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Overall for my microteaching in the grammar subject, I think there are many corrections while handling the students that I should make in order to make the lesson smooth and interactive. Before going through the advantages and weaknesses of the microteaching and improvement that should be done after this, I am glad to thanks Mr. Sachi for his guidance in teach and correct us in our production of lesson plan. Besides, for his contribution in correcting us on how the teaching part should be done and also 2 bonus mark at the end of the session because of the comments that I gave to my friends . I was the first presenter from the first group. So, I cannot deny my nervousness when handling the class even though I am trying my best not to look nervous. My part was introduction to the singular and plural nouns.

For the advantages part, the feedback that I get from my friends and the lecturer are I can project the voice well, the students can understand each and every word that I tell them and the confident while teaching. For me, those good comments are essential for a teacher because later on I am going to teach many students in a class.

For the weaknesses part, they told me that I am too fast while reading the text. Besides, I should ask the students to repeat after me in order to increase the participation of the students. Honestly, I cant help with my speed while reading the text because of my nervousness. Next, Im lack in appreciating the students and wrong usage of command words. It is true as what have been said by Mr. Sachi that we need to practice our command words appreciating the students. Time by time, we will get used to it and we can spontaneously appreciate and command the students with correct words. Other

than that, my lesson was unclear and does not motivate the students besides of teaching the wrong concept. I used the wrong grammar rule. For example, rather than using two bananas for plural words, I am using a bunch of bananas which is completely wrong. The lesson that I get is a teacher should check for the grammar concept before entering the class. Lastly, the comment was on the grammar should not be taught in isolation. In order to correct on this, I should plan first on how my lesson would be in class .

As for me, Im really enjoying this microteaching session as it gave me lot of new information on how to teach the students. I also learn new things as our lecturer is guiding other groups in their presentation. Thank you.