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Marketing The Event Rebecca Sears

event journey
1. Strategic Planning Pitching
Invitation to pitch Receive Brief Interpret Brief Objectives & Mission Statement Develop Pitch Deliver Pitch & Win

2. Operational Planning Event Development

Planning (Marketing, Comms, Recruitments, Management, Post event etc) Event Management Production Logistics (venue management, staffing, crew, liaising with suppliers, travel, accommodation etc) Design Client liaison Budget management

3. Operational Planning Delivery & Implementation

On the Event Day

4. Operational Planning Post Event

Measurement of success (Audience experience, event team experience, client experience, objectives met, budget management, pioneering, technology etc) Debrief Reconciliation of Finances Next steps

Learning Objectives
After this module you should be able to:
1) 2) 3) 4) Review how events have evolved within marketing and communications Understand needs and motivations of event customers Select the correct strategic planning and measurement tools for events Conduct a market segmentation analysis to establish appropriate target markets for an event 5) Understand and apply the relevant marketing models and tools 6) Design and apply a simple event marketing plan containing appropriate pricing, promotion, place and product strategies

Plan for today

Introduction to Marketing Process of Marketing an Event Quiz! BREAK Disciplines for Marketing an Event Quiz! Evaluation

What IS Marketing?


Take 2 minutes to yourself and jot down a few words that you think define marketing.

What IS Marketing?

OED Definition: Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services

This is Marketing
If the circus is coming to town and you paint a sign saying, "Circus is coming on Sunday," that's Advertising.

If you put the sign on the back of an elephant and walk him through town, that's Promotion.
If the elephant walks through the Mayor's flower bed, that's Publicity. If you can get the Mayor to laugh about it, that's Public Relations. And, if you planned the whole thing, that's Marketing

So many tactics to choose from...

Examples of memorable marketing

Here are some examples of successful, effective and
iconic marketing campaigns

T-Mobile (flash mob dancing at Liverpool st)

Cadburys (Gorrila Campaign) TnzFRV1LwIo (fast pasted jingle)

Classifying types of marketing

Above The Line (mass media)

Used to increase brand equity Mainly used to talk to a wider target market Tactics in ATL:
- TV - Cinema - Radio - Outdoor(posters/leaftlets etc) - Press Ads - Web (broad)

Below The Line (non media)

Talks more about products selling points whilst

driving consumers to buy A direct communication to a more niche target: Tactics used in BTL: - Experiential marketing/sampling - PR - On/in pack - Instore - Word of mouth (WOM) - Web (consumer interaction)

Through The Line (involves both ATL & BTL)

ATL advertising linking to the BTL promotion eg. ATL TV

ad that says come into store, once in the store, the consumer is presented with BTL promo material ie store banners, sampling competitions etc. Online eg. run TV ad as an online campaign to maximise reach this makes it TTL Budget dictates which method you utilise

Planning Marketing
Coming up with standout from the crowd marketing ideas
isnt as simple as you may think

By the end of this lecture you will know how to strategically

plan the marketing of an event

Prior to writing your Event Marketing Plan there are a few

very worthwhile and widely used exercises companies use to build raw data to help formulate decisions. They are: 1. Situation Analysis 2. PEST Analysis 3. SWOT Analysis

Situation (environment) Analysis

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

What is the event? (size, timing, location etc) Why is it happening? Who are we targeting? What do our audience need? What are our event USPs? What are our event goals? How will you cut through the noise? Be creative & individual

SWOT Analysis
understand your Strengths and Weaknesses, and identify both the Opportunities open to you and the Threats Helps make clear decisions using the data you pull from the analysis Best created in groups

SWOT Analysis




Rank in order of importance and concentrate on most important first

Group Discussion:

- We are collectively the events agency for the EE BAFTAs (British Academy Film & TV Awards) in Feb 2014! - We need to complete a SWOT analysis to determine the reality of this opportunity?
* Volunteer to write up SWOT on board PLEASE!

PEST Analysis
PEST is a business measurement tool it looks at
external factors that may effect an event: Political Economic Social Technological It is important to aware of key external factors that could effect your event/ strategy both positively or negatively PEST is particularly useful if you are running an event in a new country or region.

Pest Analysis


Quiz Time
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What is an USP? What does SWOT stand for? Give me 3 examples of Above the Line? What does Through The Line mean? What does PEST stand for?



Why do we need an Event Marketing Plan?

Ensures the event has maximum impact Ensure people are working in one clear direction Provides clarity on decision making (ie which ideas to run with) Provides KPIs for evaluation and success criteria

The Event Marketing Plan

Event Objectives
Audience Research


Product (Event) Price (Cost) Promotion Place (Where)

People/ Audience Experience

Set clear SMART objectives for your event

Specific - Be precise about what will be achieved Measurable - Quantify your objectives Achievable - Are you attempting too much? Realistic - Do you have the necessary resources? Timed - State when you will achieve the objective

CRUCIALLY - needs to specify what needs to be achieved by what time

Examples: - To increase awareness of the X chocolate in the South West England from 12% to 25% by June 2017. - To raise the footfall of 21-28 year old females at x music event in Scotland by Feb 2014.

Take 5 mins to write down the SMART objectives on the following brief:
The BAFTAs (Assumptions): Date: Feb 2014 Venue: Royal Opera House Numbers: 1000 guests men and women 20-85yrs Attendees: Celebrities, Sponsors, Guests & Press Budget: 1million


BAFTA Objective Example:
To efficiently deliver , against the predetermined criteria, the EE BAFTA 2014 high profile awards ceremony at the Royal Opera House in Feb 2014. For the red carpet, awards ceremony and drinks reception to run smoothly for the 1000 international guests attending , allowing the global press to have sufficient access to in turn share with the public all over the world.


The Event Marketing Plan

Event Objectives
Audience Research


Product (Event) Price (Cost) Promotion Place (Where)

People/ Audience Experience

Understanding Your Target Audience

Identify clearly your target audience o Understand lifestyle: demographics (Sex, age, marital status, occupation, social grade), geographic situation, buying behavior, habits, social influences

Research/ talk to your target group: o Focus groups o Surveys/ questionnaires o Social networking sites

Target Audience Mood Board


The Event Marketing Plan

Event Objectives
Audience Research


Product (Event) Price (Cost) Promotion Place (Where)

People/ Audience Experience

Marketing the Event

The marketing 5 Ps :

1.Product: The Event 2.Place: Location or Venue 3.Price: Ticket 4.Promotion: The Mix 5.People: Consumer journey

5 Ps - Product

What are the event USPs? What is the creative platform? Why will your target audience go?
* *key features and benefits your customers want or need

Elevator Pitch What is the one liner that will make your event stand

Example: BA Concorde Finale

British Airways celebrated Concordes final flight with a truly unique party in the main Concorde hangar at Heathrow airport. The party was attended by 400 of the famous aircrafts biggest celebrity fans and industry big wigs, and marked a sensational send off for the supersonic aircraft.

EXERCISE: One liner

Exercise: In your groups spend 5 mins working out what is the elevator pitch for your project?
Remember: 30-40 secs, no more than 75 words!

5 Ps - Price
What is the cost to audience? What is value to audience? What is the perceived value? Is there a price discount?
- Valuable guests (sponsors, celebs, high bidders) - Seasonal ticketing - Compete with competitors

5 Ps - Place Venue is critical to set the scene, tone and platform for
your event Audience perception of venue Logistics: - How to get there
- Layout - Site facilities and usability

5 Ps - Promotion What media will you use to promote your event

Advertising & PR Sales Promotion & Competition Media Partner Celebrity Endorsement Sponsorship Social Media

Marketing Tools for an event

Advertising, PR, Media Partners, Competitions Pre-Event Website, Intranet, Social Netwoking sites, Blogging


Brand ambassadors, samples, banners, coupons Photography, video, data capture

PR, Media Partners Post-Event Websites, Social Media, On-line mags, Blogs

5 Ps People

PRE-EVENT Launch event name & venue, Invitation, Teasers, Competition

EVENT What does the guest see, hear, taste, sense, feel, doexperience

POST-EVENT Extend dialogue with consumer Gather feedback


1. 2. 3. 4.

What is the acronym used for setting Objectives? What does the 1st letter of that acronym stand for? Why do we need an event marketing plan? What are the 5 Ps of Marketing?


Bonus: What does SWOT stand for again?!!


Your finalised plan is your key document for success (KPI) The plan MUST illustrate how you will convert audience interest into tangible sales (ROI) Selected marketing strategies must deliver: Quantifiable results (eg. actual reach figures delivered post event) Qualitative results (eg sentiment, POVs of consumers at/post event)

Thats It!