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BPI Cebu Corporate Center

Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, Philippines

View from Luzon Avenue

View from Archbishop Reyes

Prime City Location : Cebu Business Park

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Pagoda Avalon

Located in Block 1, Lot 1

Development Details
Land Area: 2,689 sqm / 28,944 sq ft FAR: 8.0 No. of Units: 168 units No. of Parking: 232 parking slots
200 parking slots 30 SUV parking slots 2 handicap parking slots

No. of Retail Floors: 1 No. of Office Floors: 11 No. of Parking Floors: 6 Building Height: 18 Storeys and Roof Deck (approximately 79 meters / 259 sq ft from ground floor to top of parapet) Turnover 4th Quarter 2016

Lobby View Deck

Building Features
5 passenger elevators 1 service/passenger elevator Fire detection and alarm system 2 fire exits Security (CCTV) Centralized chilled water cooling system on typical and penthouse floors (Modular variable speed design) 70% Glass Ratio (Maximized natural lighting) LED Lighting for common areas Dual-flush in all common toilets Centralized air-conditioning in main lobby and hallways 100% emergency power Provisions for individual metering for AC Materials recovery facilities Common toilets on typical floor (8th-19th Floor) 3 toilets and 2 urinals (Male) 5 toilets (Female) 1 toilet (handicap)

Potential for rental and capital appreciation

Cebu Business Park is primed to be the CBD of Cebu City Limited sites for mixed use developments ex. IT Park, CBP, SRP Colliers 2012 market report
Rental rates grew 11% YoY in Cebu Business Park

Office Spaces A unique investment opportunity

Longer lease periods
Higher chances of clients renewing leases

No need for interior decorating lessee does interior decorating Limited competition versus Residential investments

Return on Investment

Yield on Investment Cost of Investment =750/sq.m. X 12 months/yr. 130,000/sq.m. (net of VAT) = 6.9% per annum VS. T-bills rate of 2.5% per annum*





Rent Escalation Appreciation



Initial Investment



3.1% *

4% *
* Based on BSP




Time Deposit



Unit Turnover Condition

Flooring Bare and plain cement finish Ready to receive finish at 1-inch depth

Unit Partitions

Bare and plain cement finish

None. Grooves along unit boundaries will be provided for demarcation. None for floor takers Temporary board-up (gypsum board) along common hallway for typical floors



Provision for 1 executive toilet (within 5m range from tapping point) Est. nominal power density provision is 150VA per square meter 100% back-up power for all units Stub-out for A/C system with BTU meter will be provided

Power Supply

Air-conditioning system

Allowed and Restricted Uses

Based on business activities:

Allowed Uses/Activities
Administrative, Corporate, Back-office operations Showroom Professional Schools Professional Services Information Technology Architecture Engineering Accounting Advertising & Creative Design

Restricted Uses/Activities
Retail & Merchandising Training and Testing General Manpower Recruitment Payments / Lending Manufacturing / Industrial / Production Storage / Warehousing Medical diagnostics, laboratories, treatment (health hazards) Illegal / Immoral Activities Bank offices on the ground floor Real estate competitors model units

Restricted Uses
Based on the Master Deed of Tower One and Exchange Plaza and Ayala Life FGU in Makati, the following uses for office spaces are restricted as determined by the Declarant or the Condominium Corporation:
Uses that materially increase the occupants Employment bureau Recruitment agency Public stenography office Paying office Testing Center Uses that will compromise the security of the Building Embassy / Consular office Uses that interferes with the use, enjoyment or occupancy of other units or Common Areas Machine shop Industrial / Manufacturing facilities Storage / Warehouse Retail outlet of goods or merchandise Uses that are improper, offensive or annoying to other Owners Uses for illegal or immoral activities Uses that will require the Owner to reside overnight on a more or less permanent basis


What are the different types of office buildings?

Office space used mainly for the normal conduct or administration of a business or profession like corporate headquarters, satellite offices of MNCs or even government offices.

BPO buildings involves the outsourcing and contracting of the operations and responsibilities of specific business functions or processes to a third-party service provider. Has two categories back office outsourcing which includes internal business functions like human resources, finance and accounting and front office which includes customer-related services such as contact centre services. BPO contracted outside a companys country is offshore outsourcing and one that is contracted to a companys neighbouring (or nearby country) is nearshore outsourcing.

Office buildings which have more than one purpose like residential, commercial or recreational components.

Do we allow BPO/IT companies?

Tabulated below is the HQ-BPO architectural requirement comparative study (based on 1,780 floor plate):
HQ Occupant Load Factor Max Occupant Load Stair Width Male Toilet Female Toilet Back-Up Power 9.3 sqm/person 192 1.02 4 5 100% BPO 5 sqm/person 357 1.76 6 7 N+1

What is the floor to floor height?
3.8m from floor to floor 2.8m clear (should the tenant install his own ceiling) No subdividing, no subleasing

Do we allow subdividing of titles? Subleasing?

Perpetual ownership?

What is the estimated life span of the building?

50 years

How big is the lobby?
175 square meters

What is the typical hallway width?

1.5 meters

What is the typical elevator lobby width?

2.8 meters

What is the floor-to-ceiling height?

2.7 meters

What is the typical floor plate?

1,767 square meters

How big are the parking slots?

Regular parking slots are 12.5 sqm (2.5m x 5.0m) SUV parking slots are 13.75 sqm (2.75m x 5.0m)

How much is the reservation fee?

Php 100,000 per unit and 50,000 per parking

Chilled Water Cooling System

A chilled water system uses water as a cooling medium Cold water is distributed from a centralized chiller to the individual units

Chilled Water Cooling System

Sample A/C system Layout OPTION 1: Single FCU

Chilled Water Cooling System

Sample A/C system Layout OPTION 2: Subdivided Areas with Individual FCUs

Chilled Water Cooling System

Sample A/C system Layout OPTION 3: Subdivided Areas with Single FCU

What is BTU?
BTU stands for British Thermal Unit which is used to measure the air-con load

A/C charges:
INAC (Individual Unit Aircon Charge)
Cost of operating the common areas air-conditioning system

Individual Unit Consumption

Based on units actual chilled water consumption Each tenant will be provided with a stub-out for a/c system with BTU meter The BTU meter will measure the actual chilled water consumption in terms of energy. This energy can be converted into actual kilowatt-hour used by the tenant, from this case both tenant and building management can measure the hourly rate use during normal office working hours or even beyond normal working hours for the overtime use.

Can offices operate 24/7?

Yes, subject to charges

Unit Partitions
.15m .15m .15m .15m

No unit partitions will be delivered. Owners are required to install their own walls within their own property line.

Utility Tapping Points

Utility tapping points will be provided for flexibility and easy space planning.

Additional photos


For reservations and further details, please contact:

Ciara Navarro REBL #0014072 Mobile Nos. +63943.5207865 / +63917.3101047 E-mail Address: /

Thank you very much!