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Update 18th May 2013: Pausing circumstances changed 'Sprite not exist' bug fixed Fixed 'moving through

walls' bug Added merchant screen (with extra money drops) Added Laboratory (in Extras) Added extra customisation to Laboratory Fixed zombie HP post-sex bug Moral bar re-added Adjustments made to various menus Update 1st January 2013: Removal of sex cooldown time for enemies. Added complete intro, and bartender NPC. Edited knife range Indication of where you can change area Zombies can now grab inbetween lanes Crouching now has its own key Examining now freezes time Fixed memory leak #2 - Gallery Added Christmas surprise! Fixed a couple of collisions Turning Cutscenes off skips several dialogues Added money Added display of experience gains Update 23th November 2012: Complete Revamp into new "3D", which includes: - Changes to AI Behaviour - Depth system for layers - Less restrictive Movement - Particles - Larger environments Added changing controls to the options Made a number of resources load externally Fixed memory leak Whore points can be increased through "grinding" in a submit "Pleasure" system added, with some visual representation First time sex is unescapeable, and added some text. "Fap Away!" cheat added Added sprites that were missing before (namely clothing layers) Added Cerberus Added cost of items in Bonus Features Armor protects against normal attacks Removed in-game options due to excessive bugs Stamina system updated, added more use for it Added White-out on normal death, fade-out on virus death Update 28th May 2012: Extras & Cheats Menu Points Gained from Mercenaries depending on Rank COMPLETE SPRITE OVERHAUL Sex Grapples changed Game Over in sex sprite changed

Update 30th September 2011: Inventory System changed Sex grapple dependant on position of Reb and position of enemy Game window now larger Started on new custom inventory sprites Submitting to Cerberus Option to change % of sexual attacks to normal attacks! Pickup system revamped! Bug Fix: Mercenaries sound error: "sound does not exist" Bug Fix: Mercenaries - getting stuck in barriers after grapples Added HUD + attack chance changing to in game options Update 17th September 2011: Bug fix: Ammunition disappearing through manual reload Bug fix: Teleporting when meeting with boss Saving/Loading fixed yet again 3 Save slots! Special Weapon New HUD (See Graphical Options) Bug Fix: Knifing would only work in one direction. Chapter 1 End Zombie Biting Grabs Maximum Handgun Ammo in one slot raised to 100 Inventory/Menu Sounds (Wasn't sure whether to go with more RE2 sounds or RE0 one s, went with RE0 ones) Hint at new scene (Gotta get them animations first.) Fade outs on normal death scenes Update 25th August 2011: TITLE SCREEN 2.0 Zombie AI improved Zombie health tweaked Saving is now more Resident Evil like. In-Game Pause Menu Changed look of options Removed annoying red flashing when dead from grapple 'Submit' option for grapples, to reduce damage taken Lots of animations Dialogue changes New area - On both outside and B2 Fixed Note bug where you're in the inventory screen, but you can be attacked Fixed more door bugs Removed movement while crouching. Started loading pictures from outside of game. Added more text to 'Player Controls' note ...And other stuff I've forgotten. Update 4th August 2011: INVENTORY 2.0 Skills Menu File Menu Moving Virus Gauge onto Inventory screen, along with Whore/Innocent status

Herbs temporarily stop virus increase, and combined ones can reduce infection! Removed no infection rise if at 0% infection Infection rises faster as you hit certain points More and more composition (New Intro music, Epic Pre-Game Music, Option Screen M usic, 2 Boss themes, another Tense Music and a Credit Theme. New Area First Puzzle has been added, with a note to help. Boss #1 (D-Zombie) Fixed saving system, there shouldn't be any more errors. Competely revamped inventory and the way that it is saved... and then reverted i t back because it didn't work for some reason. Added combining weapon with ammo to reload gun (before you could only do it by s electing ammo first) Added a statistics section to inventory screen which shows when selecting the FI LE option. Added a file to start of game explaining controls. Added a small little bit of text showing current chapter and in-game time. Changed physics to add ladder functionality Removed "Easy" difficulty Added difficulty selection to main menu Accuracy has been altered Changed saving to be more Resident Evil-esque Removed number-pad listening to music. Added Basic Skill images Changed Boss move probabilities Added New door sprite and sound Update 12th July 2011: Reloading Shortcut (Hold X + C) Re-introduced reloading through inventory You can't move or bring up inventory while aiming/reloading Doors Game now has another level of darkness New Game Over pics for Zombie + Leech Ink Ribbon now smaller (I will give it that sparkling effect) Zombies now only drop items in 'The Mercenaries' New Compositions (1-9 are all OST now) 'Retry' option in The Mercenaries on death Loading message now slower Virus gauge now doesn't go up if not infected at all (I might remove this) Lift & Ambient noises Reloading noise Fixed a couple more glitches (Ammo & Ink ribbon bouncing in save room, grapple g litch, sound glitch, etc.) Examining objects (such as signs, dead guy, etc.) Point of death is now more precise (you could die when your health was slightly above 0 before) Update 6th July 2011: Blood particle completed Character and zombies now bleed when hit Characters are now invincible while going through doors Saving and Loading with Ink Ribbons and Typewriters Mercenaries menu look updated for costumes. Mercenaries point system updated. Jumping has been changed Characters aim is not 100% accurate

Inventory checking updated Combat Knife added (No attack yet) Composed new music (Listen to it by pressing 8) Lift now has controls Bar now has lighting Sex noises & particles are now timed with thrusts Update 3rd July 2011: EMERGENCY BUG FIX! (Escaping grapples led to millions of characters and zombies being created, and an eventual crash!) Blood particles for normal bites/attacks Update 2nd July 2011: Slightly expanded first area You can dodge attacks by jumping, however you can't jump all the time now. (You also won't be able to jump past EVERY enemy...) New Aiming sprite, and bullets come out where the new sprites gun is. Reloading bar and Ammunition HUD Element. Ammunition is displayed as Bullets in current clip / Bullets in Inventory (Removed the 'bullets in clip' number from t he weapon image) Morality bar shows when you open your inventory While in Inventory game completely pauses Lifts now stop all movement and aiming to prevent bugs occuring Leeches have slightly improved AI Items now appear behind the character, instead of in front Added a new particle. Those who usually try to get sexed up will notice it. Key system now completely free of bugs, so you now can't get stuck (You could ge t stuck before by dropping the key that the man gives you.) Completed Portraits for the Mercenaries... also gives a hint on characters. Game Variables are now included in SETTINGS.ini, and to stop cheating it is now encoded Mercenaries clock no longer counts down if you have died during a grapple (Befor e if the time was almost up when you died to a grapple and the clock hit 0 befor e the grapple finished you would survive and would receive a result) Update 28th June 2011: Intro sequences - Just so both the forum and I get credit :) Age Warning - No kiddies allowed! Revamped Physics Engine - Finally got rid of (most) of the annoying bugs! Leech Enemy - Only has basic attack at the moment, will add in H-Content after c haracter is completely remade. (Will probably host a poll on this) Camera System - One of my personal favourites (when combined with the Darkness) Darkness in certain places Lots of Graphic Effects First couple of areas New Base Sprite - Still needs animating, but slowly getting there! Completed Plotline Keys & Doors Update 10th June 2011: Finished Inventory System (With combining, checking, etc.) Inventory screen now shows weapon statistics. Item drops by zombies Mercenaries mode now has points, timer, spawns and final ranking Character select screen now has portraits and background. Automatic reloading when out of ammo

Created a code to make it easier when implementing new weapons & items. (not tha t you guys care about this!) Update 8th June 2011: Added Inventory screen (which also shows what weapon you have equipped) Added a cinematic intro (with a very very brief tutorial) Being grabbed by the z ombie in the intro nets you an instant Game Over. I'm hoping to have a different animation for this scene. (and other "panic" scenes) Added more sound effects Added some... "visual effects" (still in test) Changed menu look to a more RE4-ish one Made a basic sprite for Ashley (Just to show you that you're not playing as the same character) Changed zombie/dog attacks (Now added in normal bites.) When hit by a zombie/dog there is a 40% chance of bite, and a 60% chance of grab. Changed the way sprites are shown on the character (and fixed that stupid jumpin g bug) NOTE: If you hold down then you will receive that "getting her clothes ba ck" thing, this is not a bug, this is because there is no crouching sprite yet. Added an option to turn off the corner "picture in picture" view when grappled. Changed damage to clothing from attacks. Composed 3 more bits of music: Boss "Test #2", "Big Meeting", and "Panic!" Sounds now work properly with grapples (she doesn't start making sexy noises unt il she's being sexed) Changed the amount of health Rebecca and Ashley have in "The Mercenaries"