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Powerful and expandable digital controller module for management of digital and analogue DC power systems

Key Features Advanced microprocessor technology with CAN bus system communications Individual control of up to 300* digital rectifiers or 200* analogue rectifiers High visibility 4-line alphanumeric or optional graphical display Measurement of network mains voltage, frequency and current* (single, or three phase) Comprehensive battery management capabilities for up to 18 branches, with battery voltage, current and temperature measurement, event history log and battery type selection* Mapped Float Temperature Compensation curves for optimum battery charging Float and equalise battery charge modes, with charge current limitation and programmable switching conditions Battery discharge test with configurable test parameters and timed intervals Low voltage disconnect (LVD) for up to 18 battery branches Five extension slots Alarm Manager with configuration /management of 50 predefined alarms and event history log Equation interpreter for total customer flexibility in alarm condition definition and configuration Local and remote system alarm reporting with Modem* autodial-out facility For use with software: Win50, WinSite For use with rectifiers: SMi1800, SMi2800, SM1800, SM2800 System security via passwordprotected, multi-level access Win50, WinSite , Windowscompatible supervision software and TCP/IP connection, SNMP management available CE, UL marked

* Optional expansion boards

For use in systems: Input suply voltage Nominal current Battery Charge Modes MTP1800iC MTP2800i MTP2800iHP

18 80Vdc 1.5A (48V input) Float, Equalise (Charge modes have configurable float temperature compensation curve (FTC) and dI/dt charge limiting) Automatic programmable, or manually triggered battery test (Test undertaken at constant discharge current) Battery history log

Battery Test



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Powerful and expandable digital controller module for management of digital and analogue DC power systems

Connections Digital outputs Alarm outputs Analogue output Digital inputs

8 relay outputs: (expandable to 40) 80V/300mA 4 software configurable volt-free changeover relay contacts: 250Vac/4A 1 opto-isolated analogue output: -15V to +15V max. (software programmable limits) 16 opto-isolated inputs: (expandable to 80) 0-5Vdc (12V-70Vdc available via external interface board) 2 voltage measurement inputs 0/60V or 0/5V link selectable. 3 voltage measurement inputs 0/20Vac 1 isolated output max -10V/+10V 1 isolated RS485 or RS232C link selectable 2 current + sign measurement inputs -50mV/50mV, -100mV/100mV. 0/5 link selectable 2 current measurement inputs 0/50mV, 0/100mV, 0/5V link selectable. I2C port, up to 8 sensors

DC voltage measurement AC voltage measurement Analog outputs Communication ports DC current measurement

Temperature measurement

Mains measurement Voltage Frequency Current (option) Communications

Single or three phase; range 20Vac 0 to 60Hz Single or three phase Direct through RS242/RS485, connection ports, optional modem* or Ethernet board* (* Win50 Windows interface software package available)

Protection Input EMC Environmental Safety

Internal input fusing Meets EN50081-1, EN50082-2, FCC part15 Subpart B, Class A Meets IP20 Meets EN60950 and UL1950 requirements

Mechanical specification Dimensions Weight

88mm (2U) H, 445mm (19) W, 245mm D 3.5kg

Environmental Operating Temperature Cooling Altitude

-10C to +70C ambient Natural convection cooling 0 4000m operating



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