may be working intensely on closing out your tax year of 2012 for your accountant. Or, you may apply for university financial aid or a student loan (or both) or writing a business plan that will require lots of backup financials to get approval on venture capital or a line of credit. If you hope to get a mortgage, or refinance one you have, you'll be filling out financial paperwork, too. If anyone owes you money, you'll be sending bills or having talks, and that might include your ex about missing child support, or a client who has not paid and is much overdue. You may also be determined to lower debt and be busy drawing up a plan to get to that zero balance by the end of 2013. To that end, you may be sending checks and pledging not to spend until you make a better dent on the balances on your credit cards. The house that is lit up this month rules a large chunk of money you are likely to receive, not money you'd get regularly, parsed

out like salary. Accordingly, you may be awaiting a legal court settlement, or are about to successfully sell a house or other large possession, like a car or piece of jewelry. You may hear about an inheritance or a bonus, or be discussing a large commission. You may be negotiating a compensation package for a new position, or reassessing your insurance needs. As said, these areas are not mutually exclusive - you may be dealing with one or two of these subjects. This is a superb time to address these matters. Planets are zooming through deep space to reach Capricorn, so as they gather, you will see this emphasis on money intensify. A new moon is always important to watch, for the job of a new moon is to take the energy of the planets swirling about and package it in such a way that you instantly have access to all of it at once. You will see all these areas jump to life after the new moon in Capricorn 21 degrees, January 11. The eighth house rules not only money, but surgery, too. Planets in Capricorn point to surgery on the knees, a bone, skin, or eyes, or regarding dental procedures, a good time to do so. You may volunteer, for example, to fix a tooth that your dentist has been monitoring. It's always better to attend to things quickly if your doctor feels it is necessary, and you trust him or her. If you need a second opinion, there's no better time than now to get it. Mercury will go retrograde again next month from February 23 to March 17, so you would want to avoid having elective surgery during that period. (If you have a medical or dental emergency, of course, go ahead - that takes precedence!) It is also not ideal to make decisions about money during Mercury retrograde either, so on all counts, it would be best to do your due diligence now and move forward while so many aspects are supporting you.

I am enthusiastic about this new moon in Capricorn on January 11 because Saturn will be in perfect angle to the planets in Capricorn, especially Venus and Pluto, and your ruler, Mercury is also close enough to be "in the neighborhood" to help. Capricorn's ruler is Saturn, so the fact that Saturn will be friendly is extra important here and indicates the outcome to your efforts to stabilize your finances will pay off. Still, be careful, as Uranus will be cranky toward Venus and generally upset with Pluto, so stay vigilant to spot any fine print in a deal that would not favor you. Ask your lawyer to help you with this, as there may be something you overlook that needs to be taken care of before you sign. (Be careful, too, on January 3, when Mercury and Uranus will be at odds - this would be no day to sign anything or to give verbal agreement.) I would prefer you sign just after the full moon, January 30, if possible, but don't wait too long, as Mercury will go retrograde next month, on February 23 to March 17, not an ideal time to agree to anything. Mercury is your ruler, so this planet of communication will always affect you more than most. Mars moved into a superb position late last month on December 25 to be of help to you - Aquarius, a fellow air sign - and will start to heat up your ninth house of foreign travel and relationships. Aquarius is one of the very best places for Mars to be for you, so in addition to the possibility that you will be preparing to journey abroad, alternatively, you may work on international projects this month from your base too, and your relationship with foreign people should proceed smoothly. All month, your mind will be eager to learn about new concepts, come up with fresh ideas, and debate what you learn. Your mind will be unusually active, and if you are going back to college in

January, you will be in the right frame of mind to get the very most from the classes you will be attending. Your ninth house so beautifully lit, and it also rules publishing and broadcasting projects, so whether you are writing, editing, proofing, researching, translating, or coding, or are involved in any communications project, you'll be at your best. Legal matters will favor you too, so if you are in negotiations, you may not have to go to court to get your way - if your lawyer agrees, you might offer a settlement idea this month that may be accepted in late month. You still have Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, in Gemini, and so you are the cosmic favorite. Higher ups will go out of their way for you, and you will find yourself at the right place at precisely the right time. Certain opportunities will simply land in your lap, and in love, if single, you may well meet your one true love. This is a trend that only comes up once every twelve years, so it is very special. Jupiter first entered your sign in early June 2012, but was just getting settled when Jupiter went retrograde - and therefore became weak. Jupiter will go out of retrograde - and go direct - on January 30, so watch that date and two days before and after for proof that Jupiter is about to work much harder for you. You will need to pay attention to conversations and events that take place at month's end - you are likely to have great news to celebrate. This is why I would prefer you sign papers at month's end, on January 30, when Jupiter is moving direct, when you have the best possible shot at making a good profit. You may get to see the power of Jupiter on January 25, even though it is a few days before Jupiter goes direct, January 30. On this Friday, the Sun and Jupiter will be in perfect angles to each

other, making this a five-star day for you! Travel, love, and career opportunities involving communications will glitter and glow. Put a big gold star on this day! The full moon this month, January 26, at 7 degrees Leo, will be beautifully oriented toward your Sun. You may be giving a speech or coming out with a book, special segment on TV, or a new app. You may begin to design a certain kind of software or will begin to draw up your ideas for an advertising, publicity, or marking campaign. You may be asked to judge a contest or speak on a panel, finish a screenplay, or be interviewed on TV or radio to discuss your work. Any of these would be exciting. The point is, everything will revolve around your skill in communication arts. The third house rules contracts and agreements too, so you may be coming to a final conclusion to a negotiation and getting ready to sign. If your lawyer says the paperwork is ready to sign, then go right ahead and do so. The January 26 full moon will be just your cup of tea. It falls in Leo, so your work may have something to do with entertainment or be in quite a luxurious setting. Leo is also associated with teaching, so you may be imparting your expertise to others, or you may sign up for a class or seminar to learn something new. The third house also rules travel, so you may be going away for this weekend, and if so, you will have a quick trip, but it's sure to have a touch of luxury and pampering about it. This weekend will do you a world of good, and you will come back refreshed. If you cannot go away, the world may come to you, and you may get an assignment from abroad or be asked to be a guest on TV or other media to talk about your work. Certainly, you will enjoy what you do. Keep in mind that all full moons have a plus or minus four days of influence to the day the full moon appears.

This full moon will receive sublime vibrations from Uranus, the planet of surprise, so in this highly intellectual month, your mind will positively crackle with ideas, and those you present to will be impressed. You also will be completely delighted by things happening out of the blue, quite suddenly, that you'd never expect. Everyone needs some good surprise in life - surprise keeps us motivated and optimistic. Surprise shows us that no matter what challenges you've faced, things can turn around for the better in the blink of an eye. There will be a lyrical quality about this full moon that you have not seen lately. As said earlier, Jupiter will be very favorable to the Sun the day before (still within orb of this full moon), and that is significant on so many levels. For one, the Sun rules Leo, and this full moon is in Leo, suggesting that things should go fabulously well. There will be something luxurious or highly entertaining about your experience over the full moon, too - it comes packed with fun! I should mention that Saturn will be at hard angle to the full moon, January 26, so you may be a little stressed out trying to get everything done before you can enjoy this full moon. Saturn rules responsibility, and with Saturn, there's no such thing as getting out of doing the job first. Saturn is also the ruler of your financial house, so the cost of what you'd like to do this weekend may concern you, but I do feel your outlook for making money is actually quite strong now. It is true that you were very generous over the holidays, for Mars was tearing through your credit sector, so you likely spent quite a bit. However, the moment Mars left that sector (ironically on December 25), your spending was about to drop noticeably. As I had tweeted (my name is @AstrologyZone), Gemini and Sagittarius were the two signs that spent the most during the holidays, but were also the two signs most likely to get instant relief. Good news!

One parting thought: Saturn is now in your sixth house, which also rules health, so your resistance to colds may be down at this time. Knowing this, make a deliberate effort to stay strong throughout the month - it would be a shame to miss out on all the goodies this full moon has in store for you because you don't feel up to par. If your birthday falls on May 27, plus or minus five days, you will be especially favored by this full moon. It is also true if you have Gemini rising within five degrees of 7 degrees, or a natal planet in Aries or Libra within the same tolerance of 7 degrees, you, too, will benefit. Romantically, having Jupiter in your sign is the single best protector you can have to attract love to you. If you are single, once Jupiter moves direct on January 30, from then until June 25 you will have a remarkable chance to draw love to you. Additionally, you have Mars in ideal angle to your Sun this month, another signal of just how magnetic you will be. By the time the Sun moves into Aquarius on January 19, you will be irresistible. I should mention that planets in Capricorn will put a huge emphasis on the physical side of love, and this may tip the balance of the relationship a little too far in that direction. If you don't know your partner well, take your time. You will be quite hypnotic this month, so there's no reason to rush - let passion build, for it will grow even stronger. Get to know your partner well before you get more deeply involved. The end of the month is your fortunate time, and your bright outlook for love will roll through most of February. For now, center your thoughts on January. The cluster of days from January 24-30 will be your very best for love. On January 24, Uranus may have you traveling suddenly -

to an exciting place. On January 25, you have one of your most fortunate days possible with Jupiter "trine" the Sun, a rare aspect that will have you tickled pink. The glow of this day will spill over the coming weekend of January 25-26, for the full moon's pull will bring it into play, so you are indeed the lucky one! To top this all off, you have Jupiter moving direct in Gemini on January 30. Dear Gemini, everyone wants to be you!

Summary You appear to be a money magnet this month, and as financial discussions swirl about you, a very large sum will likely find a path to your door. You will see evidence of this just after the new moon appears January 11 - by two days after that, you may say that you feel luckier than a Leprechaun. Admittedly, the money you receive might be the results of picking a few numbers in the lotto, but don't bet the farm on having that elusive winning ticket in your pocket, especially not on January 12 when Venus is due to be at odds with Uranus. In reality, it appears more likely that your money will stem from funds owed to you in a bonus, commission, royalty, or licensing fee, or from a court settlement, as back child support payment, refinanced mortgage, loan, venture capital, inheritance, scholarship, university financial aid, or other source that is not salary.

On another note, foreign people and places will spark your imagination this month, so you might just be heading to the airport during the second half of January. You may travel to see friends, or, alternatively, you may hit the road to give a speech or interview to an audience who admires your work. Gemini often does well in positions that allow them to display writing and speaking skills. This month, you will be assigned types of jewel projects that seem to have your name written all over them. You are rising in status, dear Gemini, and there'll be almost no communication project too difficult for you to tackle. Once Jupiter in Gemini goes direct speed on January 30, you will see much quicker progress - and reward is on the way to you, too. More travel may occur near the full moon, January 26, only this time you are more likely to go to a place closer to home. You may also see a legal matter come to an end in way that will please you. Romantically, this month you may confuse love with physical attraction. While everyone needs to feel that first powerful spark of attraction from the start, if you do meet an attractive someone, don't rush the relationship. You have your eighth house packed with planets, making you feel very sexy and alive, and your physical needs might overpower emotional and intellectual relationship needs. In your haste to make a powerful alliance, you may not take the time to forge a proper foundation to a future together. This all means that when you feel the irresistible pull of magnetism to a new partner in January, first, before you act, take a moment to stop and think. Hold back on getting more involved until you feel you know your partner well. It is tempting to fill in the missing pieces of a fascinating person's background and character with lots of imagined attributes. The truth is, your

new partner American Slang Expression and their Equivalents in may - or British English may not American English Explanation deserve all British English of those admirable accolades. Until you know for sure, go slowly and protect your heart. Jupiter, the good fortune planet, favors one sign each year, and until June 25, you are Jupiter's favorite. Jupiter has been weak, however, because it has been moving retrograde since early October, but will turn direct January 30. You, more than most, will feel the uplifting difference. You are in line for extraordinary favor - watch the days surrounding January 30 for hints of what's to come in future weeks.

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interest. Based on context, it can also mean you have to vacate the place like in Check out the hotel at 11 AM He just hung upon me Hang up means or Just hang up the just disconnect the phone phone. It has nothing to do with hanging someone in gallows I wish I could do this It is tricky here, buddy when some says, I wish. it means they cannot do it, but politey saying they cannot do it. Its Cool or just Cool In America, people use Cool a lot. It is kind of cool to use cool It has nothing to do with Cold weather or cool climate The bar is totally dead In this context, tonight dead means just empty.

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I'm beat

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Other Common Sentences "I'm very tired." "I'm exhausted."

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Know something inside out "Ask Mary to help you with your homework. She knows calculus inside out." "If you got the answer from Matt, I would trust it. He knows that stuff inside out."

A: "I'm having trouble with my car. I can't seem to figure out what's wrong with it." B: "You should ask James about it." A: "Does he know a lot about cars?" B: "He's a mechanic. He knows the car engine inside out." Other Common Sentences "I know that theory like the back of my hand." "I can perform those steps with my eyes closed." "I know each step by heart."

Give someone a hand "Can you give me a hand setting up the dining table?" "I'm going to need a hand changing the tire on the car." "Are you going to have time to give me a hand tomorrow?" "Let me know if you need help. I'll have time all day today to give you a hand." A: "When are you going to move into your new apartment?" B: "I want to, but I'm going to need some help." A: "I have time this weekend. Do you want me to give you a hand?" B: "That would be great." Other Common Sentences

"Can I get your help on this?" "Can you help me out?" "Do you need any help?" "Let me know if you need any help."

Now and then "I go on a hike every now and then." "My mother calls me every now and then to see if I'm doing well." "It's not something I can do all the time, but I do it every now and then." A: "Do you like skiing?" B: "I really enjoy skiing. It's one of my favorite sports." A: "You must go very frequently then." B: "I wish I could, but it's too expensive, so I only go every now and then." Other Common Sentences "I like to go bowling once in a while." "I can't go often, but I go golfing with my friends from time to time."

Nuke - Microwave "Don't nuke an egg. It will explode in the microwave." "If I can't finish my dinner at a restaurant, I just take it home and nuke it when I want to eat it."

"The best way to heat up food is to nuke it." A: "What are you going to eat for lunch?" B: "I have some pasta in the fridge. You want some?" A: "Sure. How are you going to cook it." B: "It's already cooked. I'm just going to nuke it." Other Common Sentences "Throw it in the microwave." "The microwave will heat it up real fast." "Do you like microwavable food?"

On the dot "I don't want to be waiting for you, so you'd better be there at three o'clock on the dot." "He's supposed to show up at four on the dot. If he is late even a minute, I'm taking off." "You'd better be here by 1:30, because we're leaving at two o'clock on the dot." A: "We have to go to Los Angeles tomorrow. What time should we meet?" B: "We have to be at the airport at 4:00 o'clock, so let's meet at two o'clock on the dot." Other Common Sentences

"Meet me at the bus station at six o'clock sharp." "Let's meet at the book store exactly at 1:00."