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Special PurposeMolds

A weighted treble hook, or a Snag Weight, is used to retrieve objects from the bottom. Where legal, it is also used to catch fish by snagging. The weight directly on the hook provides good casting characteristics and holds your line in the water. Check local fishing regulations for legality.

Fishin for Objects


Treble Hook Style 3551 See page 51

Adds ballast when fishing for objects

Load up, Hot Shot

Model Item No. Model No. Type Insert Group Cavities Size (oz.) 1145 2/0 Treble Hook 1/2 2/0 Snag Snag Weight Production 4 Style 3551 1146 4/0 Treble Hook 1 4/0 Snag Snag Weight Production 3 Style 3551 1156 5/0 Treble Hook 5/0 Snag Snag Weight Production 3 1 Style 3551 1147 6/0 Treble Hook 6/0 Snag Snag Weight Production 3 1-1/4 Style 3551 1148 Snag Weight 8/0 Treble Hook 8/0 Snag Production 2 1-1/2 Style 3551 1149 10/0 Treble Hook 10/0 Snag Snag Weight Production 2 2-1/2 Style 3551

Price 39.00 39.00 39.00 39.00 39.00 39.00


Make inexpensive ammo for your sling shot quickly and easily with these molds. Many shotgun reloaders use the smaller sizes as buckshot.

The Tangle Tamer

Model Size (diameter) Item No. Model No. Type Group Cavities Size (oz.) 1152 20 .31 .38 BB-20-M2 Sling Shot Pellet Combination (11 of 1/10) (9 of 1/6) 1/10 1/6 15 .44 .50 1153 BB-15-L2 Sling Shot Pellet Combination (8 of 1/4) (7 of 3/8) 1/4 3/8

Sling Shot Pellet

Price 39.00 39.00


This weight will save you time, eliminate decoy bag tangles and prevent decoy paint wear. It hooks to the decoy's keel and is easily removed even while wearing gloves on those cold, dark mornings. Decoys that are easy out + easy in = more time to hunt. Uses neoprene tubing . Component attachments: 2 plastic O-rings; 1 D or C style Hog Ring; 1 10" neoprene tubing.
Model Item No. Model No. Type Group Cavities Size (oz.) 3483 4oz 6oz 8oz JDA-3-468 J-style weight Assorted 3 Price 74.00 LF



to keep your lines tangle free.
Item No. 5473 Model No. 12 pack Quantity 25 pack Quantity 12 pack Quantity 25 pack Type $17.00 Price $1.80


Item No. 5470



Item No. 5471

10 inch.

Price $9.50 Price $3.50


Item No. 5472



Special Purpose Molds

Collar Em ButGood
This one-piece, three-cavity mold makes either strap type duck decoy anchors or lead ingots. There are two different levels of fill in each cavity. When making duck decoy anchors, use soft lead and fill the cavity only to the first (lower) level to make six ounce flexible strap anchors. Fill the mold up to the second (top) level to make lead ingots weighing up to sixteen ounces. A melter and a ladle with capacity to hold a minimum six ounces of lead are required. An electric Hot-Pot melter/ladle also works well. This mold is not intended to be used with bottom pour furnaces.

Item No. 1885 - $16.75

Anchors Away!


These anchor weights have been an old standard of duck hunters everywhere for years. The mushroom shape is best in soft bottom areas. The pyramid shape is favored in hard bottom locations where it has less tendency to roll with a current.

Mushroom decoy anchor

Size No. Model Item No. Model No. Type on Weights Group Cavities Size (oz.) Mushroom 4 oz. 5 oz. 6 oz. 3309 MDA-3-456 Yes Assorted 3 Decoy Anchor Mushroom 8 oz. 1198 MDA-2-8 Yes Production 2 Decoy Anchor Pyramid 6 oz. 1199 DAP-2-6 Yes Production 2 Decoy Anchor

Pyramid decoy anchor

Price 39.00 39.00 39.00

WRAP-AROUND DECOY ANCHOR This is the answer to the problem of moving decoys between different depths of water. Line is wrapped around the body of the anchor. It can be easily set for any depth by tightly wrapping the line off around one of the ears. A weight of this type eliminates retying the line during a change in water depths.
Item No. Model No. Type Model Group 1154 DAW-1-7 Single Cavity Wrap-Around Decoy Anchor Cavities 1 Size (oz.) 7 Price 39.00

Keepin Your Ducks In Order

BLANK MOLDS FOR CUSTOM DESIGNS After a great season of sports fishing, havent we all thought we mighthavestumbled on a new solution for a jig, lure or sinker.Unfortunately the Do-It Corporation cannot produce custom work, sowe created the Blank Mold. Your local tool and die or machine shop can create a custom cavity for the Blank Mold based on your design. We recommend getting a quote for this service before ordering your blank mold, as custom machine shop work can be pricier than youd imagine.
Item No. Model No. Mold Face Dimensions Depth 1-1/8 closed 1155 Blank Mold 4-5/8 long x 2-1/8 wide 9/16 each side 3416 Blank Mold LF 7" long x 3" wide 2 closed 1 each side Price 39.00 74.00 LF

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