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To save our world from Islamic terror, exposing Muhammads scandalous biography is the first step !


By Ranjit Singh

I get many messages & comments from Muslims that the partition of India, other historic mass genocide of infidels by the Muslims and Islamic terrorist attacks everyday are due to some misunderstanding but it has nothing to do with Islam. Inspite of Islam leading the race in infidel slaughter world-wide, Muslims claim Muhammad to be the Best of Creation, Gods Last Messenger, Perfect & Ideal Man supposed to be followed by all mankind. INTERESTINGLY, it is Muhammad himself who is attributing these divine-traits of last messenger, best of creation to himself. This self-inflated ego & narcissistic behavior speaks a lot of the spiritual excellence & comparison of Muhammad with other self-less enlightened souls such as Nanak, Buddha and other high intellectuals of history. In any case, Mohammed has successfully made his followers believe that his spoken word, recorded in the Quran, is the verbatim word of Allah, hence its contents are true and therefore the divine proof that Muhammad really is the last messenger &

perfect man to lead all mankind because the Quran says so. This circular logic a child can expose, but not Muslims. In order to make our world free of Islamic terrorism and ghastly infidel slaughter, Exposing and creating awareness on Muhammad is important. Most Muslims know nothing about the personal accomplishments & biography of Muhammad other than the oft-repeated cliche Muhammad is the perfect & last messenger of God, and is the best of creation better than all other prophets who came before & after Mohammed. This is what Muslims are brought up believing right from childhood, and that is the limits of what they will ever know about Muhammads life. The interesting thing is, that almost every detail of Muhammads life is available to us from Islamic texts such as Hadith, Siras and the Quran. Which hand he used for drinking, which foot he first used to enter washroom, which wife he slept on which day, in what manner he slaughtered infidels, what armour he wore when he went on attacking Arabian tribes, even his peculiar habits such as using female eye-liner (surma) and using hair-color (henna) are recorded in the hadiths. The most important point that emerges from the study of Hadiths & siras is that there was always a perfect co-incidence of timing of Allahs revelation with Muhammads wants. For example, if Muhammad wants to sleep with one slave girl but not the wife with whom he earlier promised to sleep, he would invoke Allahs intervention to reveal a new verse to allow him to fulfill his sexual desires. Muhammads numerous sexual scandals such as marriage to a 6 year old girl are well known. Lets study another incident of Muhammads pedophilia. According to one Hadith no. 16245, Chapter title Hadith of Muawiya Ibn Abu Sufyan, Mohammed sucked the tongue & lips of little boy Hassan. There are numerous other verses in which the Muslims of his time have reported Muhammad would suck tongues & lips of little boys. At that time Muslims were so blinded that they think this was an act of Mohammeds generosity. Even today when Muslim scholars are confronted with this hadith, their most favorite response is that Muhammad was so pious that he even donated his holy saliva to quench the little boys thirst in the dry lands of Arabia. Similarly when confronted with the fact that Mohammed married 6 year old girl year old Ayesha and would rub his penis (thighing) between her thighs until he ejaculated because she was too small to be penetrated; Muslim apologists respond by saying that Ayesha was so lucky to have received the honour to give pleasure to Mohammed and that Mohammed was so compassionate that he did not penetrate the little girl until she was 9. Thanks to this very blind faith of his followers, Muhammads scandalous life events & pedophilia have been permanently recorded in the Islamic texts. This blind but foolish faith that Muslims have for Mohammed, as shown by the justification Muslims give to support Mohammeds pedophilia & numerous other scandalous activities shows one dangerous fact: That (devout) Muslims are indeed brainless zombies who can do anything Mohammed orders them. This is why Muslim terrorists dont think twice before slaughtering infidels, as per the instructions of Mohammeds numerous infidel slaughtering verses of the Quran. Muslims are infact, so much intoxicated with Mohammeds name, that it only takes a Mullah to create a fake story of blasphemy against Mohammed, and that can make the entire Muslim population to grow beserk and create hooliganism, this was evident at the time of partition of India riots.

The life of Muhammad as revealed from the Islamic texts of Quran, Hadith & Sira is full of immoral & scandalous life events so much that even in his own-life time Mohammed had to make Allah reveal a new verse to protect his reputation. His numerous affairs with women, rape of little girls & other sexual misconduct caused much uproar among his followers, that Muhammad made his make-belief friend Allah to intervene and reveal a new Verse at the right time to save Muhammads prophetic reputation among his followers. At one time Muhammad had a glimpse of a beautiful woman, Zainab, the wife of Mohammeds adopted son. Mohammed desperately wanted to marry & have sex with Zainab but to do such a thing with ones own daughter-in-law was unethical according to ancient Arab traditions and this fact would have seriously affected Mohammeds prophetic reputation. At this time Allah came to Muhammads rescue by revealing a verse prohibiting adoption anymore. Hence Zainabs husband was no longer Muhammads son and hence Muhammads marriage to Zainab could not be criticized. Now-a-days whenever Muslims are confronted with numerous infidel slaughtering verses in Quran, the Islamic-apologists respond by asking to not take verses out of context but to study them in accordance with the events & life of Muhammad at that time. Now this is interesting because, once Muhammads verses of scandals & infidel slaughter in the Quran are studied incontext as the Muslims say, the reputation & religious image of Islam the perfect religion is even more shattered. His polygamous marriage to Zainab, his own-daughter-in law, reveals that not only did Muhammad break the ancient Arab ethics of not marrying ones daughter-in-law for the sake of his sexual lust, but when this verse is studied in-context, it shows that Allah was nothing but Muhammads convenient make-belief friend who only revealed verses every now & then to suit Muhammads needs & will. Infact, One of the wives of Muhammad (Ayesha) reported on one occassion when Muhammad revealed a new verse from Allah allowing himself to fulfill his never-ending sexual desires: I said (to the Prophet), I feel that Allah hastens in fulfilling your wishes and desires. (Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 6, Book 60, Number 311). Ayesha must have noticed this frequent co-incidence of timing & place of revelation of Allahs verse with the needs & convenience of Mohammed. Clearly, Allah was a make-belief inner friend of Muhammad whose only use was to satisfy Muhammads sexual & territorial ambitions. Muhammad was a narcissist who considered himself equal if not more important than even Allah. There is more mention of the word Mohammed than the word Allah in the entire Quran. Mohammeds pedophilia & slaughter of innocent Arabian tribes are a thing of the past, but his legacy of numerous infidel slaughtering commands in the Quran are followed by pious Muslims even today. Wherever Muslims get the upper hand, they use the Quran to justify the slaughter of Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jews in the name of Islam. 80 Million Hindus & Buddhists have been slaughtered since the arrival of Islam in India. Entire populations of Afghanistan, Pakistan & Bangladesh whose ancestors were once Hindus or Buddhists were converted to Islam at the point of sword.

Today, 9 out of 10 world conflicts involve Muslims. As recently as 1946-47 in the partition of India, About a Million Hindus & Sikhs were slaughtered because Muslims of India suddenly decided to break India to make the dar-ul-Islam of Pakistan, because they could not live side by side with the dirty kuffars the Hindus & Sikhs; which is why Pakistan means land of the Pak (Pure) people All this because of Islam & its promises of 72 virgins in heaven. Yet after every Muslim terrorist attack, our news media & liberal people jump to save Islam because of its religious sugar coating hence making it exempt from all criticism. So the question to ask is, can a scandalous & immoral man like Mohammed be considered qualified enough for us to give him the status of a prophet and allow Muslims to create Infidel genocide & terrorism around the globe today? How many more infidels will have to be mercilessly slaughtered by Islam, before we start taking the infidel hating & world domination verses of Islam & Muhammad seriously? The first step to Islam free world is to expose the scandalous sexual biography of Muhammad and make the people aware that a man like Muhammad does not qualify to be a normal person, forget about being a Prophet. Infact to call Muhammad a prophet is an insult to all other intellectual and superior beings of our history such as Nanak and Buddha. - Ranjit Singh Share & follow on facebook :